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Baby machine accused of starving 4 year old daughter

Mother of nine accused of starving 4-year-old daughter who weighted just 18 pounds

Held: Mother-of-nine Antonia Benitez has been accused of starving her 4-Year-old daughter

Antonia Benitez


Antonia Benitez (35) of Santa Ana, CA, allegedly starved her 4 year old daughter so badly that she only weighed 18 pounds (8.16 kg). Then she dumped her at a hospital and drove off. Doctors reported the girl’s malnourishment to Social Services and the baby machine was picked up by the 5.0. The little girl also had an infected wound on her leg that was going untreated.

Baby machine? What does that refer to? You see, Ms. Benitez has 9 children and is raising them all by herself. Perhaps she had that many children, she forgot to feed the 4 year old. This probably seems likely, since baby machine took the little girl to hospital before, in 2007, for being underweight. But somehow, this managed to escape the attention of the police.

Baby factory has had three felony child abuse charges filed against her. If she is convicted, she could face a maximum term of 14 years in prison. Her children are now in the care of Social Services and family members.

Here’s a pro-tip: Shut your fucking legs. You don’t have to have a baby every time you have sex. You also don’t have to have a baby with every man that you sleep with. Contraception is widely available and cheap. Don’t have more children than what you can look after. If you don’t want a tribe of children, wrap it up or pop The Pill.

Here’s an amusing little rhyme: There was an old woman who lived in a shoe; She had so many children, her c*** fell off.

Thanks to Benighted for the tip.

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  1. Let’s starve that piece of shit to make her suffer! I hope the other kids are being taken care of.

  2. I love the rhyme, it made my day. I hope the bitch never gets her kids back.

  3. This is why birth control was invented. We sterilize cats and dogs so we don’t have to watch innocent puppies and kittens suffer from disease and starvation and overrun the whole world with even more suffering puppies and kittens. Why the hell do we not do this for humans? Do people really not understand that children also suffer from disease and starvation when their parents can’t take care of them, even if they truly wanted to?

    I don’t think this bitch really wanted to, but still! Don’t have children if you don’t want them! Argh, this shit is why I’m so pro-choice and pro-contraception.

    1. I just noticed this bitch lives in my city. This is why I am not sociable near my home. Not to mention my Spanish is getting very rusty and the only English they speak is courtesy words or slang. I have a valid medical excuse for not being able to understand slang. Of course, I am also pro-abortion, pro-contraception, and pro-sterilization.

  4. Skye Belle Matilda Brand

    I would be very happy to see a government go offered free tubal locations to women who have had previous conviction for child abuse or women who have more children than they can afford or even just low to middle income earners who front up & say “hey, I can’t afford more kids, please tie my tubes”.

    1. Skye Belle Matilda Brand

      Meanwhile, autocorrect has completely fucked that up!

      1. I wish the United States had a program similar to that. There are a lot of women who are low income and want their tubes tied.

        1. Skye Belle Matilda Brand

          I’ve ha mine done. After the PND I decided 2 was enough so booked in for an elective ceasarean & a TL at the same time…I am well aware of my limitations & I know I couldn’t cope with another baby so this was the right decision.

          A lot of people have told me I’m crazy & that when my girls are in school I will regret it & want to go again but as much as I love my little rascals I am definitely relieved to be past the terrifying”what if I break it” baby stage!

    2. Yeah that’s what Obama care should have done. But you know we only have a little over 500 rich people to speak for the millions of us here in the states. Anyway agree with you 100% anyone who wants their tubes tied should be given a free ride to the dr

      1. It certainly wasn’t the rich that voted for Obama… and I can name 500 celebrities that DID vote for Obama. I’d consider celebrities rich, wouldn’t you? But I do agree that anyone that wants a tubal ligation should have immediate and cheap access to one!

        1. I was talking about around 500 people referring to our elected officials that make our decisions and I’m saying most of the elected officials have more loot than the rest of us

          1. I was only trying to say that, at least as far as the problem laden Obamacare is concerned, it wasn’t the truly rich that voted for it. If you want a real, honest example of what Obamacare is going to be, go hang out at your nearest VA hospital some day. That shockingly bad system of care is going to look like premium service when Obamacare hits us…

  5. Oh my god that poor little girl 🙁 hopefully someone starves This horrible bitch. I have a four year old, she weighs 40lbs and she is actually on the thin side!

  6. ~*V. von Schweetz*~

    When did this happen? Did she take that child to the hospital in 2007 or a different one? How old is the little girl now?

    1. The original ER visit was 2012, not 2007. Yes, it was the same child.

  7. I’m lost according to the time-line. At a minimum, this child would be six if she’d been seen by the ER folks in 2007… Was it a different child in 2007, or was the year a typo? Not trying to be a language/grammar Nazi, just confused and not feeling well enough today to try and figure out the math. 😉

    1. Typo. She was previously taken to the ER in 2012.

      1. Thanks! With nine kids it could have easily been info on another child of hers that somehow got mixed up into this story. Poor little Angel-girl… The mother should be kept on the edge of debilitating starvation for many, many years…

  8. Yes, the date is 2012 not 2007. Sorry about that, I’ll fix it up momentarily.

  9. I can’t believe this woman had sex nine times to produce nine children. Woof!

  10. Wow 9 children!! a good tip for her If you can’t feed one is very likely you won’t be able to take care of 8 more!! =o

  11. This is why I thought it through for 10 years whether or not I’d ever want my own children, even just one. When I was 28 I came to the decision that I NEVER want my own children, NOT even just one. I have been sterilized at my request by a reputable surgeon and confirmed sterile by a reputable medical laboratory. I’ll gladly show my lab papers to any prospective sex partner. I always find these ill parenting stories amusing.

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