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Amanda Hein left her newborn in a bar toilet tank because she was ‘depresssed’

Amanda C. Hein. Any guesses on what the C stands for?

Amanda Hein, accused of killing newborn, ‘suffers’ from major depression, says her attorney:

Defense: Woman accused of killing her newborn at Starters Pub suffers from depression:

Last August 27-year-old Amanda Hein gave birth to a baby boy inside the bathroom stall of a Pennsylvania pub. Instead of, you know, trying to take care of the baby police allege that Hein placed the baby inside a trash bag that was used to line the bathroom’s trash can and then placed the baby in the toilet’s tank, before returning to her friends at the bar. Her attorney is now offering up the defense of Hein suffers from depression, self-mutilation and other mental problems. Shit, he’s not even trying postpartum depression, Just regular old depression.

Let’s stop right there. It’s no secret that I suffer from depression. I have since I was a child. I attempted suicide on multiple occasions. My depression has allowed me to do some pretty embarrassing things even as an adult but murder was never one of those things. I realize everyone’s depression and metal health is different but I refuse to buy that she hid her pregnancy and killed her baby because of depression. If you suffer from major depression you’re not exactly a social butterfly wherein you party with your friends at bars. The prosecution seems to agree with me…

“I think that it’s going to be admitted that she was pregnant, that she gave birth in that stall that she in fact suffocated this baby and killed it. I think that what we’re going to see in this case is some kind of mental health defense perhaps at best,” Northampton County District Attorney John Morganelli said during a November interview with WFMZ.

The prosecution is deadly serious too. They are seeking the death penalty against Hein. For Pennsylvania that’s pretty serious since the last person they executed was Philadelphia’s own Gary Heidnik who raped, tortured and killed several women in his house of horrors. Unfortunately that was 15 years ago under Governor Tom Ridge. Don’t hold your breath on seeing Hein strapped to a gurney.

Not only that but lawyers need to stop making it seem like any one with even the slightest mental health issue is a potential danger. This is one of the reasons why too many people are afraid to seek help for themselves.

Thanks to Jessica for the tip.

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  1. What is wrong with women? Seem more and more women have no problem discarding the babies they just gave birth to. There’s no attachment to the baby at all. They discard it like they just changed their pad or tampon.

    1. It’s nothing new, really. Stuff like this has been going on forever because infanticide was a lot easier than abortion, back before certain plants were found to be useful for it.

      But even Roman paterfamilias would be disgusted by this woman.

      1. Agreed. Women have been doing it forever, bury babies on the farm when they already have 12 kids.

        1. And a lot of times it wasn’t the women doing it, but the men (hence my comment about the Roman paterfamilias). If there wasn’t enough food/other resources to go around for the new baby, it was abandoned and left to the wolves/whatever else, and I don’t doubt that there were times when women really had the babies taken from them. It just seems super unfair to me to always blame women for it.

          But in some way, there’s a difference between a 1st century patriarch leaving a baby to die because the family can’t afford to raise it, and a 21st century woman leaving her baby in a toilet to die because…. just because. I don’t buy the mental illness excuse. Depressed women who find themselves pregnant when they don’t want to be seek help long before the birth.

          1. She’s a filthy piece of shit, by no means do I think the situations are the same.

            It just irks me when people try to act like times have drastically changed.

          2. Oh, it pisses me off too. Especially when it’s used to blame kids or women for something horrible going on. This kind of thing has actually been getting LESS common over the years.

  2. Sometimes, especially after a difficult birth, the mother/child connection isn’t instantaneous. The mother doesn’t always gaze upon that squalling, squished up little alien creature all covered in guck and fall instantly in love. For the best of mothers, it can take a few hours, sometimes a few days. Which is why it’s always best to give birth around other sober, responsible adults whenever possible. So if she was heavily in denial about the pregnancy, dropped the baby out on the floor of the bathroom stall, stepped over it and went back to drinking, I might be a bit more sympathetic to her depression excuse. (Also, baby would probably still be alive because women pee a lot when drinking and someone would have come along shortly who wasn’t a total idiot and who would, I don’t know, take a selfie with the kid and tweet for help or something.) But this isn’t that. She didn’t just ignore her baby. She actively disposed of it. She took several steps to conceal the birth and kill the child. Not because Mommy and Daddy would be angry and she’d get in trouble – she’s 27. But because it would keep her from her night out at the bar. She could have called 911 and gotten a ride to the hospital and then left the hospital child-free. She could have mentioned to the bartender, “Hey, yeah, there’s a baby in the second stall. Do something with it, will you?” She chose to suffocate and/or drown her child instead. That is NOT depression. That is murder. Fuck her “I couldn’t help it, I’m so DEPRESSED!” excuse. I’ll be pissed if she gets some candy assed, lightweight sentence.

  3. Did none of her drinking buddies notice anything when she came back from the loo? You know, like she wasn’t pregnant anymore.

    1. I’n guessing they weren’t exactly rocket surgeons.

    2. She doesn’t look exactly svelte, so I’m thinking the pregnancy might have been a secret.

  4. I dunno, I fell “instantly in love” with my son when he was born…since it was C-section I couldn’t hold him right away, which ticked me off. But when I could hold him he got plenty of cuddles.

    This so-called “mother” should get the dunking stool.

  5. I volunteer to terminate this waste of space breeder. Oh yeah, then I’ll be all “depressed” about it, too.

  6. Skye Belle Matilda Brand

    I had no immediate bond with DD1. It took me almost a month to call her by her name (until then she was “the baby”). I had undiagnosed PND but not once did I EVER consider harming her in any way shape or form! I breast fed her when she was hungry, I cuddled her, I changed her nappy, I bathed her, I swaddled her & rocked her…

    Using depression as an excuse for murder is abominable.

  7. “Postnatal depression” sounds milder than it actually is. It’s not uncommon for women who’ve just given birth to go flat-out psychotic. And it’s not unusual for women who are mentally ill, or who are ignorant about the basic facts of life, or very obese to either not know they are pregnant or be in such denial about it that they end up giving birth in a toilet or other isolated spot and then panicking and dumping the infant’s body.

    Unfortunately, as women have less access to birth control and abortion, schools axe sex ed and people get used to getting by without using doctors except in dire emergencies, you are going to see more and more of this.

  8. You know people commenting about hour how mental illness is just a lame excuse and I’ve been depressed bla bla. Don’t be so ingnorant I’m suffer from depression ptsd and I’m pregnant right and can straight up tell you the hormones make it a millions times worse. Whatever mental illness she had before pregnancy was made worse and a lot of normal woman have gone thru pregnancy not knowing it till they gave birth. I honestly can see the pure panic when all the pain started then this baby comes out. It wasn’t right and yes perfectly sane people have commit this crime but I think she needs to be checked over thoroughly before any convection can he decided

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