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Coronial inquest into death of boy who died in a washing machine

Mum a suspect in son’s washing machine death

Police target parents over washing machine death

A little boy died, along with his pet cat, in a front loader washing machine while his mother took a nap. An inquest has been launched into how the little boy and the cat ended up there.

Rewind to 2010. Kerry Murphy allegedly awoke from a nap on the afternoon of September 20, 2010 at her Perth home and found her 3 year old son Sean Murphy unconscious in the drum of the front loader, along with the body of his pet cat named Snowy. Sean suffered horrendous injuries and went to join Snowy on the Rainbow Bridge. An autopsy was carried out on Sean’s small body, but an exact cause of death could not be confirmed. Sean’s body showed injuries consistent with entrapment, and the coroner ruled that this would most likely have contributed to his death.

When officers turned up to question Kerry and to survey the scene, they found the house to be full of animal shit and smelling of smoke. Not only is it disgusting and unhealthy to smoke inside a house, but Kerry and Sean, along with Kerry’s boy toy Craig Sheppard, were living in a Department of Housing property, where smoking is not allowed inside. Kerry was screaming “I’ve killed my baby, I know it”. Later she explained that what she meant by that was that she felt responsible for Sean’s death because she was sleeping instead of watching him.

Boy Toy and Kerry are still suspects in Sean and Snowy’s deaths, even though Boy Toy was at work that day. Boy Toy is not the father of Sean. The medical examiner was looking for signs of drowning, suffocation and beating but could not determine either way because of the extensive injuries that Sean suffered from being tumbled around in the washing machine.

The inquest has heard that, after mechanical tests performed on the washing machine, that it would have been very difficult to close the door from the inside because the door locked from the outside. Kerry suggested that the dog may have knocked it shut. The police considered that, with enough force, it was possible to push the door hard enough so that it would bounce back and close. However the WA coroner said that it would have been very difficult for Sean to do that, because of the angle of the door in relation to his body. The police agreed with the coroner that it would be a tight fit, even for a 3 year old, and observed that Sean had markings on his body that matched the drum of the washing machine.

More witnesses are expected to testify, along with Kerry and her Boy Toy. The inquest is expected to hear some interesting gems such as how Kerry was trying to get Sean diagnosed with ADD/ADHD and how Kerry was not dealing with motherhood very well.

Kerry and Boy Toy were going to get married, but have since split up.

It’s not unusual to hear of stories of cats accidentally being locked in the washing machine. That’s why you always keep the lid/door closed and double check before setting the machine away. The same goes for when you have children. You teach them not to play in the washing machine. Children are teachable, cats – not so much. I haven’t heard of any autopsy being done on Snowy, but I really hope that this was an accident and that it did not play out like I think it played out. (Kerry killed Snowy to “punish” Sean, Sean screams and cries as any child who has lost a pet would, so Kerry stuffs Sean in the washing machine along with Snowy and sets it away. Or Kerry stuffs both of them in the machine and sets it away because they interrupted her nap) I really hope it’s just Snowy got stuck in the washing machine, Sean tried to save him and they both got stuck. Otherwise, there’s a special prison treatment for people who harm animals and children, and big Sheila is more than willing to dole it out.

The inquest continues.

RIP Sean and Snowy. Cross the Rainbow Bridge together.

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  1. Skye Belle Matilda Brand

    I have a front loader. It’s large capacity too. I have an almost 3 year old who is small for her age. I could NOT fit her in there & close the door without forcing it, there’s no way! (no, I didn’t try but there’s just no way). I’ll give her a break, maybe he did climb in there for whatever reason a three year old plays in a washer but for her to have closed & latched the door would have taken deliberate force. Either she knew what she was doing or she was drunk or high & didn’t realise what she was doing (no excuse).

    1. I also have one. It locks automatically from the inside of the door once the wash cycle begins. You start the wash cycle by pushing a button on the outside of the machine. It has a heavy glass door that takes effort to push shut and will often bounce back if you casually slam it. This case smells fishier than an old tackle box!

  2. If you don’t know the full story, (which you don’t) then you should not write anything!!!! And no she wasn’t high or drunk, she was ill…..!!!!!!

    1. I knew at least one ‘tard defender would come out of the woodwork. Where does it say in the post that she was drunk or high? If you’re going to ‘tard-defend, use a proper name. Or are you scared that you might be wrong?

      1. We’re are u getting info from though? All I’ve read from 2010 reports is machine off, parents cleared n this is just an inquest

        1. Have a look at the links up top. Every post on BB is referenced with links, every single one. Because posting information that can’t be backed up and could possibly damage someone’s reputation is called slander and defamation.
          As far as news reports say, Kerry and Boy Toy are still suspects and there are witnesses to testify against them.

    2. Feel free to either fill us all in on what you deem to be the truth, or stfu and go the fuck away! Otherwise you look ignorant and childish. Just sayin’…

    3. How bout u shut the f*ck up buffet girl, funny how ur using false name to.
      I no the “boy toy” and let me tell u after speaking with him last night ur info is all fucked sabbath again someone who uses an alias name.
      t machine was never on, time frame of the 000 call to ambos arriving there was no time to dry the boy, water residue stays in hair for ages n he was bone dry.
      y she wasn’t ill so whoever claimed that makes it worse she had just had surgery a week before
      And we’re does it say it was confirmed the mum beat him?? Fake name runner of the page uses this term quite freely yet no evidence in autopsy proved this, he was not beaten, didn’t drown n didn’t suffocate.
      You do however claim you are wary as wrong information can hurt a persons name yet you quite happily fill this topic in particular full of bub ish. It’s an open inquest hey not go sit there and get the real facts. As or witnesses peaking against them I’ve been told both are not valid witnesses they were cleared n yet again they are deemed guilty before its finished
      Boy toy and mum have split up but I can tell u he still cares for her deeply and a reunion could be on the cards. Now this is coming from a close source to him so get it all right or a least find out some proper information

      1. I’d say your spelling and grammar is “all fucked”. What is it with tard defenders and poor spelling?
        And just how did Sean die if he didn’t get put through the spin cycle?
        Seems like these ‘tard defenders think they know more than the news and expert witnesses. Maybe you should take your special knowledge and go testify at the inquest…

        1. Only tard here is you, expert information u say so u gave sat and listened in the court have u, it says clearly for the educated that can read that it was possible with the hinge mechanism to bounce shut with force n how they haven’t ruled out the dog. U have asked for non anon information n that I’ve done I’m here today listening to reports n witness accounts n let me tell u it’s words of mouth u will never no about. Ur information from apparent sources is wrong the machine wasn’t on, wasn’t running so u really need to get the iChat into. Like I said if u have the guts to appear as the person u are rather then Internet alias name come to the afternoon sitting in court then u will have information to really put up here.

