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Would you like Fries with that?

Mother leaves 6-year-old behind at McDonalds

I will be the first to say I am not a fan of McDonald’s at all and I loathe when my children ask me to take them there, but after seeing this story I have a new found appreciation for the employees of McDonald’s.

Nothing could be better than a day when mom takes you to get an ice cream after school, unless you are 6 year old Everlyn. You see little Everlyn’s monster (she doesn’t deserve to be called a mother), Lucy Parra, told her to go in to a McDonald’s restaurant to get an ice cream. During that time Lucy decided to take off and leave the little girl behind. Restaurant employees and a customer helped the little girl look for her mother.  After 15 minutes, She was unable to be found and the poloice were contacted.  The employees tried to console the little girl by giving her food  and comforting her until police arrived.  She stated that she hadn’t eaten since her school lunch earlier that day (it was shortly before 8:00 pm).  The monster returned for the child 15 minutes after the police arrived.

Employees state that Lucy appeared to be intoxicated while speaking to the police, claiming that she never left the parking lot. Come to find out, Lucy had broken a few laws despite just being released from jail that day. Apparently, she had spent the week prior in jail for driving on a suspended license and was not supposed to have contact with her 5 children after losing custody due to a lengthy history of meth addiction. Two of the children live with their fathers.  The other three were in custody of the monster’s mother, but have since been taken into protective custody because of this stunt.

Lucy was taken into custody at the scene and booked for child abuse. According to reports, she had dropped off her other two children off at a relative’s home without telling them. Court documents state that she has a history of dropping them off with relatives and not notifying them to watch the children. Here’s to hoping that Lucy stays away from those children.


***Thanks for the tip and write up go to Rochell

“Mommy just left us on the sidewalk and drove away.”

Heartless mother deserts daughters,leaving the alone on  a Brooklyn sidewalk 

Brooklyn mom Dalisha Adams charged with abandoning daughters on street 

Dalisha  Adams arrested for abandoning her daughters on a Brooklyn sidewalk 

Brooklyn mother Dalisha Adams posted Facebook picture of naked man hours after dumping kids 

OK,  so allow me to introduce you to Domini (5) and Diani (3), cute aren’t they?  These two cuties are sisters and were found wondering a Brooklyn sidewalk alone and carrying disposable diapers on Sunday, January 29th.  The girls were bundled up warmly and wearing UGG boots and showed no outward signs of abuse.  So how did they end up on a Brooklyn sidewalk alone? I’m getting to that right now!

Now, let me introduce you to their mother Dalisha Adams (26).  It appears Dalisha needed a break and decided to drop her daughters off at the paternal grandmother’s apartment to take a few hours for her.  Not a big deal, as mothers and fathers here was can understand the need for a little “me” time now then, except that Dalisha literally dropped her daughters off on the side of the road and took off.  Not only did she drop them off on the side of the road, it was not even in front of the grandmother’s complex, not that that would make it better, but instead the complex next to it.

The sisters were found and police were alerted by an elderly couple who noticed them standing on the sidewalk next to a busy street holding only diapers and looking shaken and confused at about 2:40 pm. When questioned by police the girls gave them their first names and told them their mommy dropped them off.  They couldn’t tell police where they lived accept that they lived in a blue house with flowers outside they also said their mother’s name was Dalisha and she drove white car.

While police searched for Dalisha, going door to door at the apartment complex, scouring nearby surveillance video and getting pictures of the sister out to the media, a picture of, what appears to be, a naked man holding a bottle of pink champagne was posted to Dalisha’s Facebook.  She and her sister have denied she posted that picture, claiming perhaps the girls’ father, whom she has a protective order against for domestic violence, may have done it.

The above mentioned protective order and the family’s history with CPS because of the domestic violence is how the police were able to identify the girls’ mother.  After identifying Dalisha police went to her apartment around 10 pm and used a crowbar to gain entry but she wasn’t there.  She would get word from a co-worker police were looking for her and turned herself in around 11 pm.  Dalisha has been charged with two counts of endangering the welfare of a child.  The sisters are in the custody of the state, temporarily.

