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Dallas woman accused of selling newborn online

Britany Hill. I guess I can see why she needed the money. She must have been a little short.

Police: Mother put child for sale on Craigslist:

Mom accused of trying to sell infant online claims it was an adoption:

Dallas police documents outline child abandonment case:

Texas mom denies trying to sell baby through Internet classified ad :

26-year-old Brittany Hill of Dallas, Texas was arrested recently for allegedly trying to sell her 4-month-old son online. I’ve seen reports that say it was either on craigslist or PennySaverUSA, both online classifieds sites. Luckily Hill was not selling the baby for sex which we have seen on this site too often lately.

Hill claims that she placed the ad for money needed for a lawyer in order to put the baby up for adoption. However a person who saw the ad and was interested in adopting the baby reported to police that they got cold feet when they found out that no lawyer would be involved. I’ve seen reports stating that the baby was being sold anywhere from $4000 to $6500.

But wait, there’s more. Hill is also facing child endangerment charges for allegedly leaving her son alone in their apartment. The apartment manager was doing welfare checks on tenants who were behind on his rent and found the baby on the floor unattended. Luckily the baby was unharmed. Hill allegedly said that she was having an anxiety attack and ‘needed a breather’ while she left her son alone for an hour while she walked to a nearby school. That’s peculiar to say the least.

In an interview with local media Hill denies trying to sell her son and says she was just trying to find a good home for him.

“I know that’s illegal,” she said Monday, speaking from jail. “I’m not stupid – that’s called, like, black-market something. I’ve read about it, I know.”

“Look deeper into it instead of just being like, ‘OK, that’s what it is. She’s trying to sell her child,'” Hill added. “Screw that, you know. It’s not like that.”


Hill also has other children that are no longer in her custody. One was adopted by another family in 2009 and other have been adopted by her parents.

Apparently Hill just can’t stop from getting pregnant….

“I will never have any more children,” she said. “If I could have had a hysterectomy, I would have done it a long time ago.”

Where’s the federal program for that idea if someone is willing to have it done?

Anyway I’m not really here to bash Hill too much. I don’t think she acted maliciously here. Irresponsible yes but not malicious. She was able to have her other children successfully and legally adopted previously so as of right now I can’t see why her intentions would be otherwise in this case.

The main reason I really wanted to post this story is to highlight the idea that there should be better laws and programs in place to make adoption easier not only for adoptive parents but also those who are giving up children for adoption. In this day and age when a baby’s life has become so disposable how about a little more education and encouragement for adoptions?

Adoptive Florida Breeders water tortured blind handicapped son

Sad Clown and The Clown of Many Chins (Ronald and Tammy White)

Cops: Ronald & Tammy White locked blind, mentally handicapped adopted son in cage:

Spring Hill mom accused of abusing teenage son:

Ok kids, get out your scratch paper and your #2 pencils. It’s time to do a little trailer math. In this case the term trailer is more of a state of mind than an actual dwelling.

When Ronald and Tammy White lived in Georgia they managed to rack up over $150K in debt and twice declared bankruptcy. They also defaulted on both bankruptcies because they couldn’t make their pre-arranged payments. They adopted 3 teenage children which according to most reports would have netted them close to $18K a year. Now X equals why did they adopt the kids? Give me the answer and don’t forget to show your work.

Now I believe X equals they adopted teens in order to collect the benefits that the state of Georgia would have allowed them because at least one of them they allegedly didn’t take very good care of to say the least.

It seems that the Whites moved to Florida with their three adopted children. Recently they were arrested for basically water torturing their blind and mentally handicapped 16-year-old son. Police say that not only did the boy receive the stereotypical beatings at the hands of Ronald White but he was also forced to drink gallons of water as punishment then not allowed to use the bathroom.

Because of that police say the boy’s body began to shut down and he was found unresponsive on the bathroom floor dying of sepsis. Luckily he is recovering and all 3 children were removed from their Spring Hill home by DCF.

At last report it was still unclear if they were still receiving payments from either Georgia or Florida.

Whenever I see these stories about adoptive or foster Breeders who are just in it for the money I often have to wonder if it would be cheaper just to take care of the children they’ve allowed in their homes instead of going to these long and drawn out ways of abusing their kids. Not to mention for an adoptee being adopted is supposed to be a time of them being saved from a life without a family and not being thrust into an even worse situation because two assclowns can’t manage their finances.

How did two people like this even manage to adopt three children when for most people looking to adopt it costs them thousands of dollars? I understand that an incentive needs to be made for people to adopt older or special needs children but obviously there needs to be a better screening process. If I was a worker at whatever agency they got the children from two defaulted bankruptcies would have been a red flag that they could be adopting the children just for the money.

Anyway, these two assclowns should have their urinary tracts surgically sewn shut then forced to drink as many gallons of water as possible until they friggin’ burst. They deserve no less.

