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Mother jailed after battering baby son to death and then taking a selfie next to him

(Thanks to Cobalt Rose for the post)

Mother jailed for life for battering her baby then posing for a selfie as he lay dying:

On March 20th 2011, Callum Wilson was rushed to John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford, England, suffering from ‘catastrophic’ injuries. Unfortunately, he had suffered severe brain damage and did not survive. An autopsy would later reveal that Callum had also suffered nine broken ribs and two broken limbs.

Callum Wilson was 11 months old.

On January 24th 2014, little Callum’s own incubator, 25-year-old Emma Wilson, was jailed for life for battering her son to death. She denied murder, but was found guilty by a unanimous verdict. After brutally battering her baby, she then took a ‘selfie’, grinning as she posed next to her son, whose severe injuries were plain to see in the pictures.

Initially, Wilson claimed that it was Callum’s two-year old brother who had caused the injuries (a classic excuse used by almost all child abusing scumbags), but luckily the police saw through her lies.

Reading through Callum’s tragic life story, it is plain to see that this vile hag never wanted nor cared for him. She abandoned him in hospital shortly after his birth, and Callum was raised in foster care for the first seven months of his life. She allegedly put him up for adoption because her boyfriend ‘couldn’t cope’ with having two children. Here’s an idea then, you sick, sick cow: STOP GETTING PREGNANT. She also told everyone that Callum was her cousin’s son. She took him out of foster care in November of 2010 (why social services allowed this, I have no clue. It is evident that she did not care one iota about this child) and brought him to live with her and her other son in her Windsor flat. Just four months later, she killed him. Neighbours living in the flat below reported that, on the night before Callum was rushed to hospital, they heard five or six loud bangs that caused the ceiling to shake. This was Wilson striking her baby son. She hit him so hard, the ceiling shook with the force of the blows. Vile, evil hag.

The face of evil: Emma Wilson, 25

Nobody is quite sure just why this ‘mother’ decided to treat her son in such an appalling way. According to the judge, she seemed to be a ‘good’ mother to her older child, yet ‘rejected’ Callum and seemingly resented him. Her defence barrister claims that she was accused of killing her son because she knew that her current boyfriend was not Callum’s father. Maybe she just wanted to abuse somebody who she knew wouldn’t be able to speak up or defend himself. I don’t know who the mind a monster works, and that’s just what Emma Wilson is. A monster who deserves to burn in Hell for all eternity. To add even further insult to Callum, she decided to have him buried in a communal, unmarked grave. It seems like she cared about her son in death as much as she cared about him in life. Not at all.

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  1. “Here’s an idea then, you sick, sick cow: STOP GETTING PREGNANT”

    You wrote this perfectly^My favorite line

    1. Thanks. It’s entirely true. If she honestly thought she couldn’t cope, she shouldn’t of created another life. One she then brutally took before he was even a year old.

  2. They don’t have capital punishment in England, do they?

    1. No, we don’t. But I can’t think of anyone more deserving of execution than Emma Wilson.

      1. Put her in general population then. Your garden-variety criminal won’t tolerate baby killers.

        1. I live in the US. Are prisons in England similar, so maybe she can get her ass kicked left and right?

  3. She could have handed that baby to anyone and he would have had a chance. She could have handed him to a random person coming out of a detox clinic and he STILL would have had a better chance. I wish these people would do that.. Just hand me the baby. I’ll take ’em. I can’t afford ’em, but I’ll take em.

    1. I think her best course of action would have been to cram a 12-gauge down her throat and pull the trigger.

      1. Well, she’s welcome to do that…AFTER she gives someone the baby, Poor baby.

  4. Abusive parents often will have one target child while others are treated quite well. The target child is distanced from the family (her cousin’s kid) and even dehumanized (A Child Called It) to somehow “justify” the abuse. It is a horrible situation for a surviving child, because instead of knowing that the parent abused their children because the parent is an abusive asshole, they see their sibs treated well and believe that the abuse must be their fault somehow. It fucks a kid up much more than being abused by an asshole parent who abused all the kids equally.
    Unfortunately, we can only wish that this little boy lived long enough to have to deal with such issues.