A lot of people have a lot to say about Dalisha and the way she treats the girls.  Neighbors are coming forward and saying that she is often heard cursing at the girls telling them to “shut the fuck up.”  One neighbor said she heard her tell the youngest “I’ll punch you in the fucking face.”  Shortly before she dropped the girls off she was heard telling one of the crying children, “Shut the fuck up, I’m going to get you out of here.”  I feel so bad for these little girls, this is awful.  They had to have stood there and wondered why she left and if she was going to come back.  The thought of that is so frightening to me.

The paternal grandmother is trying to get the girls and says though she is angry she does not believe she left the girls alone intentionally.  I am not sure how in the love of gawd she can say that, I mean seriously, she dropped them on the side of the road.  She thinks she meant to drop them in front of her complex, OK so she has never taken her kids to their grandmother’s before and doesn’t know which complex is hers.  I doubt that, and even if she thought she was in front of the right complex, in what universe is it OK to drop off two little girls of any age on the sidewalk and drive off?

Of course Dalisha has her own version of what happened and in her version she dropped the girls off to the grandmother’s apartment and handed them off to grandma.  She admits to not going into the apartment for fear of her ex, but said she did not leave the girls standing on the side of the road.  Well Dalisha…I think the fact that your child (no one else) told the police you dropped them off and drove away kinda calls bull shit on your version of the incident.

Her sister and friends are saying, they don’t believe she dropped the girls on the side of the road and left and describe her as a doting mother.  Well, ladies in the world I live in “doting mothers” don’t tell their 3-year-old child, “I’m going to punch you in the fucking face.”  Just sayin’….

Thanks to all who sent in the tip.

Mommy splits for NY with live-in penis, leaves son behind

Mother Locked Disabled Son In Rodent-Infested Trailer – Fed Him 4 TImes A WEEK – Then Split To NYC 



Police were called to the cow you see above, 36-year-old Amanda Jolliff’s, mobile home park, located in Erie, CO, after a neighbor noticed her 14-year-old disabled son, who was not identified, hiding underneath his porch with his mother nowhere in sight. Her live-in boyfriend, 31-year-old Robert Smith was also nowhere to be found.

The neighbor told police Jolliff and Smith had taken a bus to New York two weeks ago, and other people who lived in the home had moved away leaving the boy to fend for himself. I am assuming no one knew the boy was along until he was found under the porch of his neighbor. If that is the case then I give many thanks to this neighbor for doing the right thing in calling the authorities and saving this young man’s life.

When police searched the home they detected an “overpowering odor of animal feces and urine.” Puke. They also were met with mice scurrying throughout the residence, as well as,  two dogs, a macaw, two c*ckatiels, a c*ckatoo, two ducks and four toads. Not the worst case of many animals we’ve seen, but I’ve never understood the need for a petting zoo running loose in your home. Police also said the boys bedroom was boarded up, and there was also a lock on the outside of his door. When they inspected the food pantry they found bags of spaghetti noodles that had been chewed open by mice and contaminated by their feces. Double puke! I hope this boy was not fed these contaminated noodles before his egg-donor and her penis left him there, but I am certain that he was. But wait, there’s more!

The boy told police his mom would lock him in his room, letting him out only to clean up after the ducks. He said that since 2008 he was fed spaghetti or macaroni a mere four times a week. Yes, you read that right. That wonderful birth-organism only fed him some kind of noodle, four times a week, for the last three years at a point in his life where he was going to need the extra nutrients for the onset of puberty. How fucking wonderful of her, right? The boy also told the cops that he was supposed to be home-schooled, but he had not received any education since his “mother” removed him from his public school in 2008. Sounds to me that she met her vag-filler in 2008, began abusing her son around this same time because of said vag-filler, and did everything she possibly could to conceal it. Maybe the dip shit who was fucking her told her that her disabled son deserved to be treated like an animal for not being “normal,” or that maybe being closed off and starved would “fix” her son. I don’t care why or the reason, she obviously didn’t care too much for her son if she’s willing to imprison him, starve him, and then abandon him, probably to leave him for dead.

When Jolliff was located by police and questioned, she admitted to locking up the boy because he would run away (gee, I wonder why you dumb bitch) and “used to irritate me really bad.” You have got to be fucking kidding me! She did not give a reason as to why she would starve him.