          1. Actually police, physicists and medical experts have testified in the inquest. They said that the door could not have been shut from the inside and that it would take some force to shut it from the outside, so it would have been a deliberate act. Sean had injuries consistent with the drum of the washing machine. Did he thrash around himself to get those injuries? Doubt it. The coroner said it was a tight fit. This is not looking good for Kerry at all.

          2. It’s obvious that you are nearly completely ignorant about the internet. In ANY discussion group, only a damfool uses their real name.
            There are too many psychotics walking around the world, psychotics who would take offense if you said you didn’t like chocolate ice cream.,,and who would hurt you for saying it. People on this board have been physically threatened…this thread included.
            Using a posting ID is what sane, intelligent people do. It’s the cretins who get their knickers in a was about “real” names.
            Get an education…you need it.

          3. fat fingers…” knickers in a wad”

      2. dude., links to the new articles are posted.

        1. Dude I don’t need to read media reports I sat n heard the abo neighbours statement he couldn’t kep up with his lies n well didn’t even make the report or statements to police isn’t that weird as I said open inquest come for ur self at least get the chance o hear everything it bits n pieces from media

          1. I would love to, but I have to go to work. Seriously, I would. And the term “abo” went out with the White Australia policy.

          2. clearly you are just a dummy

      3. Says the cretin who is setting a new BB record for sock puppets!

      4. Go neck yourself Marcus. It’s fairly obvious to me you’re one of the many personalities in your fucken twisted head and this blog has but only served you with a vehicle to try and “justify” what slapper bogan bitch who might be you…… Did to Sean. Got a feeling your insights are so detailed and knowing that it has to be you. Oh everyone check it out slapper bogan child killer has gone and shot herself in the foot and revealed evidence that I am now going to pass onto authorities. Dumbass

      5. Hey Marcus – way to be such an imbecile that you don’t respond to the correct post, thereby giving your ineffective jab no impact whatsoever. How cute are you, telling me to shut up and all, which, by the way, No, but I appreciate you asking so nicely. However, if you want to tell someone to go to hell and get fucked, well, you should actually respond to THEIR post so they get your oh so pertinent message. Just tryin’ to help you out a bit, kind of like when I was 10 and worked for a couple of hours everyday with the severely disable kids that were being mainstreamed into my grad school… Actually, as severely challenged as those amazing kids were, I’m thinking they had it more together than you do! Go play in a deep dark hole in middle of nowhere please…

    4. Fifth amendment. This blog is owned in the U.S.

      She linked her sources for information, please link yours

    5. So fucken what if the negligent tw*t was ill! I don’t fathom this excuse being a justification for a child’s slow and painful death.
      Please go neck yourself and your dangerous thinking. I’m a mother of 4 children 2 of which who are severely autistic. Life is very fucken tough but you deal with it. Both my autistic sons have severe ADHD too. So I can relate to the angst a mother has with out of control kids.. But guess what, get the fuck on with your responsibility and look after your kids. I have ptss and take anti depressants and still manage to keep my house clean, my kids happy and well fed and their therapies up to date. This slag is a sellout to all the mums who are doing it tough but kill themselves trying cos they love their kids. Rest in Peace little Sean you are by far in a much better place.

      1. Omg n u rise special need children with an attitude like that. I have a handicapped child with sever medical conditions n I have up n down days but Kerry sat for hrs n he’s with mine during hospital stays n visits so wat rights o u have. Feel sorry for ur kids a mother like u to guide them

        1. Hell yes I raise my kids and make sure they don’t get murdered too. Dumbass you really need a clue and a rope.

  3. I’m sorry, but I call bullshit on this whole story. I have a front loader, and though I know most are a little different, but the majority of front loaders automatically lock themselves after a minute or so (some 30 seconds) of turning it on, so you can’t pull the door open. In order to open the door when it’s running(say, you forgot an item), you have to either open the door within that 30 seconds/ minute to throw in the item….OR if it’s past that time frame, you have to hit a button to cancel it, wait for it to drain for about 10 minutes, and then it’ll sound a beep to let you know it’s unlocked. Even a lot of top loaders do this now to prevent children from opening it up and climbing in. Unless that kid was right behind mom with the cat and hopped in without her noticing, I doubt most small children would know enough to hit the correct button to cancel the wash, let it drain, and hop in. Not to mention that even if you managed to close the door while inside-you have to press a button from the outside to restart the washer.

    1. This is one of the best responses I’ve read. I have a top-loader so I’m not familiar with front-loaders but there is one thing I do know…washers & dryers have the buttons that run them on the outside!
      How does a child get into a washer, shut the door and then REACH UP AND OUT to whatever button starts it?
      Even if a dog could slam the door, I’d like to meet the canine who could set the cycle and then push/pull to start.

    2. I have a front loader, have had 2 in fact from a major retailer. They both had a power button, then you turn a dial to what you want it to wash at, ie, normal, express, etc., then the start button which is a whole other button has to be pushed. My washer is a little larger inside so it might be crampy, but a smaller 3yr old would fit in it such as girls. But the button would have to be pushed to start the thing from the outside. The articles I read did not say if the boy or the cat were wet any, or just trapped inside, other than the boy having the marks from inside the drum. So I wonder if it had been on or just shut. And like some have stated, once the cycles are over, the machine and all lights go off. Mine dd not have a spin only cycle on either of the washers, about the closest thing you can use is the rinse and spin or clean the washer cycle. I have no doubt that a 3 yr old could get the buttons going, even my 2 1.2 yr grand daughter has figured out some of how it works

    3. Oi fuck tard it wasn’t turned on read shit prolly if u no how to read

  4. Umm confused I’ve rewinded n reread articles from 2010 n they all say machine wasn’t on…we’re do u get ur info from would love to read

    1. If the machine was not on, how was he injured? He did not have the room in the drum to thrash around enough to fatally injure himself.

      1. That’s were I’m confuzzled as reports going back to original date says machine was off and nothing about major injuries. So where ever Aussie sabbath is reading I would love the link as I’m getting wrong information either there or here. Think this is how the nation is divided so many different stories

        1. Actually that would be more interesting if the machine was never switched on to begin with…because it would mean that Kerry Murphy beat her son to death!!
          Most washing machines switch off once the cycle is finished. If she actually did find him after the cycle was done, the machine would be off anyway.
          As for my information, check out the two links up top. That’s where I got my information from.

      2. This is wat I found originally much different from wats being claimed her
        There’s other old reports they all say the same, washing machine off

        1. Then that would mean that Kerry actually did beat her son to death, and stuffed him in the washer, and possibly killed his cat too.

          1. Aussie, if I decide to murder some old jeans and t-shirts, I could put them in my washer with a frantic cat, set the dial on “spin” & watch them tumble around for 10 or 15 minutes. The washer would stop automatically at the end of the cycle.
            The clothes would be dry as a bone. But, in case they weren’t yet “dead”, I could spin them just as often as I liked.
            Sean could have been “spun”, been still breathing, been respun until he was dead and the horror of that possibility will live with me a long, long time.

