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Meth-faced breeder and her grubby sex toy charged with bashing kids

3-year-old in critical condition after allegedly beaten by mother’s boyfriend

Cicero pair charged with assaulting children; 3-year-old in critical condition

No beauty prizes to be won here, folks.

Thanks go to Lucy on this one. She did warn me about the appearance of this aesthetically displeasing duo, but I still nearly managed to bring up my Java when I saw them.

Amanda Bishop and her fuck-of-the-month John Bonwitz (both 27) have been arrested after the egg donor’s 3 year old was allegedly severely beaten by the live-in sex toy. Police say that they found the little boy, drifting in and out of unconsciousness and being treated by paramedics, at the home in Cicero NY.  Egg donor was there, along with two other children, aged 7 and 10. All three kids had bruises and marks, but the 3 year old, being small and unable to defend himself against an adult monster, had copped the worst of it. He was taken to hospital, where he remains in a critical condition.

In their investigation, police found that Bonwitz had admitted to punching and kicking the 3 year old, which caused internal injuries. Bishop had also hit her 7 year old with a closed fist. Perhaps the 10 year old was able to defend themselves, because police only reported bruises and marks but no specific causes of the injuries.

Bonwitz was charged with assault in the second degree and child endangerment. The axe wound Bishop was charged with assault, endangering the welfare of a child, and obstructing government administration. I presume that last one is like obstructing police, and that the walking gash was trying to protect her gash plug. Judging by the mugshot, he seems to have a lot going for him /sarcasm. Such a sense of style, that sex-offender look, he should have all the girls clamouring for him! /even more sarcasm. He couldn’t possibly be a child beater or a creep, just look at him – he’s so wholesome /too much sarcasm.

The 7 and 10 year olds have been taken into care, while their 3 year old brother remains in hospital. Police are still investigating.

All the bad boyfriends on BB seem to have warning signs that they are not replacement babydaddy material. Take a look at the mugshot. John Bonwitz is filthy, looks like a sex offender and is wearing one of the ugliest shirts I have seen in a long time. His eyes have a slightly unhinged look. How can anyone look at him and think that he’s a perfectly acceptable bedmate/babysitter?

Who wants to bet that the po-po might turn up some meth when they investigate further? You don’t get cheekbones to stick out that far with just plain old exercise and sensible eating, that’s for sure.

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  1. Great write up, Aussie. Isn’t she hideous? Possibly the most shocking part of this story is that someone had sex with THAT. Three times at least. One minor correction: this is Cicero, NY. (Not Il) Not that New York State wants to claim these two. But Illinois would probably be upset by the mix up. They’ve got enough nutters of their own.

    1. You are correct we don’t want to claim them but it was NY. Every time I read stories on here I want to cry and can never understand why any one let alone a parent could hurt a child. So Sad. I hope the little boy is ok and these two get what they deserve.

    2. Sorry about that, there was no state after Cicero, so I put it into Google and it spat out Illinois LOL.

  2. Unfortunately this happened in my neck of the woods in Upstate New York – not Illinois. Hopefully this little boy will get better and all three children will get to live with someone who loves them.

    1. That bitch is fucked up

  3. There, I’ve fixed the states. Sorry about that everyone, I don’t come from the US so I’m not up there with states.

    1. No prob. I would not know a thing about Australia! You do great writing from all the way over there.

      1. I know they keep sending us pretty actresses. That trend is welcome to continue.

    2. Don’t feel bad. In my experience as a West Virginia, at least 50% of AMERICANS don’t know my state exists (despite all of the jokes about us).

      (I was watching a Mythbusters episode about an exploding porta-potty yesterday. Need I even mention the name of the state where this supposedly happened?)

      1. West Virginia exists to make Floridians feel better.
        I kid! Sort of… : )

      2. When I tell people I was born in New Mexico they look confused when I say I was born a US citizen…

      3. Well out here on the other side of the country people still call my state Ory-gone… we didn’t go anywhere! It’s pronounced like “Ory-gun” as in a knife or a gun! There is no “e” on the end of Oregon folks, stop putting one there please, for the love of all that is holy to you, stop already! 😉

  4. Please stop making the appearance of the perps an issue. Models can abuse, and ‘ugly’ people deal with discrimination and stereotypes. Let’s talk about the details, but realize that your “upright” next door neighbor could also be horrible. Remember “Mommy Dearest.” Stop taking pot shots at the appearance of these horrible people, it is not relevant.

    1. It’s true that attractive and affluent people can and do abuse children. That doesn’t change the fact that most of the skels on this site look like they came straight from blowing a crack pipe behind the homeless shelter.

    2. Hurting children makes you ugly.

    3. An ugly personality will always show through.

  5. There’s nothing wrong with their appearance that a duct-taped baseball bat couldn’t fix.

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