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Boys pulled from house full of cat shit, can only speak in grunts

Boys found in Denver house full of cat faeces spoke in grunts

Here’s a horrifying tale, just in time for Hallowe’en. Try not to scream when you see the mugshot.

Wayne Sperling, 66, and Lorinda Bailey, 35, are charged with multiple counts of child abuse.

A dirty wizard and his dimwitted apprentice

Four boys were pulled from a filthy house in Denver, CO. They were filthy, three of them were still in nappies and could only speak in grunts, according to reports. Their breeders, Wayne Sperling (66) and Lorinda Bailey (35) have been charged with multiple counts of child abuse. They are repeat offenders, with charges dating back as far as 2006.

The latest act of foul foolishness was discovered when Lorinda took the youngest boy (2) to the doctor for an apparent cut on his head. The doctor, not being stupid unlike the two numbskulls up there, also noticed suspicious bruising behind the boy’s right ear consistent with pinching and called the police. The doctor also noticed that the child smelt like cigarette smoke, was unwashed and his speech was far behind what was normal for a 2 year old.

When the police and Denver social services turned up to the house, they observed that three other children aged 4, 5, and 6, all appeared to be the same size and two of the children were only wearing nappies. That’s not the worst of it…

The house was redolent with the stench of a decomposing animal, so badly that the police couldn’t stand to be inside. They couldn’t locate the source of the smell, because every surface inside the house was covered in flies. That’s a fuckload of flies, and that judgement is something coming from someone who lives in the Land of the Flies. Lorinda, the foul temptress of the faeces, had the gall to deny that the state of the house was dirty or unhygienic, adding (and I quote)

“The feces looks like human but it’s the cats”

Oh, that makes it all better then…NOT!!! Are you fucking kidding me? Cat poo contains many harmful parasites, and can cause toxoplasmosis in young children. It can also cause worms, plus it contains all the other nasty germs that you find in human shit such as e-coli and salmonella. Under the boys’ bunk beds, the feline faeces was 1 – 2 inches thick on the floor. There was also cat piss and dead flies on the floor where the boys would play. Lorinda was allegedly living in another unit away from the boys but claimed to see them every day. Interesting. She thinks that cat shit/piss and dead flies everywhere aren’t unhygienic, yet refuses to live in the mess. And then consigns her children to fester in that filth.

This isn’t the first ride at the rodeo for these rednecks. They were charged in 2006 and 2009 with child abuse, with the latter resulting in the kids being taken. So why the fuck were they given back to these creeps?

Shame on you, Colorado. And to think that I wanted to stay at the Stanley Hotel at Estes Park (where The Shining was filmed) and go skiing in Aspen, as well as see the Adirondacks. Lift your game, otherwise you won’t be seeing my tourist dollars!

And please outlaw incest, it looks like that father-daughter relationship is a little too friendly…

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  1. Gack! Aussie, I can practically smell that house from your description! Oh ew. I can’t stand it if my litter box is a few days past due for a change, and I have just the one cat. (And no dead ones lying around.) I want to know if a social worker ever, at any point, popped their head inside this house to have a peek. Or even set eyes (or nose) on these kids. There’s a big giant fail here, all right.
    PS Aussie, if you want Colorado mountains, that’d be the Rockies. For the Adirondacks, you need to head east to NY. They’re worth the trip, though. Adirondack State Park is the largest state park in the US, and takes up one third of New York State (and NY is a BIG state.) It’s a gorgeous place year round, but in October it will blow your mind. Do visit if you are ever able.
    PPS Not busting on you for the mix up – I know next to nothing about Australian geography : )

    1. The Adirondacks and most of Upstate NY is awesome! You should also visit Vermont. My last year if college I had a room with a view of the mountains.

      1. Great cheese too.

  2. You would have been highly disappointed, seeing as the Adirondacks are no where near Colorado. They are in New York.

    1. Must be the Flatirons I was thinking about.
      My US of A geography isn’t so great, I live in Australia 🙁

  3. I have been trying to figure out how Gandolf can still get a stiffy for that gap-toothed hillbilly?!!

    1. “Gap-toothed hillbilly” LMAO!
      Gap teeth must be a turn on for Bumblefuck up there, it makes certain sexual acts a bit easier…

  4. She looks so freaking MORONIC! Is it possible to breathe and have a single digit IQ?I can’t help it, I get the feeling that the Twisted Wizard Bumblefuck up there would love to put a dunce cap on her head and stand her in the corner but she’s too stupid to make it there on her own…

    (I HAD to call him that again, how often am I going to get that chance Aussie??? ;-p)

    1. Shame he couldn’t conjure up a cleaning charm, I think he was expelled from Hogwarts long before that 😀

  5. Those poor boys didn’t deserve to live in a terrifying hovel! I bet you their diapers weren’t changed very often and I’m surprised none of the boys caught a disease from all the cat shit and flies!