Amanda Jolliff, 36, is charged with false imprisonment, child abuse, and at-risk neglect of her son, according to a statement from the Weld County District Attorney’s Office. Richard Smith, also was charged, it said. They were jailed on $20,000 bond each.

Nothing stated if the boy was placed with a relative or in foster care.

***Thanks go to Shannon for the tip***





7 children, 1 trailer, no heat, little food and no moms


Karina and Maria Medina

7 children found in alone in freezing home 

Eight hours… eight freakin hours that’s how long seven children ranging in age from 18-months to 13-years-old were left alone in trailer with no heat and little food, by their mothers, sisters Maria (37) and Karina (27) Medina.

Wanna know what they were doing… go ahead take a guess… at a party drinking.  Betcha didn’t see that comin’ did ya?  Oh, come on you know you did, we all did!

Anyhow, the Santa Fe Sherriff’s deputies got a call from a neighbor of the drunken dimwits at about 2am Saturday, November 5th.  She was worried, pretty sad when the neighbor cares more about the children than the women who gave birth to them.  When police arrived they found all the children alone, wrapped in blankets to keep warm, the thermostat in the trailer read 32 degrees.  Even more alarming was the fact that there was little to no food for the children.  WTF!

Now for the icing on the cake… it’s not like the furnace broke after the assholes left and the kids gobbled up all the food in the house in their absence.  They left them there alone knowing the furnace was broke and there was no food.  I guess when the urge to party hits you, fuck the kids there’s drinking to be done!

No worries though they came right home when called by the deputies… that’s all good except that the freakin idiots topped off their already stupid bullshit behavior by driving drunk.  Classy ladies, really classy!

The Medina sisters were charged with seven counts of abandoning and abusing a child.  Karina was also charged with drunk driving.  Their bonds were set at $25,000.

 P.S.  Am I the only one with the urge to smack that stupid grin off Karina’s ugly mug?



The Fuckers Leave Their Babies Alone to Get Methadone


Couple Accused of Leaving Preschoolers Alone in Tent

Two Kids Left to Fend for Selves While Parents go to Methadone Clinic

Girls Desperate for Food and Water After Being Left by Parents


When 26 year old Kathy Lee Tucker and 25 year old Mark David Tucker left their home May 9th, I’m sure they didn’t think they’d be sitting in jail later that day.

It seems when the moronic couple hopped in a transport van heading to a Gainesville methadone clinic, they were so looking forward to their methadone fix they thought the family dog was the perfect baby sitter for their 3 and 4 year old little girls!

All of this came to the attention of investigators when a woman who knows them and takes the same transport van asked them about their kids.  They told her the 5 year old was at school and that the 3 and 4 year olds had remained at the tent the family was living in…  I’m sorry but 3 and 4 year olds don’t remain anywhere…  They get left!!  Fucking idiots!!

She said she noticed the brain-dead duo weren’t lining up for the ride back from the methadone clinic.  They then informed her that they were planning on returning home later after they sold their plasma.  Seriously??  They actually pay addicts for blood products?!?  WTF?!?

The witness then convinced the van driver to take her to the place he picked the dipshits up.  She found the babies wandering around the woods in their pajamas dirty, hungry, and thirsty and one had lost a shoe.  She then went to the tent and found there wasn’t any food or water left for the girls.  She took them to her home, fed them, gave them something to drink, and called deputies!  Bravo Madam, Bravo!!!

Deputy Hanlon found the tent behind a trailer that was undergoing repairs but had running water and electricity.

The deputy also spoke with 2 of the kids grandparents.  They told him the 2 worthless slugs would sometimes drop the kids off without their knowledge.  One said they told the couple they were unable to care for the girls due to health issues.  A grandparent also said the idiots have left the babies alone before while they went to the methadone clinic!!

The Fuckers have been charged with child neglect.

All 3 children have been placed with a relative.  Thankfully, all were safe and not hurt!


Rant On:

How does a person think that trading one addiction for another is helpful??  I don’t care if methadone is legal and handed out like fucking candy it’s still a fucking drug!!

I’ve read comments on these articles where people are blaming this shit on the economy and these fucking junkies being poor.  BULLSHIT!!!

