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Donna Deaves pleads guilty to manslaughter after her toddler was killed by her dick-of-the-week

Mum guilty of toddler’s manslaughter

Agonising abuse of tiny Tanilla: NSW court

Tanilla’s tragedy: mother pleads guilty to manslaughter

Boyfriend held after being charged over death of toddler Tanilla

Yet again, we have another dick-hungry, worthless c*** who refuses to protect her child/ren from her fuck-of-the-month. It’s the same old story, but it never becomes any less sad.

Donna Deaves (28) has pleaded guilty to manslaughter but not murder, after her daughter Tanilla Warrick-Deaves (2) was killed in 2011 after a vicious campaign of abuse and cruelty at the hands of her incubator’s sex toy Warren Ross (28) at her Watanobbi home, on the NSW Central Coast. Yes, What-A-Knob indeed…

Evil scum baby killer Warren Ross

The court heard that the last two month’s of tiny Tanille’s life were horrendous and cruel. No less than 33 reports had been lodged with DoCS about the welfare of Tanille, and she was only 2 years old. Wretched Warren would make her run laps around the loungeroom (despite her suffering from bowed legs), make her stand for hours on end as punishment for soiling herself. He whipped her with belts and extension cords, hit her with thongs (flip-flops) and other sundry items. He complained to a friend that he hit Tanille with various items, but according to him, she never learned. He then bragged to his loser drinking buddy that he could make Tanille scream by threatening to hit her with a belt. Wow. Hurting someone smaller than you, what does that make you? A big man? Wrong. It makes you a COWARD and a BULLY. And as for the friend, they must have been sucking each others’ dicks for so long that this drunken loser barely batted an eyelid at this admission, let alone break the bastard’s nose or reduce his balls to raspberry jam, then call the police.

On August 25, 2011, Warren Ross’ regime of terror and cruelty came to a head. This would be the day that he would inflict the injuries that would ultimately claim Tanille’s young life. I wonder if the sad sack of shit got up that morning, took a deep breath and thought, “Yep, this is the day that I’m going to kill that brat”?. Warren began that fateful day by making Tanille run around the loungeroom while whipping her with an extension cord. While her incubator stood by and did nothing. He then put her under a cold shower and banged her face against the glass screen until it was bloody, all the while Tanille was screaming “No, no, no, no”.  Deaves lamely told police that she tried to stop her flavour of the month, but he slapped her. Stupid, useless c***. That’s when you grab a knife and gut the dickless wonder! A simple slap wouldn’t stop a real mother from protecting her child!

Warren Ross then held Tanille upside down over a toilet bowl and threatened to dunk her head in the bowl. When he got sick of torturing someone smaller than himself, he kicked Tanille across the floor like a discarded toy, causing her to hit her head on some cupboards. The worthless twit Donna, instead of rushing her injured baby to hospital and then stabbing the vile bastard who hurt her, simply placed the unconscious Tanille in a pram and left her like that for two nights. When asked by the police as to why she didn’t take immediate action, the worthless c*** suggested she thought it may have been too late to save Tanilla. The stupid, blockheaded twit’s inactions ultimately cost little Tanille her young life. An autopsy report showed that, had the c*** taken her baby to hospital straightaway, Tanille would have recovered from her horrific injuries. Well, look at that. Another abuser that thinks they know more than doctors and medical staff which have had years and years of medical training.

The bad sex toy known as Warren Ross was arrested almost a month later. Police found him in Ourimbah state forest, where it appeared that he was camping with his Fleshlight. Nice. Not only did the rotten dick kill her baby girl, Donna Deaves welcomed him back with open arms and open legs, and helped him hide from the police. He was charged with murder, and an assortment of other interesting charges including intimidation and two counts of using a carriage service to threaten to kill. When he fronted court, he told his uncle to “tell Dad”. Considering this piece of shit liked to brag about hurting a little girl for fun, this action doesn’t surprise me one bit. I don’t know who the threats were leveled at, but I’m betting it was Donna and that the silly twit was so desperate for dick that she would let her child’s killer (who also threatened her life too) back into her bed.

Donna Deaves has pleaded guilty to manslaughter by criminal negligence, and refused to plead to murder. She can’t face what she did (or didn’t do), can’t face up to her actions when the court tells it like it is. She’s no better than her cowardly bully of a bedmate. She will be sentenced in September.

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  1. This is one of the most horrific stories I have yet heard on this site. The mother should be charged with murder for failing her baby and then they should bother be subjected to the same brutal torture. The lack of emotional connection this mother had to her screaming baby clearly shows she has no soul, and therefore should have no place on our Earth. Demons in disguise. R.I.P. little one, now you are an angel.

