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The Bad Boyfriend and the Attack of the Killer Shower

Joshua Howard

Police: 2-year-old assault victim dies, mom’s boyfriend remains in jail:

First responders were called to the Portland, Oregon, motel room of 28-year-old Joshua Howard because his girlfriend’s two-year-old son was unconscious. Howard allegedly told police that he was giving the boy a shower and left him alone for a moment when he heard a thump. Except that the police say the boy was dry and had bruising on his head. After the boy was rushed to the hospital it was determined that he was brain-dead and eventually died from his trauma. Doctors say that the boy had multiple injuries including a fractured jaw and skull.

Eventually Howard is said to have changed his story and allegedly admitted to police that he assaulted the child.

First he said he “tossed or dropped” the victim in the bathroom and was upset because the boy had thrown up on the bed and was crying, according to court documents.

Police said he then later admitted to dragging the boy into the bathroom and throwing him with a lot of force into the front of the toilet.

I don’t get why so many violent assholes think that babies aren’t supposed to puke and cry. A number of years ago I was dating a girl who had a son about 2-years-old. I’d be lying if I said I was a fan of the kid but I dealt with it. One weekend we went on a trip and on the way back the boy let a torrent of vomit fly in my new truck it would have made Linda Blair proud. Was I mad? You better believe it. Did I strike a child that wasn’t even mine? Of course not. After being angry for about a second my common sense kicked in and then I was more concerned for the child’s well-being. Even though I wasn’t fond of the kid I didn’t want to wish any harm on him. Luckily it was just car sickness.

Back to the story at hand though the mother of the child allegedly said that Howard had hit the boy before but she didn’t intervene because she thought that would only make it worse. What? That makes no sense whatsoever. Ladies, if a man hits any of your kids he should be fearing for his life because of what you may do. At the very least you call the cops and you get you and your kids out of there. There is no man worth that.

Thanks to Sarah for the tip.

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  1. I hope he felt some love after this attack, even from a nurse or police officer…SOMEONE. My heart bleeds for all the little ones abused, but just a little bit more for those who spent their very last moments on earth terrified, in pain and with no love. RIP little feller. No one can hurt you anymore.

  2. I hate that this happened in my hometown… I don’t want to continually hear about it on the news. It breaks my heart a little bit more every time new details are released. The poor little man, sick over something, and instead of love and cuddles, he got thrown into a toilet and eventually died. We aren’t stooopid Josh, you didn’t “just” throw him into a toilet, his injuries were far too severe for that. I hope unimaginably horrible things happens to you, you deserve it!

  3. “Ladies, if a man hits any of your kids he should be fearing for his life because of what you may do.”
    Thank you for stating common sense (so lacking in these articles) so clearly. At this point all that can be said about these “adults” is WTF?!? So, all that’s left to do is hope for the strictest punishment and mourn the baby who lost his life needlessly and cruely.

    1. Skye Belle Matilda Brand

      I could almost understand if she walked in &amp witnessed him strike the child &amp removed the child from the situation but said nothing to him at the time, but then waited until he was gone before leaving him (then calling the cops) because some men can be violent &amp frightening…but to do absolutely nothing is criminal.

      1. Funny, I could totally understand if she walked in, witnessed him strike the child, and removed his head with the nearest heavy object. Regardless if she does it my way or yours, I would understand. What I can’t understand is what she did do, and why woman all over these pages do nothing to protect their children.

        1. Skye Belle Matilda Brand

          I absolutely agree. Her job is to keep her child safe. She failed. All I was saying is that some women are terrified of their partner &amp couldn’t confront them without being beaten or killed themselves. She had so many other options though.

        2. I guess I understand some of her confusion but I don’t get the logic that says if I tell my boyfriend to keep his hands off my toddler (and I ‘ll excuse the fact that she didn’t turn into a psycho Mama Bear at the site of ANYONE laying a hand on her virtual infant) things will get better.

          So he will stop assaulting your kid if you ignore it? This is not rude behavior by a five year old it is an adult assaulting your child.

    2. My ex choked me and his brother pointed a gun at my daughter. I grabbed her, ran out, drove to a safe place and called 911. I ran out with her in Pjs and myself with no shoes on while it was snowing. I haven’t returned and am doing everything in my power to make sure the charges stick and have taken out a PFA.

