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Florida Breeder takes wife and daughter to internet sex sting

Cliff Oshman. Why the long neck?

Sex-sting suspect took wife, kid to meet ’14-year-old girl’ for sex, police say:

Pedophile took wife and daughter to meet 14-year-old girl he had been grooming online to have sex with his family – and discovered it was an undercover sting:

Over at one of my other sites I’m regularly posting stories about guys who get caught in internet sex stings where police are posing as parents who want to sell their kids for sex online. Never have I posted one where the roles were reversed.

Take 64-year-old Cliff Oshman of Daytona Beach, Florida for example. Police say that Oshman posted an ad online that allegedly said “was looking for someone to add to his cozy family and that the age of the person did not matter.”

The disgust, it won’t wash off.

Daytona police posed as a 14-year-old girl and responded to Oshman’s ad. And speaking of disgust…

The accused pedophile wrote in emails to the undercover officer about fantasizing that while with his wife, he was really having sex with the young girl, according to the arrest report.

The man wrote of want to taste and see the young girl unclothed, about various sex acts he wanted to perform on her and sent several pictures of his genitalia to the officer, the arrest report said, detailing the explicit, profane emails.

Mr Oshman then discussed via email how sleeping with the young girl without being arrested might work. ‘If you get caught with me, they arrest me… when people discover we are lovers, and find out your age, there will certainly be a scandal,’ Mr Oshman said, according to the arrest report.

‘We need to make a plan to handle it OK … I sincerely would love you to be in my life,’ he continued.

Now usually in this kind of story the suspect shows up to the predetermined meeting place and is arrested by police. That happened this time too except instead of lone suspect Oshman also brought his wife and young daughter with him to meet the supposed girl that he was going to have sex with. I never did find the age of his daughter but I hope she’s young enough that she won’t remember this.

The wife was said to have knowledge of why they were there as she told police they were there to meet a 14-year-old girl for sex. No word on her willingness in the scheme.

The whole thing makes me pray to God hoping that Oshman didn’t inflict his sick predilections on his own daughter.

And some people at my other site don’t believe things like this actually happen.

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  1. I think that’s how his neck would look after he’s been cut down from the gallows.
    Seriously, I think I’m going to have to bathe in bleach after reading what that creep intended to do to some young girl.

  2. I won’t say I’m not shocked and horrified by these internet predators, although I certainly can’t say I’m surprised any more… usually. Taking your wife and daughter along for the ride though… that’s a new one on me.

  3. Please excuse me while I go barf.

  4. Wow! Another real live “To Catch a Predator” episode… was Chris Hansen there for the arrest? OK – all joshing aside. This perv needs a Come to Jesus Meeting with a Sledgehammer….

  5. what is a 14 yrs old doing replying to adult ads? where was the ad posted? where’s the rest of the conversation? too many unanswered questions for people to find anyone guilty before they even step into a courtroom. Regardless if this guy is guilty or not, the tactics law enforcement is imploring during many sting operations are not only immoral and unethical, they are illegal! Let this guy have his day in court because it is not fair to judge anyone based off information that law enforcement reports

    1. I see you’re ignoring the testimony of the wife who admitted why they were there allegedly.

      Sounds like you’re late for a NAMBLA meeting.

      1. sorry don’t do the Nambla thing, no thank you, but it is typical for everyone to judge without all the facts. The point is that you cannot believe everything that is said sometimes. If he is guilty of the hanus charges, then let the courts find him guilty before society does.

        1. Well fair warning, this is the exact same argument I’ve heard time after time from the offenders and their supporters.

          1. no, if he is guilty, then stick a needle in him for sure as far as I am concerned, but i also know stings similar are sending innocent men to prison

          2. Seriously, it’s like you’re reading from their handbook.

          3. if i am, it is only because you sent me a copy, lol

          4. now if i were judging the guy by the look on his photo like many as well, yea, he looks guilty and like a sicko…..but that shouldn’t be how it works

          5. You cannot seduce the willing.

        2. I did read your terrible attempt to spell “heinous” as “anus”. Yes, he will be facing some “anus” charges where he’s going. Kiddly diddlers are on the bottom of the prison food chain, along with animal abusers.
          That long neck of his is going to be mighty helpful for deep throat.

          1. you got me on the spelling lol, can’t believe i missed that one

          2. Sorry, I think anyone who is pro-prison rape needs to do some more thinking.

          3. Not at all, I believe in karma – what you give is what you get returned.

          4. So by your understanding of karma violent prisoners get to rape others?

            I have worked as a therapist in prisons and I have worked with rape victims outside prisons. Inside prisons the only people who like the idea of child rapists being raped are sociopathic prisoners and sadistic guards. They are a small minority. Prison rape creates an unstable environment for everyone. Advocating it demonstrates a total lack of understanding of prisons. Frankly, it also reveals a disturbing fascination with sexual violence.

