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Bad Parent Sighting: “Not my responsibility, mate”


Two child firebugs, both eight, caught in Newcastle

Eight-year-old boys caught trying to light a bushfire

We haven’t had a Bad Parent Sighting for a while. I also like to call them the alliterative term “Piss Poor Parenting”. This one was seen in the newspaper and on the news, making excuses to try to absolve himself of parental duty.

For the last couple of weeks, New South Wales has been burning. We have had severe bushfires, brought on by hot, windy and dry conditions. Some of these fires were started by natural causes such as dry lightning. Others by accident, such as hot exhaust pipes on dry grass or electricity wires arcing in strong winds. However, a few of these fires were deliberately lit.

The case I want to bring to your attention happened recently. Two 8 year old boys were caught near East Maitland in the Hunter Valley, trying to light a fire around 7.30pm. They had piled up dry grass and dead leaves and were trying to light the heap with a cigarette lighter. It was only by sheer luck that the lighter didn’t work.

Police could not press charges due to the boys’ age (age of criminal responsibility in Australia is 10 years) and released them into the care of their parents (who were obviously not caring for them as they were wandering the bush at 7.30pm at night). When interviewed by news sources, the father of one of the boys had the hide to say this:

“I have 6 kids, I can’t be following all of them around the streets all the time. It’s not my responsibility, mate.”

What the fuck. They’re YOUR children! You chose to not wear a condom or get a vasectomy and beget 6 children. You have to live with that choice. What your child did was almost attempted murder. You should be begging for forgiveness and disciplining your child.

6 kids and unwilling to care for them. Old Mate needs to stand up once in a while. Same with his missus. Get a new hobby. And no, getting drunk down at your local pub while your unsupervised litter run rampant doesn’t count as a constructive way to pass one’s time. Some suggested hobbies would be getting a job in a nuclear reactor, keeping your phone in your underwear, getting kicked in the balls, wearing tight underwear, getting cardiovascular disease or diabetes etc. See where I’m going with this?

Mother dearest of the other boy involved said that her boy will be “grounded for a week”. Yeah, that’ll show him! NOT! “Grounded” = more likely playing Xbox while Mother also goes down to the pub and drinks away her welfare check. At least she took some responsibility for him unlike the aforementioned useless Old Mate. But this lack of proper discipline and consequences is probably what led to this kid thinking he could do whatever he liked, with no consequences to his actions whatsoever.

The police involved with the case, being mandated reporters, have reported both kids to be “at risk” to DoCS (Social Services). They were unsupervised and getting into a potentially very dangerous situation because their parents couldn’t be bothered to keep an eye on them. This is a small victory for the people of Maitland, who could have lost everything because of two very silly little boys and their inept breeders. Once you get the attention of DoCS (whether you really are abusing your kids or not), it’s very hard to get them out of your life. Social services will be investigating these useless people very thoroughly.

Sorry for the long ramble, but we have had fires close to us and it was very scary. To think that people could have lost their homes and livelihoods because of poor breeding just makes my blood boil.

Discussion point: Should parents be held responsible for their children’s criminal actions, if the child is under the age of criminal responsibility? Perhaps some fines to diminish the breeders’ pub money might straighten them out.

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  1. Hell yeah the parents should be held responsible. Obviously the parents weren’t watching or giving a care. I don’t know about you fine folks but when I was ten (and until I was 18) my mother knew exactly where I was end of story.

  2. They definitely should be held accountable. I have a son not much younger than them andI still walk him to his bus stop.His bed time is 8. He is also a very responsible kid. He.knows road rules, he has great manners and is just a good kid. I still wouldn’t let him traipse around the streets or bush on his own. I have to admit I am a strict mum. My kids know the rules and know the are there for a reason. I put in 24 hours a day being a mum and my kids behaviour is lovely (not saying I am an awesome mum, I make just as many mistakes as the next parent) on a side note. The kid 2 doors down is 8. he roams the streets swearing and yelling. He threw a bottle of urine at a little girl and a glass bottle at another kid. His mum thinks its funny. Of course she is responsible, an 8 year old will do as they see or try and get your attention. What a dickhead. If your kids are lighting fires you need to take that responsibility.

  3. Absolutely, yes. Parents should be held responsible for what their children get into. If they had started that fire, the parents should have been on the hook for the cost of the response and for any damage done. If it took the rest of their lives to pay back the money. Apathetic parents like this – the only way to get their attention is to hit them in the wallet. I’ll bet they’d keep a better eye on their brats if it meant their cigarette and beer money.

  4. Absolutely parents should be responsible for the criminal behavior of children uinder 12. At 12, kids get all full of agency adn start doing thing on their own….sneakily. Under 12? Hell no. A parent should know where the kids are all the time, and if there’s uncertainty, you bloody well go check. Neh?

  5. Hell yeah they should be held accountable! That was one of the things about my Mom, the way she would hiss into our ears so that only we could hear her “You WILL NOT embarrass your family!” if we even THOUGHT about acting up, being disrespectful, back-talking, pitching a fit, or heaven forbid, out and out breaking the rules. It was made very clear when we were very young, and pretty much since then that she would/will NOT pay any consequences for our bad behavior and that it was up to us to make sure that didn’t happen. She had four kids, we’re all law abiding, productive, contributing members of society. I think she might have been a little harsh, but in the end, she did a darn fine job of it!

