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Brave boy calls the cops on drink-driving, dumbarse Dad

Boy calls 911 from drunk dad’s speeding car

Boy, 10, calls 911, says father driving drunk, he might jump

Terrified son in backseat calls 911 on stoned dad, seconds later the car crashes, injuring him and his big sister

Drunk and drugged dumbarse Owen Gilman faces court.

A very brave 10 year old boy from Connecticut didn’t hesitate to blow the whistle on his bad dad’s stupidity when he dialled 911, moments before his drunken dad flipped and crashed his car into a ditch.

According to news sources, Owen Gilman (49) was drunk out of his mind and had partaken in a little bit of the ol’ Mary Jane before getting behind the wheel of his Jeep, with his 10 year old son and 12 year old daughter in tow. The brave boy feared for his life, telling the cops that he and his sister considered jumping out of the car because it would be safer than staying and being in a crash. Moments after the boy rang 911, the car, which was hurtling along the highway at a dangerous speed, crashed into a Jeep and pushed it into a ditch.

Unfortunately the drunken daddy wasn’t injured (doesn’t that always seem to be the way?), but fortunately the brave boy and his sister suffered only bruising and lacerations. The driver of the Jeep is in a fair condition at a local hospital. Drunken daddy failed a breath test and was subsequently arrested. He has been charged with driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol, possession of drug paraphernalia, possession of a controlled substance, assault with a motor vehicle and more drugs charges. A baggie of pot was found in plain view in drunken/drugged daddy’s car.

Owen Gilman was being held on $35,000 bond until his parents came along and posted his bail for him. They also supported him in court when the judge slammed his actions. WTF? This dickhead nearly killed their grandchildren and they’re covering up his wrongdoings, posting his bail and supporting him in court! If there is a next time, which will be likely if he’s still allowed to see them, he may very well kill them! Give Mum sole custody of the kids and get this bastard away from them. He can go crawling back to his own Mummy and Daddy and they’ll tell him what an evil witch she is for keeping “his” kids away from him.

How much do you wanna bet that this bad dad will have the gall to punish his son for calling the cops on him?

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  1. This kid deserves a high five and a hug. Not everyone could be this brave.

  2. If I pulled a stunt like that with my daughter in the car my parents would be on the next plane to New York to personally beat the snot out of me, not bailing me out of jail.

    I’m not normally down with younger kids having access to cell phones but in this case I’m glad this lad did and kudos to him for being able to stand up for right against wrong even if it was his own dad. He could quite possibly have saved his and his sister’s lives.

    1. If I was ever stupid enough to drink and drive, killing myself would be the LEAST of my worries when my Mum finds out about it.

  3. I saw this on the news a few days ago! If my mom pulled a stunt like that, my Meme and Pepe (grandma and grandpa) would go apeshit! Those 2 children were very brave and did the right thing by calling 911.

  4. Why are his pants all wet? Did he piss himself or spill his open beer? Sheesh where were his parents when he needed someone to keep the kids while he partied? And what a great message to give your grand kids by bailing his worthless ass out of jail.

    1. That is a massive crotch stain up there, maybe it was both.

  5. Not surprised his mommy and daddy came to his rescue, they probably have been doing it all his life. why else would a 49 year old think it is acceptable to drink & drive and use illegal drugs around his children? (This is why i am not in favor of ALL grandparents getting custody of their grandkids if the kids can’t stay with their bio-parents. )

    1. Yep, in this case, it looks like the apple didn’t drop far from the tree. But it looks like the dumbfuck gene skipped a generation, with that kid being brave enough to save himself and his sister.

  6. Skye Belle Matilda Brand

    I love this story…this kid is a champion!

  7. OMG. How can you do that with your child/ren in the car?? How can any adult put drinking/drugs as more important than their children??? I’m just floored that any parent would choose that over their child.

  8. Why drunks survive accidents–what I’ve heard is, they’re relaxed (because they’re clueless about what’s happening) at the time of the collision. If you’re tensed up when you’re about to hit something, you’re more likely to be more seriously injured.
    I know, doesn’t seem fair.

    1. That wouldn’t surprise me. In my misspent youth I once fell drunk down a flight of 15 concrete steps and landed upside down on a stone floor. The people I was with were ready to call an ambulance but I had nothing worse than a couple of minor bruises to show for it.

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