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Baby Toni dies from being bound and gagged

Couple ‘killed daughter, 1, after strapping her in a car seat for 15 hours with a blanket stuffed in her mouth to keep her from crying’

Warrants reveal details of toddler’s death by suffocation

Thanks go to Lucy on this one.

A tiny baby girl by the name of Toni Maurie Gwynn (17 months) is dead. Her breeders, Antonio and Heather (from now on, known as Heifer) Gwynn (both 22) stand accused of killing her by strapping her into a car seat and shoving a blanket into her mouth to stifle her cries.

The sperm flinger Antonio Gwynn

Heather (Heifer) Gwynn obviously hasn’t missed a meal.

The mismatched couple allegedly strapped little Toni into her car seat, at their Eden NC home, and left her there for 15 hours without food or water. Sometime during those 15 hours, Toni’s DNA splatterer strode in and stuffed a blanket into the tiny girl’s mouth in order to muffle her crying. Gee, dickhead, did you ever try unstrapping her from the car seat and giving her something to eat and drink? Then putting her to bed in her own bed (not a car seat)? What on earth were they doing for 15 hours straight anyway? Some say they were making more victims. Yuck.

Anyhoo, baby Toni was found unconscious the next day. Her DNA donors rang paramedics and cooked up some lame excuse as to why she wasn’t breathing. Sadly, Toni gained her angel wings shortly after arriving at Morehead Memorial Hospital.

The fat heifer’s parents, Chris and Sue Paul, explained that they tried to help out, they knew that Toni and her two siblings (aged 5 and 5 months) were being abused and they’d made phone call after phone call to Social Services but to no avail. They recounted that last Christmas, they brought over some presents for the kids, so that they could actually have a Christmas, but Heifer more or less slammed the door in their faces. Chris further added that he thought she knew if he and Sue saw how bad things were at their house, that they wouldn’t have put up with it. Heifer had distanced herself from her parents, probably so that she could abuse her kids to her cholesterol-encrusted heart’s content.

Some more fat ugly heiferness. Fat Heifer cries at being caught.

Heifer’s neighbours, surprise surprise, knew all about the abuse and only now have come out about it!! One neighbour, Tina Rogers, knew that things weren’t right at the Gwynns’, yet she remained silent!  She lamented that if they needed help, they could have come to her. No, bitch. You see, you become proactive about these things. If you see something, you say something! You don’t wait for them to admit that they need help. They probably enjoyed abusing their children and didn’t see anything wrong with it. Also according to this stupid bitch, Antonio was beating on Heifer and her screams could be heard throughout the neighbourhood. Yet Tina Rogers remained silent, and now Toni’s blood is on her hands.

While authorities were investigating, Heifer and Antonio mysterious up and moved house! Why the rush, Heifer? They also failed to turn up to a Social Services meeting. Cops later found them hiding out in a relative’s trailer and charged Antonio with felony child abuse and second degree murder, and Heifer with felony child abuse. No word on whether the trailer-owning relative was charged with aiding and abetting, but personally I would have welcomed these two with open arms, made sure they were settled in nicely, lock the door and then burn the trailer to the ground in the middle of the night. Then collect the insurance money. Bail has been set for $1 million for Heifer and $3 million for Antonio. Toni’s siblings are in the care of Social Services, but an aunt has come forward to claim them. So 3 kids aged 5, 17 months and 5 months. All at the age of 22. Contraceptives, anyone? Personally I can’t believe someone had sex with THAT 3 times. Heifer should have just sat on her husband and suffocated/crushed him if she was sick of him hitting her.

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  1. Oh my god, these sick fucks. Why?

    And the neighbors, holy shit. Not a single one called the police when they heard the incubator screaming? Not one bothered to report that there were children being abused? I shouldn’t be surprised since this did all happen in NC but… shit. I’m speechless. This is what happens when we tell people to mind their own business and “don’t judge.” This is what fucking happens.

  2. How do you see that gorgeous little face of hers and turn around and do something this fucking evil? Her sweet, funny face would have melted my heart every time I even thought about being cross with her, let alone acting out violently towards her. Damn I just hate people sometimes!

    1. That’s because you’re not a vile animal that needs to be put down with a bolt gun. Like these two.

  3. What the fuck is wrong with these neighbors?! If you hear somebody screaming, call the fucking police!

    1. I hope someone is looking into the welfare of their children as well. They sound like they’re too stupid to have kids.

