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Kids “home alone” in rotting caravan

Couple charged after children found in chained/padlocked camper in Suffolk

NewsChannel 3 looks inside trailer where police say kids were found in horrible living conditions

A pair of not-so-happy campers

Thanks to Muggle for the tip on this one. Before we begin, the terminology in this story will differ. As an Australian, I use the term “caravan” to describe what the Yanks call a “camper”. But when I hear the term “trailer”, I also think of that as being a “caravan” (but a bigger one). When I was growing up, we had a holiday home in the NSW Southern Highlands. Admittedly it was a caravan/camper that was old and rickety, but it was 7 metres (22 ft) long. That’s what I think of when I see the word “trailer”.

Two children were found alone by police in a chained and padlocked caravan in the backyard of a house in Suffolk VA. According to reports, the 2 year old girl and the 6 month old boy were left alone in conditions that were no less than foul. There were shitty nappies strewn about, the beds were covered in pee and crap, the upholstery was infested with fleas and the floorboards were rotting out from under their feet. A news crew reported that when they opened up the trailer, a wave of garbage stink hit them. There were flies clinging to dirty dishes in the sink. The caravan had all the windows boarded up, no air conditioning, and the only power source was an extension cord plugged into the caravan’s electrical inlet.

While police were sorting out the youngsters, who should come moseying along? None other than Jaronda Wilson (23) and her salami swinger. They had gone to the store for some beer and said that they had left Wilson’s brother in law Laron Huston Neal (22) in charge of the children. This was true, but Neal had better things to do than hang out in a smelly old caravan, so he put an egg in his shoe and beat it.

The poor little tackers were covered in mosquito bites and the baby boy had bronchitis, probably from living in a confined space with piss and shit everywhere.

Jaronda and Laron were arrested and charged with abuse and neglect, reckless disregard and cruelty to children. Along with those two, the police arrested Kimberly Shelton (20) for assault, after she beat up another woman so that she could be initiated into a gang. When the police showed up to arrest Kim, that’s when they found the locked caravan.

The owner of the house and caravan, Marvin Askew, claims to not know anything about the conditions of the caravan or that there were children living there. He reckons that his son lived in there and that occasionally he had friends over. Well, Marvin, it’s time to pull your head out of your arse and look around. How could you not know there was something going on? Kids cry and play and stuff, plus people coming and going regularly. It’s time to get your son to clean up the horrific mess that his whore made, and then boot him the fuck out. It’s time he made it in the real world and stopped leaching off Daddy. Maybe if he stopped buying so much beer, he’d have enough money to move out.

The kids were taken into the custody of CPS, where they received medical treatment and were released to their grandfather. Hopefully the gene that made Jaronda enjoy living in filth is just a throwback, and not a family history thing.

(I think I detect a hint of meth-face in Laron, at right)

I put home alone in quotation marks, because that ain’t no home for kids.

Thanks again to Muggle for the tip.

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  1. Skye Belle Matilda Brand

    So sad. Our house is an old federation style”fixer-upper” (which we are currently renovating – don’t ever renovate!) so it’s not fancy but it’s a home. It’s safe & warm & clean (not always tidy with two preschoolers). We don’t have loads of money but we can afford to feed & clothe our babies & send them to preschool a couple of days a week & get medical attention when needed & take them out sometimes. You don’t have to be rich to have kids but I think, IMO anyway, you should be able to afford a proper home for them…one that’s not falling apart & dangerous!

    1. I once bought a log house in a rural tobacco community. My 3 bedroom, 2 bath, skylighted house was the “palace” of the area and I was NOT rich.
      Most folks lived in small houses or trailers with add-on rooms & the people mostly farmed. But, each home, whether trailer or foundation-built was kept to immaculate standards.

      These were dirt-poor people who grew a lot of their own food but the kids smelled of soap & the parents took pride in how well they were cared for. They were the nicest people I ever knew and raised the most polite, hard-working children. A good % went to trade school or college. The few “bad” kids were rare.
      Sometimes, scum is just scum, Skye. Renovation or mansion, the only thing that matters is parental concern.