Thanks to Marcy for the tip.

Anya James – Just in it for the Moolah

Adoptive "Mother" Extraordinaire







Mom arrested for emotional, physical abuse of adopted children

Alaska woman accused of abusing adopted children

Child services procedures scrutinized amid abuse allegations of adopted children

Biological mother reacts to allegations of child abuse

I truly admire people who foster and/or adopt children especially those willing to take the “imperfect” kids that no one else wants whether their imperfections are physical, mental, emotional etc.  Those willing to manage the imperfections and love them as they deserve to be loved hold a special place in my heart.  They are a very special class of people with hearts as big and open as the great state of Montana.  As much as I love those that help children with the right intentions, I equally hate those that do it for personal gain.  You know the ones I’m talking about whether they want a punching bag because they’re sadistic bastards or they just do it for the money they get from the state for their “good deeds” and turn around and spend every dime on their own selfish wants rather than the kids.  I’ll give you three guesses which category 50-year-old Anya James of Anchorage, AK falls in.

James fostered then adopted six children between 2000 and 2010 starting when she adopted three siblings whose mother had given up custody because she had a problem with alcohol.  She seemed to think she was doing the right thing for her kids – she couldn’t have been much more wrong.  Over the next several years, James got her hands on three additional children and boy does she have some seriously shit-tacular methods of child rearing including but not limited to, restricting the children’s diets so much that they failed to go through puberty during their teen years.

Detectives started an investigation into James in October, 2010 after they received a report of abuse against four of the children living with James.  At that time, several of the children were removed and hospitalized for severe malnourishment.  The investigation revealed the children were forced to live in 5×6 ft rooms in the basement of her home in an affluent neighborhood, with alarms on the doors and windows so she could tell if they were trying to escape.  She also had audio and video equipment installed so she could spy on the kids.   Oh, and did I mention they were made to use buckets filled with cat litter as their toilets even though the home has three functional bathrooms?  Now, as a mom who has to clean up after boys in the bathroom, I know what a mess it can be but it has yet to cross my mind to make them use a litter bucket!

As I’m sure you can all guess she’s got “solid” explanations for all of this.  You see, she’s a vegetarian and per her lawyer – “Miss James is a vegetarian. She raised her family as vegetarians as well, so it’s not a situation where she’s not feeding them or giving them adequate food”.  Listen here dumb ass, just because people eat a vegetarian diet does not automatically mean they are malnourished nor does it cause them to skip puberty if done properly.  They would have needed supplements to make up for the food based nutrients they weren’t getting and if she was doing that, they would have been fine; maybe a little small but fine.  The alarms on the doors and windows?  Well, that’s not kidnapping or wrongful imprisonment, that’s because the kids were prone to running away and staying gone for days at a time.  Seriously – why wouldn’t these children run the hell away as fast as their stunted little legs could carry them!?  She also said the buckets were “optional”.  As opposed to what, just going directly on the floor?

James is charged with ten counts of kidnapping and six counts of first-degree assault and is currently sitting in jail on $100,000 cash bail.  Perhaps she can use some of the $750,000 in adoption subsidies she received from the state between 2000 and 2010 as bail money.  As I see it, she treated those kids like they were in jail so she deserves every second she rots there herself.  We’ll see how she likes it.

Thanks go to Lori and Kim for the tip!

Jessica Beagley adopted a little boy from Russia… then she tortured him

Confessions on the Dr. Phil Show
“Hot Sauce Mom” Charged with Child Abuse
Alaska Woman Charged with Child Abuse After Appearing on “Dr. Phil Show”
Angry Anchorage Mom Volunteers for Shaming on “Dr. Phil”

There is so much news on this story that I could post an entire page of just news links.

Adopting a child is a very noble thing to do. Adopting twins, even more so. While many people don’t agree that we should be adopting children from other countries while there are so many children here in desperate need of homes, I won’t begrudge responsible parents who do so. There is so much red tape in this country regarding adoptions… I know of at least one woman who was not allowed to adopt here because she has MS, so she adopted overseas. There are some issues associated with adopting children from other countries, which I’ll get into in a minute, but I’m hoping to keep the “adopt American vs. overseas” discussion out of this… that’s not the point of this at all.

This story first came to light when Jessica Beagley
sent a video in to The Dr. Phil Show because she felt she was out of control. Really? I officially nominate this for The Understatement of the Year Award. The video, shot by her 10 year old daughter, showed how Jessica would “discipline” her adopted 7 year old son, one of a pair of twin boys the family adopted from Russia at age 5.

