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Florida methtards leave their kids in the woods

Michael and Sarah Butcher

Florida Parents Arrested After Abandoning Three Kids in the Woods:

30-year-olds Michael and Sarah Butcher were found by police in Punta Gorda, Florida, after parking in a private RV lot. Why were they parking there? Well, police say they found meth along with a needle and spoon in the glove box so I’m going to guess that they were looking to smoke meth. After the arrest the pair claimed to be brother and sister.

So this is BB so there has to be kids involved right? So were the kids in the truck while Uncle Daddy and Aunt Mommy smoked meth? Don’t be ridiculous. Only real lowlifes do that. In this case the Butchers allegedly abandoned their kids, ages 10, 8, and 6, in the woods and drove off so they could smoke meth. They supposedly did it like the assholes who dump their dogs. They took them out to the woods, told them go play, then hauled ass out of there. It wasn’t until police received a call about wandering hungry kids that anything was done about them. I guess the Butcher ‘siblings’ didn’t think to tell police to help their kids. Of course they didn’t. That would only get them in more trouble, which there in now, so I guess they’re plan really didn’t work that well.

If I had Walter White-like chemistry skills I’d make a super-meth that would make the tweakers’ heads literally explode. Quicker than rehab and no strain on the taxpayers.

Thanks to Stephan for the tip.

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  1. I have to smirk and give a derisive snort when I hear people say (because it’s been ingrained at this point) that, “alcoholism, drug addiction, insert any other self destructive behavior here”, is a “disease”. No. It’s not. It is an affliction brought upon oneself usually with full knowledge of the consequences of abuse of that behavior beforehand. No. Pathetic humans are the “disease”.

    1. They want it labeled a “disease” so as to avoid accountability.

  2. If you go down to the woods today, you might just find some meth…
    They even look similar. When they said they were brother and sister, they probably weren’t wrong.

  3. These stories just gut me. At ages 10, 8 and 6, these poor little souls are old enough to realize that their shit for brains parents prefer their pipe over them. Love the, “Walter White like chem skills”. I wish you did, too! I hope there’a a responsible relative who will step up for the kids. Christ, what a world…

    1. Also love the suggestion that we make meth that blows the users
      ‘s head up…such a neat solution.

    2. Feel so sad for these kids. I can’t imagine the heartache of coming back hungry, knowing there is not gonna be much of a meal anyway, and discovering that your ‘parents’ have abandoned you. Such shite no kid deserves…

  4. Unfortunately the Jaime and Cersei wannabes will get their kids back because Flori-DUH is all about keeping families together or some such bullshit.

  5. And yet another tale of methtards from the Sunshine State! Same script, different players it seems.

  6. So much is wrong with this story that it makes MY head want to explode!

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