      3. Maybe Kerry beat him to death and stuffed him in the washing machine to cover up tracks. This is getting more and more suspicious.
        Most machines switch off at the end of the cycle anyway, so if it were an accident, she would have assumed the machine was off. Or she dried Sean and Snowy off and then told police.

        1. Again the previous news report state possible drowning, beating and suffocation, but was ruled out when both mum and partner was cleared. Today’s paper claimed it was entrapment and marks on his body was that of the inside of the machine so I really not know what to read and believe thinking I’m waiting for more reports and end of inquest to determine how to think

  5. Lol this is funny do you know a toy toy is usually younger much younger, whereas it clearly states he was actually older then ms murphy.
    It seems the operator of this page has indeed done what I did and googled to find reports from today’s media reports then added his or hers extra bits for publicity.
    What a shame I find this site useful and interesting now after reading laughable information and obviously incorrect facts I wonder what else is incorrect.
    Shame on you really, please in future post real information it wasn’t hard for me to google and read it all

    1. how is it funny that a baby is dead ???

      1. I don’t know why they would find it funny that a little boy and his pet cat are dead, most likely at the hands of his mother. @fa59b91f46200e76ba181c4773350738:disqus must be mentally ill or something to find this even remotely amusing.

        1. No your rediculous information I find funny I’m with a few other ppl wondering were you are getting it as you clearly state your not reporters. Just saying but wouldn’t some of your post come under defamation or slander, having an opinion is one thing and jumping to conclusions is another but you have gone beyond those. Please post link to where you have found information on injuries due to machine being turned. That’s were I think it’s funny

          1. The links are up the top. I think it’s funny that you’re ranting and raving, with poor spelling and grammar no less, so much that you’ve completely missed what you’re looking for.
            Based on the truthful information we have (backed up by at least two sources) we can speculate and make educated guesses. How can a 3 year old lock himself in a tiny front loader washing machine? How did his cat get in there? Because they have tested it, the door could not have been closed from the inside. The dog could not have knocked it. So how did he get in there?

          2. I think the word you were fishing for is libel. You can look that one up while you look up blog.

    2. Publicity? It’s a blog, you dim moron. What fucking publicity are you speaking of? Please google blog, then come back and talk shit.

  6. I never even let my cat into the laundry room– not that she listens, but I have had moments of panic where she’s jumped on top of my top loader and I feared she would jump or fall in without me noticing. Something tells me Kerry tried to off the poor cat as well.

    BB is depressing enough at times, but the cases where animals are involved are just that little bit worse.

    1. I agree, if it involves animals, it’s even worse. Two innocents have been lost from this world, and the more information that comes out of it, the more it’s likely that Kerry Murphy killed her son and his cat and made up a story about the washing machine.

  7. Wtf how can a lil baby close door, few yrs ago my son climbed into the dryer aged 4 so can see it happening but to close the door something doesn’t seem right there

  8. Question for the ‘tard defenders: How did a 3 year old boy lock the door to the washing machine from the inside, when tests showed that it was near impossible for him to do?

  9. Wats funny is u promote inaccurate second hand info yet u carry on bout spelling n grammar pretty much saying ur smart yet bored n needing attention via a website. Please one n listen to ur self things I have heard today would really open ur mind, but hey if u prefer to make it up as u go then good luck but u r indeed demeaning the names of ppl which u clearly claim u won’t do. I wonder wat media would have to say bout ur unclaimed raves n theories

    1. We’re not the ones trolling under multiple Disqus tags. You need to get a life, mate.

      1. Do I need to compare ips? Let me know.

        1. The writing style is very similar. I don’t think more than one person can be that thick-headed. But then again, I do tend to overestimate people.

          1. You are correct on the writing being similar on the posts. Trolling for info that it thinks you may have on the case perhaps.

  10. Da rules..
    Grammar nazi can suck it..Your words sabbath? Well go with it seems some people have interesting facts and theories and of course questions themselves and your showing you don’t like it. Lets hope there’s not a big Sheila waiting for you, but hiding under a false name and website makes that hard.I suppose that’s the way u like it hey. We’re not journalists..your words again? Well u should look into for sure your full of it and good at stories exactly what a reporter is all about

    1. Big Sheila is hardly waiting for me. You see, I don’t frequent the grey bar motel. She only goes for child and animal abusers, of which I am neither. Kerry on the other hand…

      1. Well it’s not the first time you have stuffed up on your own site is it, no doubt pissing a lot of people off, so u need to worry about wat areas you hang around on really, oh but going under a false name protects you doesn’t it. You need to practise what you preach your rules state clearly about grammar nazis yet you feel it’s ok to be one yourself

        1. IP addresses can be traced by our moderators, who by the way, have the final say of what goes on the blog. Making thinly veiled threats is not a good idea.

        2. I think trench and I can hand slap our writers ands if need be. You certainly aren’t on the payroll, so feel free to keep your petty threats to yourself. Shove them up your ass even. At least that way it’s not a complete waste of your time.

      2. Yeah she is its me just wait n see

        1. Good, you can take out the worthless sack of trash known as your sister Kerry Murphy. Then kill yourself. It would raise the national IQ, that’s for sure.

    2. And another thing, the grammar nazi rule only applies to the blog posters. If you are going to try and defend a suspect, at least make the argument convincing and legible.

  11. I’m on the fence I reckon things don’t add up n some are pretty weird but I’ve read ur useful liks, stuff the ones who think there not they are new and recent but it does state there was no evidence to lay charges in 2010 so I think IF mum bashed her son to death there wold have been enough evidence to charge her so I think it’s just a theory ppl are making also withit saying that there is no way of child closing the door himself BUT with enough force cold be shut and they haven’t ruled out the pet dog may or may not have done it, so answers could be mum had no play in it n it was an accident BUT wat mum doesn’t go with the ambos n travel with child n wat mum doesn’t clean up with a young child now that is still a crime neglect I think so I’m thinking it doesn’t add p sheis to blame someway but to sure about murder based on ur Links up the top be very interesting wat else comes up in the news n the outcome not normal for a,child n pet cat to die with no reason. Keep up the good work guys info is great n we sold be kept up to date

  12. Take a Captain Cook at this…

    A neighbour testified against Kerry, saying that he heard her yelling at Sean, stomping around and a few muffled cries a few hours before Sean and Snowy ended up in the washing machine. Kerry denied it because she reckoned she overslept to 1.30pm.
    He had also filed complaints about how she treated her son, because she often screamed at him, called him names. Sean was playing near a car and she screamed at him, calling him a “little bastard” and saying that the car was worth more than his life (It was probably a clunky old lemon, worth $100 for scrap at the most).

