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Bad boyfriend beats baby buries body under bridge

Joshua Markus Beard

I’ve been trying to keep the language on the site cleaner than in the past but damn that’s one Frankenstein looking motherfucker. That’s 20-year-old Joshua Markus Beard of Arlington, Texas. He’s been charged in the brutal beating death of his girlfriend’s 19-month-old daughter, Tylea Moore. Beard not only allegedly struck the child and threw her on the bed so hard that she bounced out to the floor but he also stomped on her stomach so hard that the baby was vomiting green fluid. Eventually Tylea succumbed to her injuries at the hands of Markus. Rather than calling police Marks and the girl’s mother, 17-year-old Alexis Botello, allegedly buried Tylea under a bridge. They were caught not only after Beard’s aunt reported the child missing but also after the pair were identified on Wal-Mart security cam footage of them buying shovels and gloves.

I know it’s everyone’s first instinct to attack the mother in a case like this but I ask that you sheath your pitchforks for now. She has been arrested and has been charged with tampering with evidence. What we don’t know is if this was a domestic abuse issue or not. I mean if he was willing to violently kill her child like that what would he be willing to do to her. For all we know there could have been domestic violence that had never been reported. We all know that not every incident of domestic violence gets reported to police unfortunately.

Again though, I feel the need to address future or possible abusers like this. The best way to make sure that police catch you and send you to jail is to kill a child. You will not get away with it. You are not smarter than the police. They will use every method at their disposal to catch you and put you away for a long time. And God forbid you do something like that in a state like Texas where they execute more killers than most countries. Beard has been charged with capital murder so it’s a real possibility for him. So think about that before you raise your hand like that to a child you cowards.

If you’re a victim of domestic violence you can go to The National Domestic Violence Hotline website or call them at 1-800-799-SAFE (7233).

Thanks to Jennifer for the tip and CW for the assist.

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  1. I’ve never understood how a relationship gets to the point of domestic violence that severe. I know all of the popular excuses, it’s all she knows, she’s scared of him, etc… What I don’t understand, is why these women don’t leave after the FIRST incident. Even if they don’t have enough respect for themselves to get out, the desire and instinct to protect their child/children should override the desire to be some assclown’s punching bag.

    1. I don’t understand why these women have a live in boyfriend when their child is under 2 yeats old. Like wtf? Will you be with anything with a dick that will take you?

      I wrote a while ago about leaving my daughters father. We were together for 6 years. I was abused. It took a while but I left. He hadnt worked for a while and would spend up to $500 a day at the casino from my savings without saying anything. He would also drink a handle a day. It went from being called names to physical. The later in the day and the more drunk he got the worse it got. I even bought a house but he refused to move out of his parents bc that would mean ::gasp:: getting a job. One night while drunk he choked me and held me out of the window in front of our daughter. I yelled and his brother grabbed a gun, cocked it, and pointed it at my daughter tellling me to STFU. I ran out that night, no shoes in the snow, and got my daughter and I away. Called the cops and had charges filed. Both got suspended sentences and served no time. How do we lock up people for weed but not when a gun is put to a toddlers head..?

      Happy ending though. I am now back in school (before I was not even allowed to go to lunch with a friend and even a doc appt meant a long tirade on how I was a shitty mother for “abandoning” her child to “go out”). I understand fear of leaving but the second your child is threatened you need to get out.. ASAP. Im grateful to everyone on this site bc reading these stories and everyones comments gave me strength to get out and not look back.

      1. It’s because some women put their private parts before their children. If he’s good in the sack, it makes it much more easier for them to turn a blind eye when he beats on the kids.

      2. And I would second this to say, although abused women are not thinking clearly, the moment your child (infant or otherwise) sees you being abused your child is threatened.

        I don’t care if the mf never lays an acutal hand on your kid. You being abused is very damaging in many ways. That is why the law now prosecutes the witnessing of abuse by a child as a crime. Because it is.

  2. Sorry, not putting the pitchfork away!! Getting your ass beat is NO excuse for letting a man hit your child! Women that use that excuse are basically saying they’d rather their child get hit then themselves.

  3. Here is an idea: After the other inmates beat him lets bury him up here in Livonia MI. They are rebuilding the I-96 freeway up here and we can bury him under one the new bridges!

    1. At last, a man with a really solid solution. I like your thinking Mike Avery.

  4. Agree with jane444. Seriously question the morals of such a woman ( using the term loosely, preferably a four – letter word beginning with ‘s’ and ending with ‘t’ comes to mind, and not one that denotes bodily wastes)

  5. What’s the deal with his neck, or lack of, as the case may be????

    1. He’s a dick head.

      1. LOL. Literally and figuratively….

  6. There is so much wrong with my state, but the death penalty, for cases like this… serves as some redemption.

  7. He looks like a throwback

  8. He is going to get so fucked up in prison.

  9. This has been all over the news here in Dallas, and my question still where are the 17 year olds mom’s parents? She had to have been pregnant at 15, not old enough for a job that pays anything, where was everyone else presumably more responsible than her? That said, I hope this d-bag gets the chair.

    1. Solid question. I’m gonna guess the mother has not had a very quality life herself. That, or she is completely insane.

  10. I understand you don’t want us to bash “the mother”, but she allowed her child to go through hell and then she helped get rid of the body. I was a young mother and a victim of domestic violence. But if it came to my child getting hurt I would have fought til I took my last breath to save my baby. I do understand the fear of being killed, but when you give birth to a baby, its your job to protect them no matter what. I’m sorry i just can’t agree with you about taking it easy on mommy dearest.

    1. Well, until we know everything, there are several scenarios off the top of my head that could happen in which I wouldn’t bash the mother, or, I guess, to the extent I would other hellbeasts such as the boyfriend. One thing that really, really irritates me on this site, is that the commenters who say “protect the children” at any cost, torture the abusers, etc. are not there when the abuser, or witness of abuse, is also a child. I don’t comment often, and I should, so people don’t think I’m just criticizing their viewpoint, but I just cannot imagine the life the mother went through, where at 15 she ends up pregnant and, at some point, living with this guy. Maybe I overlooked the timing, but what if she wasn’t there when it happened, why put your life on the line at 17 when you just find out your baby girl is beaten to death?! What good would that do for her? As with many of the readers on this site, I too was a victim of horrendous childhood trauma and then dating violence in my earlier years, had a daughter somewhat younger than I planned (20), and have a lot of resilience. Not everybody is that lucky, hence why resiliency is a major research area in psychology related fields. I’m rambling, and not getting my point out concisely, but I just can’t hate on the mother that easily. I would want to die if I ever saw my little girl hurt, but if survival mode then had to kick in because that abuser was right there, I think instinct would take over? IDK. That’s just a hypothetical scenario, of course, but whatever helps me sleep at night ) And trust me, I am normally not one to defend mothers, and am not a believer that all moms love their kids and try their best (as I was told in a Child Psych class in Undergrad…complete bs) however, at such a young age, she needed guidance, and supervision, if she could not step up to expectations–therefore, if she did, in fact fail, a lot more people should be to blame for her ignorance, etc.

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