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Confinement, starvation and neglect: the perfect course of treatment for a UTI!

Couple charged after little girl found locked in basement in deplorable conditions


Bad sperm donor Timothy A. Phillips and his hole-of-the-week Lacey A. Chaney

First of all hats off to Steve for the tip, and thanks to Lucy for some encouragement. I cannot stop laughing at the mugshot of the bad girlfriend up there. Look at her with her bottom lip stuck out, like a cranky toddler that won’t take a nap. But then again, it’s sort of like a smile. She just looks ridiculous. The bad dad just has that pissy defiant look on his face that most bad breeders have, which isn’t so funny.

The bad dad Timothy Phillips (30) and his live-in dick warmer Lacey Chaney (27), from Kansas City MO, have been charged with abuse and neglect of a child, endangering a child, and felonious restraint, after it was found that the bad dad’s 9 year old daughter had been segregated from the family and forced to live in the basement. The neglect and abuse of the young girl was noticed by the school nurse at an elementary school in Independence, MO. The diligent nurse noticed that the little girl reeked of piss and that she’d told the nurse that her private parts hurt. The nurse examined her and found that her vaginal area was red and irritated. She also told the nurse that she wasn’t allowed to use the bathroom at home and was forced to go to the toilet outside because her family didn’t want to contract the infections that she had!

The Jackson County Sheriff’s deputies turned up after the nurse filed a complaint, and indeed found that the little girl was forced to live in an unfinished basement with little food and water during the day as a punishment for a recent school suspension. Well, no shit, I’d act up too if my parents were anything like these fucksticks. She was forced to sleep on an air mattress in a basement, with dirty carpet, exposed wiring and overflowing sewerage. But the harsh living conditions weren’t instated before bad dad “popped” the little girl in the mouth and “whooped” her butt. Wow, Timothy’s such a tough man, smacking a little girl in the face. No wonder the bad girlfriend thinks he’s such a great catch, being able to defend her from those menacing pre-teens /sarcasm.

The bad dad, the bad girlfriend and her son lived upstairs while the little girl was forced to live in the basement. Bad dad’s reasoning for this, according to court documents, was that she lacked bladder control and that he couldn’t afford to keep cleaning up after her, and that “when she pisses, she leaves a huge puddle”. It didn’t occur to him that his little girl may have had a physical or pyschological issue that was causing her to lose control of her bladder. It didn’t occur to him that she may have been embarrassed by her lack of bladder control and needed help, not abuse. As for not being able to afford to clean up after her? How can you not be able to afford cleaning products? Unless he’s getting the carpet professionally cleaned every week, it’s just another bad breeder excuse. Here’s what I use to clean up animal piss (I have an ageing cat who sometimes has accidents) – Vinegar and bicarb soda. That’s it. The bicarb absorbs the smell and the vinegar neutralises the ammonia and also gets rid of the staining and smell. The fuckstick just could not be bothered.

Bad dad also went on gloat confess about his neglect of his daughter, saying that he only bathed her every 5 days or whenever she started to smell. He thought that she didn’t like to be bathed because of previous sexual abuse that occurred in the shower. I presume that might have happened elsewhere (like at her mother’s) but I have a very bad feeling it may have been while she was living with her sperm donor and his dick warmer. According to police documents, his excuse for not washing the little girl’s clothing was that the washing machine was broken. But when police went into the bad girlfriend’s son’s room, they found that all his clothes were clean and neatly folded. BUSTED!!

The bad girlfriend reckoned that the little girl peed herself to keep people away from her. So, why was it not investigated as a sign of something very wrong? The bad girlfriend was also the one to ban her from the toilet, because she thought she caught an infection from her. No, she probably caught it from the dropkick she was fucking.

On top of all of that, it was found that the little girl was suffering from a potentially deadly staph infection. Bad dad’s excuse for not getting her to a doctor? “She’ll just piss on herself anyway”.

Now for my two bob: Firstly, you cannot contract a urinary tract infection (UTI) from a toilet seat. That’s just ridiculous. Secondly, did it ever occur to bad dad and bad girlfriend to take the little girl to a doctor and have it cleared up? No? I’m not afraid to admit that a few years ago, I had a very bad UTI. It felt like I was pissing razor blades. A few rounds of bicarb soda in water (blech) and some cranberry juice (yum) and I was right as rain. You don’t even need to see a doctor unless you’re pissing blood. Easy as. UTIs often cause a frequent need to go to the toilet. And not just a “hold on a sec”, it’s “I’ve got to go NOW!”. Even if the little girl didn’t have pysch issues, that symptom of infection would cause her to piss herself if she couldn’t get outside in time.

