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Hand sanitizer gets rid of all sorts of germs, like special needs children

Belle Chasse mom booked with fatal poisoning of her 17-month-old son:

Erika Wigstrom

Usually when there’s a story about a Breeder injecting their kids with some foreign substance it entails Munchhausen By Proxy syndrome. Not this time. In this instance the sole purpose of the injection was to kill.

17-month-old Lucas Ruiz of Belle Chase, Louisiana, was born with Down’s Syndrome and three holes in his heart. I can only imagine the emotional and financial strain that has to put on a family. It seems that Lucas’ Breeders wanted nothing to do with that strain. Lucas’ incubator, 20-year-old Erika Wigstrom, has been arrested in the alleged poisoning death of her son. Wigstrom is accused of injecting an alcohol based hand sanitizer into Lucas. She calls it a mercy killing and investigators say that she has no remorse. Allegedly it was not the first time she tried to kill him. Police are also saying that Wigstrom has confessed of giving Lucas perfume in order to try to kill him. But wait, there’s more.

Lucas’ sperm donor, 20-year-old Cesar Ruiz, is already in jail for allegedly pouring run into his son’s feeding tube while Lucas was in the hospital in 2012 which was also featured on this site. Lucas was only two-months-old at the time.

Maybe after two attempts at trying to kill your son God/The Universe/Fate/etc. is trying to tell you something. Something like this child needs his parents to love and provide for him no matter what ailments he may have.

Wigstrom is calling this a mercy killing. There was no mercy here, only arrogance. There are certain medical instances where a mercy killing may be applicable. This was not one of them.

She has been charged with capital murder and can be eligible for the death penalty. Hopefully if she does get the death penalty ‘they’ll’ use one of those lethal injection drugs that cause convicts to burst into flames.

Once again thanks to Helen for the tip.

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  1. 5 minutes and a baseball bat alone with that twatwaffle, please

    1. When my wife gets pissed off enough to comment you know it’s a bad story.

    2. Can I join?

  2. Skye Belle Matilda Brand

    I have friends with a little boy with DS. He is an absolute delight! I know they have bad days with him when he won’t eat properly (he is on high calorie diet due to slow growth) but there’s now way they would even contemplate harming him!

    What I don’t understand is why they continued with the pregnancy after the nuchal scan at 12 weeks. If you’re the kind of person who is OK with killing a human baby then I can’t see you being against abortion!

    1. According to the Guttmacher Institute, in 2011 there were only seven clinics in all of Louisiana that provided abortions, and any woman who tried to get one had to undergo antiabortion counseling. If she could afford it of course.

      1. What about neighboring states, not including Texas?

        1. As of 2011, 5 each in Arkansas and Oklahoma, 2 in Mississippi.

          As someone who has actually had an abortion, (I know, MURDERER MURDERER MURDERER), it’s not like getting your nails done. It’s more like having your wisdom teeth out. It costs a lot of money, requires preparation and aftercare, and yeah, like any medical procedure where they anesthetize you (I would hope), kind of scary. And, of course, you have to go to a doctor first for a pregnancy test–an EPT won’t do. Which of course involves admitting to yourself that you might be pregnant in the first place, which I’m guessing a lot of the women who end up being featured on BB don’t do. I think there’s a lot of denial and repression and let nature take its coursing going on, as well as low intelligence, mental illness, drug and alcohol-addledness, and just plain ignorance of the facts of life.

      2. Skye Belle Matilda Brand

        I keep forgetting things are so much more conservative in the US.

        1. I’m sure many of the mothers you’ll see mentioned here in Bad Breeders are staunch pro-lifers who would never dream of getting an abortion. Or using birth control. Because that’s, you know, against God and stuff.

          1. Skye Belle Matilda Brand

            Yeah, abortion is an abomination but murder is all good…as long as you can convince a jury that god told you to do it you’re all good.

      3. Well, if you’re going to make a choice like that, it’s best to know exactly what that choice entails. You know–informed decision, not some counselor trying to sell an abortion.

        Yeah, I’m pro-life. Pregnancy centers, I might add, provide counseling, and I don’t think it costs a lot if anything. I’ve donated things to one nearby.

        1. Alexandra, you’re allowing your ideology to stomp on your sense of reality. These people DON’T WANT these babies. They never wanted them. And, unwanted babies live in a personal hell, more often than not. YOU are condemning innocent children to misery because of some ethical ideal that will never be fulfilled.
          There are not hundreds of happy, middle-class parents panting to adopt the latest crack baby to drop from it’s breeder’s womb. Happy, middle-class parents want white baby girls, as young as possible and, preferably, directly descended from Elizabeth I of England. Or, at the very least, with a father on the list of MENSA sperm donors.
          Most of these kids spend 18 years bouncing from foster home to foster home, having no stability and no real love. We end up spending the next 50 years paying for their incarceration &amp sweeping up the trail of despair they leave behind them.
          If a woman is willing to undergo the trauma of an abortion because she sees no way, under her current circumstances, to be a good mother &amp raise a loved child, we should not only support her…we should praise her courage. I’ve never had an abortion but it can’t be easy.
          How many crack babies have YOU adopted?