    1. LindsayFitzgerald

      I’m with you. When I saw that angelic little face of this poor baby being held in her mother’s arms looking like she was thinking ‘when does this hell end?’ I have to say if she was going to keep suffering what she was suffering, thank God the poor thing is out of pain. That piece of unimaginable garbage, waste of minerals and our air should be subject to the exact same treatment for for as long as he handed it out to the poor little defenseless creature. Then he should be hanged as a reminder to what we want to do to these monsters.

  2. Oh my god. I don’t know if its because this little one is the spitting image of a family member or just the general nature of this post, but this one hit me hard. I simply can not imagine standing by, allowing this to happen not only to another human being, but an innocent CHILD, your own child! Eff! If someone hit my DOG I’d be livid! But my own child? I can’t even imagine….

  3. disgusting/heartbreaking/infuriating story. RIP little angel xo by the way,other articles say the bf’s name is warren ross.

    1. Why is Australian law hiding the name of a vicious child killer? I don’t agree with that even when the perp is underage, and he’s 28! What’s up with that?

      1. Because they can protect the names of pedophiles and child abusers. In the case of sex abuse, it’s to protect the survivors. But in cases of child abuse, I think it’s to prevent vigilante action (because criminals have rights, apparently). I hate that law, the names of each and every criminal should be plastered across newspaper websites and mirrors across the nation.

        1. I’m opposed to keeping the names of the accused secret both to protect the public and (believe it or not) to protect the rights of the accused. Hiding the nature of an accusation from the public smacks of secret trials, kangaroo courts, and the Star Chamber. The proceedings of justice should be free, fair, and open. (And THEN these bastards should hang.)

        2. Skye Belle Matilda Brand

          I think it should be up to the victim. If they want names suppressed then why force them to go through possiblepublic scrutiny? If they want the names releasedthen fine, release the names.

    2. Thanks for that 🙂 I didn’t see the older articles as I found many of the newer ones where they suppressed his name.

  4. Why is the murdering piece of shit’s name being “protected”? I’d like to see him “protected” by 500 pounds of poured concrete.

    1. I’ll rent the cement mixer and we can throw the skanky bitch in with him.

      1. You can get a good deal at Bunnings 🙂

  5. That first link has an infuriating picture of the egg donor grinning as she leaves her plea hearing. I hope a burly inmate holds HER head over (or better yet IN) a toilet.

  6. This is another one of those stories I can’t get out of my head. Why do people DO this? Why? How can you possibly get off on seeing a BABY cower in fear? This reminds me of how poor little Baby P was abused and murdered. His life was nothing but ongoing physical and emotional torture, too. That poor sweet little baby, omg. No excuse for it, none. Both of these “adults” should burst into flames, they are so evil. RIP little Tanilla, and tell baby Peter we said hello. You both deserved so much better.

  7. All of these cases bring tears to my eyes but the ones which involve the youngest children being subjected to a long regime of fear and violence break my heart. I can’t imagine the bewilderment and terror of a child who isn’t even old enough to effectively communicate, who can’t talk to a teacher, who can’t run to a neighbour for help, who is probably so isolated from other children that they don’t know this is not how life is supposed to be, who looks to their mommy and her associates for love and encouragement and instead gets only neglect and abuse. How heartless and cold must a woman be to stand and watch while her child is beaten within an inch of her life, and then do nothing to get her help on the grounds she assumed it was too late. That’s no mother.

  8. One of those links has an article that featured the stepmother. It seems that she would’ve been more of a real mother to her.

    1. It looks like Donna was playing a game of keep-away, or “I don’t want her but no one else can have her”. It’s so sad, because most of the time when a sex toy kills kids, Dad was willing and able to care for them, but the birth vessel was being a selfish tw*t.

  9. Aussie Sabbath,

    I’d like to ask you something about your use of the word “c***”.

    I’ve heard that outside the United States, it does not carry such a strong connotation and is used in a more lighthearted way. Is that true?

    Please note, my concern isn’t that your language is TOO harsh. Just maybe not harsh enough. 🙂

    1. The use of the word “c***” is fairly lighthearted amongst bogans in Australia, but they do call people they don’t like a c***. I use it to refer to female genitals and in this case, I use it to refer to her as just a c***, she doesn’t have any other use, except for birthing children and receiving dick.

    2. I think she would like the version of the United States c***, lower and dirtier than being a bitch in my estimation.

    3. I love this comment.

  10. The biological father posted how his heart was damaged for life among other things. So WHERE WAS HE during the two plus months the living excrement Warren Ross slowly tortured and murdered this innocent little child? I don’t buy it.

