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New Jersey Nazi Breeder has not learned his lesson

Heath Campbell. (This should serve as an example of how not to show up at a custody hearing.)

Nazi-Naming Dad Fights for Right to See His Son:

The last we heard from New Jersey Nazi Heath Campbell he said that he would give up his Nazi ways if it meant getting his kids back. If you’ll recall Heath Campbell and his then wife Deborah had their kids taken away from the state on abuse charges. The Campbells had named their kids after Nazi icons and ideals. Their names were Adolf Hitler Campbell, JoyceLynn Aryan Nation Campbell and Honszlynn Hinler Jeannie Campbell and Heinrich Hons Campbell. The state says that the children were not taken away because of their names but because of other abuse allegations. Personally i think naming your kids after the darkest and most hated part of world history is abuse enough but I digress.

Like I said, in my last post about Campbell he said that he would renounce his hateful ways in order to get his kids back. Apparently he went back on his word because he showed up to a court hearing in full Nazi regalia as shown in the picture above. Not only has he not given up on Nazism he’s started his own Nazi group. The woman pictured with him, also in Nazi regalia, is one of his group’s members.

However being someone of the supposed master race he sure is a dumbass because he showed up to court on the wrong day. Let’s also not forget that Campbell was also collecting disability.That’s something that would have gotten him executed in Nazi Germany.

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  1. Some people idolize school shooters, some cozy up to serial killers and still others worship the Nazis. I watched a gut wrenching documentary on the fall of the Third Reich that was unsparing and brutal with it’s depictions of the death camps. Loathsome little attention whores like Campbell need a kick in the ass with a jack boot!

    1. Not to mention Mr. and Mrs. Nazi would have been first in line for the death camps, being disabled as they are. They idolize the very people who would have found them unfit to be allowed to live. And I really wish they lived in Illinois, because there’s a perfectly wonderful movie quote going to waste…

      1. I hate New Jersey nazis.

        1. There it is! : )

        2. I would imagine that he doesn’t even speak German.
          I’d dearly love to go up to him, smile gently and coo, “Lassen Sie sich umficken.” and watch him nod & smile in uncomprehension.
          Except that he doesn’t deserve the “Sie”.

      2. Well, their idol was Jewish – he would have had to exterminate himself if he followed his own laws. When your idol is a fucking retarded maniac, it just doesn’t say too much that would be considered good about you now does it? What can we expect from first rate idiots such as these? It’s so sad and stupid that it’s not even interesting to ponder…

        1. I heard that the reason why Hitler hated Jewish people was because he was rejected from an art school where some of the teachers were Jewish. My HS art teacher was a power hungry dick but I didn’t kill him…

          1. My HS English teacher and I hated each other but I’ve left him alone all these 25 years too… not that I haven’t thought about it mind you, but he’s still breathing as far as I know. 😉

          2. It’s a fun theory, but no. He just played on centuries of anti-Jewish sentiment, with a liberal sprinkling of pseudoscience and a generous helping of fascist brainwashing on the side. He was an insane tyrant who had far too high an opinion of himself; that’s how he rose through the ranks of the German government and managed to take over. Nobody really knows why he personally hated Jews; the more likely theory is that he just said what a lot of Europeans were already thinking about race and ethnicity out loud, rather than actually having a problem with Jewish people.

    2. Lynnetta JOHNSON

      I watched that documentary just last night. It was brutal. I was amazed to see the German citizens ordered to walk through the death camps to see first hand what was done and bury the bodies of those slaughtered. The raw footage that was captured was horrific, but important to see. I will never forget it. It leaves me wholeheartedly disgusted by those who could order and carry out the totally evil acts that were issued by a clear psychopath. The fact that anyone could read about this, see the footage and then want to emulate that thought process is bat$#@! crazy!!!!!

      1. I went to the Holocaust museum in Washington DC in 10th grade. The first thing you see when you get off the elevator? A GIANT photo of burned corpses. The Nazis tried to burn the evidence, but the American soldiers showed up early. I can still remember that photo, after about 6 years. Who would want to copy all of the atrocities the Nazis did?

        1. Unfortunetly, in this world we live in, some people not only want to repeat that history but go even further. We were taught about what happened in the death camps, but seeing the raw footage shot by Americanand other Allied soldiers is on another level of consciousness. Or at least it should be.

