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Fla. Breeder dangles baby over balcony a la Michael Jackson

Aisha Jean Clark and a very inaccurate recreation of events.

Aisha Jean Clark and a very inaccurate recreation of events.

Instagram photo of woman dangling baby from balcony leads to arrest:

Instagram photo of woman dangling baby from balcony nets arrest:

Welcome to the Day Late and Dollar Short News. I’m your host Trench Reynolds. Tonight I post a story that happened last week. Oh wait, that’s every post I do just about.

Anyway some years ago I used to run a site called MyCrimeSpace. It detailed a lot of the crimes that were being perpetrated on social networking sites. I had a feature called the ‘Red Forman Dumbass Award’. It was awarded to anyone who would post evidence of their crimes on sites like MySpace and Facebook. It was named after the character Red Forman from the TV show ‘That 70s Show’. If you’re unfamiliar with Red here is some of his greatest hits.

I’ve tried to model my parenting after him and I’ve kind have been successful with it.

So for one night only I’ve resurrected Red to give one more award to Aisha Jean Clark of Tampa, Florida. Not only did she allegedly dangle her baby from a balcony that was 12 feet off of the ground but she also posted a photo of it to social photo sharing app Instagram.

Friends of hers who saw the picture called police and when police showed up at her doorstep they asked if she knew why they were there. She supposedly got her iPad and showed them the picture. Her defense is…

“I was mad and I was making a point. I can do what I want with my baby. Nobody can stop me.”

Except, you know, the police.

And like many social networking criminals at least one friend has defended her.

“She just made a mistake, man. She just made a big mistake. She didn’t know it was going to get her in trouble like this,” he said.

It’s not just a mistake when someone purposely dangles a baby from a balcony.

So for her criminal prowess Ms. Clark has been awarded the Red Forman Dumbass Award.

Red would dangle your ass from his foot.

Red would dangle your ass from his foot.

Thanks to all who sent in this tip.

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  1. She did it for a far different reason than MJ. Yes MJ was totally wrong but in his defence he was trying to show off the baby. This other is an idiot and put her baby in danger out of anger

    1. I can’t believe you wrote that! Michael Jackson gets a free ticket to be a psychotic asshole just because he’s Michael Jackson?
      You don’t get to dangle a baby off a balcony. EVER! FOR. ANY. REASON!
      Lots of celebrities have babies and those who are fame whores manage to show them off to the press without putting their little lives in danger.

    2. If he was showing off the baby, why is the baby’s face covered?

    3. Are you serious? And what if he dropped the baby?

  2. I despise, DESPISE, the “I can do what I want with my baby/kid” statement. IMHO, that statement ALONE should result in TPR (termination of parental rights). The perception of children as possessions rather than vulnerable people who need guidance and protection until they can manage themselves is at the heart of 90% of abuse. Ditto for animal abuse.
    Entitlement and selfishness, all of it.

  3. She looks like she might need a little anger management… nasty gash…

  4. If Red does dangle her ass off his foot, can he do it off a balcony about 30ft up? It takes a lot to kill off that kind of ugly.

  5. “Aisha Jean is not my lover…”

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