    Kerry had complained about Sean waking up at 5am and throwing his toys around, trying to get attention. He was a toddler, they do that!! She had also tried to get him dx’d with ADD/ADHD – I presume so she could give him Ritalin.
    The more info that comes out, the less and less I feel sorry for this bitch. If it was indeed an accident (which is becoming more likely that it’s not), she screamed abuse at her toddler, neglected him by not supervising him (sleeping in til 1.30pm? Lazy bitch) and kept him in a house filled with animal shit and cigarette smoke.
    This is getting worse and worse. ‘Tard defenders, what say you?

    1. Hmmm it’s an interesting news update but I think ill stay on the fence n wait till the verdict whenever that may be I’m sorry I’m all for child a users n killers getting punished but u do seem to making matters worse with placing a link to a report but ur words r much diff from news reports. U failed to put on ur post the neighbour was pissed bout avo n was smoking drugs doesn’t seem like liable witness really well in my eyes it seems weird. I still believe it ones not add up but that neighbour doesn’t add either reading the link u put up
      Please keep posing though updates it’s great to follow but I’m not gunna make my own conclusions I think ill wait I jus hope they do get answers no child should die this way

  13. Wow watched news last night and heard briefly on radio this morning, type into google and this page is listed first.

    What I don’t get maybe someone can answer for me, is the information at the inquest is from when it all happened?, so 2010 but its looking bad from news reports but why wasn’t charges laid back then, especially if experts proved the door couldn’t close and that it was impossible for him to fit, plus the reports fom ambulance workers and neighbour. You would think that was enough, either she’s telling the truth or wa police have proven to be sloppy again. Looking at other child death causes people have been charged before an inquest some even imprisioned while inquest is going

  14. Kerry Murphy’s mother has testified that she had a history of animal cruelty and was a violent child. She would rip the heads off her dolls.

    Mother Murphy alleges that after Sean died, Kerry referred to her son as a “little troublemaker”, that he did this “all the time” and that she said his death was not her fault because she was “asleep”.

    Her own mother will not support her. What say you, ‘tard defenders?

    1. Omg I’m going to hand my 11yr old daughter into authorities only recently has she started to rip n cut barbies head n limbs off along with cutting worms in half serial killer in the making. Kids will be kids unfortunately I’m sure we all did the pull of barbies head n as for her mum ummm photos on abc news today of them together probably says more then she isn’t supporting her

      1. That isn’t normal. We “all” didn’t rip dolls apart. In fact, I know of not one child who ever did that. Not one.
        As far as cutting earthworms, that’s cruelty for fun. If what you say is true, your daughter is in dire need of deep psychological therapy & the fact that you condone such behavior tells me where she gets it from.
        Your daughter may be able to benefit from counseling. You?…not so much.

        1. Pfft every child plays rough whether its dolls trains cars, my brother would play train crash derail trains head on ones not mean that’s wat he will do, as for cruelty to animals have u ever to trodden on a spider out of fright, sprayed fly spray on flies or mozzies? They too are living animals. I think any child therapist would say this could possibly be normal activity I will be sure to ask my friend next time I see her ( she works for a child n adolescent mental health clinic)

          1. Good god. So your daughter comes by her questionable behavior honestly. I’d lock up the butcher knives if I were you. Just to be safe and all. What happens when she decides to butcher more than worms and dolls?

          2. Dismembering a living thing is not “playing rough”. She’ll step it up to torturing/killing larger animals, then she’ll start hurting and killing other people. Better sleep with one eye open…

          3. I WAS a child therapist. I worked in a major psychiatric hospital for 7 years, mostly with children. I also spent 6 months working for Child Protective Services.

            Your kid is a serial-killer-in-embryo and YOU are the one who bred & raised her. Way to go, Sock Puppet.

            Why not give her away to a GOOD home? She might yet have a chance.

          4. R u having another delusional memory more like u escaped from a mental institutional where’s the straight jacket? Only way to control a mutt like u

          5. Ruht Roh – Scooby’s barking again…

          6. Butchering dolls at 11 years old is a sign of self loathing and severe anger issues, as well as a lack of self control. So what’s been going on in your house that your child is that angry?
            BTW, it’s also known as practice.

      2. I never ripped a head off of a doll or cut any living being in half. Good luck with that um… Princess you’ve got there.

      3. Your daughter sounds disturbed and angry. Get her to a child psychologist ASAP. You sound like the kind of parent, that when you find out your kid’s a bully, you blame the victim.

        1. I thought the same damn thing! Oh, my kid likes bashing other kids in the face with a sledgehammer. Kids will be kids…

      4. I am sorry I did not cut the heads off my Barbie dolls, we valued them too much and had a fit if our brothers did something like that to terrorize us. She has a problem that is for sure and her son paid for it with his life.

      5. You should – seriously! If your 11 year old child is doing these things she needs immediate and long-term mental care… but I’m guessing from your ‘tard defending stance that your little apple didn’t fall too far from the tree did it???

      6. Seriously, you should look into some therapy for your little girl. That’s abnormal.

    2. Sounds like no fucks about his death were given by the skank and her mother can clearly see through her shit. But that’s just from my perspective.

  15. In 2011, Kerry Murphy was fined $3000 for animal cruelty after she encouraged her dog to chase someone else’s cat and filmed it on her phone (probably so that she could rub one out over it later). The poor cat was absolutely terrified but managed to get away from Murphy’s mangy mutt.

    From doing some research, I have formed the following opinion of Kerry Murphy – she is a mentally disturbed individual who gets off on the distress of others. It’s probably very likely she had more to do with her son’s death than what she’s letting on. Terrorising animals wasn’t enough for her, so she stepped it up to terrorising and bullying her son.

    1. Very interesting, April.
      In medieval times, there was a form of execution where a person, a wildcat & a viper were sewn into a sack & thrown into a pond or river. The community watched as all 3 died.
      I wonder if dicklicker put Sean & Snowy into the washer, set the “spin” cycle and cheered as it went round and round.

      1. Ur sick in the head fucker someone should stick u in n chuck the biggest cheering party be doing this world a favour

  16. Did u no this brand of machine has been recalled in several countries after the door was found to be sticky sand hard to open do Ur reasearch befpr blaming an inocent mum

    1. It’s not a case of the door being able to be opened.
      *Sigh* If this were truly an accident, Sean would have had to be able to close the door from inside the washing machine. Test results, presented by expert witnesses at the inquest, show that it would have been near impossible for Sean to do this for a couple of reasons 1) the washer was a tight fit for a 3 year old toddler and an average sized domestic cat 2) the angle of his body would have prevented him from closing the door. And again, there was a cat in the drum with him.

      This “mum” is not innocent. She has a history of anger issues, been convicted of animal cruelty, was witnessed screaming at Sean by her neighbour and her own mum. Plus she was quite flippant about Sean’s death.

      From the increasing bits of information we’re getting, it’s easy to deduce that it’s very likely she hurt her son and his cat.

