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Alfreda Giedrojc

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Alfreda Giedrojc

Grandmother pleads not guilty in baby’s sledgehammer death:

Grandmother used sledgehammer, knife to kill baby, prosecutors allege:

Alfreda Giedrojc, Grandmother, Bludgeoned Baby With Sledgehammer, Slit Throat: Police:

Most parents have no problem with their children’s grandparents babysitting for them, happy even for the break away from the kids with someone they know they can trust. Unfortunately, trust can and will be broken. In this case, it took an infant girl’s life.

Back in October near The Windy City (Oak Lawn to be exact), Joel Summers left his precious 6 month old daughter, Vivian, with his mother-in-law so he could help his father-in-law with some repairs on a nearby neighbor’s home. While they were gone, Alfreda had plans of her own for her granddaughter.

After her father left the home, Alfreda took little Vivian off the couch where she was sleeping peacefully and placed her on the floor. She then went to a closet and retrieved a sledgehammer, yes I said sledgehammer. The sledgehammer was placed there by Alfreda the evening before (premeditated?). She picked up the sledgehammer and allegedly hit little Vivian on the head and on the body repeatedly. When Vivian continued to move about and cry, the evil grandmother (if you even want to call her that), went to the kitchen and retrieved a carving knife. The evil, sadistic witch then proceeded to pick Vivian up, hold her and slit her throat. MY HEART IS BREAKING. Upon the men returning to the house, they made the horrible discovery. They immediately called police. Vivian was pronounced dead at the hospital the same day.

What a brutal, awful way to die. There is nothing more innocent, defenseless, and precious than a baby. My son is 7 months old. I can’t (and don’t want to) even imagine how anyone could do such a horrendous thing to an infant. My son is constantly giving me toothless grins, precious baby giggles, cuddling and “kissing” me. He depends on me for everything. How anyone could take total advantage of someone’s defenselessness and innocence is beyond my comprehension. It makes my stomach just turn inside out to think of the pain that little girl went through. To think of how scared she was. To think of her screams of agony and fear. It is just horrible.

Alfreda was arrested and held without bail. She is being charged with four counts of murder. Her attorney, public defender Michael Wilson, asked and received permission from the judge to have an interpreter present in meetings with Alfreda. She was born in Poland and speaks very little English. In November, Alfreda pleaded not guilty. Hopefully justice will be served and she will die in prison, alone. I pray for peace and comfort for the parents of that sweet girl.

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  1. Here is a suitable punishment.
    Step 1: Disguise this monsters’ head as a watermelon
    Step 2: Put her on the Gallagher show
    Step 3: Let Gallagher bash her head open with his sledgehammer

    1. Lol I remember that show. That sounds very appropriate.

  2. This screams mental illness, but damn, I still think the bitch needs to die!

    1. Skye Belle Matilda Brand

      I was thinking exactly the same thing as I read the article. There has GOT to be something wrong here. There’s no history of her abusing the baby, the family had no issues with leaving baby Viv with her & by all accounts on the very few articles available online, she was a very we’ll loved & cared for baby.

      I’m in no way excusing her actions but this isn’t the usual story we see on this site. Most of them are about kids with a history of being abused or dick of the month killing a baby. I really want to know more.

      1. It was so sudden, that’s the part that gets to me… where, from nowhere did this come from? So very sad…

  3. This story has me in tears. Literally. I think that sorry excuse of a “grandmother” should be given the same treatment!

  4. WTF!! Just when I think I’ve read it all. BITCH doesn’t begin to express my feelings about her. OMG, what is wrong with her???

  5. A SLEDGEHAMMER?!?!?!?! Oh good grief, what is the matter with this . . . . . this . . . . . piece of filth?! Grandmother? More like grandMONSTER! Ugh!

  6. I just want to mention that I’m Polish and my grandma was quite possibly the most wonderful person to ever live. This is in no way a cultural thing. It’s, at the very least, a tragic mental break down. At most, pure evil with a face. Either way, that woman needs to be taken out of society.

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