  4. Put them in an old refrigerator and nail the door shut.

  5. I said the cow looks like she was built to be this douche’s punching bag.

  6. These people are truly awful, but why the weight shaming? The author spent more time on how fat the mom was than anything else. Fat is not abusive. Fat shaming the woman when there is so much else you could say about her lowers the credibility of the sight.

    1. This site doesn’t post pictures of random overweight people and “shame” them, as you put it. But if someone abuses children, it’s open season on every aspect of their character and appearance.

    2. She is fat while her toddler went hungry for 15 hours before suffocating to DEATH.

      I hate the word “fat-shaming”. It’s unhealthy to be fat. And those of you that use that term are probably the ones who stuff themselves full of junk, haven’t touched a piece of exercise equipment in years and then say that they have a hormonal problem.

      1. My Mom’s side of the family tends to have weight problems, but we’re fine with pointing out that a scummy human is a fat fuck. These pieces of shit deserves to be insulted because of what they did to that child!

      2. Skye Belle Matilda Brand

        I use the term fat-shaming when it’s warranted because there is absolutely a culture of descrimination against overweight people.

        Yes, obesity is unhealthy, but so are half the things most people do but for some reason it’s only OK to pick on smokers & fatties.

        I do think that too much focus is put on the appearance of the abusers lately which can take the focus off the victim(s).

      3. Nope, no hormonal problem. I’m a hefty 180 at 5’2″ and know exactly how I got that way. I also work with disadvantaged kids and do yoga. That’s not the point. The point is that I find the focus on weight to detract from the issue, the child. The father was just as culpable, but relatively little was said about him. I have a problem with that.

        1. That vile whore let her baby die. She didn’t stop her idiot snatch warmer from stuffing a blanket in Toni’s mouth. She didn’t go and free her little girl. There is also focus on the apathetic neighbours who wouldn’t call the police even though screaming could be heard all over the ‘hood.

      4. Exactly. Bet she ate while she let her baby go hungry scared and alone. You can call her whatever the fuck you want. I love seeing people dis your writing while they obviously come back over and over to read it. And she’s the mother! Sorry but I expect more from moms even if it may not be right IMO they should be held more responsible. She made the choice to have that baby. Men don’t get a choice when a woman gets pregnant but if she didn’t want that baby she didn’t have to have it.

    3. I’m sorry but I agree that the ‘fat-shaming’ is ridiculous. you didn’t call the father a nigger. why? because its widely accepted as a vulgar insulting term to describe a whole group of people. yes, I’m fat. yes, I could lose weight. that doesn’t give anyone the right to treat me or any other overweight person like second class citizens. the death of this child is horrific! by focusing on the mothers moderate weight problem you detracted from the fact that she’s a hideous, murdering breeding machine.

      1. Being black is not a choice. Being gay is not a choice. Being fat, outside of a thyroid/hormonal problem which is rarer than what people make out, is commonly a choice. Inaction and inability to change your ways is a choice.

        We’re treating this sow as a second class citizen because she killed her baby. It just so happens that she’s a fat pig too. It’s open season.

        1. given your hostile nature towards overweight people I have to assume you’re a toothpick. enjoy your good genes may they never fail you. I’m going to go stuff my fat face

          1. I have disdain for the fat bitch up there who let her baby go hungry (before she was suffocated to death), while she is an unhealthy weight and was probably stuffing her fat gob while her baby screamed.
            Funnily enough, you want to draw attention to the fact that I used the descriptive word of FAT to describe this bitch, instead of the fact that she let her baby die.

            We don’t just call out abusers for being too fat. Check out our archives on meth (which makes people scary thin).

          2. I have to disagree that her weight has nothing to do with what she allowed to happen to that beautiful baby girl. She’s CLEARLY an insecure man pleaser. She let this dicksack do whatever he wanted to just to keep his disgusting ass around. Her obesity led to insecurity which led eventually to her baby girl being dead. And this is coming from someone that 5 years ago today weighed 80+ pounds more than I do today. Mine truly was a medical issue (juvenile pernicious anemia, un-diagnosed for almost 30 years) but I still had to do the incredibly hard work of getting that shit off of my body once it was finally discovered. If I want to call some baby killing whale a fat-fucking-disgusting-piece-of-excrement than well, I kind of feel like I earned the right. You might not get the point, but most of us on here do. We don’t look at all large people as obscene drains on society – just the ones that have a hand in their kids no longer breathing…

  7. Know what? While I am against name calling for the way someone looks, I am all for it when they have abused and or killed a child. All bets are off and like one poster said, it’s open season for that fat fuck and dufus looking dickwad who has to make himself feel manly by beating the mother of his kids and killing his daughter. Both of them are horrible stupid monsters!!!! I hope they both are forcefully sterilized!!!!

