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Druggy daycare

Day-care worker charged with drugging children

Tammy Eppley, Ohio day care worker, allegedly drugged children’s snacks, report says

Tammy Eppley, Ohio Day Care Worker, Accused Of Drugging Snacks

Drug dropper Tammy Eppley

We have all wanted to give kids some “quiet juice” from time to time. Whether it’s your own or someone else’s, they can drive you nuts. But there’s a big difference between thinking about it, and actually doing it!

Tammy Eppley (37) is an idiot. Plain and simple. She allegedly drugged children, including her own 2 year old daughter, at her day care business and then to top it off, bragged to her friend via text messages. When the friendship soured, the ex-friend handed the texts to police.

According to police reports, Tammy prepared pancake mix and other children’s snacks with Benadryl and melatonin (which is used to correct sleep problems) while working at her Columbus home day care centre, the “Caterpillar Clubhouse”. In the texts provided to police, Tammy jokes about some of the kids almost discovering her “little secret”, when they said the cupcakes tasted funny. There was also a video of the kids looking drugged up and sleepy. A text message also said that Tammy had “problem children that were a little more hyperactive” and that she was going to drug them because they were driving her bananas. The druggings had started since Valentines Day this year and then gradually became a routine thing.

Here’s a newsflash, Tammy. If you can’t control children, if you don’t like children, it’s time for a career change. If you’re going to get paid for it, you might as well enjoy it. And the kids would be better off with someone who actually likes their job. As a mother of 3, she should know how to care for kids properly (care, at least, that doesn’t involve drugs). It’s any wonder she didn’t overdose them!

Tammy Eppley is being charged with 6 counts of misdemeanour counts of endangering children. Luckily the children in question, including her daughter, suffered no ill effects and have been looked over by medical staff. Whether the stupid bitch would be allowed to keep her children is still a question. She put her own child, along with other people’s children, in danger by giving them unnecessary medicine. If she was willing to do that to other people’s children, what does she do to her own behind closed doors?

* A funny point about antihistamines. If this bitch had tried that shit on me when I was little, she would have been in for an ordeal. You see, I have adverse reactions to strong antihistamines such as Benadryl and Phenurgen. Instead of making me sleepy, they’re like power juice for me. My mum often tells stories of how I would run around in circles after my dose, and then repeatedly ask for more!

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  1. Her looks and social ‘appearance’ seems more important than actually creating a safe place for children, to be well, children.

    She forgot children are very hard workers – after all ‘play’ is how they learn about the world they’re growing into! How can they learn if not permitted to play?

    1. My aunt used to run a home day care centre. She looked after the kids so well and worked so hard to make the place as fun and safe as possible. I stopped by once with my Nan and all the kids were so happy and excited to have visitors, even someone who was from another town that they’d never seen before.
      You have to let kids play, and if she can’t accept that kids are noisy and playful, she has no business being around them.

      1. Well then you understand what a beautiful thing it is when someone is doing it right..people open your eyes not everything you hear is correct. She loves kids more than anything for a butt hurt adult to target her the only way possible is sickening she is such a strong gorgeous person through and through and if any of you had a lick of sense of even met her you would shove your foot so far into your mouth

        1. Drugging children isn’t strong or gorgeous. It’s cowardly and a big sign that she can’t handle looking after kids properly.

        2. You see, the thing is, Angelin, that your bosom buddy WASN’T caring for these children properly. She was misusing medicine, stuff that I pointed out could have nasty effects on children who are allergic. She had no right whatsoever to mistreat those children. Childcare is about nurturing children, not stunting their minds with drugs. I have no interest in having children, but I know that.

    2. her looks and social appearance? hahahahaha if you knew what that woman really looked like stop being so ignorant you do not have a clue, you are commenting on false accusations

      1. False accusations, huh? So Children Services did find it ‘unsubstantiated’ – but not the police. CPS generally has a track record of epic fail, so that’s not holding water with me, m’kay? Also the detective stated there’s other evidence to boot.

        Nice try. I’ll stand by my opinion until the other shoe drops.

