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Texan birth vessel tries to sell toddler on Craigslist

Huffman mom allegedly placed ad on Craigslist to find her child a new home

Stephanie Redus, Texas Mom, Put 3-Year-Old Son Up For Adoption On Craigslist, Police Say

Stephanie Redus

Stephanie Redus

Our druggie-eyebrowed broad up there with just the slightest hint of crazy, is Stephanie Redus (29) of Huffman TX. She tried to sell her 3 year old son on that notoriously dodgy website, Craigslist.

Here’s the ad that she put up:

“Hi, I’m trying to adopt out my three-year-old son. I’m not in a good place in my life and don’t feel like I can care for him properly, but I don’t know where to start. If you or know anyone who is interested in caring for him please let me know. I’m a single mom and can’t do this.

Thanks, Desperate.”

There are many, many options for this young lass to take. Not one of them involving selling her child. Call CPS. Ask family to help out. If Dad’s around, make him step up to the plate. Get counselling. With the bad reputation that Craiglist have for animal abusers, pedophiles, rapists etc. looking for their next target, I wouldn’t even sell vegetables on there! Let alone, an animal or a child.

What’s worse is that Stephanie is pregnant with no. 2. She admits she suffers from anxiety and depression but can’t take her meds because of her pregnancy. That was her responsibility to ensure that she didn’t fall pregnant in the first place. There are many options to do that. Easiest being using a condom. But accidents happen. If she cannot function without her meds and can’t use ones that are safe for pregnancy, the only option would be to end the current pregnancy. As much as some people will protest that, as much as I would be flamed for this, if she was incapable of rational thinking without her meds, she could be a real danger to her son and anyone else. A simple procedure could save a lot of heartbreak down the line.

It’s unclear to police what sort of charges will be laid, but they will charge her with advertising the placement of a child, which is a misdemeanour. The police will further investigate and possibly upgrade the charges if they find further evidence of abuse or neglect. Stephanie posted $1000 bail and will return to court May 21.

Just a question, if she’s a “single mum”, where did baby no. 2 come from? Either Dad’s had a last hurrah before jumping off the crazy train minus his son, or she’s had a one night stand or fling with someone else and gotten pregnant that way if Dad died or left before the pregnancy happened.

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  1. Yeah, I almost feel bad for this broad because it sounds like she is dumb enough NOT to know about the options of adopting out her kid properly. I mean, at least the kid didn’t get killed…

  2. At least she didn’t drown the kid in the bathtub… Really. If you are suffering from anxiety and depression, Be fastidious with the birth control. Do NOT attempt pregnancy without consulting a doctor with experience in psych meds and pregnancies. And unless you have a LOT of support, and careful monitoring, don’t do it at all. Better to take care of yourself, and by extension the child who already exists. Andrea Yates’s children would still be alive if she had said no to that last baby.

  3. Wow the writer of this is one judgmental sob You don’t know anything about this woman. What if she was on birth control and she got pregnant anyway. What if it was just a prank. You don’t know.

    1. “What if she was on birth control” – its called abortion.

    2. A prank? Yeah um okay buddy.

  4. I agree 100% with the writer. She should be on birth control and if it failed her choose to terminate the pregnancy so she can remain in the right frame of mind to care for her existing child. I highly doubt this was a prank and if it was, mom really does need to be on her meds ASAP!!!!

  5. If you’re too stupid to know about fostering then you’re probably too dumb to be raising useful members if society.

    1. To know what, exactly, about fostering? That it’s an option? Or that significant numbers of foster children are abused, and that at least half grow up to be homeless or imprisoned? Perhaps it differs around the world, but I’m quite certain Senator Nancy Shaefer was murdered for her attempts to try to expose the Child Protection industry of America for being a human trafficking ring and a hub of child abuse and corruption.

  6. abortion seems harsh… really. this child deserves a chance, why say it’s a “simple procedure” to just terminate a pregnancy. there are other options, rather than killing a child you created by being irresponsible. that’s hardly the child’s fault. and it made me kind of sick to read that terminating the life of a child was the easy solution, the easy solution is to keep your legs shut, not just choose abortion as a form of birth control. I’m shocked no one else sees that. She has other options, rather than killing this baby. Had I chosen abortion as a solution to an unplanned pregnancy, I wouldn’t have the amazing nine year old daughter I have now. Babies are precious, and should be treated as such, whether in the womb or outside of it.