          5. A therapists for prisoners, you say you are? That’s a new one. I guess there’s all sorts of strange professions out there.
            Once you violate the rights of another, you immediately terminate your own rights. Including the right to safety. The victim’s rights to safety were disregarded, so why should the perp have that right?
            I come from a country where our laws protect the wrong sort of people – the criminals. I think it’s a throwback to the convict beginnings.

          6. You weren’t aware that there are therapists and other treatment staff in prisons?

            It is not true in any advanced society that an individual’s civil rights are completely surrendered after conviction. In the U.S. the 8th amendment protects against cruel and unusual punishment. Other Western democracies and most other countries have similar protections. Most people also recognize a human right not to be tortured.

            Anyone with a sense of history knows how state power can be used to oppress and intimidate the population. This is another argument for limitation of state power so there can be no torture of those powerless in a state institution.

          7. I simply don’t see the need for criminals to have therapists and good health care and living conditions. It’s not a hotel or a health spa.

            What about the rights of the victims?

          8. Well, the vast majority of prisoners will return to society. If their only interactions are with other inmates they may learn more ways, and more reasons, to recidivate. Therapy is designed, in part, to lower the likelihood of repeat offenses–in other words, to reduce the incidence of rape.

          9. “The vast majority of prisoners will return to society”. There are some criminals that should NEVER be released back into society. They are sex offenders.
            Sex offenders should never be allowed back into society because the only way they can get off is through abusing others. Consensual ways don’t do it for them. It’s due to their brain chemistry, which has gone wrong and cannot be fixed.

          10. You want to treat prisoners? Great. How’s that super high recidivism rate for chimos working out for you? You know the one, where they are FOUR times more likely to re-offend? You come across as someone that has never been sexually violated/abused. If that is true, lucky, lucky you. Try being compassionate for the ones that suffer the life long aftermath through no fault of their own before you wax poetic about the damn perpetrators. Have you no sense for what is morally decent? Rapists, chimos, NOT morally decent. END OF STORY. And honestly, do you think in this day and age that they DON’T know that being raped in prison is more than likely GOING to happen to them BEFORE they commit their atrocious acts?

          11. Actually, prison rape is not as common as many people believe. For the reasons I’ve cited before, people who work in prisons and are responsible for custodial care do not want a lawless environment–it makes the setting unsafe for everyone. They also don’t want to see the most vicious inmates given more power via their ability to intimidate others.

          12. That wasn’t what I asked you now was it? I asked you how all that therapy you provide helps with the recidivism rate in regards to rape. I also asked you about your compassion being misplaced when it comes to the victims of sexual criminals… Bur hey, go you for talking about your pet project and not discussing what was asked to you

          13. You must not know anyone who has been raped. A rapist deserves to be raped.

          14. Do rapists like being raped? If they’re willing to violate others, they must like being violated themselves.

          15. That would suggest that people who rob people really like being robbed?

          16. The career thieves probably do, you know. If they’re willing to do that to someone else, they probably like having it done to themselves.

            Anyway, thievery is a little bit different to rape though. A mother who steals bread to feed her kids is different from the local junkie who steals to fund a drug habit that they chose to have, and both are different to a rapist who chooses to rape just because they can.

            Sexuality is so entwined with the concept of the self, that if one practises a behaviour that is widely regarded as deviant and wrong (e.g. rape, zoophilia/sadism etc) that they themselves are wrong and there’s something very wrong with the way that they’re wired.

          17. Do violent criminals in prison get to fulfill their fantasies of domination by raping others, thereby creating a more dangerous environment for everyone?

          18. I don’t care about the other criminals in prison. I care about a man who can’t keep his pee pee to himself, getting what he deserves.

          19. This is a tactic that peods and their defenders are using now. They’re trying to make us feel guilty for prison rape even though scumbags like this are usually separated from the rest of the prison population.

            And if you don’t want to be prison raped stay out of prison.

          20. I don’t feel guilty at all. It seems to be the child and animal abusers who get raped, and so they should be.

          21. I am not a defender of rapists. I am a supporter of human rights, including the right not to be tortured. If you want to live in a society without civil rights, try Somalia.

          22. What about the civil rights of children not to be molested?

          23. Good lord. Everyone’s civil rights should be protected. Those who molest children should be prosecuted and convicted if guilty. They should be sentenced appropriately. We send people to prison as a punishment, not to be punished while there with violence, intimidation, sexual assault, etc. When anyone’s civil rights are abrogated we are all in danger.

          24. Sell it to someone else you sanctimonious jackass. I hope the day never comes that I am upset that a child molesting rapist got raped in prison. Don’t you see how you appear? You seem nuts.

