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Ryan Warner: Another Baby Beating Crack Snack

Napa couple charged with murder in death of Kayleigh Slusher


In my mind there is no justifiable circumstance for beating a 3-year-old to death. Kayleigh Slusher was beaten to death by her mother (Sara Krueger – 23) and the useless flesh she used to entertain her vagina (Ryan Scott Warner – 26).  After being beaten to death, she was stuffed in a suitcase and placed in a freezer for 3 days.  I mean, Gawd forbid a little legal SNAFU causes a hiccup in this piece of shit mother’s sexual relationship.  Kayleigh was found in the apartment during a welfare check.  Looks like CPS was a little late on checking her welfare, ay? Anyone who knows me, knows I remember the faces of all the children who are murdered – I want everyone who sees this to remember her face too.  Angels are always beautiful…. some more than others.

Kayleigh’s bio-dad is in prison for reckless driving and evading police.  She may have been better off being in his custody.  Or the custody of a rabid wart hog.

Both c*ck stains have been charged with murder and felony assault.  COME ON DEATH PENALTY!!  Sadly, I live in CA – The bleeding hearts here will probably not allow these two to be put down like the dogs they are.  They are scheduled in court on February 25th.   I will try too keep y’all updated.

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  1. fucking c*cksmokers.

    1. Well, DUH! Still think I’m soft, hooker??

      1. Yes…whoever downvoted me is a c*cksmoker. Ill bet a hundred bucks its the author of the angry letter

  2. I thought the death penalty had been reinstated in California…? I know the did away with it around the time Manson and his bunch got thrown in jail, but I thought they brought it back.

    California–land of the fruits and nuts!

    1. CA has the DP, but rarely uses it.

  3. Ah, the primitive rantings of the “hang em, flog em”, irrationally motivated vengeance brigade. You are nearly as psychologically intriguing as the criminals themselves. Proof indeed that some of us are yet to evolve beyond ape-like creatures.

    Come on monkey boys (and girls), tell us what you really want – is to satisfy your own perverse blood lust, to see the psychologically bewildered/misguided/traumatized slaughtered for the elevation of your own sanctimonious sense of self-righteousness.

    “Hurrah! We killed another one!” you proudly proclaim, while the deep rooted and complex causes of these crimes continue to be overlooked – the crimes continue – babies continue to die at the hands of your future snuff porn candidates.

    So your solution is the death penalty. Good luck with that. Seriously.

    I guess it’s easier to see the world in black and white (or “good and evil”), and forget about the shades of grey.

    1. Well what else do you propose we do? We really can’t have them stealing any more oxygen than what they already have. The world has no further use for them.

    2. Ah – the pseudo-superior rantings of a libtard… if you don’t like it, don’t come here and subject yourself to it. Idiot. Actually, what we really want is to see people PAY for the crimes they have committed, and in such a way that they have NO doubt in their minds how badly they have behaved. If you rape a baby, you die. If you beat a baby, you die. If you starve a baby, you die… I think you get the picture now? The people that perpetrate these crimes have no thought, care or concern for the people they hurt, they think only of themselves and their own selfish wants and needs. Unless you’ve been raped, beaten, molested or some other such atrocity as a child, kindly shut the fuck up and go away. You have nothing better to do than mock us. Well, you have now, do you feel like a better person for it? Does it make you hold your head up higher to know you’ve mocked a survivor of something you clearly can’t comprehend? Yea – go you… straight to hell!

      1. Right on, Buffetgirl!
        Politically, I self-describe as a Rational Anarchist. This means that, like all of us, I support the laws and political views that seem to provide the greatest good for the most people.
        That said, while I’m liberal on some issues, I’m conservative on others especially when it comes to the death penalty for crimes against the helpless. There is no rehabilitation for those who are executed and I don’t give a rat’s ass.
        If I find a rattlesnake in my woodpile, I don’t worry about rehabilitating it to be a kinder, gentler rattlesnake. All I’m interested in is making sure that rattlesnake doesn’t bite me or anyone else.
        I also favor an immediate judicial review of the case files of convicted felons in capital cases. Let a panel of legal experts examine the record. If no errors of procedure, no errors of law and no errors of fact are found, take the bastard out and shoot them. Why should MY tax dollars go to support such people through 20 years of appeals?
        They didn’t give their victims 20 years to live.

        1. As much as I don’t believe in any kind of organized religion either, BLESS YOU! You got it, exactly how I meant it!

    3. Heywood Jablomi

    4. Skye Belle Matilda Brand

      Ooohhhh looky paw…he got dem purdy big words. He musta gone to a big fancee skool & be so much better den alla us unejacayted monkeys.

      Do you feel better now that you’ve “put us in our place” with your superior intellect? I tell you what, instead of punishing these animals, how about we move them into the house next door to you? When you eventually find some poor woman to breed with you then you might understand why child abuse makes normal people so angry!

    5. Hmmm, complex causes…not so complex I think…
      Let’s try to unravel this complex web shall we? You’d say poverty, history of abuse & repeating known/learned behavior patterns, anger management issues, lack of education in child psychology/rearing practices, inadequate personality vs personality disorder, substance abuse, no support systems, poor impulse control etc etc ad nauseum.
      Get a clue. All these people drive cars and they know better than to rundown citizens in the street because it will cause them bad karma, not to mention jail/prison time, huge lawsuits and fines. Most of them are aware that if they hold up the local stop and rob they will see the inside of the slam so they refrain.
      This indicates that they have some understanding of cause and effect, right and wrong, black and white (since you mentioned it). Yet, when it comes to the innocent, the helpless, those who should be protected by individuals and our society they CHOOSE to do evil, ugly, immoral and illegal things to them.
      Ethically, morally and legally they have no excuse for this predation.
      So don’t think you have the moral high ground defending their right to live among us and repeat such depredations. They forfeited the right when they CHOSE to commit evil and heinous acts against those who can mount no defense.
      Rather than expend your energy and misguided intellectual efforts on their behalf perhaps you would like to re-think the issues in light of the fact that hundreds of thousands of people in our society have suffered the same misfortunes and hardships and yet have refrained from butchering, torturing, molesting the innocent.
      Society has every right to remove them from it’s population and from this dimension for their crimes and certainly those who haven’t suffered at their hands, but may in future, deserve the best we can do to protect them. If that means ridding ourselves of the useless wastes of skin then I say “have at it and Bravo”)!

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