        1. I’m sure the medical staff who treated the kids probably put the Benny in there themselves…and the friend generated those texts herself.

  2. Benedril makes me jumpy. Tired, but very restless.

  3. Wow she’s also here.
    Pretty upstanding chick to drug some kids

    1. Hmm she wasn’t making enough money, so she had to become a paid domme on top of it. Although she lied on her profile about her age LOL.

      1. Now you shut your mouth! wasn’t making enough money? listen here you dogmatic imbecile if you knew anything you would know she is NOT in fact a Domme. But USED to be how dare you try to bring some irrelevant shit into this you know nothing but what the media wants you to know

        1. FYI – It wasn’t her mouth that she used to communicate with… it was her hands… Telling someone to “shut their mouth” over the internet is a bit moronic don’t you think???

        2. Here’s a little quip from her domme profile “I believe pain is educational”. I wonder how she “educated” hers and other people’s children…

  4. Mom used to dose us with Benedryl, but ONLY when we’d been flying all night and were all whacked out time-zone wise! (We moved from Portland, Oregon, USA to Johannesburg, SA a couple of times as kids.) That shit isn’t a joke, especially to little bodies! This gash needs a little quiet time in the county jail!

    1. well your mother is an unfit mother because she actually dosed you with it now maybe she should ONLY sit her ass in jail.

      1. Are you fucking insane? Seriously, do you have screws loose? She ONLY did it with a doctor’s permission and prescription in hand you useless tw*t… It is brutally hard on a kid’s body/brain to switch their time zone by 12 hours, coupled with travelling straight for 18-36 hours and you have kids that are extremely wound up mentally and physically they are beyond exhaustion. She also ONLY ever did it for no longer than a 24 hour period, to catch us up on our sleep and get us on track with the new time zone. So – less time than a child with allergies would have to take it by far. Again, she did it under a doctor’s care. So stop being a fucking ‘tard defender and shut the fuck up unless you have a semblance of a clue or something pertinent to add to the discussion instead of just being a ‘tard defending troll…

        1. now didn’t that FALSE accusation piss you right off? hmmm… someone not knowing facts ( pretending) look its easy for anyone to twist anything now isnt it? and you felt that you should defend her because she did nothing wrong didn’t you? and yet Tammy didn’t even drug the kids…it was a fucking cupcake with sprinkles on it… nothing was ever said how they tasted anyone can make you believe anything and i made you believe by one little sentence that i thought your mother should be put in jail…wonder what the media does to the world with one false accusation…..

          1. Sorry – I believe that the police have FAR more to do on their plates than antagonize your friend just for shits and giggles. Also – MY post didn’t actually say one goddamn thing about your fucking pal, all I said was that Benedryl was no joke. You had no rhyme or reason to attack my Mother. Had I been disparaging about your friend that might have been one thing, but since I wasn’t, you were completely off base, and you picked the WRONG person to play your lame-ass version of logic games with… Got it? You might want to consider going elsewhere to defend your friend

          2. you would think that wouldnt you….no its okay you think your scarey and you indeed are not its a computer and there is nothing wrong with making an example out of an innocent person …nope nothing at all its apparently trying to go on still and you did say she needed to sit in jail…try to use your intelligence instead of trying to intimidate…not going to work chicky.. i will defend her where i please unless you own this site or maybe did i threaten you? yea no shut up

          3. Well – if it’s proven that she did this, then yes, the little gash needs a little quiet time in County… My intelligence isn’t in question sweetness, my IQ is 167. That puts me as smarter than 99.9996024097% of the population. I was only warning you that you won’t win. I am, in fact, smarter than you are, BY FAR. I don’t find myself scary at all, and you look like an asshole for assuming that I do find myself scary. Funny, you sit there and tell me that it’s only a computer and all the other drivel you spouted about how not scary I am, yet you actually told someone on a computer to “shut their mouth”. That’s nice turn about genius. I wasn’t attempting to intimidate at all, nor did I. Unless you’re of such weak constitution that me saying “You might want to consider going elsewhere to defend your friend.” is threatening to you. If it is, you have MUCH larger problems than the mess your BFF got herself into to worry about. So take your puny little “shut up” and shove it up your ineffectual ass, where it can join your head and your wasted hopes that you threatened me. As if I could ever be threatened by the likes of you when I live the amazing, and criminal free, life that I live. Ppffffftttttt, keep dreamin’ darlin’ it’s really all you’ve got going for you…

