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Joshua Cooper took ‘got your nose’ to horrific levels

California teen father arrested for biting nose off infant:

Teenage father arrested after biting nose off one-month-old son because infant would not stop crying:

Joshua Cooper

18-year-old Joshua Cooper of Fairfield, California has been arrested for allegedly biting off one-third of his one-month-old son’s nose. Why would any so-called human being commit such an atrocious act? Why do any of these Breeders do it? The same old reason just about every time. The baby was crying.

I don’t care that this assclown was only 18. It’s pretty much common knowledge that babies are going to cry and the younger they are the more they are going to cry. That’s life son. But to willingly bare your teeth and reach out to such an unprotected innocent and disfigure them possibly for life is just beyond me. I’ve had fits of anger in my life. I’ve even had fits of violence but I always took my rage out on inanimate objects. I’m not saying that’s right but it’s a hell of a lot better than biting off an infant’s nose.

When the baby reached the hospital it was also determined that he had a fractured skull and a brain hemorrhage but they don’t know how the baby sustained those injuries yet. I’m pretty sure that everyone involved has somewhat of an idea who gave those injuries to him. The baby is currently in stable condition.

‘They’ should push this guy face first into the disc sander from shop class.

Thanks to Helen for the tip.

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  1. This made me throw up a little. ONE MONTH OLD?! Kill this guy, plain and simple.

    I have left both of my one month old (at the time) sons crying in a safe crib to go stomp, punch the couch, yank out hair, and cry. But I’ve never hurt them. I just don’t comprehend this kind of disgusting behaviour.

  2. Skye Belle Matilda Brand

    So I used to pretend to bite my kids all the time…you know, when you’re changing a nappy or getting them dressed after a bath you pretend to eat their belly &amp they squeal with laughter…I stopped playing that game when I accidentally DID nip DD2 on her tiny tummy &amp hurt her (didn’t leave a mark but boy I felt bad).

    How do you even think to deliberately bite a child much less hard enough to remove a body part?

  3. I love the punishment you suggested, Trench. I went to watch Wolf Creek 2 and that reminded me of Mick Taylor sanding off someones fingers. Sanding off his face is more fitting.

  4. kristipernellwrightstevenson

    I hope when he gets to jail he gets what every child abuser gets.

  5. That’s supposed to make the kid STOP screaming?

    Life, no parole.

  6. This selfish, immature, irresponsible nasty POS should have his nose removed a piece at a time with a wood burning tool! Makes me want to spew!

  7. Wth is wrong with these people…I keep seeing more and more stories like this and it’s absolutely sickening. This is a fine example of why we need death sentences.

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