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Bush town rocked by murder of little girl at the hands of her mother

Mother charged with daughter’s murder

Mother charged with murder of daughter, 2, in the Adelaide Hills

Murdered toddler Ayeesha Pallin leaves town in mourning

Mother charged with daughter’s murder

Catherine Pallin leaves Mt Barker Magistrates Court, charged with the murder of her little girl Ayeesha.

The bush town of Macclesfield, in the Adelaide hills, has been rocked by the murder of a 2 year old girl, and the subsequent arrest of her mother. Catherine Anne Pallin (38) was arrested and charged with murder, after police found the body of her 2 year old daughter Ayeesha Pallin in a lonely bush grave near an isolated dirt road in Flaxley.

The court heard that a neighbour called authorities when Catherine knocked on a neighbour’s door at 11.30pm Wednesday night. The neighbour reported that Catherine was calm but looked like she’d been through some trauma. She did not object to the neighbour calling the police and the neighbour had no idea who Catherine was or why she was there. Police immediately began searching for Ayeesha and recovered her body shortly before 7am the next morning, on a property on Willis Rd, Flaxley. The property didn’t belong to Catherine, she didn’t know the owners, it was just a convenient spot to dispose of her daughter’s body.

The town is shocked by the murder of the little girl and the arrest of her mother. Residents say that Catherine Pallin doted on Ayeesha and would often bring her around to have tea with neighbours. Ayeesha was just learning to string words together and Catherine was discussing preschool with her neighbours. Neighbours also say that Catherine was a quiet woman who kept to herself.

So where did it go wrong? Why did Catherine kill her daughter, the little girl she adored and doted on? At the moment, police aren’t revealing how exactly Ayeesha died. However Catherine’s lawyers are asking that she undergo a mental health assessment, which, given that Catherine was quiet and introverted, may indicate that she suffered from depression. Catherine and Ayeesha lived, along with Ayeesha’s father and Catherine’s partner, a Mr Bentley and his son from a previous relationship, in Bugle Ranges, in a home that was undergoing renovations to provide for their growing family. A shop in Macclesfield put out flowers in memory of Ayeesha, who would pick flowers along the footpath while walking with her dad.

It’s just so overwhelmingly sad. Why, why, why the fuck did Catherine kill her little girl that she loved so much? What stupid reason could Catherine possibly have to suddenly hate her daughter so much that she wanted to kill her? I couldn’t find any pictures of Ayeesha until I looked Catherine up on Facebook and found photos of Catherine cuddling Ayeesha, breastfeeding her and Ayeesha looking like the happiest little girl in the world. It’s clear that Catherine loved her to the moon and back, but why did she kill her?

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  1. Skye Belle Matilda Brand

    I’m going to go out on a limb here & say that there’s some mental health issue here that weren’t appropriately dealt with, if at all. My PND wasn’t diagnosed until DD1 was 18 months old & only when I started having panic attacks & passing out & by then I was already 6 months pregnant with DD2.

    Such a sad & horrible situation. If she is suffering some sort of post natal depression with psychosis she will need to be on suicide watch once she realises what she has done.

    1. Yeah, that’s what I’m thinking. If she went from being a doting and loving mother to a murderer so suddenly, it’s possible she just snapped. It’s difficult to tell when someone who’s otherwise quiet and introverted is about to go off the deep end.

      1. Skye Belle Matilda Brand

        I hate to think what could have happened to me & my babies had my family not been so proactive in my hospital admission & recovery. I had no idea there was anything wrong. My family knew something wasn’t quite right so kept a close eye on me. When the panic attacks started they had me straight into the hospital but my step-Mum & two sisters are nurses so they were watching me like hawks!

        1. I’ve gotta admit, PPD is why I don’t want to have children. I’ve had depression before and am scared that I’d be at risk for PPD. That wouldn’t be good for anyone, not me, not my hypothetical baby, and not anyone around us.

          And of course with mental illness having the stigma it does, I can’t tell this to anyone in real life. Instead, I have to pretend it’s about not wanting to deal with screaming children watching the Yelling Brats Show on the Let’s-Not-Use-Our-Inside-Voices Channel.

  2. Such a sad story. I’m also going to go with a mental health issue here-it could be something she was struggling with quietly and just got to a breaking point.

