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Baby kidnapped at knife-point by predatory sperm donor

Man suspected of kidnapping Sydney toddler named

Urgent search for baby boy abducted at knifepoint from Sydney home

Search for Zayden: father abducts son at knifepoint

Baby and 16-year-old mother abducted at knifepoint

Father abducts son at knifepoint from Sydney home

Police are frantically searching for a baby boy and his sperm donor after the he took the baby boy at knife point from his home in Sydney’s west.

Steven Hume, 24. Kidnapper and possible chimo.

Steven Hume, 24. Kidnapper and predator of young girls.

Looks like Casey's Mum and Dad endorse a predator preying on their daughter

Looks like Casey’s Mum and Dad endorse a predator preying on their daughter



Steven Hume (24) allegedly broke into the house on Kenthurst Place, Chester Hill about 8.30pm last night, and threatened the occupants with a knife. He then grabbed a 16 year old girl, Casey Mifsud and a baby boy, named Zayden (or Xayden), and threw them in the back of his black Toyota Camry, NSW number plate AN-22-XX. He punched Casey in the face and threw her out at Douglas Park around 10pm and kept driving with Zayden. The car was later found at 6.50am on Avon Dam Road, at Bargo, in the NSW Southern Highlands. It had crashed into a tree and there were no signs of the sperm donor or the baby anywhere near the car.

The Toyota Camry, abandoned in bushland on Avon Dam Rd, Bargo.

The Toyota Camry, abandoned in bushland on Avon Dam Rd, Bargo.

Police are understandably worried for the welfare of Zayden. The sperm donor, not so much. They may have been injured in the crash. Presumably, they’re travelling on foot through the Southern Highlands. For those of you that don’t know, it’s the middle of winter here. The NSW Southern Highlands has extreme weather conditions and is very, very cold and windy at the moment. It can snow at any time of the year there. I was there not too long ago and it was absolutely freezing. If the stupid sperm donor doesn’t hand himself in, Zayden could possibly die from hypothermia there.

Steven Hume is described as being Caucasian, between 165-175cm tall, with brown hair and wearing a blue jumper and green track pants. He also has tattoos on his arms. If anyone has any information or may have seen the sperm donor, they must call 000.

A few articles state that Casey Mifsud, the 16 year old girl that the sperm donor kidnapped, was in fact the baby’s mother. I really hope not, otherwise we’re dealing with some less than stellar grandparents who let a 24 year old man hang around their 16 year old daughter and then let her have his baby. (Jeez, find someone your own age, chimo!) Abortion and contraception are cheap and widely available in Australia. Maybe the news just got it mixed up, and the girl’s older sister is the mother.

Marco Mifsud, Casey's grandfather, appeals for witnesses to call 000

Marco Mifsud, Casey’s father, appeals for witnesses to call 000

Seriously, Marco, as soon as you found out that this creep was hanging around your teenage daughter, you should have just blown the fucker’s head off with a shotgun. Save you the world of trouble.

Zhaiden. Three different spellings. Dayum, bogans be trippin'!

Zhaiden. Three different spellings. Dayum, bogans be trippin’!

Baby Zayden. Please come home soon!

Baby Zayden. Please come home soon!




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  1. The predator has no baby supplies with him and police are unsure whether he actually knows anyone in Bargo or the Southern Highlands area who would aid and abet him.

    1. This story just gets worse and worse! I hope the baby is found soon,safe and sound. As for ol sperm splater,I hope a cop “accadently” shoots him. After they get the baby,of corse.

  2. Missing baby Zhaiden Misfud has been handed in to a Sydney police station after his father abducted him at knifepoint.

  3. Update: Zhaiden/Zayden/Xayden has been handed in to Campbelltown police station, safe and sound! A relative has come forward to deliver him to police. No sign of the predator and police urge the public to keep an eye out for him but not to approach him.

  4. More information about Zhaiden’s return. Apparently the predator penis has breached multiple AVO’s taken out against the 16 year old girl, has had drugs charges levelled against him and other nasty business.

    Marco Mifsud is a failure at being a proper father for letting this bastard around his daughter.

    1. Or Mama Misfud may have been the moron who let him near. I haven’t seen anything about her. I just feel like you’re jumping the gun in blaming Marco.

      Who I will blame, though, are the courts and police for letting this asshole walk free after REPEATEDLY breaching the AVOs (I take it they’re like restraining orders in the US?) His ass should have been in jail, especially if the last breach was only 10 days before he kidnapped his kid.

      1. Skye Belle Matilda Brand

        AVO = Apprehended Violence Order & they’re notoriously hard to enforce. If someone wants to assault their ex, a court order isn’t going to stop them.