    1. I think that being overweight speaks volumes. It shows you don’t give a damn about your health. Doesn’t mean you are a killer or a bad person but it does show how you are in some respects.

      1. its none of your damn business whether ppl care about their OWN health or not. how dare you or anyone else presume to know anything about ANYONE based on their outward appearance. do you smoke, drink, drive fast, color your hair, get your nails done or any one of a hundred things that are detrimental to ones health? I’m sure you do. yet you stand in judgement of people based on their weight? really? get a life!

        1. We stand in judgement of this fat cow because she killed her baby. It just so happens that she’s morbidly obese too. It’s a widely known fact that being obese is unhealthy. Killing children is bad too.

  8. Did I seriously just read people talking about “fat-shaming”?
    Wait, let me blink about 100 more times to see if I read that right.
    Yup, I did.
    We ALWAYS use whatever is available either from photos, mug shots, FB, you name it. She happens to be a fat woman. Gross. what that generally means is that she didn’t have the wherewithall to take care of her self. She kept having kid after kid and killed one. She should rot. Maybe in jail when she can’t eat Hostess every day, she wont look like a manatee impersonating a woman.
    Look at the picture of her daughter. That baby looks frail and thin. Probably because MOM ATE EVERYTHING POSSIBLE!
    Unless you have a genetic issue, you know how you became overweight. That’s on, not me or anyone else.
    THAT FUCK TWATZILLA and her nappy man killed their child. END OF STORY.

  9. I completely understand that we hate these two individuals for being wastes of human beings but the fat-shaming and what’s with the “mismatched” comment right at the beginning of this article? So, let me guess… The fact that she’s fat and the fact that they aren’t the same race is what led to that beautiful baby’s death? R u kidding me?

    1. I think the “mismatched” referred only to their respective sizes… damn people are reading a lot into this one that isn’t there. Read other articles posted by the same author, there are no significant differences here comparatively. I don’t know why everyone suddenly cares about the descriptives being used, but I think folks are taking this one too hard, that’s me and my humble opinion for you.

      1. Mismatched also, I think, because if you read the articles you have a young woman whose family were trying to reach out to her and her child and help, presumably therefore a loving family or some sort, while her choice of “family” situation was with a man who apparently had her beat and cowed. I know what it’s like to be in a relationship like that but when there is a small child involved you HAVE to get your head out of your ass even if only for a minute and say mom, I don’t care what happens to me but please take my kid and make sure she’s OK. You HAVE to look out for the child.

        1. B.S. If they knew the child was being abused they would have done more.

          1. You mean her family? Oh yeah, I totally agree with you there. I can never understand family and friends and neighbours who say they knew something was going on but didn’t do anything. I just meant their backgrounds seemed so different.

    2. Because these articles are written by people who are free to voice their opinions(usually angry due to an unnecessary death of an innocent). It’s their built up anger at these people. These two ARE a mismatched couple, they don’t look like they would be together.

      1. “look like they would be together” ??? Again…. why? because of the race? are couples supposed to look alike or something? spare me. please.

        1. Are you friends with these people or something? You are grasping at stuff here that doesn’t exist. I think they look mismatched too. People think my boyfriend and I are mismatched looking, and we are. I look like the girl that grew up in the affluent suburbs of Portland Oregon, and I am. He looks like a tatted up hard-core ex Special Operations Army Ranger from the tough side of the tracks, also from Portland, and he is. SO THE FUCK WHAT??? Don’t waste your energy getting your panties in a wad over phraseology for cryin’ out loud.

        2. How about the fact he was beating on her? That’s pretty mismatched to me.

    3. The “fat shaming” is entirely justified. She did not feed her baby for 15 hours. An entire day with no food. Yet she’s obviously not in the habit of skipping so much as a snack. It’s not that she’s fat. Who cares. It’s that she’s fat and starved her child. THAT deserves maximum shaming.

  10. I wish we could mandate immediate sterilization to anyone that abuse a child even once. sexually or otherwise

    1. that would be fantastic. then they could go ahead and do anything they want and no children would be harmed in the process.

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