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Cadaver dogs hint at possible human remains on Parsons’ property

Erica Parsons’ missing poster

Search warrant in Erica Parsons case: Dogs alerted on “possible presence of human remains’:

I apologize for this story being a month old but as I recently mentioned some times the real world can’t be put on hold.

Anyway, last month it was made public in a search warrant that some cadaver dogs indicated that there may have been the presence of human remains on a property where Casey and Sandy Parsons once lived. They are the adoptive parents of Erica Parsons who hasn’t been seen by anyone in over two years.

The search of the property with the cadaver dogs took place last October with three of four dogs indicating possible human remains in a storage building. Another cadaver dog was used in early November and he hit on the same building twice. Items were taken from the building but no human remains were found. Investigators are even exploring the possibility that Erica is dead and her body hidden somewhere.

Of course Casey Parsons had to chime in on this. Her reaction?

“This is so crazy. This is why no one has found Erica, because no one is searching for an “alive” Erica.”

Wow, it’s almost like she’s playing the dual role of Casey Anthony and Casey Anthony’s mom all at the same time. We even have a supposedly made up person who has the child. In this case being the mysterious grandmother from Asheville that no one can prove exists. It’s almost like she took notes from the Casey Anthony affair just in case something like this would come up.

Just because one person pulled off the swindle of a lifetime doesn’t mean everyone can.

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    Custody hearing tomorrow for the two youngest children; it’s the final one and judging by how the last hearing went, it’s unlikely the children will go back to their parents. At least some of those kids are away from Casey now.

    I was hoping for Erica to be alive with a new family somewhere, but between the cadaver dogs getting a hit and that federal grand jury hearing a while back, I’m back to thinking she’s gone. 🙁 Now we just have to figure out why the fuck Casey and Sandy haven’t been tossed in jail yet.

    1. I was just getting ready to post that. lol


    So, an aunt has been given custody of the youngest two children. According to another news source, Casey said “We won!” even though… her kids aren’t with her and the family says they’re not going back to her until she and Sandy can produce Erica.

    There’s going to be a “check in” in 90 days, which is apparently a normal procedure. Some other source seems to have called this a “review” for some reason. I’m confused, but the “check in” story makes more sense to me.

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