      No child should have to live in fear. I have no intentions of bringing around a new guy either. She deserves me and my full attention.

      On another note, she has vomited twice in 3 years. Once on the bed and once on me. When she threw up on me I held her and let her continue to vomit on me as I held her. On the bed I grabbed her and again, let her vomit on me as I held her. Can’t say it was pleasant but I would do anything for my child, and anything to make her feel better when she is sick.

      1. The shit head let his brother point a gun at his own daughter?! Bastard needs some Mick Taylor/Wolf Creek treatment.
        You’re a good mum. Your daughter has a bright future with you to guide her 🙂

      2. I am so glad you and your child are safe and away from these two sub-par males. I guess the news only shows the horror in life (much like these articles). It warms my heart and gives me hope knowing that for every idiot written about above their is also a mother like you who will and has done acts others would think were impossible to save their child (for those who don’t know snow on bare feet can be excruciatingly painful). Thank you for giving me much needed hope for humanity! I will continue to hold out hope for you and your precious little angel to never deal with that kind of hell again.

      3. My oldest was not much of a barfer either. Around about 18 months or so he got something that made him unable to keep anything down for a couple of days.

        I would hear him start to retch in his sleep and pick him up to barf on me. Figured it was easier to clean me up than change the bedclothes over and over. I’d hop in the shower with him and we’d get washed up, put on clean pajamas and start over again. About the 4th or 5th time I was getting pretty tired of getting up, stripping, and going through the whole routine.

        Funny enough, not once would it occur to me to be mad at anyone for vomiting, much less a baby.

  4. Death penalty.

    1. I’ll do it. I need to work on my aim anyway.

      1. And thank you very much.

  5. It’s not that unusual to throw up when you’ve had a concussion! Or when you’re terrified out of your wits.

  6. Now that I read it again…how many two-year-olds take showers?

    I wouldn’t be surprised to find that he was using the shower head to torment the little guy. Just speculation though.

    1. My 20 month old has prefered thr shower since he could walk.

      Not that that is any defense for this piece of shit.

    2. Skye Belle Matilda Brand

      Miss 5 &amp Miss 3 have preferred showers since they were born but I prefer to bath them as showering makes too much mess!

      1. You don’t want water everywhere and the shower curtain pulled down? Come on! Its sooooooo fun!

    3. I was thinking the same thing. Different kids transition from baths to showers at different ages, but I’d think 2-year-olds are still in the bath stage.

    4. Some bath tubs have a shower attachment. Mine does, it’s great for bathing animals and washing hair without having to take a shower.

  7. Can someone please smack the smirk off this bastid’s face?

  8. You’re such a good, superior person for not getting mad at your girlfriend’s child for vomiting. Lol. I appreciate the purpose of this blog, you’ve shared many interesting stories and your judgements are amusing… but going so far as to platently brag and pedestal yourself about what a good person you are is pushing the line. Behind every article you post is a life story. Be grateful that your path and experiences haven’t shaped you into someone capable of committing these acts. Humility.

    1. Skye Belle Matilda Brand

      Making excuses for these human shaped pieces of excrement makes you such a big person doesn’t it.

    2. That whooshing sound you just heard was Trench’s point sailing right over your head. He wasn’t calling himself an exceptionally good, superior person. He was calling himself a normal person. Normal people do not react to a child vomiting by beating him to death. Normal people react as Trench did. I’ve been around here for a while now, and I have never, ever heard Trench put himself out there as some kind of superior person. He is, in fact, quite down to earth. As to life experiences shaping people into violent, child killing assholes, fuck that noise. Hang out here long enough and you will hear tell of the most horrific of childhoods. Not about the abusive idiots highlighted in this blog, but of the good people determined not to repeat the cycle of abuse. In my life I have met people who could not possibly have had worse lives. You can’t imagine. Good people. Strong people. People who would rather die themselves than do to a child what was done to them. So fuck your judging the writers and commenters of this blog. You have no idea what lives they have lived. If you are looking for a superiority complex, you need to look in a mirror.

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