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Ohio Breeder headbutts infant son

William Bently

22-year-old William Bentley of Madison Township, Ohio, has been arrested for allegedly headbutting his 7-week-old infant son, repeatedly. Why? The usual I’m afraid. His son would not stop crying.

Think about that for a moment. Think about that level of violence. His rage was so much over his own son’s crying that he repeatedly slammed his own skull into the face of a helpless infant.

The infant has survived and is expected to recover but does have extensive facial injuries.

Bentley lived in a trailer park. I’ve poked fun at people who live in trailer park’s on this site but it seems that it is unwarranted as his neighbors were not only outraged over what had happened they know better than he did.

“It makes me so mad. I’m shaking. I’m shaking really bad,” Kristen Stevens said. “I don’t know what would bring someone to do that to a small child. If it’s crying, you coddle it. You try and sooth it. You don’t hurt it.”

“That’s what all kids do at that age, you know, they go to the bathroom, they eat, they cry. They want attention,” Raymond Willis said. “Anytime we hear about anything like that happening, especially to a 7-week-old, I mean, that guy should be put in jail for quite a while.”

“If you’re going to have kids, you need to treat them with respect. If you’re going to lie down and have kids, you need to make sure you take care of them,” Nicki Patterson said.

So why didn’t this troglodyte get it and what can we do as a society to see that behavior like this doesn’t continue?

Thanks to Paul for the tip.

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  1. 7 weeks? yea ok this guy on drugs?? Jealous on his son? something very screwy here.

    another link:
    and a comment there that I am quoting here:
    “Gretta Goodman-Griffith · Georgetown, Kentucky
    As long as the justice system continues to place these monsters who abuse children in jail for a few months, give them probation or can’t come up with enough “circumstantial evidence” then these horrible stories will continue to plaque the news and innocent children will continue to be mistreated,abused physically /sexually or even killed at the hands of someone who is suppose to be their PROTECTOR! There is no excuse in the world for this sort of action taken toward a child. Parenting can be difficult at times and if there is ANYTIME that someone feels as if they are going to “lose it or snap” …they need to seek emergency assistance immediately, call a family member,friend,neighbor or 911. This child is seven weeks old, a time when he should have been held,cuddled,loved and kept safe by the people who brought him into this world. We need better educational resources for parenting skills and teaching that if you are at a point of self destruction to hurt yourself or your child PLEASE,PLEASE find help.

  2. When are these Assclowns gonna realize that hurting a baby/toddler/ child will not make them stop crying, but, will in fact make them cry more?! Besides, at 7 weeks old, they are so easy to care for! Feed, burp,change &amp rock/hold/ cuddle. 30 minutes tops.

    1. I really get what you are saying about so easy to care for at 7 weeks as I had that pleasure with my first he was text book baby and soeasy to care for…but…my second was an absolute nightmare!! As much as I love him and would never hurt him he was a screaming horror!! and pushed me to my limits.. Big time.

      1. I guess I got lucky with all of mine, LOL! It was when they started crawling/ walking that it became a constant battle of wills. How old was your second child when he outgrew the screamies?

  3. Skye Belle Matilda Brand

    At that age, if you can’t cope the baby is still young enough for safe haven isn’t it?

    1. The baby can’t be more than 30 days old in Ohio for safe haven.

      1. well that is a very narrow range!
        I get that dropping your 14 yo b’cos they are ‘annoying’ is not the intent of the law, but 30 days???

        No real option for the parent(s) or child in that.

      2. Skye Belle Matilda Brand

        Wow, that’s really short! We don’t have safe haven here in Australia at all so 30 days is better than nothing but I would have thought it would need to be longer than that.

        1. If you cant cope its nothing to be ashamed of but if your going to end up losing it and hurting the baby then you need to do the right thing and give them a better chance at life.

  4. Another idiot less than an hour from my hometown. Wtf, I guess we need to start using the lethal injections more freely.

  5. dogs and cats are nuetured to prevent unwanted offspring why not ppl who abuse their children…and no I don’t go with the excuse..”he made a mistake”…..he is the mistake.

  6. My oldest had raunchy colic for what seemed like forever. I didn’t shake him, hit him, or headbutt him, mostly because HE WAS A BABY AND IT WASN’T HIS FAULT!!! I will NEVER understand the all to often “thought process” these “parents” go through. The baby won’t stop crying, so I’m going to hurt it really bad, cause that’ll help! FOR REAL???

    1. I think he’s another methtard too…that’s what scares me most…

      1. In that part of Ohio heroin is really bad, like it’s an epidemic, we have commercials about all the over doses it could be that too.

        1. Skye Belle Matilda Brand

          That’s pretty sad. I get that happy, well adjusted people don’t generally start taking drugs &amp addicts are usually trying desperately to forget some horrible event, but when you have kids you’ve got no choice…you’ve either got to give up the needle or give up your kids! Well, that’s how it should be…junkies shouldn’t be allowed to raise children.

    2. I have 0 , as in zero, ability to sympathize, pity.etc any of these inhuman beasts that harm our children. They are ALL our children, they are our future.