    1. Skye Belle Matilda Brand

      Unfortunately our child custody laws are no better than yours & for a father to gain custody of a child the mother either has to agree or be in prison or dead…it’s so hard for a father to get a child away from the biological mother regardless of how terrible she is. The 33 DoCS (CPS to you I think) reports were most likely him & his new wife but DoCS is so appallingly underfunded that they get around to investigating reports “eventually” & unless someone is basically abusing the child in front of them when they visit the ruling is usually one of “nothing to see here”.

      1. Skye Belle Matilda Brand

        I used to work in a child care centre & all centres are “mandatory reporters” (we had to report to DoCS if we suspected any abuse). I myself made 12 reports about one family because the son would say things like “Daddy looks at Mary’s (not her real name) bah-Gina when Mummy isn’t home”…DoCS found no cause for removal on each case. At age 15 Mary fell pregnant…anyone want to guess who the baby Daddy was?

  11. This one’s getting to me… Perhaps because she was only a few months older than my daughter, and when it said she cried “No, no no!” I pictured my own daughter crying the same over something silly, like forgetting to pick her Hello Kitty up out of the crib with her. Something like THAT should have been this little girls biggest concern as well 🙁

    1. I know! I don’t have kids, but at times in my life I’ve been the “primary caregiver” to a large assortment of them and I keep hearing their little “No, no, no, no”‘s in my head and being very grateful that it was over having to take a nap, or not wanting to eat carrots and not over being tortured! This one kills me!

  12. I do not understand these monsters nowadays!?!?! How in the hell do u let a stranger do that to ur child, this shit pisses me the hell off! What makes it worse I think is bc the dumbass broad sat there and watched instead of stoppn him frm doing it, instead of f**kn diff guys every wknd go to the store and buy a lot of batteries and a vibrater or sumthn! Omg, I seriously hope they both get wat they deserve in prison!!

  13. Damn there are days I just plain HATE people… this is turning out to be one of them…

  14. Donna Deaves is only sorry for herself. Dad wanted to save her, but the bitch took off with Tanilla and wouldn’t let him see her. He called DOCS telling them to not let Donna have his little girl because she wasn’t safe. It’s heartbreaking.

  15. Donna Deaves gets a paltry 9 years for allowing her dick of the week to kill her baby.

    1. Skye Belle Matilda Brand

      No, this is good. This is the longest sentence ever given for manslaughter in Australia. It is 12 years with 9 year non-parole. It doesn’t seem like enough but it is a sign that judges are starting to take these asea more seriously! It’s a breakthrough & it’s a god damn start! Now we just have to hope that it continues & the sentences increase until they reflect the gravity of what these inhuman monsters do to these children!

  16. Warren Ross’ motive for abusing Tanilla was to “toilet train” her. Her last morning on this Earth, she was “supposed” to put chickens back in their coop. Being two years old, she couldn’t catch them all, so this wankstain beat her to death.

    Someone just string this dog turd upside down by his ankles and start sawing him in half, starting at the crotch…

  17. More damning evidence. Just torture this infected hemorrhoid to death already!

  18. Chickenshit neighbour Peter Cooper saw Warren beating Tanilla but was too cowardly to call the police. Bastard! She would still be alive and that piece of shit in jail if it weren’t for his cowardice and chickenshittery. He should be in jail too.

  19. Warren Ross is found guilty of murdering little Tanilla. He screamed abuse at the media and broke down in tears for himself, not the little girl he killed. He will be sentenced later on, facing a life sentence.

    Have fun with big Brucie, he gonna make you squeal like a little piggy!

  20. I finally found a photo of this piece of pure evil! People should know what he looks like. These type of things are allowed to happen often because of the ignorance and selfishness of others in society. I simply cannot believe so many people knew what was happening but did nothing about it.. but having said that, I find that many people in society these days are cowards and they simply turn their head away from righteous action – they just don’t want to get involved and it’s PATHETIC!

    Lock all of them up and throw away the key ..

    Warren Ross photo – (please post it in the article so anyone visiting the page can see this evil face – it was hard to track down and I think everyone should be able to see it)

    1. Thank you very much anzac and the baby killing bedmate’s photo is up for the whole world to see.

      1. No problem! Great to see you have the photo up there so people can put a face to this evil. My wife said they should make a simple law regarding ‘Donna’ and women who let this type of thing happen to their children – ‘stitch up their private part’.

    2. Skye Belle Matilda Brand

      I’ve witnessed a guy beating the shit out of his partner/wife/girlfriend on the side of the road before. I didn’t step in because he was huge & obviously not afraid to smack the shit out of a woman (plus I had the kids with me) but I did call the police & film him from a safe distance with my car doors locked. I yelled at him to stop & that the police were on the way & he laughed & kept hitting her.

