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Bad Dad bashes son to death at cricket match, shot dead by police

Luke Batty, 11, dies in horrific attack by his father at Tyabb cricket oval

Horrific murder after cricket training

Online tributes flow for Luke Batty who was killed at cricket training in Tyabb

Luke Batty, 11, dies in horrific attack by his father at Tyabb cricket oval

Luke Batty (11) was horrifically taken from this world by his own father Greg Anderson (54). He was allegedly bashed to death with a cricket bat during cricket training at the Tyabb Cricket Club in VIC. As police tried to defend the young boy, the killer charged at them with a knife that he had concealed on him. After trying to persuade the murderer to drop the knife and spraying him with capsicum foam with no effect, they were forced to shoot him.

Despite the valiant and courageous efforts of paramedics, young Luke could not be saved. Tributes have brimmed forth on Twitter and Facebook for the young lad, who was described as sports-loving, effervescent and funny. His mum, Rosie Batty, had spoken about Luke’s killer, saying that he had had mental issues and homelessness. She had been separated from him for a while, and on the day of cricket practice, Luke had asked her if he could spend a few more minutes with his Dad because he didn’t get to see him very often. Little did he know that this request would cost him his life.

Police are still asking witnesses to come forward and speak with them to work out what exactly went down that day. The killing took place shortly after practice had broken up, so they think there was still quite a few people hanging around. Several children had witnessed the killer beating Luke with the bat and then stabbing him with a knife. No child should ever have to see someone being murdered, especially one of their friends.

The only small solace in this tragic tale is that the killer got pepper-foamed before he was shot dead. Now he will feel the burn over and over again in whatever place awaits him on the other side.

Rest in peace, young Luke

Beautiful, heavenly Luke. Your radiant smile will light up the heavens for sure.

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  1. Damn – he was just playing cricket and hanging with his Dad. I wish, with all of my heart, that Luke had less of a soft spot for his Dad/killer…

    1. It’s absolutely terrible and the whole nation is just shocked at the senseless murder. The news have said that the murderer had mental issues, Mum had an AVO out against him and that the only place he was allowed to see his son was at cricket. Unfortunately it looks like the murderer planned the attack on his son, and also planned for the police to shoot him dead.
      It’s just absolutely beyond comprehension.

      1. How horrifying! It seems the mentally ill of this world are taking over, this coming from someone with a brother that is paranoid schizophrenic! Thankfully he’s non-violent and is just living his isolated life (if one can be thankful for that) but dang, it’s seems like it’s everywhere at the moment…

        1. Since they de-institutionalised the severely mentally ill and stopped enforcing mandatory hospitalisation for those who won’t seek help, it seems that the problem has gotten a whole lot worse. There are some people who just cannot function in society and need the strict routine of a group home.

          1. That’s been a concern here in The States too.

  2. Police had failed to execute arrest warrants for Greg Anderson, the murderer of Luke, after he threatened Rosie and stalked and threatened his family for years. If these warrants had been executed, the murderer would have been behind bars and Luke would have been free from torment and toxicity from his deranged father.

  3. More deets on the killer. The murderer blamed his ex for not letting him see his son, and the police for “causing all his problems’. Nope. Nice try. It was his fault for not getting help when he felt like that. Typical psycho blamed everyone but himself.

    Rosie hoped that the police had put the killer out of his misery. Wherever he’s ended up, he won’t know a minute’s peace.

  4. What a beautiful kid. So sad.

  5. Skye Belle Matilda Brand

    The quote from the mother in the paper just broke my heart…she talked about how the Dad loved like but because of his refusal to maintain treatment plans for his mental health issues she had been forced to take out an AVO in order to keep her boy & herself safe but Like had wanted so badly to spend time with his Dad that she allowed a few more minutes.

    Here is a woman who, unlike so many we come across on this blog, was doing everything she could within the framework of the law to protect her child. Unfortunately she loved her son so much that when he begged her to allow him a few more minutes with his Dad she caved. She will never forgive herself for this. She will forever be haunted by “what if”.

    1. As a mother whose son in particular, (though the daughter misses him too, less vocally) begs her regularly to give Dad a chance and let him live with us again I know the pain a mother feels and how hard it is to kindly explain to your child that being broken up is the best thing for you as a family.

      It kills me to think how much you wish you could have chosen a different person for their father, how many bad things that have happened that you don’t tell them, and how you ache for them in their pain over the separation from a parent.

      This ending is just impossibly bad. I couldn’t even imagine her anguish.

  6. Wow Aussie Sabbath. Did you say under one of Luke’s pictures ‘Your radiant smile will light up the heavens for sure”? I got so sick of reading your nasty anti Christian comments that I stopped visiting here. I am glad if you are toning your rhetoric down and I plan to stop by here more often if this is so.

    1. Oh, for Pete’s sake. I know of no country that guarantees its citizens Freedom From Annoyance.
      Grow up and stop whinging.

  7. Glad to read that “dad” was gunned down like the animal he was. It’s just too bad it wasn’t in time to save this young lad.

  8. Rosie Batty reflects on her son as growing up to be a great man. Luke was laid to rest today.


    In wake of Luke Batty’s murder, all NSW Police will undergo training into how to better deal with mentally ill suspects, including the need to monitor and follow through on warrants for those who are at risk of harming themselves or others. If the police had arrested the murderer when the first warrant was issued, Luke would have still been alive today.
    The problem was, that Luke’s murderer wanted to die by cop. Pepper spray didn’t do anything to him because he was so determined to continue to taunt and threaten police that he could push through the pain. A taser might have been a better tool to use.

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