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Sydney mum drinks and drives, attacks cops – all while her kid watches

Sydney school-run mum faces charges of drink-driving and attacking police officer

Sydney school mum ‘bit, kicked, scratched cops’

Sydney woman ‘bit police after drink-driving arrest’

Thanks to Peter for the tip on this one.

A Sydney mum goes to pick up her child from school. No big deal right? Just another afternoon school run, children laughing and playing, mums chattering. Except for this mum (37), who was drunk as a skunk when she came to pick up her little ‘un, and then crashed into several other vehicles at around 3.15pm, August 1st. Police showed up and gave her a breath-test, which showed that she had a blood alcohol concentration of 0.335, which more than six times the legal alcohol limit in NSW (the legal limit is 0.05). When the police went to arrest her, she allegedly lashed out at them, kicking and biting and scratching them. The drunken cow probably blamed the police for her being drunk while picking up her kid. She was taken to hospital for blood and alcohol tests, and then to Sutherland Police Station to be charged with driving under the influence, negligent driving and six counts of assaulting a police officer. She will face court on August 15.

In all the midst of this bitch’s buffoonery, her kid was witnessing her poor behaviour. The poor kid had to be cared for by teachers until his dad showed up to collect him. Imagine the embarrassment and humiliation this child suffered, because their mum was too selfish to stay sober enough to come and collect them safely.

How did she even get that drunk so early in the afternoon? Did she spend all day in a bar instead of going to work? Down a few tinnies while she was doing the vacuuming or the dusting? Who knows? Hopefully Dad can get full custody of the kid so that they can grow up away from that toxic environment.

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  1. Way to go, Mom. Great example to set for your kid there.

  2. Is Australia anything like the US where moms are given custody of children regardless of how incompetent/stupid they are, because dads can’t possibly ever be competent parents on their own?

    1. Usually. Mum has to majorly fuck up for Dad to have to take over. But then on the flip side, judges can mandate access to fathers who may not necessarily be good to their children.

      1. Yep, that happens here too. I worked with a lady for a long time who was fighting court-ordered access which bound her to take her children to see their father who was in jail. Neither of the children wanted to go, mom didn’t want to take her children to a jail, and the younger one was downright scared of the father. The court ultimately ruled in the father’s favor and it all ended up a big mess when the little one just flat out refused to go. When a court orders an experience for a young kid which scares and upsets them I really don’t believe they are acting “in the best interests of the child”.

    2. Skye Belle Matilda Brand

      Blood Vows is a good book to read. It’s a true story about a woman who managed to get herself & her kids away from an abusive husband who later murdered his second wife & their child. She speaks at some length about the failings of family law courts & their insistence that the rights of the parents are more important than the safety of the children.

      1. Oh yes, isn’t that the one about Joy Cummings’ daughter?

        1. Skye Belle Matilda Brand

          Yes. Sarah Winters’ (the actress) mother. It’s a fascinating story. I heard her speak at a fundraiser a few years ago & it’s a pretty harrowing story when it’s told face to face.

  3. Dumb bitch – doesn’t she know that Valium is “Mommy’s Little Helper?” No nasty stale alcohol smell that way. Sheesh, I gotta tell everyone everything? (***couldn’t find that darn sarcasm font again!***)

  4. In a recent custody case the judge said”We all know that mothers care for their kids better than Fathers”.
    Sums up the belief of the childrens welfare dept as well.
    Why bother investigating , just sit on the fence.

  5. Such example you are all displaying with your colourful language! You judge others with such inappropriate language, one would hope that YOU ALL don’t speak like that in front of your children or anyone else’s. as you are all sooooooo perfect!!!! NOT

    1. I don’t have children. Nor do I drink and drive. So…
      Fuck off.

    2. Funny thing that, by some major effort of will I always manage to not do my grown up things like cursing, drinking and having sex in front of my daughter. ‘Cause you know, that’s what responsible parents do.

    3. Get back under your bridge, troll!

    4. I believe you are all fucked! You all sit there judging because your all perfect aren’t you? Do any if you stop to think why someone would get themselves into a situation like this. The reasoning behind such behaviour. I know of someone who had been in a similar situation and it was due to post traumatic stress. That person was under going treatment for this which was caused by a gang rape which over a decade later they find the the offenders through DNA. The stress of reliving the event as the trial took a couple of years to conclude took a toll. So maybe think before u make comment in the way of judgement! Remember one of your kids, family or friend could or will be in a compromising situation one day!

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