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Fla. Breeders planned to molest their kids before they were born

Sarah and Jonathan Adleta

Mom, dad planned child sex abuse before kids were born:

When I first read the story that tipster Famardy sent to me my first thought was ‘Holy shit’. Then it was ‘How does this fucking happen?’. Then I remembered what site I was writing for and not only is this not the first time one of us has posted a story like this sadly, it probably won’t be the last. I’ll do a quick as possible summary so I don’t make myself physically ill or lost another part of my soul.

Jonathan and Sarah Adleta have both been convicted in an Orlando, Florida federal courtroom of molesting their own children. When he knocked her up in 2008 he said that he would only marry her if he could have ‘daddy-daughter sex’ with their daughter after she was born. Not long after that he knocked her up again with a son and told her that she would have sex with their son. So why in God’s name would any woman actually go along with such a disgusting idea dreamt up by her idiot boyfriend?

…she initially struggled with the concept and thought Jonathan Adleta would lose interest in it.

But she loved him, needed his financial security and said she would do whatever it took to not lose him, she told jurors.

Are you fucking kidding me? There is no amount of financial security that would make me agree to something like that.

So yeah, they molested their kids. Click the link if you really need all the details but it gets worse.

They divorced, He then met Samantha Bryant on a dating website and molested her daughter after talking her into it too.

The girlfriend, 23-year-old Samantha Bryant — a Texas mother he met on a dating website — testified this week that she watched as Jonathan Adleta molested her daughter. On at least one occasion, she took pictures of the assault.

Sadly, there’s more.

He convinced his girlfriend and her kids to spend Christmas with him and his ex with all the kids together where he molested his own daughter again.

What fucking kind of Jedi mind trick was this idiot able to perform to convince not one but two women that it’s ok for him to rape their children? Not only that but he convinced his ex-wife to continue to molest their kids with another pedophile.

Jonathan Adleta suggested that his former wife should find another man to abuse their daughter so she would become comfortable with the sex acts, to prevent her from ‘freaking out” in the future.

During that time, Sarah Adleta was communicating with Aaron Dixon, a North Carolina man who was later arrested on child-sex charges in an unrelated case. She told jurors she performed sex acts on the children while Dixon watched via Skype.

Holy fucking shit. Could this story be any more fucked up? Thankfully, if I can use a term like that in this story, all involved have been brought to justice and Adelta himself is facing life in prison.

You know what would have happened if they weren’t caught as the kids got older. He’d probably worry one of the kids was going to tell their secret and get him busted. What would he do about his kids then? I shudder to think.

Child molestation and incest on this grand of a scale should be punishable by death. As far as I’m concerned scumbags like Adelta have withdrawn their basic human rights and should be killed in the most inhumane way possible.

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  1. I feel sick…. It’s beyond me how anyone could do such disgusting things to their own children, or allow such things to happen. I agree, this piece of filth should be put down immediately. Then again, the other inmates will probably do it for us once they find out what he’s in prison for.

    1. try interviewing the child victims… and then interviewing the ‘person of interest’… and maintaining a wall of calm that keeps you from reaching across the table or desk and strangling them…. that is an ultimate challenge to detachment The worst case I had to deal with is parents that actually trained their Boxers to ‘rape’ and that is the only term I can use, their 3 and 4 year olds… while they filmed it.. I think the man, at least, did die in prison.

  2. and of course our highly oversexed advertising has nothing to do with it, right??? really??????

    1. Over sex advertising??? Are you for real? I haven’t had sex with my children or anyone else’s. … reason or excuses justify these fucked up bastards!!

    2. Advertising is a powerful thing. A good ad campaign can give you a craving for pizza, coffee, bottled water, make you join a gym, buy those jeans, those shoes, start your Christmas shopping in July and shop all night on Thanksgiving lest you be late and miss out on the good deals. That said, there is no advertising in existence, oversexed or not, that will make an adult run right out and fuck a baby.

      1. viewed the recent Carl’s Jr. adverts? and the past ones…

        1. You wanted to have sex with a baby after watching a Carl’s Jr. ad? Seek help.

          1. Hardee’s for those of you east of the Mississippi. Damn, now I want Hardee’s.

        2. I don’t see any babies in them! I see skanky starlets…

    3. Advertising makes people rape little kids. Right…

    4. Look, I agree that some advertising definitely sexualizes children but ffs. This story has absolutely nothing to do with advertising and is about a group of people, who in my opinion, need a damned bullet between the eyes for thinking it was a ok to molest and sexually abuse their own kids for their own sick pleasure. Ads have nothing to do with this. No ads on tv about kids being oversexualized make me want to abuse children.

