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Elisa Baker speaks out, claims she did not kill Zahra

Elisa Baker

Elisa Baker speaks from prison about murder of 10-year-old Zahra:

A little over a week ago The Sheen Cow Elisa Baker gave an exclusive interview to Charlotte, NC news station WSOC. It was the first time she had spoken publicly about Zahra Baker’s death since her conviction. It’s unfathomable to me some of the crap she spewed in the interview. You can see the entire interview on the above link.

Baker says that Zahra died from a stomach bug. I’m assuming by stomach bug she means Zahra swallowed a scorpion or something because children don’t die from stomach bugs unless they’ve been left unattended for days at a time. She says that her husband (ex?) and Zahra’s father, Adam Baker, was the one who decided to dismember Zahra’s body. This is how much of a liar Elisa Baker is. She said that she didn’t think it was strange that Adam allegedly dismembered Zahra’s body because she thought it may have been an Aboriginal tradition. Adam Baker is from Australia but I have never heard that he has Aboriginal ancestry and he sure doesn’t look it. Aussie may have to back me up on this but I’m pretty sure the Aborigines do not dismember their dead in any kind of ritual.

“I thought it was maybe a strange ritual that he done. For all I know the Aboriginesā€¦ I don’t know. I regret not telling sooner. I regret not calling 911. But people do make mistakes,” said Baker.

There’s a difference between making mistakes and trying to bamboozle investigators with one of the worst acts of subterfuge in recorded history.

This article also finally tells us, or me anyway, why police believe that Adam Baker was not involved in Zahra’s death. They say that the cell phone records put him 20 miles away from where Zahra was killed and her body dismembered and witnesses place him at work at the time of the crime. Adam Baker was said to have been working for two weeks straight and had not even seen his daughter at that time and was unaware that his daughter was dead.

Getting back to Sheen Cow her behavior in this and other criminal cases leads me to believe that she is a grifter. People like her will tell lies no matter how unbelievable as long as one person believes them so they can take advantage of that person. With this interview I believe that Elisa Baker is looking for her next victim.

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  1. Jeez. If the test of lie is how plausible it sounds to oneself, I’d reckon Sheen Cow just told one helluva whopper! For I have a funny feeling she doesn’t even buy it!

  2. Why are convicted killers giving interviews? This is so wrong!

    1. It is. But as P. T. Barnum once put it, ‘There’s a sucker born every minute’. (He’s said to have said that…but anyhoo.)

      Sometimes these interviews give the convicted a bit more rope to hang with in public opinion – for most psychos and sociopaths are attention whores and love talking about themselves.

      It’s a very rare bird to see one actually admit they did wrong; maybe the hope of gleaning more details?

      I found her excuse worthy of a snicker for it’s drowning in ignorance. Creative blaming – for she’d be damned if she’d tell the actual truth since that would then shift her from being the victim to the perpetrator!

  3. She’s so full of shit. “An Aboriginal ritual”…what a backwards and racist thing to say. I’m pretty sure that Adam Baker wasn’t of Aboriginal ancestry, but even if he was, dismemberment is not a done thing. Infanticide wasn’t even a thing in Aboriginal culture. The only instance I learned of babies being killed, was if the baby was born with a problem (e.g. cerebral palsy or something that would stop the child from keeping up with a nomadic tribe), the mother would simply lay the newborn down and let it bleed to death through the umbilical cord. Same thing if the mother had twins and one wasn’t thriving.

  4. I have asked a friend from our local indigenous people (Mindaribba Tribe) & he said that dismemberment is not something he has ever heard of in aboriginal tradition. You’re not supposed to talk about or show images of the dead but nothing about dismemberment.

    He also said that he was not aware of any indigenous connection however a originality in Australia isn’t necessarily about skin colour or even your bloodline for that matter…if you IDENTIFY as Aboriginal sometimes it’s enough.

    Meanwhile, this woman is a fucking lunatic.

    1. Some identified positions you have to prove your involvement in the Aboriginal community. You usually need a letter from an elder or someone to back you up, plus a family tree or something like that. My knowledge comes from the Awabakal area (Newcastle and surrounds) – I studied Aboriginal culture in high school. As far as I know, they’re very respectful of the dead and they don’t show images or speak the name of someone who has died. Dismembering a corpse, I think, would go completely against those beliefs.

      1. That’s what I thought. Thanks for the info.

  5. If her mouth is moving, she’s lying.

    Nice, blame the aborigines. Sorry, but since you were living in North Carolina I highly doubt he was performing an indigenous Australian ritual. Not to mention it was probably her just thinking of the best way to dispose of the poor baby’s body.

  6. This lady is clearly bonkers!!! At least come up with a better story. Poor baby girl. šŸ™

  7. Shes full of shit….

  8. The_Shadow_Knows

    I’m VERY disappointed in the inmates and guards where she’s incarcerated. She should be pushing up daisies by now, not giving interviews.

  9. Protect our kids

    I would love to have just 10 min with this sick bitch

  10. It absolutely is not an aboriginal ritual. The body of a loved one is sacred. They are laid to rest and then we never speak of them again.

    Some people really use the most ignorant excuses.

  11. Does anyone else think she looks like most of the witches from Disney movies? Pick one- Cinderella, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty?

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