    These two freaks should be locked up in a small shed with a floor caked in cat shit during the summer, sit in soiled diapers for days, and have to eat flies for food.

    1. I’ve smelled litter boxes in well-kept homes. Not pleasant.
      I wonder about people in homes so filthy the cops need breathing apparatuses to even go in…how do the residents STAND it?

  6. Sounds like a case I read about. Look up Dani Lierow. Now she has caring adoptive parents, after being “raised” in similar circumstances.
    Poor kids. Having to live in that….

    1. The case of Dani made me so angry, her birth vessel was borderline retarded but was still selfish and vindictive, always blaming everyone else but herself.
      How the other kids can stand to live with her after what she put their sister through is beyond me.

      1. I spent hours reading about her, and I have her book on hold at the library. It warms my heart that she found such a good family. She will never reach the potential that she would have had if she’d had a normal life, but they will see that she has the best life possible. Her affection for her dad makes me a bit verklempt. : * )
        On the other hand, I read a follow up interview with the birth mother. She still can not admit that she did anything wrong. The house was fine and she was a good mother. Nothing will convince her otherwise.

        1. I also would like to add that a developmental delay doesn’t necessarily indicate abuse or neglect…my son has a developmental delay, is just on the autism spectrum. He’s never been neglected; I held him and cuddled him all the time when he was a baby and took him everywhere with me (I still like taking him places). I had him in early intervention and speech therapy starting when he was 2, and he started talking at 4. He’s 11 and in 6th grade and is improving quite a lot. I think early intervention helped, I’ve read that before 5 years old is the best time. He’s in special education and his teachers keep seeing improvement. He’s very bullheaded, too! Gets that from my side!

          Not saying these nitwits didn’t do anything (it’s obvious they did)…just hoping that people who see my son and notice how “odd” he is don’t try to point the finger at me. Same with other parents in my situation.

          All that needs done at my home are some dishes and my son needs to clean up his room! LOL Just get the toys off the floor.

  7. Makes you wonder how many other families like this might be out there. There are plenty of places in America which are not well trod.

    1. Skye Belle Matilda Brand

      It doesn’t bear thinking about does it. I mean, if you’re an adult & choose to live like an animal then whatever, but if you’re inflicting that on minors, frail elderly or a person with a disability then it’s NOT OK & charges should follow!

  8. Skye Belle Matilda Brand

    My cat pooped on the floor in the play room when I accidentally shut him out of the laundry (where his litter tray is). The smell was so awful & it hit me the moment I opened the front door. I had to mop the floor three times to get rid of the smell (eucalyptus oil in the hot water on try #3 did the trick) & that was ONE POOP!!!!!!!

    1. I use Domestos for cat accidents and it’s a rare occasion that I miss a turd (yesterday when I was rushing to get to work and forgot to put the tray back after cleaning). I couldn’t let it get to 1-2 inches thick on concrete, let alone carpet!

      1. Skye Belle Matilda Brand

        Domestos gives me a massive headache unfortunately so I can’t use it. Handy Andy was first try & it still left a smell, bi-carb & vinegar was next then I used wool mix (which has a high euco oil content) which worked. Which is lucky because the kids were getting mad at not being allowed in the play room!!!!!

        I am also incredibly grateful that I have polished floor boards throughout & not a single scrap of carpet anywhere or I would have been tearing up carpet!!!!!

        1. I’ll have to try wool wash. Bleach gives me a juicy thumping headache too, but it’s the only thing that gets rid of the smell in my house. My cat’s getting on and has had stomach problems, which usually gives her diarrhoea and she gets caught short of the litter tray.
          No way in hell would I ever leave it to pile up to inches thick!