The little girl has been taken to hospital for treatment of the infections she was suffering. Her sperm donor and the dick warmer are being held on a $100,000 bond. Hopefully the extended family are smart enough not to waste their money on these rejects and instead put it towards raising the little girl.

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  1. Ugh, what fucksticks. But I didn’t see anything about a UTI in the article? Just yeast infections. That poor girl. I’ve have both UTIs and yeast infections. Those can be triggered by something so silly and harmless. But they aren’t contagious and can’t be contracted via toilet seats. I think Fleshlight just got jealous of her dildo’s little girl and wanted her out. Explains why Fleshlight’s son was treated far better.

    I hate parents who begin abusing children when they obviously need help. That’s not acting out of desperation, that’s picking on someone who can’t fight back. They should be locked up for life.

    1. I presume she had one, they did say something about infection and urine. But yeah, it’s a case of the bad girlfriend forcing out her sex toy’s offspring so that she doesn’t compete with her own offspring. Humans are a result of millions and millions of years of evolution, it’s a shame that some don’t act like it.

      1. Millions and millions of years and some are still dumber than rocks.

    2. The source article said yeast and staph infections. I assumed the staph infection was of the urinary tract. According to the CDC, 10% to 20% of all UTIs are staph infections. (If it was a staph UTI, holistic methods will not cut it and a doctor’s visit and a prescription are mandatory. Not that I believe for a minute these oxygen thieves tried even basic home remedies) This would make sense, because a severe UTI can lead to incontinence especially in children. And a good way to catch a hell of a yeast infection is to sit in wet pants. Like after having peed them when no one will let you change. The “parents” set up a perfect storm of pain and sickness for this child. If you’ve ever had a UTI, you know that you need to drink a LOT of water (and/or cranberry juice) so that the urine is as diluted as possible. Yet she was locked up away from access to water. You also need to pee constantly. Holding urine makes the infection worse. Yet she either had to hold it until she was allowed to go pee on the lawn like a dog, or pee herself. Wet, dirty panties also worsen infection, yet she was made to sit in her pissed pants for up to a week. And keeping the area clean is crucial, yet she was bathed once every five days. Also, if you’ve ever had a bad UTI or yeast infection, you can completely understand the school suspension. I hate the world when I have one, and I am an adult with good communication skills and the ability to get myself some medical care. She was in agony. A doctor’s visit, yogurt, a pack of pull ups, and some basic hygiene would have gone a long way toward solving this child’s problems, yet these fuckers couldn’t be bothered. They suck, and I wish upon them a lifetime of chronic, antibiotic resistant UTIs and yeast infections. While locked in a tiny cell without access to water or a toilet.

      1. I only know this because I’m a nurse…probably not staph, most uti and urethritis is caused by GI bacteria (e coli-poop), sadly because of the proximity of the vagina to the urethra, STDs can also cause urethritis. If no one ever taught her to wipe front to back she could be wiping e coli into her urethra. I wonder if the butt ugly adult bitch has something fom the equally repulsive sperm donor and she thinks she’s getting sick from the little girl. The nurses at the hospital should go over at least the wiping technique. Jesus, I hope these buttholes never get her back.

  2. I’m not sure what you have there but here in Australia we have this shit called URAL. It’s a sachet that you dissolve in water & drink. It’s not amazing but it has a pleasant enough citrusy flavour. It also has a funny fizzy tingly sensation in your nose while you drink it which used to make me giggle as a kid (I had regular UTIs due to something wrong with my urethra which I had corrected when I finishe growing).

    It’s about $15 for a box of 10 sachets & you usually only need to have 2 a day for 3 or so days to clear a UTI up. So they can fuck right off with their “we can’t afford it” BS!

    1. URAL is great, it goes down better than bicarb. I also have cranberry supplements to prevent bacteria sticking to the urethra wall. These shitheads just didn’t care.

    2. Here in the USA we have AZO concentrated cranberry tablets. They have the unfortunate side effect of turning your urine and therefore anything your urine might touch a dark reddish orange color. That just means no white/light colored panties, jeans, what have you for a few days. And make sure you wipe up any splashes in the toilet. (The warnings come from having to give these to my very young niece for a similar urethra problem until she was about 5) They work great, trust me, my Mom has had to use them several times a year for the 40+ years I’ve known her. I’ve had to as well a few times and they are a miracle when you really need them. And they don’t even cost $15.00, more like $8.00 for about 40 of them… (I remember being about 3 and at the zoo with Mom once when she had to use the restroom and took me in the stall with her. I saw that dark orangeish color in that toilet bowl and thought to myself “How mean that she didn’t share her Kool Aid with me!” Ain’t it funny what a little kid will think?)