      So I see why people don’t want to step in. I MIGHT have gotten physically involved when I was younger & didn’t have kids to worry about but there’s no way I’m putting myself or my kids in physical danger these days.

      1. I think you did the right thing, especially considering you had children with you. I think the point was that the other people who knew about what was going on (i.e witnessed him beating the child and his drinking buddy/s who were given a general outline of what was taking place), those people did nothing about it – not even call the police with the hard evidence they witnessed or heard first hand.

        I’m not a particularly big guy, but I have a quick temper in those type of situations and my wife has warned me time and time again to be careful when I see something like that happens – so it’s sometimes good to have a cool head and take another approach as opposed to physically interfering – anything is better than nothing.

        1. Take a look at White Ribbon’s website on what men can do if they should see violence
          I, being female, would probably film from a very safe distance and call the police! But asking them the time or saying “stop, that’s not on” is good too.

          1. I’m a female, and I get right in the thick – but I’m built like a work-horse and have martial arts training. I support all women without severe illnesses/disabilities in getting martial arts training.

          2. It’s great to have the ability to use self defence but only as a last resort. The clear objective here should be toward prevention and pressuring these people through things like tougher sentencing. More publicity of these situations is also needed and educating people that they need to report any such incidents witnessed – this will also put pressure on the scum to change their ways.

            These swines bank on people not reporting them and when they do finally kill someone they think they can just make up a lie to get out of it which in turn leads them to feel secure and continue inflicting their evil onto others.

          3. Darling, where do you live?
            I’d like an address, please.

          4. That’s what I thought.

          5. Except that I didn’t ban you, doll. The web admin did. Your IP address places you in France, By the way, dearest, telling me your city isn’t telling me your address. I want street name and numbers, babe. WE now have several recorded death threats, threats of rape, and threats of assault. Using the internet to communicate threats in an internationally prosecutable crime – and we have screenshots of everything you’ve said. TTFN.

          6. F*** YOU!

          7. I just wanted to let you know Aussie Sabbath – if you didn’t already know, there’s a page on facebook, dedicated to seeking justice for Tanilla –

            we are trying our damned hardest to band together, across Australia and beyond, to show our governments that we want harsher penalties for people who are found guilty of these crimes. We also want penalties for children’s services workers who fail to act – Which is evident in this case, after 33 pleas to DoCS were made about the welfare of Tanilla.

            Warren Ross’ sentencing was set for 28th of February, but has just disappeared from the listings, we’re waiting to find out why.

            Tanilla won’t be forgotten and her death will not be in vain.

      2. The White Ribbon website has tips for men (and women) on what to do if you should witness spouse abuse. You definitely did the right thing and that arsehole should be pushed into the path of a speeding truck. I hope the police arrested him and she got out of there!
        Last year, around this time, I saw a “man” berating his wife in public. She was cowering. I glared at him, letting him know that I saw what was going on. I probably should have asked him what the time was or how to get to X shop (it was at the shopping centre) to interrupt him, but I didn’t want to get too close.

        1. When you become physical with a person in that state of mind it will immediately escalate to a full on physical confrontation – it is a good idea to let them know people are watching and observing and so forth. But if a woman or child is being physically assaulted the police must be called at the very least – I don’t know why people don’t do that. It could be a clear wake up call to the maggots inflicting this hurt.

          Did you see the police come Skye?

        2. Hungry troll is hungry

        3. Eat up.

      3. My girlfriend saw a guy beating a girl up like that one time, she called 911 on her cellphone then jumped out her car, dragged the dude off the girl, suckerpunched him, got the girl and locked the girl and herself in the car. She testified against him in court and he got 15 years (I think there were other charges involved). I told her I thought she was insane, dude could have had a gun or anything, and she said she actually didn’t really remember doing it, it was just a gut reaction. She’s a little skinny thing too. If there hadn’t been witnesses that helped recreate what happened, I wouldn’t have believed her.

  21. Skye Belle Matilda Brand

    Is anyone else hoping that he gets no prison time but his exact date, time & place of release is made public & the police are mysteriously in a whole other suburb on the other side of town at that time?

    1. You took the words right out of my mouth. Except I might have added “and then he drowns in his own blood and chokes on the shards of his broken teeth” because I’m colorful like that.

  22. Some women don’t need children to be happy. And those women have a choice to prevent children from being happy.

  23. It’s going to be taken care of.

  24. The penis abuses Tanilla’s real dad while in court because he was more of a man than what the pustulent maggot will ever be.

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