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“It was self-defence”

Vic man killed partner’s son, court told

Remains have been found at the home of the stepfather of missing teenager Gary Adams

Murder charge ends mother’s agony of doubt

Melbourne monster John Xypolitos (57) has pleaded not guilty to murdering and dismembering his 17 year old stepson Gary Adams on December 5, 2003. The court has heard that Xypolitos hit Gary in the head two or three times with a hammer, then placed his body in a paddling pool. He then casually went into the kitchen and prepared dinner. The next day, after Gary’s mum Joanne Adams left for work, Xypolitos proceeded to dismember Gary’s body with a hacksaw. The prosecutor alleges that Xypolitos then bagged up various parts of Gary’s body and proceeded to distribute them around several dump sites in the Melbourne area. He then left the rest of Gary’s body in the backyard of his parents’ house in Hughesdale, where police later discovered the boy’s bones. Oh, how lovely. So that his parents can see what a rotten scoundrel and murderous bastard their son has become.

Police excavate the backyard in search of Gary’s body

Xypolitos had the gall to plead not guilty to the charges of murder, claiming he killed Gary in “self-defence”, after the boy lunged at him with a screwdriver. However, the judge and jury are likely to sway the other way. You see, dear readers, evidence pointed to the fact that Gary and his stepfucker had a somewhat strained relationship. The steps he took in disposing of Gary’s body were calculated and deliberate, and not the actions of a man who was remorseful about accidentally killing his stepson while “defending” himself. He had been planning this for some time.

Joanne Adams was understandably heartbroken that her partner had killed her son. He had lied to her about her son’s whereabouts and discouraged her from calling the police. She did indeed call the police, 4 days later, when Xypolitos wasn’t home. Gary had left signs that he had indeed vanished rather quickly, such as leaving a plate of half-eaten food in his room and leaving behind a backpack that he took with him everywhere.

Joanne Adams is heartbroken over her son Gary’s murder

Xypolitos’ lawyer still maintains that he was defending himself. The trial continues.

Rest in Peace, Gary

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  1. What a piece of shit.

    I’m sorry, Gary.

  2. Um, hate to say it, but usually those who actually kill someone in real self-defense don’t chop of the body of the ‘aggressor’.

    Maybe someone should staple that hint to the defense lawyer’s head? Shessh, talk about an excuse pulled out of his ass.

    R.I.P Gary.

    1. More information has come out about what happened that day. Gary had returned home only briefly to tell his mum that he wouldn’t be home for dinner. How, in that brief period of time, could Gary antagonise Xypolitos enough to make him want to kill him? The lawyer is an idiot. He should be begging for a plea deal, because it’s undeniable that he set out to kill Gary.

  3. Xypolitos seemed cool, calm and collected after killing Gary. Not panicked or frightened like a man who thought he was going to die.

    The scummy lawyer even tried to blame Gary for antagonising Xypolitos by rebuffing his efforts to be a father figure. Well no shit, I sure as hell wouldn’t be pleased if some stranger that my mum hooked up with tried to replace my dad!!!

  4. Methinks the step-dick had some control issues… what a fucking piece of garbage!

  5. I’m Gary’s relative. John is not a monster, and the way this site has treated the last part of Gaz’s life is horrible. The “kill the witch!” attitude does not help the grief I feel. John will be punished, but he should not be judged as a person for the worst thing he has done. There IS more to this story than will ever be made public. We are better as people to open up to forgiveness than to bash a person for something they cannot change. I knew John before and after he killed Gaz, and I am certain that if he could change that event he would.

    1. With a relative like you, who needs an enemy?
      John Xypolitos is a murderer. He killed and dismembered your relative Gary. That is what monsters do.
      You’re disgusting. Joanne will never forgive this monster for killing her son. He doesn’t need forgiveness, he needs a bullet to the head.

    2. Oh and by the way, it’s really tacky to sleep with a relative’s ex. Just sayin’.

  6. This lili is not a relative to Gary, I think you might be a relative or friend to the piece of shit John and he is a monster.
    Go to the surpeme court website and listen to the video of sentencing or download the transcript, the only thing he is sorry about is that he got caught, bit of a shame you didn’t come to court when the covert video was played,
    What are talking about more to the story that the public will ever be made public tells us more, but be carefully what you say if it isn’t true, as I’m still dealing with solictors with things that John is doing and also message I have received from his friends, I’d be happy to add you if you like.
    Need to stop and face facts he is a cold blood killer,
    You cannot ask for forgiveness for the piece of shit, only Gary and God can do that, God give forgiveness when asked but he have to mean it and this piece of shit isn’t sorry
    Gary wasn’t called Gaz

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