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Where is Levon Wameling?

Jevon Wameling, N.Y. father, reported infant son missing two weeks after disappearance, police say

Mother pleads for help finding her baby, missing for TWO WEEKS as his father didn’t report it to police

9 month old Levon Wameling is missing

Levon Wameling (9 months) has gone missing from his home in Utica, NY. He was last seen by his father Jevon Wameling (27), who waited TWO WEEKS to tell his parents that his baby boy had gone missing!

According to Utica police, they were informed of Levon’s disappearance on June 11 from an attorney of the relatives, even though Mr. Wameling last saw his son in May. The family’s lawyer told police that Jevon had left Levon on the porch of their house, while he went around the back to unlock the back door after locking himself out. When he returned to get the baby, he had mysteriously disappeared…

Jevon had custody of Levon after his baby mama Amy Warney was in rehab. As I stated above, Jevon didn’t tell the police of Levon’s disappearance. But he did tell his parents, Levon’s grandparents, who then told their attorney, who then told police. So it was sort of like a game of Chinese Whispers, but instead of a tongue twister or a limerick, it was the safety and wellbeing of a child being passed around the circle. And Jevon only came forward about it to Amy, when she asked where Levon was.

Amy Warney is obviously distraught over the disappearance of her baby Levon. She’s pleading with any witnesses to come forward and speak with police. She was trying to do the right thing, going to rehab to get herself off the booze or the drugs so she could give her son a better life. She trusted Levon’s father to look after their baby boy.

Jevon is now named as a “person of interest”. Given that he was the last person to see Levon and that he did not come forward about his son’s disappearance, he knows more about what happened to Levon than what he’s letting on. I don’t know much about babies, but I’ve done a quick Google and it would be very unusual for a 9 month old to be up and walking. So Levon didn’t disappear on his own. Someone most likely took him, but then Jevon would have reported it immediately and directly to police if that were the case. Police are very suspicious of Jevon’s actions following the disappearance of his baby. He has a criminal record – he was charged in May 2010 with resisting arrest, escaping police custody and harassment after he was arrested for possessing brass knuckles. In 2009 he was busted with pot. Neighbours say that the police are regularly called to the home because of screaming. Jevon didn’t bother to look for his son after he realised he was missing.

Police searched for Levon using sniffer dogs and helicopters, but bad weather has hampered search efforts. Levon is 9 months old, has brown eyes, black hair and is bi-racial, according to his Missing Person poster. Anyone with information should call Utica police on 315-223-3501,  315-223-3503, or 315-223-3510.

Thanks to crys for the tip!

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  1. Skye Belle Matilda Brand

    Maybe he realised that anyone who would name him Levon was a douche & he packed up & left? I jest of course & I hope he is found safe & sound but I’m not holding my breath.

    1. Surely they could have been a bit more imaginative with his name?? Dad’s name is Jevon, baby’s name is Levon. There must be some sort of succession rule in this family where they simply change the first letter of the father’s name to make a new name for baby. But by that rule, Levon should have been called Kevon, then the grandson Levon, great-grandson Mevon, great-great grandson Nevon and so on. etc.

      1. This seems to be a US thing. It’s particularly common in the black community…giving a baby that is a variant of a parent’s name or an amalgam of both, but I’ve known it among whites, as well.
        I knew a man named Rhett (and, yes, after Rhett Butler) who had a daughter named Rhetta and a granddaughter named LaRhetta.

        Some of the combos are tres weird.

  2. Now granted, some nine month olds have mastered crawling, but yee gads-if he “just went around to the back and then came around to the front to see the baby was missing”-that’s got to be the speediest baby I’ve ever heard of, or their house is so huge it’s a ten minute walk to the back door. This poor baby. I’m hoping for the best, but more than likely dear old dad here did something to him.

    1. I’m wondering why he didn’t take the baby with him to unlock the back. Levon looks fairly portable still. Whenever I had to unlock the front door after school/work, my cat would sit at the back door and meow, so I’d simply scoop her up and carry her to the front with me.

  3. Thanks for putting this one on the main page, Aussie! This little guy needs all the attention he can get. Sadly, I seriously doubt he is still living. But he needs justice, as does his mom, despite her flaws and failings. Hopefully the international coverage the internet can generate will keep the pressure on law enforcement, so this little boy isn’t forgotten.