          1. There’s no excuse for it either, it’s just sheer laziness and how could you stand that smell and filth?? Ugh. We have 7 pets at the moment including a dog, and a rabbit and hamster which both spend free range time out of their cages, and I’ve had multiple cats in the past. On the rare occasion there’s an accident you bet your butt it doesn’t stay ont he floor any longer than it takes to clean it up.

          2. Luckily she doesn’t go on the carpet and in the rare occasion she does, that shit gets sprayed and scrubbed until it’s all gone.
            We also have a rabbit and we’ve litter-trained him (it can be done!) and in the event of him scattering poo, we vacuum it right up.
            I absolutely agree, there is no excuse for a house to be full of animal shit.

          3. Skye Belle Matilda Brand

            My aunt is the crazy cat lady everyone talks about…she has 7 dogs & 32 cats…all rescued.she has a lot of space & a lot of money & no kids so she spends her money making unwanted animals feel loved. She built a huge indoor outdoor run thing for the cats where she spends a lot of her day smooching with them…

            Meanwhile, unless you knew, you wouldn’tbe able to guess that there were that many animals judging by smell. You can’t smell poop at all becauseall litter trays are cleaned out 4x daily & the only time you can smell anythingicky is if it’s been raining for days on end & the dogs have come inside wet…& even that smell is cleared out on the first non rainy day with a good airing out & some febreeze!!!!!

            You’re right, no excuse!

        2. There’s a product here called Out! which will clean up any kind of animal wastes, odor and all. I don’t know if they sell that Down Under though.

          1. Skye Belle Matilda Brand

            Have thus far been unsuccessful locally but next week I’m going into Charlestown to do the last of the Christmas shopping so I’ll check in the supermarkets there,..being a bigger centre it may have it.

      2. Skye Belle Matilda Brand

        Oh my god you’re going to LOVE this!!!!!

        I took the stray that’s been hanging around in to be desexed…now he won’t leave & he has found a way into my house & he is using the underneath of the spare bed as a litter box. I have now resorted to putting the litter box UNDER the damn bed to try to encourage the bastard to use it & eventually move it out in the hope that he will keep using it.

        The smell is horrendous! I’m cleaning under the bed with a combination of Eucalyptus Oil & straight bleach (don’t care if I strip the finish off the boards) two or three times a god damn day, all while looking for the entry point this fucking cat has found!!!!!!!!

        1. Oh dear, I think you’re going to have to try a more “hands-on” approach to toilet training him. If he lets you, put him on the litter after he has something to eat. He’ll soon get the idea.
          No good deed goes unpunished 🙂

          1. Skye Belle Matilda Brand

            Nope! I had to drug him to get him into the cat cage for his trip to the vet (the vet gave me sedatives to put into the food I leave out for him so he will stop bashing my dog for his food).

          2. Might have to douse under the bed with citronella. Cats hate the smell and he’ll avoid it. Or put an automatic air freshener with the motion thingy in it so it will spray him when he goes under there.

          3. Skye Belle Matilda Brand

            Thanks! I’ll give that a whirl & see how we go! It would be great if he does decide to stick around & eventually learns to trust us but even if he decides to remain a stray at least he isn’t running around the neighbourhood making more kittens!!!!

  9. This article reminds me of a story that my mom’s husband told. When he was a kid the school bus drove past a trailer that had FARM ANIMALS living in it, along with the humans! There were a couple goats, some chickens, and a HORSE would stick its head out of a window! Eventually the town evicted the slobs because of the stench from the trailer and throwing trash over a bank for years. When the police inspected the place they found animal shit (obviously), garbage, c*ckroaches, and other vermin.

    I still can’t get over everything being covered in cat shit and flies!

  10. Ugh, those mugshots. I’m guessing “could only speak in grunts” applies to the perps as well as the victims…

    “Mrrrrr! Cat shit good! Mrrrr! Lysol bad! Mrrrr!”

    1. I suppose the kids could only learn to speak the language spoken around them 😀

  11. Is it just me, or does she look like she has oral herpes?

    1. Yeah it sort of does look like it. Maybe eating from a flyblown cat shit coated kitchen gives you nasty teeth and lip sores.

  12. mmm… you won’t be able to ski to the lifts if the hotel is in Colorado and the mountains are in the Adirondacks

    1. How about cross country skiing?

      C’mon, we’ve all made geography blunders before. Some tourists have asked me if they can see Uluru from a hotel in Sydney.

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