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We’re Back!

After a long absence, Bad Breeders is finally back.

The reason I stopped writing for the site was because I didn’t have the time to maintain such a popular site, and to be quite honest, the stories we would post were playing havoc with my depression. Well, now I have the time and I have a better handle on my depression so I felt there was no better time than the present to bring the site back.

However, things are going to be done a little differently this time. The first thing is, joining me in writing for the site will be my proofreader and editor Lady Gray. She’s going to be a great addition to the site because she has an extensive background in the child welfare field. Secondly, this site is going to take a new direction. Instead of just naming and shaming suspects, we’re going to use these stories to address the problems behind the stories. This will no longer be a site where you go just so you can be outraged. We want to make a real difference. Lastly, the site is going to be more PG rated. In order to be more respected we need to tone the language down.

As far as the old posts go, they’ll eventually be around in one form or another, I just haven’t decided if they’ll be part of the main site or if I’ll have them archived separately.

If you followed the site before on social media, you’ll need to follow the new links posted at the top of the right hand column for your social network of choice. If you were on the mailing list before, you’ll need to sign up again.

So hopefully, you join us in this new journey going forward.

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