      2. There’s no mention of Mama Mifsud so I presume she’s not in the picture or has died or something.
        AVO’s don’t do shit here in Aus. They’re like restraining orders but the courts won’t enforce them until the victim is seriously injured or killed.

        1. Oh, so they’re restraining orders then. Yes, like Skye said below they’re difficult to enforce anyway, you’d think it would just be easier to just keep the fucker locked up.

    2. That is a relief that the baby has been returned. Sounds so wrong, but that baby is extremely cute, and I was going to cry if he had been killed. Though I cry at a lot of these stories. I should stop reading this stuff.

      On the the other hand his grandfather doesn’t look quite “right”. Could explain a lot.

    3. Im so happy he was found safe and sound! I have thought about this little guy all day!

  5. It takes a big man to kidnap a baby at gunpoint and punch a little girl in the face. I’m just sorry there aren’t any predators larger than dingoes to pick his bones. Although you guys do have some nasty poisonous animals…

  6. What a fucking hero this asshat is… oops, meant ZERO!!!

  7. Still no sign of the predatory penis. It might just be better for all involved if he quietly hanged himself from a tree.

    1. I approve this message.

  8. Casey Mifsud reveals details of her abduction. The predatory penis threatened to kill his own baby son. He’d ask her questions and then when she’d answer, he’d punch her in the face and slam her head against the car window. What the fuck would that achieve?! This idiot sounds like a complete nutcase!!

    Police again warn the public that he’s armed and to not approach him. Instead call 000.


    Baby Zhaiden is being cared for in an undisclosed location for his own safety. I don’t blame the authorities. His 16 year old mum laid down with a dog and got fleas, his sperm donor likes to groom young girls and knock them up (plus he threatened to kill his son), and his grandfather lets a pervert hang around his little girl. It’s completely insane!!

    Again, if you see Steven Hume, do not approach him. Call 000.

  10. I’m using a sperm donor to get pregnant. Can’t we find a different term for these degenerate human beings? It’s making the ACTUAL sperm donors look bad who are out there helping me achieve my dream of having a kid.

    1. We use the term “sperm donor” because that’s all that this defect has done toward raising his kid – simply providing the sperm to make the kid. Nothing more.

      1. No, I get that. But sperm donors aren’t bad. So, why should we associate them with these horrible people and give the term that evil connotation?
        It’s like calling someone retarded because they’re dumb. That’s insulting to all of the people out there who have Down’s Syndrome. Using sperm donors like that is insulting to all the actual sperm donors (and those of us using them).
        Surely, there’s a term that we can use for these people that make them even MORE worthless than calling them a sperm donor. Sperm donors actually contribute to society….

      2. Honestly, a sperm “donor” implies some level of philanthropy. The guy was kind enough to “donate” his sperm so a woman could have a child. Which is probably not the case. We all know he was just looking to get off, and the kid was — from his perspective — an unfortunate consequence. So aside from insulting the sperm donor industry, I think that’s probably giving these guys too much credit, anyway.

        1. how about… sperm flinger?

  11. The predator penis claims he’s “innocent” and that it was the girl who texted him. Oh so the baby threatened himself with a knife and drove himself to Bargo? I’d call this idiot a tool, but even tools have some use.

    hopefully he’s lost in the bush… maybe the animals will take care of this vermin since the law seems bent on letting him continue the abuse…

    1. His sister seems to be in contact with him. Why doesn’t she get him to meet up with her and then the cops can swoop in.
      Lots of kangaroos in the southern highlands, perhaps he’ll meet a big buck one that will disembowel him.

      1. This made me happy – that just might be wrong… but it doesn’t feel wrong! 😉

  13. Aussie, I really enjoy your articles but I am puzzled as to why you are going to town on granddad in this one? It is entirely possible his dd did not reveal her boyfriend’s age when he came on the scene and looking at the photos, the pathetic excuse for a father could easily pass for 18.

    1. When I was 16 I had a 22 year old boyfriend. My parents were cautiously accepting (16 is the age of consent in my home country) although I gather my step dad had a little “chat” with him when I wasn’t around about making sure he treated me right if he didn’t want to find his teeth relocated to his windpipe. Fortunately he turned out to be a decent, hardworking and relatively normal bloke and as far as first serious boyfriends go I probably couldn’t have asked for much better. I imagine this is what can happen when it goes the other way. Judging by the AVO’s against him it seems someone was making attempts to keep him away from her.

    2. If he were more proactive in keeping tabs on his daughter, she probably wouldn’t have been in this mess. This dropkick must have been giving off signs that he was no bloody good and Dad should have done more about it before his only daughter became knocked up to this defect.

