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Another bad boyfriend beats toddler to death over girlfriend’s “maybe” affair

Brock Michael Powell beat toddler to death in bedroom, Supreme Court told

Court told SA toddler was beaten to death

Man beat and murdered 2yo after argument with toddler’s mother, court told

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And we’re back to the cricket. Work’s been cray-cray and I haven’t had time to sit down and blog for a while.

I’d like to start off this post by wondering why bad boyfriends take out their frustrations on their partner’s children. Do they get jealous of the attention the kid needs from their mum? I know I would. That’s why, for the time being, children are a dealbreaker for me. When it comes to the abuse of little boys at the hands of a dick-of-the-week, does the bad boyfriend have so much self-loathing that he sees the little boy as a mirror image of himself and then attacks him?

Brock Powell – bad boyfriend and baby beater

Brock Michael Powell (24) maybe had such issues. He allegedly thought that an acceptable target for his rage was his girlfriend’s 2 year old toddler BJ Williams. Unfortunately, poor little BJ didn’t survive the cowardly attack.

Latara Hunt couldn’t stop slutting around long enough to protect her baby.

The Adelaide Court has heard that BJ and his sister were being looked after by their grandmother while Powell, their mum Latara Hunt and a friend were out drinking and partying one night last January. Fair enough, they were being looked after by a trustworthy guardian. Powell, Latara and the kids were living in a granny flat on Grandma’s property at Melrose Park, just outside of Adelaide. When the couple came back, they collected BJ and his sister and put them to bed. Powell and Latara then laid down on Latara’s bed and Powell accused Latara of cheating on him. The prosecutor alleges that tempers flared as they began to argue. Powell became agitated, the argument got even more heated and Latara left the flat to try and calm down. It was then that Powell allegedly beat BJ.

Powell then went into the main house and woke Latara, saying that BJ wasn’t breathing. He then “attempted” CPR and called 000 before deciding that it would be quicker to take little BJ to hospital themselves. They took him to the Flinders Medical Centre, where he was later transferred to the Women and Children’s hospital. Little BJ’s life support was turned off the very next day. He never woke up.

Powell told his “version of events” to anyone with ears, including BJ’s family. He said that him and Latara had gone to bed, when he heard a thump and then heard BJ make a childlike noise, calling out in his sleep. Powell claimed he couldn’t see BJ and that when he went to look for him, he found him wedged between a wardrobe and the wall.

However, the prosecutor, being university-educated (while Powell probably only struggled to reach Year 9), said that Powell was full of shit. BJ’s injuries were consistent with being bashed, not getting stuck in a small space. BJ had brain injuries and extensive bruising around his face, torso and genital area. The pathologist who performed the autopsy on little BJ showed that the little boy had been hit at least 8 times.

Genital bruising. Why would a grown “man”, who knew the pain of being hit in the family jewels, turn around and do that to someone a tenth of his size? Remember what I said earlier about bad boyfriends taking out their self-loathing on their girlfriends’ sons? I think Powell saw BJ as a smaller mirror image of himself, and took out his rage and hatred of himself on the little boy. With the focus on the genital area, perhaps he has some sort of self-loathing sexual sado-masochism thing that he wanted to express to his inner self. Obviously there’s some serious psychological issues at play with Mr. Powell.

Back to the case, the prosecutor alleges that because of the bedding arrangements in the granny flat, plus the nature of the injuries that claimed BJ’s young life, that Powell’s story is simply not true.

The trial continues.

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  1. Skye Belle Matilda Brand

    Prison rape exists just for “men” like him.

    1. Yep, bitch boy up there is going to be passed around Brucie and his mates like tongs at a BBQ.

    2. I think I love you… I can feel the venom and snark in your post and it makes me happy…

  2. This may seem a bit extreme but I suggest Powells punishment should be the scene out of American History X where Edward Norton’s character curb-stomps the man who broke into his truck. It’s just a movie scene but It seems like an appropriate punishment for this creep

    1. Oh yes I like that idea! And would like to add last house on the left scene where the dad rigs the microwave to cook his brains from the inside out

      1. A fitting end for this coward.

    2. I was thinking his intestines should be wrapped around a rotisserie spit and roasted while slowly being pulled out of his body. But your idea is good too.

  3. So, if its an “alleged” affair, why are we slutting up the mom?
    On that note…Dude needs to die.

    1. Putting the wants of her man meat above the safety of her child warrants slutting up mum. The boy was 2, so real dad couldn’t have gone very far. She moved some random guy in with herself and her little boy, instead of focusing on the safety and needs of her son.

  4. So we don’t know if she was cheating or not when this happened. He needs to die, preferably death by beating..

  5. I’ve dated (briefly) a couple of guys who were so insanely jealous of the fact I had had other boyfriends in the past they couldn’t get over it, to the point where their anger that there had been others affected our lives horribly. Minor example, if I wore a piece of jewelry I had owned before the relationship they’d want to know who had bought it for me, and if it had been a boyfriend I’d have to lie and say it was from my mum or something or then next thing I’d know it would be broken or vanished. I can see someone with that kind of mentality extending the desire to destroy all reminders of their partners previous relationships to a child: and sadly it’s not that far a journey from emotional and verbal abuse to physical.

    Just a theory, mind. But does beg the question, if you can’t handle thinking about your partner having a previous relationship then why the hell hook up with a woman who has such a constant reminder.

    1. Thats what some animals do, like bears and lions.

    2. Skye Belle Matilda Brand

      If something happened to my hubby or if we split up I don’t think I could start seeing anyone else, at least not until my girls were old enough to fuck someone up if they tried anything.