      1. Very true it was recalled due to a older child dying in the not running machine n managing to shut the door himself

        1. Links, please. Or shut the fuck up.


            As Internet sites are apparently 100% accurate these words speak for themselves
            Ill shut the fuck up now oh and as love trolling on Facebook feel free to look me up I’m even on your page to show I’m one person with a free standing hidden ip using a iPhone application
            To me it seems tough questions get asked your scared off so come up with theories post on your page for newbies to read of course that’s normal after all you need the hits and publicity.
            I’ve never said he is innocent I think stongly it doesn’t add up but I do question some of the media facts.
            I hope answers are sought and someone is punished a young child lost his life over this.

          2. Don’t forget to take your daughter to the shrink’s, after you finish hosting dinner party with all of your Disqus tags.

          3. Ohhh got given a link n shut the fuck up..kitty got ur tongue

          4. No. I don’t get chummy with mpd freaks on Facebook. Besides, you’ve made up enough friends that you shouldn’t need me.

      2. I didn’t noticed scummy c***s sitting behind me in court so how would u no wat was proven n wat wasn’t fucking retard

        1. News sources. Do you read them, motherfucker?

    2. wow you throw the word innocent around loosely. the kid died you horse’s ass.

      1. Horses ass is that all u got wow I dint realise guilty ppl walked out of court free to live there lives

        1. Skye Belle Matilda Brand

          OJ Simson.

    3. Did u no that ur a retard?

      Damn. Fucking spelling and punctuation go a looooooooong way in making you look less retarded. Just saying.

  17. ‘Tard defenders: when you try to defend Kerry Murphy, look at these pictures. This is her son Sean. He died because of her. We don’t yet know how, but we know she had something to do with his death.
    Rest in Peace little boy Sean. Have fun with Snowy.

    1. Damn. Just…. The face.

      1. Such a cute little gentleman, wasn’t he? Someone I would love to have helping me out in the veggie garden :'(

        1. Help u in veggie garden haha in ur dreams he woold happily shit on it behind ur back n laugh his head off wen u filled filthy trash mouth with it. Anyway that talked about his mum that way he would tll u wat he thought

          1. That’s a little boy you’re talking about; one that your sister killed. Have some respect for your nephew. Oh wait, your sister didn’t, wouldn’t expect someone sharing the same defective DNA to respect a little boy who was killed by his own mother.

    2. I can defend n this photo doesn’t bother me I have millions n video to watch all the time.

    3. Absolutely heart breaking, those eyes, those gorgeous innocent eyes.

  18. A lot of questions are appearing on here, ones that you either a can’t answer or b refuse to del with, considering you have valid sources why can’t it be answered about all this information was available by the police department yrs ago yet no charges were laid, doesn’t that kinda speak for itself the police had no set evidence a crime had been committed therefore no charges were laid. I think it’s a valid point to ask why? Why if this information, reports and statements were made yrs ago why wasn’t she charged then. Look at other child death cases and yes charges are laid. To me this seems like an average inquest where everything does come out, were as yrs ago it was limited wat was released but I still think if wat media is saying is correct then yes she is guilty but again ask why wasn’t she charged. Therefore I’m coming to the conclusion that media is hiding a lot n not reporting all information n facts. I think it’s a fluid point that maybe ppl should attend at least then they walk away with all the right information.

    1. “There are lots of questions” and “the media did it” – bullshit straight out of the conspiracy nut bible. Don’t let your tinfoil hat scratch your forehead on your way out the door.

  19. Even if this was a complete accident, and the child became trapped with his cat in the washing machine all by himself, it is still his mother’s fault. She left a three year old child completely unattended for hours and hours. And if he did die simply from being trapped in the machine, it would have been an agonizingly slow death. Hours, while he screamed cried for help. He would have screamed so hard for his mother, who never came, because she couldn’t be bothered to be awake when her child was. And no, illness is no excuse. Been there, done that. You stay awake. Even if you feel like death warmed over. You suck it up and stay awake and watch your child, or you find someone to watch them for you. Because that is what a mother does. I have had food poisoning, swine flu, and have had surgeries, all while parenting young children and even then, even feeling my very worst, I could not shut my brain off and sleep if I heard my child up and moving and I was the only adult home. I could not do it. This mother is at the very least neglectful, and her child is dead because she dropped the ball.

    1. Lucy, I wasn’t able to have kids so I filled the void with animals. I had a little farm & many a time I dragged myself out of a flu-ravaged bed, sometimes in a March snowstorm, to milk my goats…because it hurt them if I didn’t.
      I’d have KILLED to have that adorable baby as my own & a mother who would cause his death needs to be staked out on an anthill…naked.

      1. “I’d have KILLED to have that adorable baby as my own & a mother who would cause his death needs to be staked out on an anthill…naked.”

      2. Ants probably wouldn’t eat her. The buzzards might once she was ripe enough, but I’d hate to see them get poisoned.

      3. So glad ppl like cant have kids, raising kids n animals r to different things. Wat fuckwit compares children with animals. Good luck being childless n with ya animals u will make a great 60yr old cat lady

        1. Hear that whooshing sound? That was the point, dumbass, soaring over your head. Artemis cared for her animals better than this “mother” cared for her child. It is quite obvious that your education has been seriously neglected. I understand that reading and writing above a second grade level are not among your skill set. Perhaps you could have a friend read the comments to you so you have a fighting chance at keeping up.

  20. Here’s some more of Mother Murphy’s testimonal: Kerry had a borderline personality disorder and made a habit of sleeping instead of watching Sean, which worried his grandparents. She was not “ill”, she was lazy. She struggled with raising Sean alone and would not seek help with raising him.

  21. Maree Heslox, Laura Belrose, Marcus Boyle, Mum of 4, Mal Kretchmere, Leanne Keaton, Jenny Glasco, and Emma Dack are all the same person. IP addresses don’t lie. You have more people in your head than this murdering c*** probably had on her Jury. Maybe you and your daughter can get a two for one with the shrink.

    1. I fucking knew it! What a loser! Whoever it is must have no friends, so they invented some. Wouldn’t be surprised if it was the boy toy or Kerry herself. Her own mum said she had a few ‘roos loose in the top paddock…

      1. I hate talking to myself. I’m a complete bitch and always end up hurting my feelings. Especially if I’ve been drinking. That’s why I refuse to have multiple personalities. I just troll Facebook when I need to be abused. True story.

        1. Yep hole in one ur a complete bitch!!!

          1. At least she can spell… and communicate.

    2. 8 personalities. We haven’t seen one with this many since Cina got booted. WAKE UP CALL!!

      I’m gonna stop before Trench kills me. Kisses!