    On another note – Aussie, I’m so sorry you’ve had to deal with the threat of the fires. I lived in Southern California back in 2003 when it seemed the whole place was on fire. We lived up in the mountains and were evacuated for 2 weeks. Our fire was called the Old Waterman Canyon Fire. A lot of friends lost their homes. Just a block and a half away the entire block was destroyed. We were spared, but I’ve never been as scared in my life as I was the day we had 30 minutes to get out and I looked in that rear-view mirror and saw black and red clouds of smoke and ash and flames… you have my very best wishes that it all dies down SOON for you and the rest of NSW/Australia!

    1. Thanks hon. We had a fire out the back of the link road, about 2km (1 mile) from our house. We had smoke pouring from the hills and ash fall. We were on standby for evacuation but the call never came so we were safe. The RFS put the fire out overnight so it was all good. It wasn’t nice driving through thick smoke, though.
      A lot of people lost homes in the Blue Mountains (west of Sydney) and a few homes were lost further up the valley. I just couldn’t believe that the parents of these boys took such a blase attitude to what is actually attempted murder.

      1. Attempted MASS murder!

      2. There’s nothing quite as fun as trying to navigate the roads with thick black smoke rolling all around you is there? 😉 I agree with you about these parents, it seems like parents care less and less these days and it’s maddening!

        1. I ended up with ash all inside of my car, more than what was on the outside! I also forgot to use the recirculate setting on the air con so all this smoke got inside my car. Wasn’t good for the ol’ hayfever., I can tell you.
          I just couldn’t believe the sheer gall of this guy to say that on national TV and papers. He should have been begging the state for forgiveness and pleading for understanding, not denying responsibility for it all. I guess it was an inconvenience to him, the interview cutting into his beer time and that.

          1. We came home after two weeks to face the 100 gallon fish tank and all of the 60 or so no longer swimming fishies… So much fun to explain the circle of life to a seven, four and almost two year old! The weirdest part about our fire was watching the coverage on the news and seeing it snow (with no impact!) on a forest fire!

            Yeah, this guy is a special little snowflake isn’t he? I wonder who’s responsibility it is if it isn’t his???

          2. Hmm, let’s see. Society? Teachers? Police? God? Take your pick… anyone’s but his apparently.

  6. Yes, they should be held accountable. Maybe if they are fine or go to court for their children’s crimes committed when they weren’t watching them, they might pay more attention. I’m glad to heard DOCS is hard to get off your back. All too often in the US and UK social services are just too overwhelmed with new cases to keep up with old ones.

    “Not my responsiblity” – right there is the problem with modern parenting.

  7. I didn’t have constant supervision when I was 8 I often played in the woods or on the street with the other neighborhood kids until dark.

    1. Neither did I. But if we were caught doing something we shouldn’t, I would have copped it from my friend’s parents, and then my own when I got home. And if I damaged anything, there’d be hell to pay!
      This bad dad just didn’t give a shit and then tried to make excuses for his own inept parenting. At 7.30pm these boys should have been eating dinner and getting ready for bed. Not trying to burn down half the town.

      1. I’m not sure what my mom would have done if police ever brought me home. She wouldn’t have said not my responsibility for sure. But I think it was simply the respect for my parents and others learned well before 8 that would have stopped me from doing anything like this…. I guess I just wish for a world where kids can go out to play without shit like this happening

        1. I think it’s also a case of no discipline at home as well. If the kids are allowed to do what they want at home, then those behavioural problems translate into the school setting and the wider community.

      2. I remember when I was in 2nd grade (same age as these kids, I think?) and I was caught crossing the street to go to the store when I wasn’t allowed to. My dad dragged me home, I got a slight beating, and was grounded for a month. Needless to say, I did not do that again.

        That was also before IPads and stuff. We had one TV in the family room, one computer that ran on DOS and floppy discs, but I did have a Nintendo. When I was grounded though there was no TV, Nintendo, etc. I had to stay in my room and ::gasp:: READ BOOKS. The horror!

    2. Skye Belle Matilda Brand

      I think the difference is, when we were kids, if you were running wild there was always someone watching & disapproving. Someone would call your Mum & when you got home an arse kicking would be waiting. These days people have a “mind my own business” attitude because there’s a real possibility that if you tell the parents they’ll punch you in your mouth!

  8. To my knowledge, here in the USA parents are responsible for their minor children’s behavior.

    I supervise my child when he’s not in school. He’s almost 12 and on the autism spectrum. I’m not really worried he’ll do something he shouldn’t (he’s actually bright) but he’s cute and I don’t want him to be a target for perverts.

  9. Skye Belle Matilda Brand

    If a child under 10 cannot be held legally responsible for their actions ten children under 10 should legally have to be under adult supervision 25/7, no exceptions. If a child is caught without an adult then the parents should face criminal negligence charges.

  10. Some suggested hobbies would be getting a job in a nuclear reactor, keeping your phone in your underwear, getting kicked in the balls, wearing tight underwear, getting cardiovascular disease or diabetes etc.

    ROFL! Okay, you’ve won me back, @AussieSabbath:disqus…

    1. Welcome back, @newstarshipsmell:disqus! Now I have to get off my butt and write some more LOL

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