      1. it’s because advertising influences attitudes on so many other things than what hamburger or car is best… if you’ve never examined subliminal messages in advertising it wouldn’t make sense. There ARE university courses that would help you unscramble your concepts of what advertising is..

        1. Skye Belle Matilda Brand

          Which ads have subliminal messages urging people to rape babies?

        2. If you took your medication, you wouldn’t be getting “subliminal messages” from hamburger ads.

        3. “Subliminal messages” are just a bunch of poppyc*ck! I’ve watched ads my whole life and not one of them has encouraged me to harm a child.

    5. Skye Belle Matilda Brand

      YOU might be fucking retarded enough to watch an ad & think “gee, I feel like raping a baby” but most people aren’t that stupid. Go kill yourself.

      1. lovely responses… so non-violent… try actually being an interviewer for a few years… actually this is actually a ‘typical’ sort of classification. Yes, there have been humanoids who have children FOR the abuse of them as sexual objects. The next worse are the men who COURT women who have children so they can have access to the women’s children for sex… One reason I would warn women with children under the age of 18 to focus on being good parents and NOT to date. You dated enough to make a child… THAT should be the prime focus.. the child had no choice in being born to that parent despite new age woo-woo nonsense about people ‘choosing their parents’ twaddle. Now that you’ve had sex to produce a child THAT is your responsibility for the next 18 years… like it or not… despite the ‘gurus’ that say putting adult first over child needs… and this is one of the results of people who fail to be recognize child needs above their own.

        1. Skye Belle Matilda Brand

          Now THIS comment makes sense but what you posted before about this having something to do with advertising was hire retardedness! It’s a sad fact that predators seek out women who are weak or addicts in order to access their children.I am not an addict & I don’t think I’m weak but if something were to happen to DH or we split I can’t see myself welcoming a man into the lives of my children until they’re much older (late teens).

    6. This story has nothing to do with advertising. If you hear “voices” coming from your TV telling you to rape kids, please go suck on a tailpipe. Thanks.

    7. Right, it does not have anything to do with this. If you pried my eyes open and forced me to watch this filth, the only compulsion I would feel is to gouge my own eyes out. Never, ever, ever in a million years would I ever want to touch a child sexually. >gag<

    8. As for you, you’re not the sharpest knife in the drawer are you? Sexualized advertising and baby-raping have no correlation. Sick minds are sick minds, no amount of advertising is going to change that OR influence it. Time to change your focus…

      1. Not true… why else would they use it for advertising to get you to buy thing.. and I’m definitely smarter than you…worked with advertising agencies and as a degree in sociology and how to use it in influencing people. which is why I’m somewhat cynical about the over sexualizing of the western culture.

        1. There were pedophiles in Ancient Greece, long before TV and advertising were invented.
          Please explain how those pedophiles were slaves to sexual advertising.

          1. I believe the “explanation” may involve the Illuminati, Area 51, and the Kennedy assassination. Possibly the Bilderbergers and ley lines will be implicated as well.

        2. Honey, you couldn’t be smarter than me on your very best day, or my very worst. My IQ is 167. You’ve taken an idea and run FAR too far with it. Yes, kids have been somewhat sexualized, and I’m in no way in favor of it. But it has never CAUSED pedophilia. They were always going to do it anyway, no matter what that Baby Gap ad had to say!

          1. I noticed that she has yet to respond to your statement. It could be because she doesn’t understand complete sentences.

          2. Nice! And just what I needed to see after getting to work super late today. 😉 I agree though, throw something concrete at these extremists and they run like the idiotards they truly are.

        3. So what is your explanation for sexual deviants who existed before advertising? Enlighten me.

    9. Get thee to a psychiatrist. Or to a suicide booth.

      1. Very very funny…. I already am a therapist with a Criminology degree… cert to interview child victims of child abuse… so stop with the ignorant presuppositions… you only expose your own ignorance and ability to make poor judgements… retired from DA’s office as a child advocate…. which is why I AM qualified to make the observations of an oversexed society promoted by advertising moguls so they line their own pockets pandering to our preconscious dark sides.