          1. Lynnetta JOHNSON

            Who did you p!$$ off to get the job of taking pictures while bullets and bombs are flying past your head?

          2. The photo was taken at a death camp, not during battle. The Nazis had given up immediately once they saw American tanks rolling in.

          3. Lynnetta JOHNSON

            Yes, I know. I was referring to the job itself. There were soldiers filming the entire battle. Sorry my commentwas confusing. And just for the record, I know it was an importantjob. It must have seemed “uneven” at the time. Everyone with weapons,you with a camera and film. I was just trying to bring a little levity in an otherwise depressing subject matter. Apparently that was a FAIL.

      2. I never saw another butterfly.
        The last, the very last,
        So richly, brightly, dazzling yellow.
        Perhaps if the sun’s tears were to sing against a white stone
        Such, such a yellow would be carried lightly, way up high.
        It went away I’m sure because it wished to kiss the world goodbye.
        For seven weeks I’ve lived in here
        Penned up inside this ghetto.
        But I have found my people here.
        The dandelions call to me,
        And the white chestnut candles in the court.
        Only I never saw another butterfly.
        That butterfly was the last one.
        Butterflies don’t live in here,
        Inside this ghetto.

        Pavel Friedman, age 21. Imprisoned at Terezin Concentration Camp, April 26, 1942, Killed at Auschwitz, Sept 29 1944.

        This poem is part of a collection entitled, I Never Saw Another Butterfly, made up of the drawings and poems written by the children imprisoned at Terezin, which were written down on whatever scrap of paper they could find, and buried within the camp. Fifteen thousand children under the age of fifteen passed through Terezin. Fewer than 100 survived.

        1. Lynnetta JOHNSON

          Beautiful poem…horrific statistics

      3. When I was 12, my mother sent me to her bedroom closet to get a shoebox of family photos she was pasting into albums. What I dumped on the table was about 50 shots my father took at the liberation of Dachau. I thought that my father had killed those people but my mother explained it to me.
        I’ve never forgotten it. I SAW…and all the Holocaust deniers in the world are liars or insane.

        1. I forgot to say it was the WRONG box. Mother didn’t know he had it there & she was furious with him for leaving it accessable.
          I’d have liked to donate it to the Holocaust Museum but, sadly, it disappeared. I imagine that Mother got rid of it.

          1. I’m sure those photos are seared into your brain. IMHO, I get that your mom was probably trying to protect you. I think that it was important for you to see and preserve.

          2. Lynetta, I’m sure you’re right. My mother was the kindest person on earth & she worked hard to keep us from harm.
            I’ve told that story when deniers invade Inet threads & been called a liar, as if one could make up a rainy Sunday afternoon’s pastime. But, I am sorry they disappeared.
            What will happen when those of us who SAW, even a bunch of black & white snapshots, are gone?

    3. Skye Belle Matilda Brand

      Didn’t you know the holocaust never happened? It was an allied conspiracy theory to demonise Nazi Germany & force them to pay repatriation money. And yes, that was sarcastic. But I actually know someone who believes it! What’s more frightening is that he was born Jewish (his Mum’s side but not Dad’s so I don’t know if that makes a difference) but has since declared that he no longer wishes to be a Jew.

  2. The_Shadow_Knows

    Interesting how members of a so-called “master race” never look like good breeding stock. And that’s not even getting into how STUPID they obviously are.

  3. Stupid and grubby. His hair looks like he stuck his head in the drip pan during an oil change. Maybe he’s trying to smother head lice but that hair is nasty! It’s nice to know he’s on disability and we get to support this BS. I hope he never gets his kids back and they change their names as soon as they can.

  4. He idolizes Nazi Germany but can’t spell their leaders’ names properly. “Hons”? “Hinler”? fucking really?

  5. Dumb fucks like this poison children with hatred and prejudice. He should never see his kids again. But that’s just my opinion.

  6. He doesn’t care about his kids, this is all about him and always was. If he loved his kids he would do whatever it took to get them back. To him playing dress up and banging whatever broad is willing is important, also getting on the news. Wonder who called the news outlets to let them know about this hearing?

    People like this are always hypocrites. Collecting disability? Well a disability in Nazi Germany would mean being killed because you were a drain on the system. Also he never graduated high school. Another reason to be executed. They didn’t believe in stupid people.

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