      I think I’m pretty lucky as I have the best step-Dad in the world. We have a great relationship & I’ve never been made to feel like he cared about me any less than his own biological children but there are so many stories about not so happy step-parent relationships.

    3. Guys like that kill me, do they think that a woman has no life before he deigns to notice her. They’ll bed a woman in a heartbeat but they expect their girlfriends to have no past. I hope you ran as fast as you could from these sickos

      1. I know, right!?!
        Severe, irrational jealousy (aka delusional jealousy or morbid jealousy, depending on which psychiatric texts you’re reading) is endemic to all abusive men.
        It’s a disturbing and profound red-flag Preceeding abuse. It’s often misconstrued for deep, intimate feelings for that particular victim when it is, in fact, a constant neurosis that presents no matter who the abuser is with.

        Ill share some personal examples;
        My ex demanded access to all accounts and correspondence with others, fortifying his insanity by arguing, “what have you got to hide?” Or “I can’t help it, I’ve been cheated on before”… As if that excuses the constant dysfunction.

        He also demanded I not speak to anyone unless he was physically present and speakerphone was going, or that communication must be through accessible, readable means.

        He accused cordial interaction with others as flirting intended to hurt him. Because nothing screams “I want you” like a smile, eye contact, or handshake. Such cruel, pesky, evil come-ons, no?

        Wearing makeup, tweezing eyebrows, wearing nice, even modest clothes would have him hollering “who are you trying to look good for/seduce!?”

        He quit his job under some shitty, illegitimate pretense so he could be around me 24/7. Even so, if we had an argument and I wanted to walk it off or get away from him for a few minutes, he would scream “you just wanna go cheat on me!!!” He wouldn’t even loosen the leash in the house!

        He followed me from room to room, even the bathroom, because he was afraid I was trying to “sneak off” and call someone.

        I implore the women of the world; if your SO is like any of the aforementioned, RUN. there is nothing, absolutely nothing you can do–including absolute transparency–that will calm the accusatory beast. He is determined and fixed on an unfaithful spouse schema, even when it is irrefutably not possible.

        In the game of life, reality, reason, and sanity are NOT on his team, and never will be. I speak from experience. There was a time in my life where I deserved all the hate and vitriol of this site because I was in such deep denial about the threat at hand. I got lucky; my baby wasn’t attacked or worse before leaving, but it would’ve gotten to that point eventually and inevitably.

        Get out and away before his delusions show up on this site, featuring you and/or your kids. These kinds of men are the worst kind of time-bomb, and sometimes their explosions are spontaneous and unpredicted because he “kept it in check” till that point. No preexisting violence =/= indicator there will never be any violence in the future.

  6. I went to school and was a very good friend of this person and I still cant believe I used to hang around such a low life piece of crap I pray to god he gets the harshest punishment possible and gets what he deserves in prison!

    1. Glad you didn’t come here to defend this POS. A “man” who murders a baby is the lowest kind of yellow coward.

  7. God, the stories that these guys concoct to try and cover their asses are RIDICULOUS!

    1. I think my favourite (if such a word can be used to describe any of these situations) was the one where a young child had a badly bitten nose and the perp tried to claim the child had done it to himself.

      1. I would love to hear him explain how a person can bite his own nose.

    2. I love the “fell off the bed” excuse. Imagine if a child actually died from falling off the bed..? Kids are resilient and don’t get hurt easily.. My daughter has fallen off the bed, chairs, etc and never had anything more then a tiny bruise.

      Also how hard do you hit a child that it leaves marks or breaks bones? I have given my daughter a slap on the butt for something really bad (running into the street) and its never left a mark or hurt her. How hard do you have to hit someone to injure them? Obviously way more then is warranted with a child. EVER!

      1. When I was 3, I was jumping on the bed (naughty!), fell off and split the side of my face open. I only needed 2 stitches from that little episode and now have a slight scar next to my left ear. Falling off the bed will NOT kill a kid, and doctors, nurses, police and paramedics know this. It’s amazing that these ill-bred mutants seem to think that they know more than highly educated people.

        1. Not long after she started walking my little one took a flying leap down the hall and fell hard against a piece of loose baseboard which was sticking out from the wall. The bang as her head hit the wall was sickening, and so much blood! When they cleaned her up at the hospital all she had was a goose egg and such a little cut she didn’t even need stitches. I thought for sure she was seriously injured and they were going to call CPS on me and take her away from me… the nurse told me (while she was trying to calm me down!) they very rarely see a serious injury from a minor domestic incident like a trip or a fall in that age group.

        2. I thought I was, at 4 old enough to get my big wheel down 8 concrete stairs by myself. So I waited until my mom went to the bathroomand made a dash for the front door. I tumbled down 8 concrete stairs with a big wheel. I had a few bumps and bruises but was playing the very next day. If the concrete didn’t crack my skull, these abusers are hitting kids in a full fledged rage to be breaking bones and cracking heads. We are on earth with real live monsters.

      2. I have wondered myself how you could possibly hit someone, even a child, hard enough to break a bone, especially a major one. The only ideas I can come up with are too chilling to ponder for long, although sadly probably not far off the mark.

  8. What is it with some women where the latest dick is more important than your bastard child.

  9. Captain grumpy you might wanna shut ur mouth …bastard child…. That happens to be my cousin and has nothing to do with wether his mother was married or not !!! This little boy was beaten to death you have no idea as family what we have been thru go fuck yourself u asshole!!!

  10. Brock Powell has been sentenced to 21 years’ prison for the murder of BJ Williams. The pet penis still maintained his innocence, despite the overwhelming stack of evidence against him.

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