    3. I hate these hydra-headed tards. I guess someone will have to burn them to keep them from growing back.

      1. Maybe she’s a worm. Her daughter just kept cutting her in half and then in half again. BOOM! More worms.

  22. That doesnt make sense one person here is defending others are saying she did it but with questions. I say theres no way this was an accident no way in hell iys murder neglect and bad parenting but why hadnt she been charged n trailed

    1. Probably because the police tend to write these things off as accidents until proven otherwise 🙁

      1. Dunno wat ur cops o but wa cops don’t right things off if there’s evidence they lay charges..take some more drugs cause ur comments are ludacris

        1. Nah, I stay away from the drugs, otherwise my comments turn out like yours.

  23. Well, well. A photo has popped up of Sean in a dryer with no door, taken a year before he died.

    Boy toy has testified that when Sean was naughty, they would put him in his room and lock the door with a rope. The house was a complete pigsty when Sean died, and police took photos of shitty nappies on the floor (even though Sean was toilet trained), a cigarette filled ashtray (because nothing is better for your toddler’s lungs than second had smoke), animal shit, and a set of clippers complete with hair. Boy toy claimed that Kerry cut Sean’s hair earlier but could not explain why she had left them on a chair or not cleaned them up. He denied the coroner’s claims that the house was unfit to live in.

    Because nothing is more welcoming and cosy than shit-filled nappies, stale cigarette smoke and animal shit on the floor…

  24. Boy Toy continues to defend his Fleshlight, saying that Kerry loved Sean and he denies that animal crap, full ashtrays, and shit-filled nappies were unhygienic. Oh, the things people will say to keep a piece of arse in their life. He’d deny the sky was blue if it meant keeping his Masturbator 5000 out of jail.

    Sean loved animals. His birth vessel loved to hurt and destroy them, but this innocent little boy was drawn to other innocent beings. Take care of my Bunny and Phoebe for me, little Sean.

    1. This pic made me cry. He’s so cute. How could his mom ignore him? How awful. And why do I think she put him in there because he was bothering her sleep time? Never could prove it I suppose but even if he put himself in mom should have been looking for him within minutes. What a selfish nasty c*** I hope the rest of her life is long long long and MISERABLE.

      1. R u the same char friends with that slaggy mj? If u r ur happy to defend that thing after losing her kids due o being a slut n having drugs everywhere n well she still hasn’t got her kids hey.

    2. I hope he hits on ur bunny n phoebe..speak of wat u no not wat u think, n yep if u believe media then starting ya bags cause they will no doubt predict another end of the world date. Fuckwit

      1. Skye Belle Matilda Brand

        Is English your second language because this gobbledygook is barely intelligible.

        1. I think their mother abused alcohol and/or illicit drugs while she was gestating them.

      2. From the sounds of your barely intelligible ramblings, you need to take your own medicine.
        You must have the same defective genetic makeup as your sister if you get off on people abusing animals. Did you finger each other when she showed you the video of her encouraging a dog to attack a cat?

  25. Skye Belle Matilda Brand

    I hate it when people come out & defend baby killing c***s. I always hope that they don’t have kids of their own.

    1. Hey new girl, I have children n yep I’m defending have a problem with that

      1. Skye Belle Matilda Brand

        I think anyone with a brain has a problem with morons like yourself who defend these baby killers. I feel so sorry for your children who, through no fault of their own, not only have to share your obviously defective DNA but have to grow up being told that it’s OK to kill a baby.

        1. Maybe their parents should have quietly done away with them. Abortion is perfectly legal and affordable.

      2. Better keep them away from your neglectful mole of a sister then. You may end up with some dead children otherwise.

  26. Today Tonight and The West (newspaper) are oddly quiet about the time they spent with Kerry and Sean in 2009. TT followed them (and her sister and friend) around for a day for a story on “bogan and proud of it” and the west did a related article and big pic (I think it was front page) the house was a mess, they bragged about UDLs for breakfast and going to the pub in their PJs. They walked on the beach in the middle of winter and the kids had no shoes or jumpers. Wanna know. What kind of mother she was? TT knows.

    1. Hi ness u gutless wonder have to go anon n I’d like to no were it claimed showed my house to be a mess, kinda funny coming from hoarder of the yr

      1. Maybe clean your house up then, filthy pig.

        1. Lol burn big sis

  27. It’s the final day of the inquest. Kerry denies putting Sean in the washing machine. She blames asthma and hayfever for making her sleepy and admits that she sleeps deeply. Sean was found at the rear of the washing machine with Snowy in front. The thing is but, Sean wouldn’t have been able to get all the way to the back of the drum without some help. Snowy had already gone into rigor mortis when Sean was found, so Snowy would have had to be dead for 3-4 hours at the least.

    More review of the animal cruelty footage that showed Kerry dropping a cat in front of her dog and encouraging the dog to attack. She blew it off as the dog being playful and the cat being vicious. Disgusting sow, let’s drop you in front of a pack of hungry lions and see how playful they are.

    The foul broad is only 27 years old. If I looked like that at 27, I think I’d hang myself! I suppose an ugly soul will always seep through…

    1. So how old r u I want o no wen ur 27 so I can attend ur funeral to piss on ur grave u ugly mole

      1. Huh? Are you speaking Swahili? I almost wish I wanted to understand your rantings, but being the fucked-up ‘tard defender that you are, well, it makes you insignificant. You should go babble incoherently elsewhere and let the grown-ups get back to the business of eviscerating cretins that kill their kids – mmmm ‘k???

      2. I don’t abuse animals. I have something called empathy and compassion for innocent beings. You’d better hope your sister doesn’t get a hold of any pets that you love.

  28. The coroner will hand down his findings on July 19. I’m hoping he will consider the evidence and the history carefully and that pity will not stay his hand.

  29. fuck this thing that wants to know about my details. I want to comment on social stuff without handing out my details again and again.

    1. Answer to that is these fucks like to think they have control give all ur details n they think they have something..all they have is jack shit

  30. Got nothing to say I see, u need to go to ur sperm donor n birthing vessel n tell them the person u have grown up to become. Ur scum, worse the scum n ur opinions u can stick up u ass just so u o they actually come under slander laws but someone with ur intelligence wouldn’t no that. There will come a day that u will be found n trust me u will dread that say. Ur website disgusts me.
    As my nephew would say……of dumbass I’m gunna head butt u

    1. It’s not slander if it’s the truth. We have news sources to back up what we’ve said.

      But of course, you didn’t read them. You know more than the police and coroner do. Tard-defenders always seem to know more than the authorities, but never aid them in the investigation to clear the ‘tard’s name.

      Funny thing ain’t it?

      1. Yea I do dickhead as I was there n well have the 102 page coroners report which u don’t n I gave email from channel ten news Facebook page apologising and have removed all contents of the case go look for ur self might be surprised. Your day will come n take that as u want

        1. Highly doubt it. When media get things wrong, they put out a retraction saying that they admit they were wrong. They would not do it through their Facebook page. They do this through their TV station, website etc.
          You’re not special enough for them to retract just to you. You’re fricking delusional.

