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Son shot for shoplifting

Dad shoots son after teen caught shoplifting

Correctional Officer Accused Of Shooting Son After Shoplifting Arrest

A prison guard from Queens allegedly shot his teenage son after he was busted shoplifting from a Home Depot in Long Island City. Quasaun Smalls (17) decided he needed some drill bits from Home Depot, but didn’t quite have the coin required for their purchase. So in his teenage wisdom, he used the ol’ 5 finger discount. This resulted in a desk appearance ticket and the po-po sent him on his merry way.

When Quasaun got home, his Daddy Dearest Robert Smalls (39) was beyond furious. Apparently Smalls thought his son should have gotten jail time for pinching a few drill bits, rather than just a ticket. A fight broke out, and Robert shot his son with a 9mm handgun. Neighbours say they heard yelling and a gunshot, but probably put it down to background noise associated with living in New York.

Dad called 911 himself (that’s something) and Quasaun was rushed to hospital in a stable condition. He’s expected to make a complete recovery. Dad was charged with felony assault and criminal possession of a weapon. I presume that means he was supposed to turn in his gun at the end of his shift at the jailhouse, and hadn’t.

It would have been a hell of a lot easier to march young Quasaun down to the Home Depot and apologise over the PA system for stealing merchandise, driving up the costs of the merchandise and causing the need to increase security at the shop.

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  1. Damn – and I thought my Mom was strict! At least she never brought her gun into the mix!

  2. they dont let you have guns inside jails or prisons in america
    so he prolly never registerd it he is gonna go to jail lots of states her have mandatory 2 year for illigal gun offences what a crazy piece o shit how the heck do you shoot your own child

    1. I thought prison guards had to carry guns in case of prisoner unrest? Only on the condition that they only use them in a life or death situation.
      I have a feeling this guy wanted his son out of the way – either by jail or by death.

      1. Yes, they do have to carry guns, at least where I live. Guns are only meant for life-or-death situations, period, if you carry them for law enforcement/corrections.

        1. Yes, money couriers carry guns here in Oz too. My understanding is that you have to turn them in at the end of your shift. Same with armed forces. A friend of mine has a boyfriend in the air force who only carries a pistol and has to check it in at the end of the working day.

          1. None of the prison/jail guards I know have to turn in their guns. But hey, my state is weird anyway.

  3. Skye Belle Matilda Brand

    Bloody hell! I remember being made to apologise & sweep shop floors every day after school for a week when my step-Mum caught me shoplifting a packet of grape Hubba Bubba when I was 8. (it was the 80s so no pesky OHS regulations). I thought I was so hard done by! At least she didn’t shoot me.

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