          25. Well, MimiBee, I think seeming nuts is in the eyes of the beholder. What I know is that the vast majority of people who have to work in prisons, and certainly those who live there, do not want prison rapes to happen. Since you are the one advocating for criminal behavior I’d have to say that almost all legislators and the majority of citizens disagree with you.

          26. Now I know you’re crazy. The majority of citizens would agree with ME you dumb ass. I hope you or a loved one is never molested or raped. Only then would you honestly know the pain of being violated in the most horrific and personal way. Pity and compassion belong to the victim you cold hearted piece of garbage.

          27. you know, assaulting an inmate is a felony. Do you ever wonder why something that you think most people endorse is established as a crime by their elected representatives?

          28. To avoid lawsuits.

          29. It’s not established as a crime by their elected officials.. Damn, do you just invent this shit? Do you know what is involved in making something law? It’s not a bunch of elected officials just getting together and saying “Well Festus, that seems like a mighty fine idea. We’ll make that shit law, hee-yuck.”

          30. Um, actually, that is exactly how a law is enacted, by elected representatives in a legislature. How do you think laws come into being?

          31. Where I live, there is involvement from the citizens, and laws are voted on by the citizens. They don’t just spring that shit on you, people tend to get upset by that kind of thing and then their reps lose their jobs if they don’t do what the people want which is kind of the opposite of what a rep is looking to do with their career.

          32. I don’t disagree with her, I disagree with you and your criminal defending.
            My cousin spent 18 months in Silverwater and Oberon for violating his parole, that he was granted for drink driving. I don’t feel sorry for him one bit, because he’s a fucking idiot. He brought it on himself. He violated the rights of others to drive safely. He also broke his partner’s (and mother of his children) arm in an alcohol fuelled rage. He’s a fuckwit. I don’t feel sorry for him, and I would like to see his arm being broken by someone bigger than him.
            I don’t think he should have had rights while in prison. He took away others’ rights, so his should have been revoked. Now he’s out, and his life is going nowhere. I guess that’s the karma he got.

          33. You’d be VERY wrong. You should do some investigating before you make asinine statements…

          34. Well, I’ve worked as a therapist in prisons and as a legislative aide. I also have a Ph.D. in sociology and taught criminal justice in colleges and universities for twenty years. So, I think it’s fair to say I’ve done a bit more investigating than you have.

            Here’s a hint: calling a statement “asinine” doesn’t make it so. Arguing that laws are not made by elected representatives is actually an asinine statement.

          35. Here’s a helpful hint for you – you are on the wrong end of things when you care more about the criminal than you do about the victims. Attempting to school me on vocab isn’t a good idea, while I may not have pursued a Ph.D. (due to a serious health issue) I have an IQ of 167 and degrees in both criminal justice and sociology. Which is part of the reason why I know your little bit about how laws are made is not entirely accurate. We clearly come from two ends of the spectrum. You come from the end I could care less about where people whinge about the rights and needs of the criminals. I care about the aftermath the selfish fuckers create. As far as I am concerned, any sexual criminal should just be put out of society’s misery.

          36. Like the rights of those victims to not be raped. I’d say that our civil rights are already abrogated because criminals choose to take away the rights of their victims.

          37. I’m not sure you understand the meaning of “civil rights.”

          38. And I’m not sure you understand why compassion and protection should be afforded to victims of crime and never the perpetrators.

          39. You are supporting the wrong person’s human rights. Try supporting the victim’s rights. You’ll get more people to sign your petition.

          40. Why? The people that are targeted are the ones that are there for sex crimes committed against others. Why should they be spared what they have already inflicted on others? Seems like Karmic justice to me…

    2. I didn’t know ambushing and arresting pedophiles was immoral and unethical, not to mention illegal.
      But then again raping and molesting underage girls is immoral and unethical, not to mention illegal.
      Don’t want to get busted for molestation and rape? Don’t molest and rape. It’s really quite that simple.

      1. and without knowing his past or whether he is predisposed or not, you can’t assume he is a pedophile. Yes, the story sounds god awful and he very well could be one,, but without all the facts, one shouldnt judge!

        1. Erm , he wanted one thing and one thing only from that young girl. Why else would you place an “adult” ad? You certainly don’t do it to adopt or make friends…

        2. This thing is a Troll. Or a very gross person. Either way, it is beneath our dignity to respond to it, unless we know its location. In that case we need to set up some sort of monitoring to make sure it isn’t raping and molesting children itself.

          1. Florida coincidentally.

    3. Police undercover stings like this are a common tool and perfectly legal. Please don’t try to defend this sick fuck. And if you feel the same urges that he does, please cut your throat before you harm a child. Thanks.

  6. Just hold that pose while Bubba gets his straight razor…

  7. I hope too god he didn’t touch his sad and shitty to think dirty scabs like him can breathe our air.scum

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