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Bad girlfriend makes 3-year-old eat her own feces

Arizona police say Nicole Candelaria forced 3-year-old to eat own feces after bathtub accident:

Nicole Candelaria

What is it with child abusers and feces? There’s either feces on the floor, on the kids or in this case used as a torture device.

27-year-old Nicole Candelaria of Tempe, Arizona, was arrested for allegedly abusing her boyfriend’s 3-year-old daughter. The girl had an accident in the bathtub. That’s not unheard of for children that age. So Candelaria did what we all would have done and told the girl it was ok, that accidents happen and she cleaned up the mess with a twinkle in her eye and a spring in her step. Ok, I made that up. What she’s really accused of doing is making the girl eat her own feces as punishment.

Police became involved when the girl told her mother what happened. When questioned by police Candelaria supposedly said that the girl lies all the time. Nothing like trying to lay the blame on a 3-year-old girl is there? Except the girl’s siblings also said that Candelaria made the girl eat her own waste. A medical exam on the victim also showed bruising over most of the girl’s body and an injury to her vagina of unknown origin. Candelaria would watch the children while their father was at work. The kids were visiting their father for the week.

With those tastefully done tattoos I wonder if she has a night job, one that may or may not involve a pole.

Thanks to Vod for the tip.

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  1. Skye Belle Matilda Brand

    Kudos to Mum for calling the police rather than going around &amp forcing the ugly cunt to eat shit until she dies.

  2. Hey guys not sure if you’ve seen this story from AUS, its disgusting. Its pathetic the time they got for the crime.

    1. Skye Belle Matilda Brand

      Yeah, it featured on this blog. The family have actually made comments on the story…stupid comments but they made the effort I guess!

    2. I saw that and we do have it on here somewhere when it first came out.
      They need an anvil dropped on them like yesterday.

      1. Be nice to the anvil 😛

  3. My daughter has had accidents, as kids do. The bathtub is the best place for it to happen, easy clean up. She used to have bad constipation so I would put her in a warm tub and HOPED she would poop in the tub! As long as her belly felt better. It even happened when we were showering together. As an adult, you DEAL with it! You drain the tub, wash it out, and it’s done. I hope while she’s in jail her roomies smear shit all over her bed, belongings, and clothes!

    1. Skye Belle Matilda Brand

      We had a similar issue…warm bath &amp gentle tummy massage usually did the trick! Unfortunately it usually did the trick at 3am but at least she was more comfortable after that!

      1. Yeah tell me about it. I can’t count the number of times she woke up saying her belly hurt. But she didn’t want a “candle” (suppository). Plus about half the time the “candle” didn’t work. I found these awesome suppository things that instead of the normal ones was one with a tiny tube and water or glycerin. You just squirt it And take it out and it works every time. She still hated them. Luckily she seems to moved on from that stage.

        Funny thing, I left my abusive ex and her constipation stopped. Just like that. Amazing. I was having to use suppositories at least once a week. And she was only going about once every week or two, if lucky. Since we left, she not only is out of diapers, but she goes to the potty every day. No more belly issues.

        1. Skye Belle Matilda Brand

          Kids feel stress just like adults do &amp it will manifest in various ways. We had issues with transition to solids but that resolved quite quickly. Now my girls are older &amp both know that if they don’t eat enough fruit &amp drink enough water they will pay the price!

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