      This is a rather old UN General Assembly as regards the rights of woman: Declaration on the Elimination of Violence against Women.

      compare to the sentences for adults assaulting adults.
      Sentence for the child victim? nuff said.

      ok in ny for assault against a child: this is from 2008, it is late for me, I sure hope these have been improved:
      A Summary of New York State Penal Code
      130 Sex Offenses as 2008

      D=defendant V=VictimOffenseConductLack of ConsentCategory/Maximum Sentence RangeMinimum Determinant SentenceFirst Degree Rape

      Sexual IntercourseForcible compulsion OR V physically helpless OR D18+ and V under 13
      OR V under 11Class B * Violent Felony
      Max 12½ -25 years 5 yearsSecond Degree Rape

      Sexual IntercourseIncapable of consent by reason of being mentally disabled or mentally incapacitated
      D over 18 V under 15 Class D Felony
      Max 2⅓-7years Third Degree Rape

      Sexual IntercourseIncapable of consent by reason
      D over 21 AND V under 17
      OR V lack of consent OR D Health Care or Mental Health ProviderClass E Felony
      Max1⅓-4 years First Degree Criminal Sexual Act
      Oral or Anal Sexual ConductForcible Compulsion OR V physically helpless OR V under 11 OR D 18+ AND V under 13 Class B *Violent Felony
      Max 12½ -25 5 yearsSecond Degree Criminal Sexual Act
      130.45 Class D
      Oral or Anal Sexual Conduct Incapable of consent by reason of being mentally disabled or mentally incapacitated
      D 18 AND V under 15 Felony
      Max 2⅓-7 years Third Degree Criminal Sexual Act
      Oral or Anal Sexual Conduct Incapable of consent by reason
      D over 21 AND V under 17 OR V lack of consent OR D Health Care or
      Mental Health ProviderClass E Felony
      Max 1⅓-4 years Forcible Touching
      Forcible Touching Intentionally for no legitimate purpose, D grabs, squeezes or pinches the sexual or other intimate parts of V for purpose of degrading/abusing or gratifying own desire Class A misdemeanor
      Max 1 year First Degree Sexual Abuse
      130.65 Sexual Contact Forcible compulsion OR physically helpless OR V under 11Class D *Violent Felony
      Max 2 1/3 – 7 years2 yearsSecond Degree Sexual Abuse
      130.60 Sexual ContactV incapable of consent other than age OR V under 14 Class A misdemeanor
      Max 1 year Third Degree Sexual Abuse
      130.55 Sexual ContactAny circumstances where V does not consent excepting D is not 5 years older than V Class B misdemeanor
      Max 3 months First Degree Course of Sexual Conduct Against a Child
      Sexual Intercourse, oral or anal sexual conduct or aggravated contactV under 11 D engages in two or more acts over a period of not less than three months OR D 18+ AND V under 13Class B*Violent Felony
      Max 12½ – 25 years5 yearsSecond Degree Course of Conduct Against a Child
      Sexual Contact V under 11 D engages in two or more acts over a period of not less than three months OR D 18+ AND V under 13 Class D *Violent Felony
      Max 3½ –7 years 2 yearsFirst Degree Aggravated Sexual Abuse
      Insertion of foreign object causing physical injury Forcible compulsion OR V physically helpless OR V under 11Class B *Violent Felony
      Max 12½ – 25 years 5 yearsSecond Degree Aggravated Sexual Abuse
      Insertion of finger causing physical injury Forcible compulsion OR V physically helpless OR V under 11 Class C *Violent Felony
      Max 7½ -15 years 3 ½ yearsThird Degree Aggravated Sexual Abuse
      Insertion of foreign objectForcible compulsion OR V physically helpless OR V under 11Class D Violent Felony
      Max 2⅓ -7 years 2 years Fourth Degree Aggravated Sexual Abuse
      Insertion of foreign object or fingerV incapable of consent other than age Class E Felony
      Max 1 1/3 – 4 years Sexual Misconduct
      Sexual Intercourse, oral or anal conduct or sexual conduct with animal or dead human bodyV does not consent to conduct D Class A*Misdemeanor
      Max 1 year Persistent Sexual Abuse
      130.53Second conviction of 2nd or 3rd degree sexual abuse or forcible touching in a ten year period See PL §130.52 , §130.55 AND §130.60 Class E Felony
      Max 1⅓- 4 years Facilitating Sex Offense w/ Controlled Substance
      Knowingly possess and administer controlled substance including GHB without consent with intent to commit Penal Code 130V lack of consent D intends to commits felony offense defined in Penal Code 130Felony Class D Felony
      Max 3 -7 years


    1. yep 7 weeks. We love &amp hug and pace the floor for endless hours with them, colicky babies we do that most. We rock &amp cradle &amp love &amp kiss, AND!!! when we are falling apart from lack of sleep, we place them SAFELY in their crib, without shaking them, without ‘head butting them for sure!.
      parents need to teach their children as they get ready to have a baby, that honest, it is not always easy, I think I lost most of my baby weight walking my son back &amp forth, back &amp forth, x 1000. I had the sense to put him in his crib when I know I was getting close to rocking a little too hard. A baby that age, pure love was for me the overwhelming feeling, just was.

      This a hole of a father ought be jailed and find out how a head butt feels from a 6’5 300lb, all muscle inmate, ow gee I have advocated violence! soz!

      1. Skye Belle Matilda Brand

        I spent the first 8 months of DD1s life “sleeping” on the recliner with her on my chest because if I tried to lay her down she would scream…I wasn’t aware that head-butting was an alternative…*sarcasm*

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