These worthless, brain-dead fucks chose to leave a 3 and 4 year old to fend for themselves in a tent in the woods!!  That has nothing to do with being poor and everything to do with being a neglectful, selfish, piece of shit junkie that is more worried about their next fix than they are about the well being of those babies!!

They sit in jail and I guarantee you someone is handing them their regular dose of methadone!!  That’s bullshit in my opinion!!  Detox their asses!  Cold turkey!  They should also have their parental rights severed and be forcibly sterilized!!  This isn’t the first time those babies have been left alone!!!  If you intentionally harm or place your child in harms way that should be it!!  No second chances!!  Why give someone a second chance to do more harm to a child???

Unfortunately, this happened in Florida.  We all know what the outcome will be.  A slap on the wrist, parenting classes and the children will be placed right back in harms way once again!!

Rant Over

For some reason I can’t seem to get a picture to upload…  I’ll update with one as soon as I can!!


Thanks to Emilie and Cathy for the tip!

"Parents" Out Dealing While Baby Dies in Fire

Tot Left Alone Dies in House Fire

Parents Investigated

Parents Out on Drug Deal


30 year old Anthony Walker and 22 year old Adrienne Haslam-Tatti decided to go for a midnight stroll.  Now, normally this wouldn’t land them on BB but when they took their walk they left their 18 month old son, Dillon Walker, in his crib alone.

Justin Stevens, the downstairs neighbor, told police he was brushing his teeth when he smelled smoke.  After searching his home he went outside and saw an orange glow coming from his neighbor’s suite on the second level.

He kicked the door in and saw fire coming from the oven.  He tried to put it out with water and when that didn’t work he ran from room to room to see if anyone was there.  He searched the living room and a bedroom but unfortunately couldn’t get to the bedroom Dillon was in because the smoke was too thick.

Canadian police and fire department received 3 emergency calls of a home burning and within 9 minutes were at the scene.   When they got there the second floor was fully engulfed in flames.  The intense heat and flames prevented firefighters from entering at first.  Eventually, they got the flames controlled and were able to get inside to find the baby dead in his crib.

While emergency workers were trying to get close to the home the bio-parents showed back up.  Haslam-Tatti immediately started screaming her baby was in there while Walker was yelling, “We just went for a walk.  Our gas was shut off.  We use the stove for heat.”  He said the gas had been shut off 2 days prior and they were using an oil heater, 2 small heaters, and the oven for heat.  He told police they were only gone 10 to 15 minutes.

Emergency workers arrived at 1:43 am, 9 minutes before that were the 911 calls so it was first reported at about 1:34.  According to reports the parents showed up on the scene at 2:05 am and were uncooperative and wouldn’t give the police their names.  So that’s about 30 minutes that we know the home was burning.  The neighbors didn’t notice it until it was already too late to save little Dillon.  So who knows how long these two were actually gone!!

Police now say that their midnight stroll was in fact a drug deal and that these two were the dealers!!  Neighbors told investigators that Walker “dealt numerous kinds of illegal drugs to people in the community.”

The two are being investigated for criminal negligence causing death, failure to provide necessities and child abandonment according to a search warrant.

They have another child who fortunately wasn’t in the home the night of the fire!!


Rant On:

I don’t know much about Canadian law but why the hell haven’t these two been arrested??  They left an 18 month old baby alone!!  Regardless of anything else that alone should land their worthless, negligent asses in jail!!

I don’t care if it was 10-15 minutes, which I don’t believe for one fucking minute, their actions cost this baby his life!!  They might as well have set the fire themselves!

Why did it take both of them to make a fucking drug deal!?!  If one of them had stayed with that baby this wouldn’t be an issue right now!!!

BTW, what kind of drug dealer doesn’t make enough money to pay his fucking utility bills!?!  Makes me wonder if they weren’t using up all the profit to feed habits of their own!

True justice would find both of these useless bastards burned alive!!!

Rant Over


R.I.P. Dillon



Thanks go to Connor for the tip.

Baby.. What Baby?

4-month-old left at park, mother charged

Mom abandons baby in Highland  Park, Fox 2 News finds her

Mom accused of abandoning baby in Highland Park charged


Michigan is making a showing this month here on BB and being a Michigander, I am not proud of that fact.  I am not quite sure what was going on Mother’s Day weekend, but apparently a few of my fellow Michiganders lost it, first there was poor little Robert Byrd, his lifeless body was removed from his home on Mother’s Day, then Megan Robert’s dad went bat shit crazy the following Monday morning and beat her to near death and now for your reading pleasure we have Shayean Blackmon.


