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Meth and Molestation in Maricopa County

PD: Mom accused of injecting daughter with meth

Jacqueline Trousdale, Phoenix Mom, Accused Of Injecting Child With Meth

Meth leaves a nasty taste in your mouth

Our meth-tarded “mummy” up there, is Jacqueline Trousdale (30) of Tolleson, AZ. She was arrested last Sunday after it was found that her 5 year old daughter tested positive to meth.

Back in October of last year, there were accusations of child abuse and molestation made by the girl’s father. Tweaky Trousdale was apparently taking drugs in front of 5 and 9 year old daughters, and the girls had told their dad that she was injecting them with drugs and letting men molest them in a room at the Victory Inn at Tolleson. Police stormed the hotel room and found Trousdale and her daughters. CPS had been notified, and the younger girl had given a urine sample to a social worker, which then came back positive for meth and amphetamines. The young girl was also examined for signs of molestation and sexual assault, but luckily doctors didn’t find any signs of present abuse. But that’s not to say that they weren’t abused in the past.

CPS now have custody of the two girls for now, and I hope that they will be released to their dad. Trousdale was charged with one count of child abuse, one count of endangering the life and health of a minor, and later on, one count of theft. What did she steal? The screws from a light inside her holding cell! Maybe she needed to replace the screws that came loose inside her head.

Thanks to Steve for the tip.

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  1. Methamphetamine is destroying the
    town I live in. I’ve watched it destroy lives and end lives. I’ve seen
    babies that were born addicted to meth and had many, many things wrong
    with them because their mothers were meth addicts. Do you want your
    teeth to rot out? Do you want to drive your family and friends away from
    you? Do you want to lose everything?

    It is not hyperbole when I say methamphetamine is evil.

    1. Skye Belle Matilda Brand

      I’m in Australia & I think rural Australia has taken a while to catch up (which is good) but the local charities & youth services have reported an “emerging trend” of young women & teenage girls who use meth on a regular basis. They are concerned that this recreational use will quickly become widespread addiction & they are shocked by the age (which they say is low compared to the average age of meth users).

      I have no personal experience with drug use & have no idea how much it costs but I assume it’s not pocket change…where are they getting their money from? When I was a teenager I didn’t have money for drugs, I had money for a movie or a new pair of jeans if I saved for a few weeks but drugs, no way!

      1. That’s why meth is as bad as it is. Any idiot can buy or steal the ingredients from the grocery store or Walmart (Sudafed is now behind the counter if not scrip only in the US, but there are ways around that) and can cook it up absolutely anywhere. The one-pot method can be mixed up in a car, even. It’s cheap and easy enough to be available to anyone.

        1. Skye Belle Matilda Brand

          Ah, I see. You have to have photo ID to buy cold & flu medications here (ones with pseudo ephedrine). I hate getting the third degree about it every winter when I buy two boxes (one for me & one for hubby when we get our annual cold).

          1. The states that have done the most to reduce the manufacture of Meth have gone to prescription only for Sudafed. This absolutely sucks in the US with our horrible insurance issues. You need a doctor’s appointment which can cost up to $100 to get a $6 box of cold medicine. Many people just suck it up and do without. For the states like min which require an ID and have a purchase limit, the manufacturers hire “Smurfs”, who travel from pharmacy to pharmacy buying the limit at each. Unfortunately, when you curtail domestic manufacturing, you open the door to Mexican import. The Meth coming out of Mexico is often stronger, purer, and highly addictive. Meth is a HUGE problem in much of the US, and is only getting worse.

          2. But, if you want to feel better about the Meth problem, google Krokodil and see what the Russians are up against. Only don’t do this with kids in the room. And you might want to have a stiff drink or five first. It’s that bad.

          3. I’m with SBMB – that’s just awful!!! So glad THAT shit hasn’t hit the US yet!

          4. Fortunately the active ingredient in that awful stuff, desomorphine (a morphine derivative) is scrip only and tightly regulated in the US. So it isn’t easy to get large enough quantities to make the drug. It’s OTC, widely available, and cheap in Russia, so Krokodil becomes the cheaper alternative to heroin. This wouldn’t be the case in the US. Which is really good. Because as bad as heroin is, at least it doesn’t rot the flesh right off of your bones.

          5. If addicts were properly purifying Desomorphine it wouldn’t cause the horrible flesh rot (not that I condone using). People are so concerned with getting another fix and another fix in an extremely short amount of time that they will inject the most polluted, poorly made crap into their bodies.

        2. Skye Belle Matilda Brand

          OK…screw you! (lol)
          Krokodil? That’s some fucked up shit! (I can’t reply to the post below for some reason). I’m creeped out completely & totally glad I don’t live in Russia!

          1. I did warn you… ; )

      2. I live in Oklahoma and started shooting meth at the age of 14. I came from a good family and most of us at that age that were on it either stole from our parents, were given money from our parents, or became criminals. I was given a second chance. God sent me to prison at the age of 21 and I was able to start my life over. I hope they can prevent meth from taking over Australia like it has here in the US. Abendwind is right when he said meth is pure evil.

  2. Damn! I’m 13 years older than Hag-Face up there, I feel so much better about my impending birthday! Anyway – what a BITCH! How low do you have to be to offer your daughters up for molestation just to feed your disgusting habit? Offer YOUR NASTY SELF UP! Not those babies!!!

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