  4. Take this with a huge grain of salt because I can’t link a credible source, but it is being reported on other sites that Levon is not the first baby to die in Jevon’s care. Allegedly, seven years ago he was dating a woman with a young baby who suffocated while Jevon was watching her. The baby was crying and wouldn’t stop so he claimed that he put her in bed between him and Mom who was passed out drunk. When Mom woke up, the baby was dead. Supposedly, this mom has contacted Utica police with the hope that they reopen the investigation into her baby’s death.

    Again, I don’t have credible confirmation of that. I’ll keep looking and post what I find.

  5. Thank you for posting this, this baby needs to be found and if he’s been hurt, he needs justice

  6. This one doesn’t look like it’s going to have a happy ending… whatever happened, Jevon HAS to have done something to poor little Levon… bastard!

  7. Utica police are looking for volunteers to help them search for Levon. If you live in Utica or nearby, this is a good opportunity to actively do something to help find him 🙂

  8. It’s not terribly early or unusual for a nine month old to be able to walk. My own child started walking at 8 months old and I know plenty of other moms whose children also walked around that age. But they’re not exactly marathon runners when they start walking, the baby wouldn’t be able to get out of sight in the 60 seconds it takes to walk around a house…and if that did happen, why not call the police immediately? Why wait two weeks until someone else noticed little Levon was missing? If I can’t find my child for two hours I’m worried, and she’s 12!

    1. My kid walked at 9 months. He was running by 10. I figured it was because a higher being was punishing me fro wrongs I may have committed in a past life.

    2. It’s rare for kid to be walking on his own at 9 months. My daughter could take some steps but was a master cruiser. Either way the baby couldn’t have gone very far in five minutes. I’m sure if this was true he would be within sight.

      Even If what this idiot says is true and somehow Levon was the fastest 9 month old ever and he was missing when he came around the house then wouldn’t any rational person call 911 immediately? Another thing that bothers me is why he left a 9 month old alone, outside, to begin with. If you locked yourself out of the house and had to go around would you not take the baby with you…?

      1. His story now is that he had to climb a tree and go in a second story window, which is why he didn’t take the baby. However, I google street viewed the house (corner lot so you can see all sides) and there is no tree close enough to an upper story window that would hold an adult. Also, he claims that he put baby Levon in a carseat, but says nothing about a stroller, to take a walk. Carseats are the worst, most awkward way to carry a 9 month old farther than maybe out to the car. No one goes for a walk around the neighborhood carrying a child in a carseat. Not to mention in just a diaper when it is 62F out. So basically, everything this guy says is total bullshit. He is lying and not nearly smart enough to fool anyone.

  9. Jevon is claiming that Levon couldn’t sleep, so at 11:30 at night he took him out for a walk. He says Levon was wearing only a diaper. It was 62F (16.7C) at 11:30pm that night.
    That makes no sense at all. Until you notice that it was quite warm earlier that day, and Levon could have comfortably been in only a diaper that afternoon. When people lie, they draw from memory as much as possible. It’s much easier to describe what you have recently seen than make it up from scratch. It is a good bet that the last time Jevon saw the baby, alive anyway, he was in just a diaper. He did not, however, take Levon (at least a living, breathing Levon) for a walk at 11:30 pm in only a diaper.

  10. “Daddy” has lawyered up and shut up. Go figure.

  11. New today: Police are searching a large field behind the fire house in Marcy, NY. All they are saying is that they have “information” that led them to this location. It goes without saying that they aren’t looking for a live child in an open field.

  12. UPDATE: Sadly, it appears that Levon has been found in a container in the Mowhawk River.–remains-found-in-mohawk-river/
    Levon’s father Jevon was arrested yesterday on an unrelated burglary charge. So he shouldn’t be hard to find when police wish to speak with him, or, you know, arrest him for his son’s murder.
    I suppose I shouldn’t be so hasty with that, though, in a world where Casey Anthony is running around free as a bird.

  13. The baby’s remains have been positively identified. It is little Levon. But, because was not a photogenic sweet faced little white girl from Florida with a hot but guanopsychotic mother who likes to party, his death will continue to be largely ignored.
    I haven’t forgotten you, little man. I promise.