Shayean took her 4-month-old daughter Somari to the park; Monday, May 8th… sounds like a great way to spend an afternoon with your baby daughter right??? WRONG… not if you’re Shayean, you see Mother of the Year up there, took her daughter to the park alright and left her there.  Yes, you read the right she left her infant, in the park… but she was thoughtful in leaving her precious cargo behind, she left her bottle.  Nice job mom!


Witnesses to the hag leaving her daughter behind said she was seen drinking and abusing her baby prior to hopping in her car and getting ass outta there.  She was drinking up some tekillya, swinging the baby around and punched her in the nose.  Ummm… what?  Yeah, the drunken slag punched her baby in the nose.  I’d like the opportunity to punch her in the freakin nose…. asshole!


Anyhow, there is a link above that has a reporter who happened to be reporting the story when slag there brought her tired ass home and she acted like she had NOOOOOOOOO idea what he was talking about.  What?? I didn’t leave my daughter… baby what baby??  You know asshole… the child you gave birth to four short months ago that you punched in the face and promptly left in the park after tossing back some tekillya.  This girl is a piece of work.


Shayean has been charged with child abandonment, which carries a ten year sentence.


Somari is protective custody until May 23rd, until a paternity issue has been resolved.  Blackmon’s grandfather, who is currently has custody of the slag’s older son, would like custody of Somari too.  He is the one who seen the baby’s face on the news and immediately headed to the police station to get her.  Did I mention he’s in his seventies?  How’s that for a love a 70-year-old man taking in not one but two children under the age of 5-years-old?  Good Man!


Baby Somari... isn't she precious?

Need to use the bathroom? Leave your kid with a stranger

23-year-old Silvia Marcial was arrested in Sacramento, California after she left her 1-year-old son with a stranger.

She handed over her kid to a homeless woman. When she didn’t return the homeless woman took the child to her camp.

When Marcial returned and the homeless woman and her child wasn’t there she called police. The homeless woman returned the child with no issue and Marcial was arrested.

Marcial claims that the reason she left her son with the woman was because she needed to use the bathroom. I’m sure it had nothing to do with anything illegal.

I remember being a young child and being dragged into many a women’s bathroom by my mom when she needed to go. Especially at 1-year-old when kids really don’t know what they may be witnessing why would you not take your kid with you?

Thnaks to Sarah for the tip.

2-more deaths attributed to Katie Stockton

I think I may have posted this story before but since I am at ‘The Sweatshop’ I can’t check. (Update: Original post)

Anyway 28-year-old Katie Stockton of Rockton, Illinois was arrested back in August for allegedly abandoning an infant known as Baby Crystal in the snow in December of 2004. How sad is it that this may be a repat but there have been so many stores like this I can’t remember if it is or not.

Now police are saying that two infant skeletons that were found in an impounded car trunk that was registered in her name were likely babies that she delivered.

The babies are believed to be female and not twins.

Again, as repulsive as I find some of the alternatives to childbirth there are alternatives out there.

But for alleged serial abandoners like this I recommend a large sewing needle and some industrial strength thread.

Thanks to snoopygirl for the tip.

Write a note to give up your child

Read It Here StoryMeth Mom here couldn’t adequately care for her 9 month-old child.  She felt the child would get better care from her Meth dealer…Sound judgement?!?

It is reported that a “friend” of the dealer describes the 9 month old as malnourished and without basic needs when the 23 year old mother brought her to the dealer. Police say the mother admitted to being a meth user but gave the baby to a drug dealer to protect her.   She didn’t feel like the baby was safe with her on the streets because was living on the streets and cars and homeless at the time.

She apparently gave the dealer a note stating she relinquished custody to her and also handed over her medicare card.

Police are continuing their investigation to determine if the baby girl was used as part of a drug deal.

Police are also looking to charges against the baby’s mother. She does have another child who is living with relatives out of state.

The drug dealer also has three other children. They are being cared for by family friends.

Thanks LadyJade for the tip

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