      1. I think that’s pretty rough Aussie. You have no idea how involved Dad was. Teenagers are a handful. As someone with no children it is a big call to be judging how others parent and really irrelevant to the issue.

        1. All that I know is that my parents would have found it completely unacceptable if they found out I was hanging around someone far too old and unsuitable for me.

          1. I could only date boys that were less than exactly two years older than me. And I mean EXACTLY two years. I met a boy when I was 16 that was two years and 8 days older than me and I was NOT allowed to date him… But Moms was a bit strict. It kept both my sister and me out of trouble though!

    3. Skye Belle Matilda Brand

      Personally I think that if your 16 year old daughter comes home with a 24 year old man then you drop $200 on a private investigator to do a bit of digging around & see what pops up…if nothing is dug up then there’s probably not much you can do considering that a 16 year old can leave home legally. Maybe watch them & insist that dates be in groups & absolutely no sleep overs & no alone time unless it’s in the living room.

      Let’s face it, we all remember been teenagers & I remember being that age & knowing “my rights under the law” & I’m sure I let Mum know all about them when it suited me! I’m sure if I had br

      1. Skye Belle Matilda Brand

        brought a guy 8 years my senior home that Mum & my step-Dad would have been quietly watching over us & making sure all was right. I also know that if I had wanted to have sex there’s nothing they could have done to stop me.

  14. The predatory penis will be defending charges of kidnapping, sex with a child under 16 (statutory rape) and breaching an AVO via text messages. He appeared briefly in court via video uplink.

    Hey, chickenshit chimo. How about facing up to what you did in court, in person? Instead of getting your sister to do your dirty work by dropping the baby off at the cop shop and you running away like a scared little boy?

  15. Just reading through some of the comments – I think some are coming down pretty hard on her Dad. I’m fairly certain Casey had met this bloke through her mum, as her mother is friends with his friends and family going by her Facebook.
    Unfortunately l think her mum was more than likely the bad influence on her daughter. The mums facebook page paints a pretty tortured soul who’s life seems to bounce from one drama to the other on a daily basis – where what man she has in her life is more important than her own children. At a glance the Mother I would be guessing she has substance abuse issues
    I think the girls Dad was genuinely trying to protect his Daughter and keep the ratbag away from her.

    1. From what the news articles have said, Casey was living with her Dad at the time, so he would have had more opportunities to undo the bad influence from the mum. The fact that he supported her having a baby to this dropkick at 15/16 (instead of driving her to the nearest abortion clinic poste haste) speaks volumes.

      1. Well I’m not sure if the Dad was even on the scene when she got pregnant. From all the information I can find through the families facebook pages – Casey was living in Campbelltown, where her mum lives and the boyfriend – up until earlier this year. She moved in with her Dad probably around the same time she took the intervention orders out on the ex, which was in April. The Dad and her were living in Chester Hill about 45kms away from Campbelltown.. So it may be that dad wasn’t even around at the time she got pregnant (sometime early 2012).Just saying…maybe you need to look at the people involved and their facebook “history” to get a better understanding of the situation.

  16. RATBAGS Mum’s post today……Can’t say I feel sorry for her…didn’t she teach her son not to hit girls….BAD PARENTING AT IT’S BEST!!!

    2 hours ago via mobile
    “What To do today ? Get my hair n nails done ! No I’m off to the jail wot fun”

  17. Apparently Casey is dropping most charges – only proceeding with Breach of AVO and Common assault charge…..cops should bring their on charges against the looser…there are grown woman who stay in abusive relationships, who should know better…she’s just a fuckin kid….

    1. This is why Australian laws need to be changed so that it’s impossible to drop rape charges or domestic violence charges (with irrefutable proof of course). They have proof that he stat-raped her (baby), so she can’t drop that charge. Her father would be the one instigating the charges because she’s still a minor.

      1. Yeah I’m not sure about her being classified as a minor. A number of years ago I was having trouble with my daughter (16) who was in Luv!! with a similar type ratbag…it didn’t matter what we did as her parents to try to keep them apart, she’d sneak out, resort to cutting at her wrist when we wouldn’t let her out go out….short of chaining her up in the house – we felt powerless to stop them finding ways to see each other.. .one night she ran away – to go live with him….when I called the police – the arseholes, told me they couldn’t do jack shit as she was of “Legal Age”…what the FK!!…so yeah don’t think Daddy gets a say in what this prick is charged with and try convincing a 16 year old who is scared out of her wits to go the full slog with all the charges would be hard

        1. They can still do the stat rape, but he assaulted her and took the baby so she’d be more inclined to charge him since he threatened her life and that of her baby.

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