    1. Oh no no no no no! His sperm donor needs to hang!
      RIP little Levon 🙁

  14. Jevon Wameling is finally telling the truth. In a letter sent to local news, Daddy Dearest admits that the entire story of Levon’s alleged abduction was bullshit. They never left the house. He now claims that he found the baby dead in his crib “and that is 100% the truth.” Actually, I’m sure that it is 100% the truth. I’m sure he did find his son dead in his crib. That often happens when the child has experienced some severe injury or trauma and then instead of being given medical care, is then left alone in the crib to cry it out. Some sort of trauma that would fracture a baby’s skull, like little Levon’s skull was fractured. He says he “losed (sic) his mind”. I believe this, too. I believe he flipped his shit and killed his son, then “panicked” and “lost control of everything” when he realized that he could not call 911 as any parent who found their child unresponsive in a crib would do immediately. He tried to ignore the inconvenient problem of his newly dead son, and when that didn’t work, he invented an abduction. Fortunately he is not nearly smart enough to come up with a scenario even remotely plausible. It’s good that he’s finally telling the truth, even if his version of the truth has some conveniently placed Mack truck sized holes. Word is, his parents have been bailing him out of jam after jam for years. Let’s hope that they care even a little bit for their grandson who lost his life, and will assist and not hinder the police in giving Levon some justice.

      1. “A woman who befriended Jevon Wameling before and after the baby disappeared asked not to be identified, but told our Jim Kenyon that Jevon confided in her. She says Jevon told her he would give the baby Loco, an alcoholic drink and blow marijuana in the baby’s face to make him go to sleep. She says she can believe the claim that the baby died in his sleep.”
        So something happens to Levon (when there was no one in the house other than Jevon and Levon) to leave him with a fractured skull. Head injuries hurt, so Levon would have been crying up a storm. Jevon helps him settle down with some pot (hey, why not? Makes dad feel better) and puts him to bed. Surprise, surprise, Levon dies in his sleep. Oh terrible SIDS!!

  15. UPDATE: A very unsatisfying conclusion to this case. Good: Jevon Wameling was convicted and sentenced today. Bad: To first degree manslaughter, sentenced to 7.5 to 15 years. He was convicted of failing to get medical help for his son’s head injury, leading to his death. No one at all thinks that Jevon didn’t cause the injury (surprise, surprise – he blamed it on that monstrous crusher of baby skulls, the Evil Couch of Doom) but unfortunately Jevon did two things “right.” He spoke the magic word (“lawyer”) right before telling police where he dumped the body, making the discovery of the body and any evidence coming directly from that discovery inadmissible in court. And he apparently attended the Casey Anthony School of Getting Away With Murder, because he figured out that you don’t have to hide a body forever, just long enough for decomposition to remove evidence. So there was no way to prove what caused the skull fracture even if it could have come out in court. The prosecution couldn’t prove murder, as much as they wanted to. So rather than risking him skating completely, they ate a big shit sandwich and took what they could get. He was able to be convicted of manslaughter because Jevon brought Levon to visit mom who was in jail on her way to rehab. Mom (who, say what you what you want about her life choices, seemed to be on top of things with her son) noticed an injury with bruising just behind his left ear, and also didn’t think he was acting right. She insisted that Jevon leave the visit and take Levon to the hospital immediately. Jevon didn’t do this, and lied to mom that he was fine. By the way this visit happened on the 18th of May. Jevon died on May 29th. So for at least ELEVEN DAYS, during every minute of which he could have been saved by a trip to the hospital, that little boy suffered from a brain injury which was slowly worsening until he finally died. He died slowly over the course of weeks. The only thing keeping me from being furious over this candy assed sentence is the knowledge that Jevon Wameling is a complete piece of shit, and dumb as a stump as well. He’s also been convicted for drugs and burglary, and only then after his parents finally got tired of bailing his worthless ass out of every jam he’s managed to get himself into. (Too bad they didn’t let him experience the consequence of his actions a few years ago – they might still have a living grandson if they had.) Anyway, there is no doubt in my mind that this shit stain will fuck up again as soon as he is released. He will spend his life in the prison’s revolving door until he finally does something worth a life sentence.
    Rest In Peace, little Levon. I’m sorry you drew the short straw in life and got stuck with a useless, self absorbed, overgrown child for a father. I’m sorry your mother was too caught up in her own problems to protect you as she wanted to and as you deserved. I’m sorry that your death wasn’t given the same attention as those of other children the media found more photogenic. You will not be forgotten.

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