Everyone in the audience was appalled, many were in tears after watching what this woman put this little 7 year old boy through. The boy in the video was clearly terrified. No wonder he lied. I think that, for him, it was a case of “you’re damned if you do, you’re damned if you don’t”, and he was hoping that, just this once, he could escape the horrendous punishments dished out by this beast who called herself his mother. She was in his face, shouting at him… an adult woman, in the face of a little 7 year old boy, shouting at him. And that wasn’t even close to being the worst of it.

The form of discipline used is known to some as “hot saucing”, in which the child is made to hold hot sauce in his mouth. In the video, she’s heard telling him to swish it around. But, hey, at least she didn’t force feed him Zataran’s spice. Then this poor little boy was forced into a cold shower where he is heard screaming. I can’t stand being cold, and I can stand the thought of my boys being cold even less. I can’t imagine forcing my child into a cold shower, and judging by their dress in the video, the weather wasn’t exactly balmy.

While I would normally commend any parent for seeking help to be a better parent, what this woman did to this child (and most likely his brother and her other children at some point) is monstrous. The things she did to this child can not only cause serious physical and emotional trauma, but at least one of them is a known torture technique.

Here is a family, already with four children of their own, who then chose to adopt a pair of twin boys from Russia. Very noble, right? Only it seems they couldn’t handle the four children they had to begin with.
According to one source, the father, a former service member, admitted to using military disciplinary techniques on his young children. These are techniques used to discipline adults… in the military… and this guy is using them on small children? This “mother” apparently not only did nothing to stop this abuse, but decided to use a few techniques of her own. WTBFH is wrong with these people?

Of course there will be issues with a child adopted from another country. Since this child was adopted at age 5, it’s a safe bet that English is his second language. This would cause added stress to the child, which the adoptive parents should have been aware of in advance. So, not only was this child being brought to a place where the culture is much different than what he was used to, but it probably took him a while to understand what people were saying and to start learning the language of his new home. This would be incredibly stressful for an adult, let alone a child. Being moved in with a new family that he doesn’t know well = stressful. New surroundings = stressful. Most children will act out, test their new parents to make sure they love them unconditionally while trying to find their place within the family. These parents are epic failures.

Watch the video in the first link above… this little boy is clearly terrified of this woman. It breaks my heart to watch, and I wanted so badly to hug that little boy and tell him that everything will be OK. Unfortunately, I think I’d be lying. You see, he and his brother have been left in the “care” of these abominable parents, even though this woman has been charged with abuse and the father admits to using forms of military discipline on small children. I’m completely baffled by this… here they have indisputable evidence that this woman was torturing this boy, causing him emotional distress (and possibly PTSD, among other psychological issues), and possibly even physical damage. And they’ve left this boy and his twin brother in the “care” of these people. The moment charges were pressed, all the children in that house should have been removed from their “care”.

I hope that both of these parents face charges and are prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, and that these children are found a loving home. It’s a shame that these children will likely be separated from each other in the process, but I hope that there is a loving family out there that will give them all a home together, where they won’t have to be afraid anymore.

Adoptive Breeders Need a Dose of "The Law"

Adoptive Parents Accused Of Torturing Children 

Couple charged in brutal child abuse case 

 49-year-old Dwayne Hardy of Altamonte Springs, FL and his wife, 46-year-old Pamela Hardy are evil.  I don’t know what else to call adoptive parents that torture their children – 2 children that were removed from their biological parents because they were abusive.

I will try to squeeze in as much detail as I can without blowing a fucking fuse.  I was thoroughly pissed when I read this shit.  You can read the arrest report here.  It includes details that I can’t stomach to post here.   Why on God’s green Earth would anyone adopt a child just to torture them?  These people raised 4 children of their own before they made the decision to adopt.  You would think adopting abused children means you want to love them and give them a better life – I guess the thought never occurred to the Hardys.

An anonymous phone call was made to a hotline claiming that the Hardy’s children were eating out of a trashcan as a result of Mr. and Mrs. Hardy withholding food.  You’d think that they had to be mighty hungry to resort to picking through trash for a meal.  Praise Jeebus for the tipster – there was so much more horror going on in that home besides the kids missing meals.  DCF investigators found the children to have been physically abused as well.  The 6-year-old girl told investigators that    “she receives spankings on her buttocks with a paddle called ‘The Law.’ She said that sometimes while being spanked she starts to bleed.”   Damn… What the fuck.  Her 9-year-old (biological) brother told investigators that he had been hit in the head with a belt by his “father” and that his “mother” once beat him 55 times with “The Law” and that he bled as a result of the beating.  The girl told investigators that she was often made to miss meals because she was “being greedy” is she asked for more food.  The boy alleges that he would be refused meals over several days for sneaking food.  The Hardy’s also “allegedly” imposed intense exercise as a form of punishment.

A medical examination of both children confirmed that the children had injuries consistent with the allegations.  The children have since been returned to the foster home that they were adopted from in February.  I’m hoping it’s a safe and loving environment.  They’re gonna need all of the hugs and kisses they can get.

