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Bad girlfriend stages fake rape and claims amnesia in toddler’s murder

Melinda Lynn Muniz

Father’s girlfriend charged in Plano toddler’s death:

This story is so fucking bizarre I have no clue on how to describe it but I’m going to try.

First to set the stage so to speak 25-year-old Melinda Lynn Muniz of Plano, Texas has been arrested for the murder of 2-year-old Grace Lillian Ford. Muniz was engaged to Grace’s father and was caring for Grace during the day. Grace’s father and Muniz were in the process of breaking up.

Apparently Muniz didn’t take the news to well as she allegedly went to a dollar store and bought duct tape and cable ties while Grace was with her. Later that day Muniz called Grace’s father to make it sound like something had happened at their home. The father then called police who found Muniz on the floor bound, gagged, and partially disrobed. They found Grace in her bedroom in a similar state but also not breathing. Grace was on life support for three days after finally succumbing to the trauma of suffocation.

Muniz told a tale of an intruder all in black who sexually assaulted her as she was losing consciousness. Muniz told police several conflicting details with some really bad acting.

“Muniz sat up at one point and fell to the floor as if she had fainted; however, [an officer] noted that Muniz’s eyelids were moving and it appeared to her that Muniz was forcing her eyes closed,” according to the affidavit.

Not only that but while Grace was in the hospital dying Muniz checked into the ER at the same hospital saying she didn’t remember the last year of her life.

Police did investigate her story but they pretty much knew who the real killer was.

Is it me or does her plan sound straight out of a bad soap opera? Who in the hell actually gets amnesia outside of soap operas, video games and Gilligan’s Island? I’m surprised she didn’t try to say that it was her evil twin on the surveillance video at the dollar store. This would almost be comical if a 2-year-old girl didn’t die in one of the most horrible ways possible.

And again we have some random idiot who thinks that she can outsmart the police, forensic investigators and trained medical personnel. You can’t. You’re not that smart. You’re one person against an army. All it takes is for one of them to see through your bullshit. You couldn’t get that weak shit past a third-grader even if you told them you were Dora The Explorer.

Since this is Texas I hope they put her in the express checkout lane. Or in true soap opera fashion maybe they should have her fall off a cliff or something.

Thanks to Amanda for the tip.

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  1. She even looks a bit like Casey Anthony!

  2. Amnesia my ass. And I loathe women who falsely claim rape, it makes it that much harder for real rape victims. I hope she dies.

  3. Skye Belle Matilda Brand

    I have met a person who had amnesia at one time. It was only for 72 hours after a seizure brought on by a virus & once she was better she was fine again but for 72 hours she didn’t even know her own name!

  4. You forgot the part about the apartment door being locked when LE got there, She obviously is not the sharpest knife in the drawer.

    1. You’re absolutely right. I was so furious about the whole amnesia thing that it slipped my notice.

  5. Extreme drama queen. Too bad an innocent child had to pay with her life.

  6. It particularly infuriates me how happy and confident she looks in that photo. (I assume mugshot?) I so wanna wipe the balls of a goat with her smug face before somebody meaner than me beats the crap out of her…

  7. She took the baby with her to buy her murder weapons. Can you imagine that? She had Grace with her when she bought the duct tape with which she would smother her. I wonder if she said, “Here, Honey. Hold this.” I can’t get my head around that. Looking into that sweet baby’s face when you pick up the duct tape you will use to end her life. I’m not a big fan of the death penalty, but after reading that, I’m really glad this happened in Texas.

    1. i am so with you that was one of my first thoughts, i took my daughter to dollar tree and always let her get a couple things and this baby got tape..omg i am so upset at the thought of this evil bitch smothering that poor baby

  8. This is local. Unfortunately for her, local means Texas! We are highly skeptical of the crazy defense here. To post an oft repeated quote a out Texas:

    “We have the death penalty in Texas….and WE use it! If you you kill someone in Texas, we WILL kill you back! – Ron White

    1. You don’t mess with Texas. Or mess around IN Texas.

  9. i think daddy was totally believing her shitty story too, i know at first he was posting shit like “omg now my gf is in the hospital and can’t remember anything” ugh they were investigating her and the dad for abuse prior to this happening i think the full articles are on unforgotten angels on facebook

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