          1. How many have YOU adopted?

            Abortion is hardly a courageous act. I don’t think it takes courage to kill an innocent child. It takes cowardice. It can’t be easy because you’re going against your maternal instinct and your conscience.

            I was an “accident” myself.

            No one is guaranteed an easy life. No one. Some people go through complete hell growing up but don’t allow that to dictate what kind of person they become. They learn, they move on, they become better people.

            So it’s better to die than to have a less-than-ideal life? In that case, why don’t we just round up all the foster children and dispose of them? (Note the sarcasm–I would never advocate such a thing.) I see no difference between that and killing them before they’re born, seeing as how life is the continuum from conception to death.

            My dad was an accident. He went through complete and total hell. He was abused in every way possible until he was kicked out at 12, and my mother’s family took him in. He did not have counseling or any kind of therapy–yet he did not physically abuse me or my sister, and we were not sexually abused. He LEARNED.

            Sometimes when we have less-than-ideal circumstances it actually enables us to have empathy for others.

          2. LovelyNordicHeidi

            Abortion is hardly a courageous act. I don’t think it takes courage to kill an innocent child. It takes cowardice. It can’t be easy because you’re going against your maternal instinct and your conscience. I was an “accident” myself.

            Great points there, Alexandra. I wouldn’t have lived myself if it weren’t for my father. I too did not have a perfect youth, but still better than not living. Life is worth the suffering. I can tell you that. I have had to struggle a lot, but found my way. My father too. There is quite an age difference between my father and mother. My father was already an old man when I was born. Anyways, thanks for the inspiring words, Alexandra. It somehow made my day!

          3. Skye Belle Matilda Brand

            Wait, are you saying that a child should go through a living hell because “no one is guaranteed an easy life”? That’s some fucked up shit right there.

            And Artemis is right to ask how many crack babies you have adopted because you are the one saying that they shouldn’t be aborted.

          4. I think it takes courage to make a difficult decision like having an abortion. How about having some empathy for women who were raped, or whose birth control had failed and they cannot raise a child?
            Abortion is never easy, but sometimes it’s the right choice and it’s always the woman’s choice.

          5. If it’s the woman’s choice then don’t ever take the sperm, go get cloned or something

          6. Accidents happen. Rape, incest, sometimes birth control doesn’t always work. It nice to know that there’s always a back up and that you don’t have to go through with an unwanted pregnancy.

          7. Your father is a hero

          8. You should be thankful then that your mother didn’t believe in what you are preaching today

  3. What social service agency, judge, or law enforcement agency allowed this child to be cared by people who had previously tried to kill the child?!?!? Our neighbors have adopted four children, all with Downs Syndrome. Adoption could have been an option if the family did not have the financial or emotional resources to properly care for the child. There are also social agencies who would have assisted the family. This death is so tragic and sickening.

    1. I doubt there’s much in the way of social services in this woman’s community.

      1. I think every county has something. Of course if you don’t pick up the phone and call, you don’t get help.

        1. Have you ever actually seen that “something”? I have…and it ain’t pretty.

  4. Wow, just wow… I can’t find the words for this one…

    1. Pathetic.

  5. I think every meal she gets from now on should be hand sanitizer…delivered through an N/G tube. The porky pedo-poisoner deserves nothing better!!!!!

  6. If they wanted to show mercy they could have placed him for adoption. There are people who are willing to adopt special-needs children.

  7. Not to sound…insensitive to mothers but.. DS isn’t like cancer. I went to school with a girl (Olivia) who had DS and she was in regular classes with us, except she went to a class in Fridays we didn’t go to. She was friends with all of us girls and really we didn’t notice she was that different. Wtf lady don’t act like you put a baby down bc of a life of pain. Olivia is a special needs counsellor now, married with two kids.

    1. My 5 year old brother has DS and hes a pretty normal kid. His development is of about a 3 year old and as he ages it will get higher.

      He suffers the same amount of paib as a standard kid and has a much more positive attitude than most kids.

      These fuck faces are selfish, plain and simple. They didnt want to have a special needs child.

      1. Skye Belle Matilda Brand

        DS seems to be one of the disabilities which has a fairly large proportion of sufferers in the “high functioning” category. That just makes this case all the more bizarre &amp tragic.

        And no, I’m not suggesting that low function people with disabilities should be fed hand sanitiser people so don’t even bother starting that crap with me.

        1. I completely know what you mean. Their excuse doesn’t make any sense. A DS child isn’t suffering and needs to be ‘saved’.

  8. Most states now use s single drug for lethal injection. My suggestion would be to inject her full of hand sanitizer and lots of it.

    1. Mi gusta! Cheap and economical too!

  9. Skye Belle Matilda Brand

    My sister is the NUM of a paediatric unit here in Australia. She said, after reading this story, that they had to take the hand sanitiser off the walls outside each room because parents were using them as a cheap way to get hammered while visiting their sick/injured children on the ward. They would get super sick &amp have to be taken down to A&ampE (ER over there I think) for observation because it’s not meant to be consumed!

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