  3. Skye Belle Matilda Brand

    MUGGLE: I can’t reply to yikes comment for some reason (stupid iPhone). Anyway, when I finally had DD2 the care I received from the antenatal clinic, my GP & the mental health team was unreal!

    Because I had a history they were breathing down my neck all the time (but in a good way). I had regular appointments at the Family Care Cottage with a psychologist (weekly for the first month, then fortnightly for 6 months then monthly until DD2 was a year old), I saw my GP every 6 weeks for medication reviews for a year & then every 3 months for a year (now its every 6 months & probably for life). Every Blue Book check (scheduled clinic visits for every baby born until they are in high school) the nurse would do a depression test on me & make sure I was feeling OK before I left.

    I suspect Australia might be a teeny tiny bit more proactive than the US when it comes to mental health (not by much but we seem to do OK with PND).

    1. Does Australia have universal/affordable mental health care? Because in the US it’s crazy expensive just to show up at a maternity ward and pop the kid out, even sans medication. I can’t imagine the cost of PPD care here. It was free while I was at university, though I was still paying a pretty penny for university! D:

      1. Skye Belle Matilda Brand

        Yes. We have socialised health care. I paid nothing for any of my councelling sessions, I paid nothing for either ceasarean deliveries, I pay nothing to visit my GP & my meds cost $50 a month because they’re heavily subsidised by the PBS. The only thing I pay for out of pocket I dental care & as we have a good diet & we brush at least twice a day & have good genes that cost is minimal.

        1. Yeah, definitely not the case for most in the US :/ quite frankly there’s no guarantee that contraception will be free for long and it’s still not free or covered for many women.

          I think it’s better that I just stay on BC, period.

  4. RIP Angel-butt Ayeesha…

  5. Didn’t know she’d been found guilty already…Perhaps before judgement is passed, we should wait for the facts.

    1. Those are the facts. Her baby was killed, she disposed of the body, now she’s been arrested and charged with murder.

      1. We won’t hear ALL the facts. There is a possibility she won’t even go to trial, depending on her mental health assessment. Why be so black and white Aussie Sabbath?

        1. Erm, I dunno, because she fessed up to killing her baby and disposing of her body in a remote field?
          And this isn’t a news site, it’s a blog. I can be as monochrome as I like.

  6. Why, why, why the fuck do you even need to ask your inane questions? Why do you think this woman “hated” her daughter? Why are you so ignorant of mental illness issues? A very sad story, and I cried when I saw this little darling on her mum’s FB page, but I can’t fathom why you have written this “journalistic” article. It’s not like the woman is a predatory serial killer for fucks sake. She is obviously sick. And if you don’t like MY language, tough shit.

    1. She killed her baby. Why are you trying to excuse that?
      And no, we are not journalists. This is a blog. We can ask all the questions we like. We can express all the opinions we like, no matter how black and white they may be.

      1. WRONG

        1. So mature. There’s questions that need to be asked, and everyone’s too scared to ask them.

  7. Referring to yourself as “monochrome” is the first intelligent and insightful thing you’ve posted on here. Congratulations. It was totally unexpected. I’m sorry I mistook your “blog” for an actual article written by someone calm and objective, my boo-boo. The mentally ill should all be burned at the stake according to you. Me saying that to you, is as ridiculous as you accusing me of “trying to excuse” this lady’s tragic actions. Of course there are NO excuses, but there are explanations. Grow up, and open your mind a little. You would have been an ideal candidate for jury duty when Lindy Chamberlain went to trial.

    1. Well monochrome is a start. I’m also quite funny and witty if you read some of my other posts.
      I don’t believe the mentally ill should be burned at the stake, where did I post that? Perhaps the voices in your head told you that, but I certainly never posted anything like that.
      Funnily enough, I would have been all for Lindy Chamberlain, had I actually been born prior to Azaria’s disapperance. DNA testing wasn’t as precise in 1986 and the trial was heavily flawed because they couldn’t tell the difference between baby blood, chocolate milkshake flavouring and snot.
      All that matters here is that a baby is dead and that her mother killed her. Where’s the voice for the baby?

      1. All very smug and self-righteous, adding to the collection of deluded, narcissistic and grandiose public statements you
        have made here.

