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Robert Paul Palmer and Tamica Lynn Jeffers

Parents overdose on heroin at McDonald’s as kids, 5 and 8, play at restaurant’s PlayPlace: Outrage?:

Cops: Parents shoot up heroin while kids play at McDonald’s:

Here’s a scene I’m sure a lot of us are familiar with. You’re getting a touch of cabin fever and want to get you, your significant other and most importantly your kids out of the house for a little while. The thing is you don’t have a lot of cash for an expensive day out like a movie or an amusement park. Instead you scrape up what little cash you have and take everyone to McDonald’s for some dollar menu burgers and the kids can play in the play center. Everybody is having such a good time that you and your squeeze decide to shoot up. Wait, what? Go back a second. What the fuck? No one does that. Who the hell shoots up heroin in a McDonald’s while their kids are in the ball pit?

According to police in Green Township, Ohio, that’s exactly what Robert Paul Palmer, 37, and Tamica Lynn Jeffers, 33, from Indiana allegedly did. Not only did they shoot up in McDonald’s but they both overdosed to the point that reports are calling them life threatening overdoses. Luckily the children, ages 8 and 5 were unharmed you know, except for the trauma of seeing their parents OD’d and arrested.

I wonder if they asked for a moist towelette so they could keep the needle clean.

Thanks to Helen for the tip.

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  1. “Life-threatening overdoses”? It may have been better for all involved if they simply didn’t wake up. Junkies are fucking useless.

    1. Skye Belle Matilda Brand

      I don’t think happy people turn to drugs. You would find that most addicts started using because it provided an escape from whatever torment they were experiencing &amp many have undiagnosed or untreated metal health issues.

      Every addict I’ve met (I used to be a nurse) desperately wanted to get out of that life but the resources available to non-celebrities &amp non-millionaires are pretty piss poor &amp you have to be highly motivated &amp have a really good support network for them to succeed…let’s face it, if addicts were highly motivated &amp had great support networks they probably wouldn’t have become addicts in the first place!

      What we need is a government who will harden the fuck up &amp legislate to make long term contraception compulsory for addicts &amp put some money into better mental health services so people can access services BEFORE they turn to drugs &amp alcohol! It would also be nice if drug dealers had their hands cut off.

      1. I’ve been going through HELL big-time the past two years but not once did I turn to alcohol or drugs (not even the legal kind). Maybe it’s because I’m a churchgoer.

        1. Skye Belle Matilda Brand

          If being a churchgoer automatically made you a good person then what happened to all the kiddy fiddling priests huh?

          1. I’m Baptist, not Catholic. 🙂

            What I’m saying is, I depend on God for help, not drugs.

          2. There are ‘kiddy fiddlers in every religion and in every walk of life. Seems to be a lot of molesters in the Teachers Union lately.

      2. Maybe, I also blame dependence on pain killers. Quickly they realize what’s cheaper and easier to get…Heroin

        1. I agree to a point, my husband’s doctor was playing fast and loose with his ‘script pad and it almost got out of hand. But instead of herion, my husband detoxed.

          There is always a choice.

    2. How heartless and cruel you are.

      1. Oh just shut the fuck up.

    3. Unfortunately, they show up frequently on BB because junkies aren’t that big on birth control.

      1. They need to put something in drugs to sterilise junkies. That way they can shoot up to their hearts’ content and drag anyone else into their pitiful existence.

  2. Yet another parenting duo who could be twins. That there family tree doesn’t have much in the way of branches, methinks.

  3. Skye Belle Matilda Brand

    Every time I go to McDonalds I wish I could drink wine so I could forget I was at McDonalds (damn preschool kids wanting McDonalds parties)…

    Kidding, of course! These people are idiots. However at least they left the kids in the relative safety of the playground rather than ditching them in the woods or shooting up at home &amp leaving the kids to find their unconscious husks &amp possibly get a needle stick injury! Still fucked up parenting but nowhere near as bad as most of the stories we read here.

  4. Ohio–the Florida of the North.

    I may live in Ohio, but I’m a Michigan native!

    1. Lame

    2. Michigan has its own pretty spectacular problems (state takeover of major cities, white supremacists, sea lampreys) but I agree we haven’t quite reached the level of derp of our neighbor to the south.

      1. As an outsider I’d have to say it’s neck and neck between MI and OH. But if someone asked me which is worse North or South Carolina I”d say South Carolina. There a bunch of damn inbred hicks. lol

        1. No it’s not the amount of murders in Detroit alone is higher. Also no death penalty in MI. Ohio has one thing going and that’s the “insanity defense” it’s one of the hardest states to use as a defense. None of the judges wanna here it…

        2. Watch it Trench, I’ve met more than a few inbred hicks in NC. I think I’m related to most of them. Neither NC or SC can hold a candle to FloriDUH though, they still take the cake.

      2. White supremacy is hardly a problem in Detroit.

  5. I live in Cleveland and H is a huge problem here. We have commercials and billboards listing places for rehab. There’s a bus that passes my street with this stat “there are more deaths in Ohio from Heroin every yr than Murder and Auto accidents combined” also a radio station just released this “heroin overdoses have quadrupled in Ohio since 2007.” This shit is ruining our society.

  6. Two things come to mind. One is I wonder if this wasn’t a suicide pact and this was their way of making sure the kids would be all right after they checked out. The other is that I was thinking of all the reports after the overdose death of Philip Seymour Hoffman about how there’s been an epidemic of overdoses due to a very potent batch of heroin that’s being sold. Also that due to crackdowns on illegal oxycontin use, oxy addicts are turning to heroin, and screwing up because they don’t know how much to take.

  7. They have that whole inbred look going on… I feel badly for the kids, but sadly, they might be better off in the long run without these two ruining their lives…

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