    1. Exactly. Take responsibility and have the kid and put it up for adoption properly. Duh. Easiest, smartest, best all around choice.

      1. Said by someone who clearly has NO IDEA!

        1. You’re telling me I have no idea? I hated children and babies, until I had one at 18. If I hadn’t been doctor-phobic I would have “terminated” him, I’m certain… And it would have been the biggest mistake of my life. He is the best thing to ever happen to me, and after having him I began to love almost all children. Imagine… Young single mother, Autistic child.. And yet I made it work. So don’t tell me I have “NO IDEA!”

          And PS: I’m not a pro-lifer.

      2. Parenthood is NOT easy. Abortion isn’t a decision most people make lightly, but it’s easier than being stuck with a baby that you’re not willing to raise. I think keeping a baby that I clearly didn’t want in the first place would be 100x harder than having a termination.

        1. I didn’t say to keep it. I said to put it up for adoption. And in most cases, young girls who fail to attempt birth control should suffer the pain of having a baby as a lesson to take their fucking birth control in the future. But yes, but the kid up for adoption if they don’t want it.

        2. I find parenthood incredibly easy, and my oldest child, whom I had at 18 is severely Autistic, I have 3 children, I’ve raised them alone for half of the time, AND I’m low income. Imagine that. I’m not saying everyone is so lucky. It’s just funny to me to hear someone who doesn’t have any children talking about how difficult parenthood is.

    2. A woman has a right to choose what to do with her body. If her mental or physical health was at risk because of the pregnancy, it would be in her best interests to end it. And what about women who were raped or did the right thing and used contraception but fell pregnant anyway? Some people can and do step up to look after an unwanted baby, but some people cannot. Every woman has a right to choose.

      1. and she chose to not be responsible. I did not see anything about her physical or mental health being an issue. Ending a pregnancy is something she would have to deal with her entire life, and always wonder what if…. yes, I do believe we have a right to choose, and I am not a hard core right to lifer, but I am a hard core What Iffer… babies are precious, and I just think every child deserves a chance. There are more options than just ending ending the pregnancy. I’m not trying to stir the pot, I’m just saying, abortion doesn’t sound like a good solution to bad decisions.

        1. Sometimes abortion can be a solution. This breeder was obviously mentally unwell and her meds would have interfered with the pregnancy. If she was willing to give the toddler away on Craigslist, who knows what else she could do?
          As for the responsibility part, she may very well have been on birth control. Things like the Pill aren’t 100% and if you have gastro with diarrhoea or vomiting, you lose your dose for the day. If I actively try to prevent pregnancy by using birth control and wind up pregnant anyway, why should I be forced to carry on with a pregnancy that I didn’t want and actively tried to prevent? Abortion is not an “easy way out”, but sometimes it can be the best solution.

    3. Obviously, this is and will remain a controversial topic. Terminating a pregnancy isn’t something that anyone likes to talk about but it is legal and no one’s business but the expectant parents. If this isn’t something you believe in, don’t have one, but please don’t judge those who do. Yes, abstaining would be best, but it just isn’t realistic – Especially for someone who seems to have little to no control over her life. I know everyone will always have their own strong opinions on this, but we should try to respect that it’s ok to disagree. I’m glad that each woman is free to make her own choice. I’m glad that everything worked out for you, my own unplanned pregnancy is now 33 and I NEVER once regreted keeping him, but each situation is unique. Thankfully, we’re each able to make our own decision.

    4. I’ve never had an abortion & I can’t imagine what circumstances would have me even consider one…maybe if I was going to die or if the baby had something wrong that was going to make his/her every living moment agonising torture…maybe…

      Anyway, having said that, I am not going to tell anyone else that they shouldn’t or can’t have an abortion just because it’s not something I would do.

  7. It may amuse some of you to know that CAS (the Canadian CPS) advertises in search of foster parents on Kijiji (which is like Craigslist, but more popular in Ontario.)

    1. I’m assuming that’s not all they do though…I mean, once someone responds to the ad there’s a lot more hoops to jump through & tests to pass & courses to take? Please tell me there’s more to it!