  31. I would like to know how u have permission to show Sean’s photos!!!???!!!???

    1. Nah cause there thieving Arabs or worse the scum that steal photos of young kids for there own excitement. But ur right Kas it comes under copyright

      1. You’re wrong – copyright refers specifically to WRITTEN material as opposed to PHOTOGRAPHS OR ARTWORK… but keep spouting shit you know nothing about. Makes you look vastly dumber than you already make yourself look… then again, anyone that communicates primarily in text-speak isn’t working a triple digit IQ are they?

        1. I think their mum was huffing glue or something while she was pregnant with them. Substance abuse tends to knock some points off the old IQ. It’s painfully obvious that they’re related.

          1. She must have been huffing heroin! These eejits are hysterically funny, but sadly moronic…

      2. Racism and stupidity. Tends to go hand in hand.

      3. Actually no it does not…while each country reserves the right to threat internet as its own jurisdiction according to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, you would understand that there is no copy right infringement taking place. The pictures shared by local media are not considered intellectual property and thus if a person gave said media outlet permission to publish the pictures a release form was signed freeing them from all liability. Please check the laws before coming here sounding ignorant.

    2. They’re public property now. They’ve been posted on news sites. Anyone can access them now.

  32. U can waste ur time replying I said wat I wanted n ain’t wasting precious hunting ur scabby asses down time replying. Ur ll scum of the earth n I hope someone uve pissed off does the world a favour n bumps u off, I’ll shake the fuckers hands. N to those parents I’m glad ur all perfect n never once stuffed up should contact Guinness world record they have no mention of the perfect parent

    1. You do realize that you just made yourself a PRIME suspect if anything DOES happen to anyone on this site, right? Way to go you!!! You’re so damn smart you just quacked your way right into a potential world of trouble. See, Genius, this stuff, once posted, NEVER GOES AWAY. You can and will be found by law enforcement if something happens to anyone here, and guess what, since you posted this, it’s PREMEDITATED! How smart are you feeling now???

      1. Wow where does it say she will hurt, threaten, or kill anyone? Sounds like people of this page love drama to the point they are taking precious time away from there children to voice there not so crash hot opinions.
        And it sigh, where does it say the child was washed? In all reports it claimed the machine wasn’t active so before you put your two bobs worth in make sure your well educated.

        1. Oh my god, did someone throw you at a wall when you were little?
          The big sis just said that she hopes that someone who we’ve pissed off comes along and bumps us off (my spelling not hers)
          That’s the thing about tard-defenders. They almost always have some sort of brain damage and can’t read or understand what’s being said.

        2. Don’t talk to me until you’ve learned how to read and COMPREHEND English you useless reject…

    2. It’s nearly impossible to understand what you’re trying to communicate. I don’t think anyone ever claims to be a perfect parent, but we also don’t wash our children in the washing machine.

      1. Maybe there should be a sign put on every washing machine sold in Australia, that says “Do not wash animals or children in this washing machine”. People like Kerry Murphy are bringing the IQ of this country down.

        1. Ur a complete fuckwit it was never stated any person or animal was washed, n u claim to have liable sources lol..oh n that’s why it’s been recommended machine standards be reviewed they don’t bother going that far if its a murder that’s for sure

          1. Oh but of course that warning can be misinterpreted. “Don’t wash” =/= “Don’t PLACE children or animals in the washing machine”. The devil’s in the detail. Thanks for that, fuck-tard, just reminded me that nothing is foolproof to a sufficiently talented fool.

    3. IP addresses can be traced, you know. And it’s a crime in Australia and the US to threaten anyone over the internet (or phone or other carriage service).
      Silly, silly sister. Your mother must have been binge drinking while she was pregnant with you and your neglectful monster of a sister.

      1. Report to the police I have confirmation from one no threats was made and that this is a public worldwide forum page. Can’t handle it run to the cops lmfao

        1. Nah I wouldn’t waste their time unless it was a threat to national security.
          Run to the cops, ey? Just like your sister’s neighbours should have done when they heard her abusing Sean. She’d be in jail by now, getting fisted by Big Sheila. But don’t worry, as you said her “day will come”.

          1. So why bother pointing out about the law lol u think others are delusional u need to really think long and hard before typing a hundred miles and hr, ur either claiming I’ve broken the law or claiming who cares..yeah we will see who’s day will come first n I bet money on it it be urs sooner then expected keyboard warriors who hide behind a Internet forum making things up as they go along would no doubtless a lot of the public off. At least ur parents are proud of u and the excellent high paying job this page comes with.

          2. At least I have a high paying job and my parents are proud of me. Thanks for reminding me 🙂
            You tard-defenders are so much fun to play with.

  33. God you guys are a joke, spelling, grammar, communication all noticed yet not one noticed the inquest is over, clearly anyone with a brain that watched the news last night is aware of that, yet your ll still claiming killer which does come under certain laws. There is only one person that claim guilty and that’s a judge and that didn’t happen did it? I really hope nothing like this happens to anyone on this page as this is the treatment you will receive.
    At least the operators of this page are smart and not made further comments I would say even in America they get worldwide news and would have been updated.

    1. We don’t neglect children or harm animals. Don’t think this would happen to me any time soon.

  34. How bout u just worry bout what’s going on in your own country.
    I know this lady personally, for 15years, being a mother of 4 myself, I would like to hang anyone that harms their babies, due to knowing her, she was the most loving mother sean could have. How bout you going out and having a go at the real murderers and rapists, instead of an innocent mother. She has been through enough. Now that the inquest is over, she will go on with her life, with Sean’s memory never leaving her.
    And as for the “toy boy” he should have been the one on trial. What kind of “father” and partner leaves knowing how ill you are and not bothering to stay and look after them both. He has a past, but none of you have bothered to “investigate” that, now have you.

    1. Do you know what “Aussie” is short for? As in the tag “Aussie Sabbath”? This did happen in my own country. I am from Australia.
      It was up to Kerry to look after her own child, not her boyfriend who wasn’t the father of Sean. Plus the boyfriend was at work when this happened. He has an alibi.
      God, tard-defenders are so stupid. You have to literally spell out where they are wrong because they think they know more than the police or the coroner. Plus they don’t read news articles because, again, they think they know everything.

      1. Haha alibi 3 work mates couldn’t all get the same time he started n ge limed in his statement he was running late but bet u didn’t no for Craig this wasn’t the iratbtime. Death happened around him did u, no of course not

        1. Oh how clever, the tard defender can steal regular commenters tags and pretend to be them! WOW! So impressive.

      2. So your telling me, every step parent out there does not need to look after their step child… Craig has had a child die in his care before, the police seemed to not bring that one up though did they. So maybe go do some more research before shouting your mouth off again.
        Case has been left open, so lets hope this does all get resolved one day, and lets hope they do put the culprit behind bars and throw the fucking key away, if you really knew these people you wouldn’t be saying any of this shit about Kerry.