        You obviously hoped to impress me with the
        “fact” (which I doubt anyway) that you are “studying journalism”. With any luck these studies will improve your ability to READ.

        By posting opinions and your version of “facts” for public viewing, you are breaching laws relating to the issue of “sub judice”. Do I need to repeat that phrase several more times before you actually read and absorb it correctly? You have mistaken the issue of “sub judice”, by confusing it with the issues of “defamation” or “libel” (words I have not used prior to now).

        As much as you would like to grab the limelight, the “voice for the baby” is not YOURS.

        Another fact for you: Lindy Chamberlain’s trial occurred over a period during 1981-82, NOT 1986 as stated by you.

        This lady has given no “reason” or “excuse”,
        nor has she “fessed up” with regard to this crime. As far as you trivialising her “reason” with the puerile use of the word “stupid”, I wonder if you have considered that the lady is the victim of a severe mental illness, and is NOT one of the perverted and calculating
        reprobates which this sleazy “blog” purports to specialise in.

        Who do you think you are, to jump to conclusions and judgements before this case has even been dealt with by the courts? Shame on you for not taking into account the feelings of this child’s extended family, and the extraordinary circumstances which caused
        this tragedy.

        You are making mileage out of this issue, and have no genuine concern with regard to the death of this child. You can play the caring and self-righteous “voice for the baby” but
        your real agenda is obvious.

        I refer you to your own words once again, and from this very page: “Sexual abuse is bad yes, but you gotta find something funny in amongst the depravity.

        You are a creep of the lowest order. Unfortunately you are also too stupid to be able to understand and therefore acknowledge that fact.

        1. And you’re a tard defender. I’ve been called a lot worse than a “creep” whilst in the line of duty on this blog. You’re certainly not the most self-righteous, criminal-defending one we’ve had on here, but you’re up there. I think you’re a friend of this killer, and that’s a worse indictment than being a “creep” or a “blogger”.

  8. “Social media empower anyone to be a publisher. ‘Citizen journalists’ — people formerly known as the audience who can now employ press tools to inform each other — tend not have any professional training in journalism or the law; it is unlikely that they would be aware of the law of sub judice contempt, defamation and other restrictions on freedom of speech. In addition, in a professional media system, checking takes place at multiple levels, by sub-editors, production editors and lawyers. In contrast, ‘citizen journalists’ do not have their work verified and are less likely to appreciate the legal constraints involved. Indeed, they may be unaware of the existence of these rules, believing instead that Australians enjoy free speech to say whatever they like about anything or anybody at any time. The rules of contempt are not exerting the chilling effect on speech that was traditionally regarded as necessary to ensure the due administration of justice” – See more at:

    1. Actually, having discussed libel laws with other ‘tard defenders (i.e. people who try to stick up for child abusers/killers and are shot down in flames), we don’t breach any libel laws. All posts have sources attached to them, verifiable news sources, so that whatever we say (read: not report) does have truth in it and is not libel. None of it is defamation either, because what has been said is true. Opinion can be added, because it is a blog. So spouting stuff like that doesn’t mean squat here. But I’ll take that reference for my own studies – which happen to be in journalism.

  9. This lady’s going back to court later this month. Therefore this matter is considered to be “sub judice” until it has been heard and ruled upon by the courts. She has a right to a fair trial, and you have a legal responsibility to keep your opinions out of the public eye. Professional journalists are not the only individuals who are affected by these laws. Private citizens must also abide by them. You may feel that you are entitled to air your thoughts on this matter, but you are not. Publishing questions/statements like “what stupid reason could she have” etc not only show your insensitivity and ignorance, but also have you walking on very shaky ground legally. Share your thoughts on very emotional issues such as this (and I can understand why you are so het up about it) at a more appropriate forum such as with your girlfriends at your next Tupperware party or hens night.

    1. There was no good reason for her to kill her child. Therefore, all of her “reasons’ and “excuses” are stupid.
      And no, I will not stop blogging about this. Everyone should know about it. And I will not stop blogging full stop. I like being creative and flexible with my writing.

      Perhaps I will discuss this topic at my next hens night. Or maybe not. The story of a mother who killed her baby might put a downer on the festivities. Oh well, at least I get invited to these sorts of things…

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