        1. Just because you’re smart doesn’t mean you’re right.

          1. As a matter of fact I could conversely say that the internet is probably more to blame here since sickos like Adelta can find other sickos like him which gives them validation in their sick desires.

        2. From reading your other comments, are you suggesting that people have no control over any urge that pops into their head?
          In my 24 years of living on this planet, I have never once even had the notion of raping anyone, let alone a kid. And I watch more TV than what’s good for me.
          You may be educated (as am I) but I have seen even the most highly respected academics make asinine claims which were later discredited.
          Let’s use a little common sense here.

        3. Wouldn’t a victim of child abuse, by definition, almost always BE a child? Why would you say you are certified to interview “child victims of child abuse?”

    10. When someone starts making statements like “I’m definitely smarter than you” and boasting about her degrees and professional credentials, it’s a blinking neon sign telling me that I’m dealing with a prize buffoon and (almost invariably) a nitwit conspiracy theorist. I for one appreciate the clear warning label on your posts; it saves me the trouble of having to seriously consider anything else you might say. Thanks for that.

      (By the way, I gather that you were never required to pass English 101 in the course of obtaining the several degrees of which you boast. If you had, you might be aware that a capital letter goes at the beginning of a sentence. Another sign of falling standards in American education, I suppose).

  3. Girl looks dumb as a box of rocks…

      1. Oh my EYES!!! THEY BURN!!

  4. These are people who come under the heading of “Waste of Air.” I’m not in favour of inhumane killing, but I do think they have renounced their humanity and should be removed from the society of nice people. Permanently.

  5. It must be because he’s so smexy. His mother should have swallowed. Hell, ALL their mothers should have swallowed.

    1. Smexy, pfff. That bastard looks as mean as a snake. ewww.

  6. That is the most disgusting story I’ve ever read.

  7. She struggled with the decision to allow him to molest her child? How about the dumb bitch struggle with the pointed end of a sharp knife and fall on it?

    1. How the fuck does anyone struggle with a decision like that? It seems pretty simple to me…

    2. I’d like to see her struggling with a bungee cord around her neck… ten feet off the ground…

  8. The incubator looks like a petulant 8 year old. Burn the lot of them, it’s the only way to cleanse them.

    1. “The incubator looks like a petulant 8 year old.”

      I’m also getting a hint of Gollum. “We rapes the baby, yes Precious…”

  9. I don’t know about these bitches, but I’d rather go on welfare than let some sick fuck rape a baby. ANY baby, doesn’t have to be mine.

    But what do I know, right? I’m not a parent.

  10. Thanks for ruining my morning Trench.

    1. One bowl of cereal, coming up…

  11. “Thankfully, if I can use a term like that in this story…”

    I think we’ll be able to use it once he is gang-raped and beaten to death by the whole cell block, and once the female inmates claw her eyes out and drown her in a filthy toilet. Until then it has a bit of a hollow ring.

    I suppose we can be thankful that the kids aren’t dead…

  12. So let me get this straight… He was gone, away from their lives, and she instead went and found ANOTHER baby-raper? I don’t give a flying FUCK how dumb she is, that is NO excuse for letting people RAPE your children. She needs to die… all of the adults in this story need to die…

  13. Let’s lock these 2 oxygen thieves in a broom closet with a rabid badger that hasn’t eaten in days! Who in their right mind would allow a nasty shit to rape a baby?!

    1. That dumb skank up there would, she looks dumber than a box of rocks.

      1. Why you gotta insult rocks like that? 😉

        1. Lol I have a feeling rocks are more intelligent than her haha.

  14. i lol’d hard

    1. Sick fucker ain’t ya?

  15. I… The amount of insecurity here ABOUNDS… Does she have NO sense of personal identity outside of the man she’s with? I’m both sad for her (she appears to have no self confidence) and just.. floored that such a waste of humanity exists.

  16. Its time to purge the gene pool.

  17. So much stupid trash in the U.S.

  18. people can rationalize ANYTHING

    1. Tru dat as the kids say.

  19. Update: She got 54 years. He got two life sentences. I hope “two life sentences” means he gets beaten to death in gen pop, then they Frankenstein him back to life, and then he gets beaten to death some more.

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