      1. There’s plenty of trash in mansions – Trumps and Kardashians to name two examples.

        1. Not only doth the Shadow know…the Shadow knoweth everything!
          NAIL. HEAD. BANG!

      2. Skye Belle Matilda Brand

        if you can only afford a rotting caravan to live in you have no business having kids! I agree that lower socio economic groups should be able to have children but there’s a difference between dirt poor with somewhere safe to live (even if it is a trailer) & dirt poor with nothing but a rotted out van.

        1. She would have been able to make rent if she didn’t blow all her money on fancy hairdos, beer and blinging earrings. She lets her kids live in filth, but mama’s got to have her beer and her weave…

      3. tru dat

    2. That’s exactly why I don’t have any children. I wanted them, badly at times, but I wasn’t going to bring babies into the world so that a daycare center could raise them while I worked outside of the home. Because I haven’t ever been a position to provide a stay-at-home Mom lifestyle until now, I didn’t have kids, and now that I can, I can’t fathom starting a family at almost 43! Instead, I spoil my nephew and nieces to pieces and then hand them back to my siblings. It’s kind of awesome to get them all sugar’d up and wild and then give them back to Mom and Dad! 😉

  2. I also read somewhere that the health department visited the house after this and condemned the house too, so, even if the kids weren’t living in the camper, the house was just as bad. I mean, really? How bad does your house have to be to be condemned? I have two kids (2 & 4), a husband, my mother and a homeless friend living at my house and I still manage to keep it clean. Anyone who really wants to take care of their children finds a way, those who don’t make excuses.

  3. Mamma’s boyfriend (not babydaddy) who was in on the beer run but was not arrested for some reason, is defending his woman to the end. Helluva guy, that one. Oh yeah, and the police totally lied about the trailer being padlocked shut:

    “Wilson’s boyfriend, Cortney Johnson, denied the door to the dirty trailer had been locked and said the he and the children’s mother had stepped away for about 10 minutes to go to a nearby store.

    ‘She is a great mother. She is on top of everything and anything that happens to them kids,’ Johnson told WAVY. ‘She is on top of pampers being changed, them being fed, the whole nine yards. She’s a great mother to her kids.’ ”

    So not only did the cops lie about the door being locked, but everyone who saw the inside of the trailer that is now condemned (lord, can’t you just smell it? **gag**) also lied. It was immaculate, really.

    Buncha liars! All of them! Just trying to keep this poor woman down!

    (My eyes hurt from rolling so hard.)

    1. “My eyes hurt from rolling so hard.” Best. Sentence. Ever! Thanks for the laugh!

  4. Someone needs to smack that shitty look of her face. Stupid bitch.

    I’m sure that everyone else has noticed how clean/hair done/taken care of mom is; purely selfish.

  5. ~*V. von Schweetz*~

    That’s the city I grew up in…shameful. Kids living in filth but mom has a $200 weave. Priorities

    1. I live right next door to Suffolk. Apparently good parents are really hard to come by in Tidewater.

    2. Skye Belle Matilda Brand

      Sorry if this has been addressed, but what is a weave? I’m not sure it’s something we have here in Australia.

      1. A weave is a way of doing hair for black women. They have real human hair, or outrageously colored fake hair sewn “aka woven” into their real hair. It makes their hair long and gives more choices on styling.
        And, it’s very expensive.

        1. Skye Belle Matilda Brand

          Hair extensions here then…although I’ve never heard of them being sewn in! The only ones I’ve seen locally are glued into the hair. Sewing seems kinder to the hair though.

          1. ~*V. von Schweetz*~

            They can be glued or sewn. The sew ins cost much more and last longer.

      2. It is when n1gger wear a wig or a “weave” made up of human or horse hair in a failed attempt to appear human.

        1. Skye Belle Matilda Brand

          Can this comment be removed? It’s disgusting. There’s plenty of child abuse in white families & Hispanicfamilies & Asian families…there’s absolutely no need to start being a racist c*** here!