    1. I read that book. Once Richard Pelzer (the author) was removed from the home, his “mother” targeted his younger brother–who before had been assigned to more or less “spy” on him.

      In my opinion all the kids should have been removed. But this was back in ’73 I believe.

  5. Good to know she’s done for… that poor little boy, to have lived his last four months with no love, care, concern or hope… He must have left this life feeling so betrayed, scared and confused…

  6. Poor baby 🙁 Is there any way to get this baby boy a headstone for his grave?

    1. Skye Belle Matilda Brand

      Unfortunately no, as you would need her permission to do so &I sincerely doubt she would grant it.

      1. You might not. Her parental rights might not be acknowledged in the wake of the murder. An application might be in order.

        1. Skye Belle Matilda Brand

          It’s worth a try but baby Breanna still has no headstone because the people who raped & murdered her when she was 8 months old are her parents & they have erected a fence around the grave to prevent people from placing flowers!!!!!

          1. holy moly! I had never heard of the Breanna story. I was unemployed and trying to start my own busines at the time and had my head in the sand. i wish i could unread it. sickening

    2. What one can do is set up a memorial site. I see plenty of memorial sites for children who’ve been murdered.

  7. And she takes a selfie with her dying son?! Is it just me or has social media and smart phones added a whole new layer of loathsomeness to already evil behavior ?

    1. The upside of that is that it’s now a lot easier to catch criminals – at least the stupid ones.
      “LOL just robbed a bank. Got to go post pics on my Facebook!”

      1. Or the guy in Florida-DUH who murdered his wife and posted pictures of her body on Facebook . Again, that added layer of evil that makes your skin crawl.

  8. Skye Belle Matilda Brand

    And look at that beautiful little face up there…why can’t they just leave them at the hospital when they leave if they don’t want them? I don’t know if her state has safe have laws but fuck me, surely “dumping” a baby at a church or a hospital or a fire station is a better god damn alternative to fucking killing a child!

    Fuck, even leaving the baby on the doorstep of a local family with happy healthy kids would be better.

    What makes it worse is that this bitch faced c*** hole of a slag will probably get away with it because she will find some slime ball lawyer who claims that she has a mental illness. Fuck that shit. I have a god damn mental illness (post natal depression, anxiety) & the only time I have EVER hurt my kids intentionally was when DD1 reached through the bars of the fire surround & I slapped her tiny hand away before he got a burn.

    1. Skye Belle Matilda Brand

      OK, sorry. I’ll step away from the wine now. I’m a bit worked up.

      1. Something, this tragic will have any person with a heart that looks at that photo worked up. Your points have been valid, wine or not.

        1. In fact, I went back and reread your post. I think you deserve another glass.

    2. Here in England (where this story took place), we don’t have any safe haven laws, as far as I know, sadly. She did leave him at the hospital after he was born, and he spent the first seven months of his life in foster care. Then, for whatever reason she decided she wanted him back. Why social services allowed this, I have no idea. Four months after getting him back, she killed him.
      She was found guilty of murder and was given a life sentence. However, over here in the UK life doesn’t really mean life. She’ll probably be released within 15 years, unfortunately.

      1. Skye Belle Matilda Brand

        I wonder if she realised that an extra baby meant extra money?

  9. Crazy twisted bitch. What goes through someone’s mind when they do something like that. I think only a sociopath could do such a thing.

  10. “She allegedly put him up for adoption because her boyfriend ‘couldn’t cope’ with having two children.” My only thought was pick up your children and leave that man NOW! How are you and your children not a package deal? If you love me you have to love them or you are not in our life. How is that not a universally known thing for single mothers?!? SMH

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