        1. So you’re saying that the boyfriend is a dangerous person with a history of unexplained child death in his care? And Kerry let this dangerous person into her child’s life? Just so she could have a man? Wow. She sounds worse and worse with every post!

          1. She has not long found out herself, if she had of known she would never have been with him

          2. So she’ll let just any man into her life and give him access to her son without looking into his background. Just another example of how she cared more for her own comfort than for her son’s safety. And you seem to be alluding to the idea that he is responsible for the death of this child. Which, since she admitted being home and asleep at the time of his death, would mean that she had so little concern for her son’s wellbeing that she slept through his murder. Which would have been loud, and slow. And now she’s lying to protect her baby’s killer, saying he wasn’t in the home at the time of her son’s death. Which would mean she cares more that she has a man in her life than that her son’s killer is brought to justice. So either she was so negligent that she failed to child proof her home, and had no problem sleeping for hours leaving her baby completely unattended, not to mention such a sound sleep that she did not hear him screaming and begging for help for hours while he slowly died, or she slept through her boyfriend killing her son, and is now lying to cover up her own son’s murder. Or, of course, the other alternative… that she killed him. Any way you look at it, though, she is at fault for her son’s death.

        2. He wasn’t a step parent, he was Kerry’s dick of the week. You do not shuffle a boyfriend into your child’s home until you are absolutely certain that it’s a sure thing and that they’re not a pedophile or a child killer.
          So not only did Kerry neglect Sean (which resulted in his death) she also let someone move in who has had a kid die while under his care.
          Sounds like a lovely woman.

          1. He was a fucking step parent, get ur facts right before u comment

          2. Sorry, a one night stand, a fling, a fuck buddy, is not a step parent.
            Kerry’s bedmate, as you said, was a dangerous person who let another child die. He is not a step parent.

  35. Only scum come from nsw go figure one admin is from there

    1. Ah, so that’s where you and your sister were born. All this time, I thought it was out the back of an abortion clinic or a skip bin.

  36. OMFG this is getting annoying. Look, you illiterate little shit. BEST CASE scenario here (you have difficulty with the English language, I understand, so I’ll try to be very clear. This is the explanation that paints this mother in the best possible light. It is the nicest thing that can be said about her): This mother could not be bothered to do something as simple as STAY AWAKE and watch her young son. She did not child proof her home and make it safe for her child. She was not willing to suffer even minor discomfort to keep her child alive. She had to take a nap. A long one. Her son died slowly, an inch at a time, in pain and terror, screaming for his mummy to come and save him. And she did not. Because she wanted her beauty sleep. It is the most basic instinct of motherhood to STAY AWAKE and watch your child when your child is awake. Most mothers can NOT shut off their brains and sleep if they hear their babies up and about. Not this girl, though. As long as she got her nap in, that was all that mattered. And her son is dead. So even if we go with the best case here, accidental death, this child’s death was completely and totally avoidable. All she had to do to keep him alive was watch him. She couldn’t be bothered. And now he is dead.

    1. That’s what these tard-defenders don’t get. That Kerry Murphy, at best, neglected her son and allowed him to get into a dangerous situation which killed him. At worst, she put him through the spin cycle.
      Another thing that Tard-defenders don’t seem to get, is that every time they comment on this, it brings the article to the forefront. The internet and this blog move very quickly to new things, but the older things are still here. Whenever they come to defend their loved one and say to leave it alone, they’re actually drawing more attention to the article and renewing the drama and attention. (I think this was your explanation to another tard defender on a different post).

  37. Host ip
    Host location Houston texas not even a pure Aussie page owner that’s only the start
    Have a great life with all ur bullshit comments as I said hiding under a computer with a fake name and photo goes to show deep downur a scared lil girl throw in my face the same look me up on faceook Lisa miller, not scared one lil bit

    1. Your pathetic attempts to whore for Facebook friends isn’t working. I’m not even on there all that much (maybe only to play Picture IQ, it’s so addictive)
      Child abuse isn’t just restricted to the US or Australia. Wherever it happens, it’s this blog’s business to bring it to light. This blog may be from the US, but I’m the Australian correspondent for this blog. We have a UK correspondent, plus readers who are like Reuters and pass on tips.

  38. Broken and humbled man hey, how do u feel taking money from complete strangers, when there are so many people out there that are worse off than you. Looks like your doing ok, atleast you have a roof over your head…

    1. Bumming off Centrelink is hardly being worse off than someone who no longer can rely on welfare. You’re not worse off. Save your energy for pension day.

      1. U clearly have no idea what I’m talking about

        1. Yes, I do. You’re talking about Trench’s appeal for help to save his family. Actually, you clearly have no idea what I’M talking about. Because you haven’t read what he’s been through. Did you know that North Carolina cut off welfare payments to 70,000 residents who cannot find work? And that the US economy is down the crapper? Even more so than Australia’s economy.
          For someone who lives in a developed country, Trench is in dire straits.

          Sometimes I wish I could be as flexible as a troll-tard. I can’t get my foot into my mouth and my head up my arse at the same time.

  39. The WA coroner could not find evidence pointing one way or the other in the inquest. The case is still open.

    However he concluded that Kerry Murphy has been lying throughout the investigation and is therefore not a reliable witness.
    She also overslept for 14 hours without having proper supervision for Sean. In other words, she neglected him which resulted in him getting into something dangerous and dying.
    Kerry Murphy is a nasty lying piece of shit and her sister is an enabling fucktard. RIP Sean.

  40. What a f*cking joke! You are actually on here defending this worthless piece of common trash when she COMPLETELY neglected this child and thus caused his death?

    Do you not realize how ignorant that makes you look? If this were my sister, I would verbally/publicly bash her ass just as anyone else would… she would be dead to me! But you…. nope… you defend this animal (no, let me not insult such a beautiful being), you defend this waste of flesh after she killed (by neglecting), your nephew. Thank the good Lord you are not my child’s aunt or any part of her family for that matter. You are a disgrace to the human race for defending her and you know she is as guilty as sin!

    I suppose your nephew pulled the door shut on himself? Oh wait… didn’t ‘mom’ say that the DOG of all things may have pushed the door closed? Okay genius, now explain how the dog then turned the f*cking machine on? What a horrible tragedy for this innocent little guy and to see his own family defending a lazy, no account woman has no right to be referred to as a ‘mother’, it is just beyond words! You suck!!!!!

  41. can anyone tell me how the washing machine started? ?
    as a safety precaution all I have owned never ever run a cycle if I just closed it. Then I have to push a button on the OUTSIDE to make things happen.

    1. She thinks the dog did it. The prosecutor has written Kerry Murphy off as a worthless pathological liar who can’t be trusted.

  42. i know this girl personally. i have her on my friends list purely to keep tabs on her. maybe you should all take vengance on her that way lol btw she is expectin another child – poor kid.

    1. mean to say facebook friends list whoops. lets all attack hahahaha

      1. my god she is pregnant again?

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