      1. Actually, the gas station billboard by my house advertises that “Being a foster parent is easier than ever! All you need is a valid driver’s license!” Mind you, they do a super lax home inspection (that I’ve heard people claim they are surprised their pigsty passed) and PERHAPS a criminal record check, though lots of foster parent’s are only found to have a criminal record after the child has been hurt, though the record was prior to placement. Welcome to Ontario! Where the industry of “Child Protection” is privatized. As far as I can tell, they need a license, they attend a few info sessions (like 4 maybe) and if their house does not require condemnation, they’re good to go!

  8. at least she didn’t kill him…

  9. I really don’t want to pass too much judgment on this woman….it seems as if she was reaching out for help to find a better life for her son, and the article doesn’t strike me as she was trying to sell him, just trying to find anyone who could help her get information on how to give a child up for adoption….maybe in her desperation, she could only think of putting an ad on craigslist…who really knows the motive behind this? I think what this woman needs is not criminal charges, but someone that will help her find a job and become self-sufficient…and will be able to take care of two children on her own…also help her get the mental health care that she needs, obviously…I’m not saying her behavior is right either, but I’m not going to condemn her for at least trying to find her son a stable home…I don’t know about you, but that action right there tells me that she actually gives a damn about her son, looking for a family to adopt him…there are stories on here that are horrific in comparison to this one. I’d be more angry and judgmental if the ad had said “I’m selling my kid for two thousand bucks, first come first serve” and then find out that she had a drug problem, but it doesn’t say that, now does it?

    1. I agree, the tone came out to me as sad. The only problem I had with it was the end when she asked for families. She should have asked if anyone knew where she could go besides, CPS. I think that she didn’t go to them due to the horror stories. The main horror story that sticks out in my mind is this one from NJ. They fostered and then adopted four brothers and then proceeded to starve them. (Go to the link that says remember this story).

      There have also been reports on this site calling out the mother for putting their child into foster care when they couldn’t care for them and the child ended up killed. I wish I could have talked to this woman before she posted this. I suffer from anxiety but can’t take anything due the side effects (I don’t know why but most pills it is all side effects and no relief from symthoms, the hallucinations from percocet was the worst.) so my doctor told me other things to do when I feel a panic attack coming on, like yelling in the shower, taking long walks while you talk things out to yourself (as my doctor said, “No one will notice they will just think that you are on the phone.” Pilates (she could even get the 3 year old involved). or Yoga (still haven’t tried that yet.)

  10. Don’t you guys have some safe haven thing over there? I’ve heard something about leaving your child at a hospital or with the police or something? Am I imagining this?

    1. yes, we have safe havens here in the U.S. but there’s an age limit…In my opinion, that should be changed, there shouldn’t be an age limit, if a parent can’t care for a child, they should be able to drop them off at a hospital, give all the info like birthday, what have you, and walk away, no questions asked. I can almost bet that you will see a decline in abuse then…

      1. This was actually tried in Nebraska a few years ago.

        As expected it was abused and was a total disaster.

      2. I think there should be an age limit at three years old.

  11. pro choice for life *educate*

    Education. It should be legal to abandon a child in a safe place, where the child is safe and a responsible adult is present. Then there and only if. i would rather hear a child is safe or a pregnancy ended, than babies microwaved beaten and raped because its immoral to prevent it.

  12. Druggie eyebrowed broad? Wtf does that even mean? Mr Aussie sabbath maybe you need to get some tips on being a good reporter stick to the facts instead of giving people your mean and hateful personal opinions. You don’t even know this woman. Have you been in her shoes? Where has it said anything about selling him or that she was going to seriously give him away? Sounds to me like this was a fake post that was blown out of proportions . And if she stopped taking her meds because she was pregnant how do you know she wasn’t on birth control? And it happened anyway? Sounds like a good mom to put the welfare of the baby she was carrying above herself. So quick to throw stones. You should be ashamed of yourself

    1. 1.This is a blog, not a news site. And that’s Ms. Aussie Sabbath to you.
      2.Please see comments below for meds and abortion.
      3. This actually happened, please refer to links above.

    2. You’re an idiot.

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