          4. She can’t even spell her own name right. What an idiot.

          5. But the thing is, the accusations against Tammy aren’t “false”. There’s video evidence of the children being under the influence. Medical staff had to treat the kids for the side effects of long-term Benadryl misuse. Resorting to personal attacks because your bosom buddy got caught is quite frankly, lame and sad. You know she did it, and there’s irrefutable proof that she did it. Give up.

      2. On a side note – I just chatted with my good friend, the county D.A., and ran this by him to see if indeed my Mom needs to be sitting in jail and while the statute of limitations has long since run out, by a period of a couple of decades, that whole PRESCRIPTION thing has her covered. By the by, yes, she still has a copy of the prescription since my 14 years old at the time brother was being an asshat about moving and threw in her face that she was going to drug us to get us out of the country and over to Africa. As a joke for the family album she had a photocopy made. Oh my goodness, wait,, long before she did it, she told us it was going to happen – of all the NERVE! Wow, you’re right, she SHOULD be in jail… Piss off Retardiot, you’re boring me now…

  5. Skye Belle Matilda Brand

    WTF is wrong with her friend? If one of my friend sent me a text saying they had drugged kids I wouldn’t wait until we had a fight! I would call the cops & then the local news paper so she never got another job with kids again!

    1. well obviously that is NOT how it all went down…KNOW YOUR FACTS PEOPLE!! friend got mad turned something into nothing? hmmm anyone ever think of that…or maybe slandering this wonderful woman is how you make yourselfs feel better? let me clarify one more time for you ignorant nimrods. SHE WAS NEVER ARRESTED! NO CHILD WAS HARMED NOR PUT IN DANGER! SHE IS THE BEST MOTHER TO BE KNOWN AND THESE FALSE ACCUSATIONS AND YOU INSTIGATING IDIOTS NEED TO LEAVE HER ALONE AND STOP SAYING HORRIBLE THINGS, ABOUT WHAT…. GOSSIP, SOME FAKE GOSSIP! The world has turned into a gigantic flipping High School…oh look what she did oh look what he did …in reality she did not in fact do anything, he stayed innocent…..we are playing telephone here people and your wrapping this up into a devious little story to entertain yourselves…

      1. Skye Belle Matilda Brand

        I’m in a lot of pain today due to an injury I sustained on Wednesday. I’m really not in the mood to reply with any witty comebacks so I’ll bring it down to your level…

        Fuck off & die you Tard defending white bag! No one cares what you think. No one cares what your c***y friend up there has told you. If it turns out she is innocent then I’m sure TR will take the post down but until then, the media reports are available to the public & the allegations are out. If you hadn’t come in all guns ablazin’ calling people ignorant nimrods I would have been nice but as you are just the waste of skin friend of an oxygen thieving c*** then no niceties for you. Stupid slut.

      2. Angelin…no need for the caps lock.

        Gossip? Perhaps you should take up your issue with ABC, CBS, the Associated Press, and all the other media outlets that are spreading this “gossip.” Sue the media for reckless reporting and coverage. Demand a retraction and apology.

        Better yet, take your issue up with the authorities who intend to press charges against your friend. If you feel Tammy has been railroaded, you owe it to your friend to address the injustice.

        Aussie didn’t pull this disgusting story out of her ass.

        Oh…and here’s some free advise. Your rants really don’t reflect well on Ms. Eppley. Think about it.

      3. Go hang yourself troll

  6. Skye Belle Matilda Brand

    Didn’t take the Tard defender long to show up.

    1. Nope. Almost record time too.

    2. But they’re SO much fun to play with! 😉

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