          1. I think Trench will end up clearing them out and/or banning them. They seem to have come from a trolling website.

  6. Skye Belle Matilda Brand

    Now I know what a weave is (lol, not something ive ever come across in Australia) & that it is expensive…where does this bitch get off? Seriously? And beer? When we were kids there was a short period of time when Dad was out of work. I have discovered as an adult that three nights a week Mum & Dad had toast for dinner so we could have enough proper food all week. Thankfully it was only for a couple of months before Dad was back at work but what they did for us was amazing.

    1. lol? seriously? idiot.

      1. Skye Belle Matilda Brand

        How does this comment make me an idiot? Let me guess, you are family or friend of one of the oxygen thieves up there & are desperately lashing out at anyone who says anything bad about the wastes of skin who left their kids to rot in a shit hole while they spent money on themselves.

  7. Well from the looks of her we know where she spent her time and money……on herself , i hope her children forgive but never forget and remind her everyday what an asshole she is.

  8. What a lovely couple. They should breed some more.

  9. dats jus normal niqqer nesting……nothing odd there

    1. Why don’t you go post in the many white trash posts we have?

      1. Because even White trash are still human beings, while n1ggers are far from it.

        1. I beg to differ. Check out the post on Ame Deal, her white trash killers look like something that crawled out of a nuclear plant gone critical.

  10. Just TNB and savage feral coonery. Most niggernests are like this one. They are filthy animals.

    1. Let me guess…you ran all the way from your Klan meeting just to share this gem with us?
      Next time you have a cross burning, make sure you nail yourself to it before they light it up.

        1. Eh, troll attention is better than no attention 🙂

        2. I just read a bit further, trying to work out where we were linked to…
          Dafuq is this shit?

          1. Hooray for Freedom of Expression. Not.

            I see this waste of oxygen is encourging his kids to follow in his hateful trollie footsteps too. Let’s hope he homeschools and saves other families the experience of having his kids spout his hatred to them.

          2. Skye Belle Matilda Brand

            Did he go to a sheltered workshop to find a woman to breed with becauseI can’t imagine anyone with a normal IQ would give him the time of day let alone allow him to put his penis inside them!

      1. He is correct though, any way you look at it. This is merely typical ni66er behavior.
        Maybe we would stop treating n1ggers like ni66ers if, you know, they stopped living and behaving like n1ggers.

        1. If you’re going to use the racial slur, you might as well use it properly. You don’t have to use numbers, we don’t have filters here.

        2. Oh, and the couple in Denver living in filth – – where the woman who’d had her first three children taken in 2006 and lost the other FOUR just recently were black? NONE of the four children could do more than grunt and NONE of them were even housebroken. FWIW, they are WHITE.

          Nice to see that your filth-goggles only see dark skinned people.

        3. I have to say your special brand of nauseating racism is worse than what I experienced living in South Africa under Apartheid. Kudos to you for being the most disgusting creature on an incredibly vile and disgusting list. Surely you will rot in hell with the rest of your ilk…

          1. Maybe we should pity them. After all, racists are usually the lowest of the low – complete and total failures at life, ignorant and moronic, absolute wastes of the egg and sperm their parents donated, the utter scum of the earth. The only thing that makes their worthless, miserable, useless, degraded, hopelessly benighted existence even the slightest bit tolerable is finding a group of people to hate for the color of their skin. For the racist, that takes a little bit of the sting out of being a bottomless pit of absolutely NOTHING. Maybe we should have some compassion for their impenetrable ignorance and unvarnished rank stupidity.

            On second thought, you’re right. Fuck them.

          2. Thanks so much for that ending… I was getting worried there for a moment that you had discovered a vein of compassion for these fucktards… ;-p (and I really needed the out-loud giggle it produced too!)

    2. Thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule of fucking your sister to comment. Now crawl back to your trailer and brush both your teeth.

    3. You do realize don’t you that Amenhotep is NOT Caucasian (in case you need clarification, that means he’s NOT Aryan white)? In fact, he is believed to be Middle Eastern. If you mean anyone other than Amenhotep the 1, then the line gets more Negroid as it progresses until it is believed that Amenhotep IV (also known as Akhenaten) was almost purely Negroid. Oh the glorious irony of you choosing this as your screen name – fuckin’ eejit!

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