      1. Lol…kool aid! You can get cranberry tablets here but I’ve never bothered because the ural has always worked. My sister swears by cranberry juice though. After having her kids she was getting UTIs all the time. Now she has a litre of cranberry juice each day (over the whole day, not all at once) & she hasn’t had a UTI in over a year. She loves the taste too but I’m not a big fan.

        1. I like it OK, but pretty much only when it’s blended with another juice. The cranberry with mandarin orange juice is pretty darn good! 😉

  3. when i was a kid i used to pee my pants there is a name for my medical condition now there are even ads on tv about it basically the muscles of my bladder spasm and clamp down random ly and un controlled by me like my bladder was trying to pee really hard all of a sudden one minute i was ok the next i had to pee so bad it hurt no warning it sucks and every body thought it was a behavoir problem they thought that i just ignored the phisical signs that i had to pee because i wanted to keep playing but heck no if i could not pee my pants i would have i got teased i stunk when we were really poor and could only wqsh cloths like every 2 weeks they made my pee evrey hour didnt work they even spanked me my mom put an end to that as soon as she found out i dont know why they did not take me to the doctor they thought it was my fault im gladd i was not abused just teased and filled with shame except my mom she never made me feel bad and she got me pads to help always called it an axcident and when i did pee she told me to just change my cloths and no worries i love my mom

  4. An untreated UTI can lead to a kidney infection and potentially cause kidney failure. Normally this does not happen because people to to a doctor and get medication to treat it if it doesn’t go away with conservative treatment.

    This situation makes me want to cry. I hope to god someone takes this child in and gives her a loving home, but why do I have a sickening feeling that she will be returned to these shitheads? Also, kudos to that nurse! Instead of just letting it go she fought for this child who by all accounts has never had anyone treat her with love and respect.

    I think the shitheads punishment should be to be infected with a UTI and forced to live in the conditions they forced this poor little girl to live in.

    A way to help a child with bedwetting..? Loving them, making them feel safe. Children who are victims of molestation and abuse are most likely to have problems controlling their bladder. An easy way to help? There are alarms that attach to a kids underwear and they detect moisture. When a child starts to urinate it beeps, waking them up. It’s one of the most effective and gentle ways to help a bed wetter. Not forcing them to live in filth and piss.

    1. I also heard that victims of molestation will neglect hygiene and make themselves as dirty as possible in the hope that the abuser will be repulsed by their smell. It’s so sad, it might have been a self defence mechanism.

      1. I hate that this thought is even in my head, but unfortunately it is: we know that you cannot pass either a UTI or a yeast infection through use of a common toilet. We know that a yeast infection can be passed sexually. We know that she-beast complained of “catching” an infection from the little girl. Could be a coincidence, and I sure as hell hope it is. But I think there needs to be a serious investigation into why two females in the same household have vaginal infections at the same time. BRB, have to go soak my brain in Clorox.

        1. Also a 9 year old with a yeast infection? Is it just me or WTF? I didn’t get one til I was like 17.

          It’s rare for children to get one because it happens usually due to hormonal changes after puberty. If it does occur to a child it usually happens when they are on antibiotics because they kill off the “good” bacteria that usually keeps the yeast from growing out of control.

          1. She could be going through puberty at 9. It’s not unheard of. But I’m thinking it could be that the nasty fucker who is her sperm donor didn’t let her bathe or wash her clothes, so poor hygiene could also be a factor.

          2. Yeast loves dampness and darkness, so if one is unable to wash and change into dry clothes, guess what will flourish. This story makes me want to use my aluminum softball bat on both of them. That bloated flat face cries out for smashing. Love dick head’s hair cut-looks like his head was dipped in shit.

          3. It’s possible for little girls to get yeast infections. Even Non-Neglected Non-Molested little girls. My daughter is an avid swimmer. If she neglects to dry herself properly after a long time in the pool, and her swimsuit, she gets yeast infections. Nothing like a quick trip to the doctor and some Diflucan can’t fix.

  5. Those 2 are fucking morons. And they clearly don’t think they are because they kept saying all that stupid shit out loud.

  6. That poor little girl. It seems as if a lot is not being said. What the hell is up with this POS bathing a 9-year-old?!

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