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Parenting so bad, it's criminal

Starvation and filth in Adelaide

Officials describe neglect case as one of the worst

Parents accused of starving child appear in court

Couple charged over failing to feed son

Thanks go to KH for the tip on this one, and to Trench for passing it on to me. I have been a bit busy with starting my Master’s degree, so this makes a suitable change of pace.

A couple from Adelaide, South Australia (23 and 27) have been charged with child neglect after their 4 year old son was found to be weighing only 8kg (17.6 pounds). The house was also a complete mess, with piles of used nappies and rubbish everywhere. The stench of the house could be smelled from the street, according to authorities. When the boy arrived at the local hospital, his condition was so bad that some of the medical staff who were treating him, required counselling.

Gross, nasty filth

Last year in March, Families SA were alerted by the family’s neighbours to concerns about the kiddo’s welfare. However when officials spotted the boy, they saw that he was fine. And then, because an NGO was involved with the family, Families SA saw no need to continue investigating the family, according to news sources. This case has prompted an internal investigation by Families SA into how it handled the case. A Child Safety expert has blamed a lack of communication leaving children vulnerable.

The breeders have been to court, where they were charged with criminal neglect and failing to provide food. The male (27) also had a charge of aggravated assault tacked on. They have been remanded in custody.

The young kiddo is now in the care of Families SA.

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  1. thankfully this isn’t about a dead child.

    1. Agreed. I sincerely hope these “parents” lose custody, and that this little boy is adopted into a stable, loving home.

  2. Dear god, my 15 month old weighs 24 pounds! Talk about severe malnourishment. Good luck on the Masters Aussie!

  3. WTF? That’s exactly HALF of what my four-year-old weighs, and he’s a skinny little guy.

  4. Skye Belle Matilda Brand

    My underweight 3 year old (long story but we are managing & monitoring closely with paediatrician) weighs 12kg…she is only just 3 too.

  5. I agree with Teleute, I hope he gets adopted by a family who remembers that they’re human and not animals. Actually, I’m probably insulting animals every where since most of them avoid fouling their nests. Maybe they could take down a wall of the house and put up bars and make a zoo exhibit out of the creeps. The sign could say ” Bad Breeders in their natural habitat”

  6. This is half of what my 21 month old sons weighs

  7. What are “nappies”? Are those diapers?

    1. Yep. That’s the UK and Australian term for them.

    2. Yes, nappies are diapers. We do occasionally use the word “diaper” to mean adult incontinence wear, since nappy is sort of a baby word.

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