The Hardy’s were arrested and released on $7,100 bond (each).  I’m not sure why these monsters were even given the option of posting bond.  They don’t even deserve to share our oxygen.  The only thing that they deserve is a sound whoopin’ with “The Law” and a bullet behind the ear. 

Thanks go to me for this one.  I can’t wait to see what sort of asshats show up here to defend these two.  BRING IT!

Aimee Sword gets 9 years for incest

Michigan mom, Aimee L. Sword, sent to prison after having sex with teen son she gave up for adoption:

I originally posted about Aimee Sword here. She’s the woman from Michigan who tracked down the son she gave up for adoption and had sex with him.

She’s been sentenced to 9-30 years behind bars for her crime however more details have been made public since my last post.

It turns out that her son was 14 at the time of her basically raping her own child. She was married at the time and had five other children.

So basically she’s ruined the lives of six children and only has to spend 9 years in jail for it. Will she have sex with any of her other children when she gets out of jail?

Thanks to Marcy for the tip.

Woman returns adopted son to Russia

Mom sends adopted boy back to Russia with note: I no longer wish to parent this child:

One more reason why I think people should adopt from this country b4efore going overseas. Apologies to my overseas readers. I am not trying to be jingoistic however we have plenty of children in the US that need good homes.

Torry-Ann Hansen of Tennessee adopted a 7-year-old boy from Russia. Apparently she felt that he wasn’t worthy enough to be in her presence as she set him on a plane back to Russia with a note that said…

“He is violent and has severe psychopathic issues/behaviors,” she wrote. “After giving my best to this child, I am sorry to say that for the safety of my family, friends and myself, I no longer wish to parent this child.”

A child, especially an adopted one, is not something you can return like a cell phone you don’t like because it’s the wrong color.

The Russian government says that after this adoptions from the US may be reduced. Can you blame them. As a society have we become so selfish that we return adopted children just because they cramp your life?

Thanks to Marcy for the tip.

Adopt a Child and then Kill Him


The sweet little North Carolina boy (Sean) pictured above with his Monster adoptive mother has passed.  They adoptive monster and her spouse say Sean’s death was an accident.  He was bound so tightly in a blanket that he suffocated.

Reports say that Sean told social workers BEFORE the adoption that the couple beat him. Trial testimony from Paddock’s five surviving children spoke of physical and emotional abuse almost on a daily basis and said that the children were kept from the outside world and that they were trained to lie to social workers.

“We were told to tell all social workers there was no spanking,” Jessy Paddock, testified. “The forms of punishment were ‘restriction’ or ‘time out’ – those were the terms we were to use.” She also testified that on more than one occasion Sean’s entire head was wrapped in duct tape to keep him quiet.

The monster is 47 year-old Lynn Paddock … may she rot in hell!

Man has sex with girl he’s trying to adopt

Man Accused Of Sex With Teen He Was Adopting:

44-year-old Raymond Chapman of Coweta County, Georgia got caught allegedly boffing a 17-year-old girl in his SUV. The same 17-year-old girl that him and his wife we’re trying to adopt. Chapman was allegedly having an affair with the girl even before the adoption process.

Not many people adopt older children so being an adoptee myself I always love hearing stories of people who adopt older children. However I would hope that people who are adopting older children are not doing it to have SEX WITH THEM!

Both Chapman and his wife were fired by the Georgia Baptist Children’s Home. I guess that’s where Chapman was also cruising for dates. He’s been charged with child rape.

Thanks to LadyJade for the tip.

It’s a family affair

20090929_a14_a14family_packageThis family adopted 5 (yes that’s right FIVE) sisters from Liberia… ages 5 to 15.  It is suspected these girls came from West African Support Network which acts as an adoption agency but in reality takes children from poor families, keeps them locked in horrid conditions and sells them to folks like the Tyler family here (slavery is the name of this game).

Andee Verlon Tyler, 51, and his wife, Penny Tyler, 46, of Fairview face felony child abuse charges. Their son, Ashton Malachi Tyler, 20, is charged with rape by instrumentation. Their daughter, Nathania Dellare Tyler, 21, is charged with misdemeanor assault and battery.

Reports say the girls were tied to chairs and bedposts, not fed, made to sleep outside in the cold and sexually molested by an adoptive brother… one article said The Fairview couple was charged with child abuse. Their son was charged as a youthful offender with one count of rape by instrumentation, and their daughter faces a misdemeanor assault and battery count.

The monster family adopted the girls in 2005 and the articles are full of bizzare bits of information that make me crazy… like the fact that the girls were not removed from the home for a long time after the discovery was made.  It is said the family was put into counseling to see if things could be worked out?!?

Adoptive parents are PARENTS and it is WRONG to adopt kids just to abuse them!


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