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Starvation and filth in Adelaide

Officials describe neglect case as one of the worst

Parents accused of starving child appear in court

Couple charged over failing to feed son

Thanks go to KH for the tip on this one, and to Trench for passing it on to me. I have been a bit busy with starting my Master’s degree, so this makes a suitable change of pace.

A couple from Adelaide, South Australia (23 and 27) have been charged with child neglect after their 4 year old son was found to be weighing only 8kg (17.6 pounds). The house was also a complete mess, with piles of used nappies and rubbish everywhere. The stench of the house could be smelled from the street, according to authorities. When the boy arrived at the local hospital, his condition was so bad that some of the medical staff who were treating him, required counselling.

Gross, nasty filth

Last year in March, Families SA were alerted by the family’s neighbours to concerns about the kiddo’s welfare. However when officials spotted the boy, they saw that he was fine. And then, because an NGO was involved with the family, Families SA saw no need to continue investigating the family, according to news sources. This case has prompted an internal investigation by Families SA into how it handled the case. A Child Safety expert has blamed a lack of communication leaving children vulnerable.

The breeders have been to court, where they were charged with criminal neglect and failing to provide food. The male (27) also had a charge of aggravated assault tacked on. They have been remanded in custody.

The young kiddo is now in the care of Families SA.

Menstruating “mother” holds knife to daughter’s throat

Lufkin woman accused of taking photos of daughter with knife at throat

Casey Olford (Source: Angelina County Jail)

Casey Olford has a serious case of PMS

Oh dear, it looks like we have another attention-seeking whore who will do anything to their child to get attention. It seems that Casey Danielle Olford (20) has been taking lessons from Kelly Park on how to get your baby daddy’s attention. She sent photos of her daughter with a knife held to her throat to her baby daddy. That’ll get his attention, for sure. Unfortunately for Casey, it got the attention of the po-po too.

Officers were on the way to Casey’s home in Sayers street, Lufkin, TX for a welfare call made by one of the relatives. On the way, the baby daddy called to say he just received a threatening text message. In the text message was a picture of his daughter with a knife held to her throat and smeared with what looked like blood. The accompanying text read ” It’s n tha trash u too. Hope yall have enough money for Kaylee funeral. Bye.” My uneducated yokel isn’t very good so I don’t know what she was trying to say with the first part of the text. But judging by the second part, it’s supposed to be a poor attempt at an ominous threat. When the police arrived, Casey denied sending any text messages or taking any photos. The children in the house seemed fine, and she allowed the cops to look at her phone where they didn’t find any messages of a threatening nature.

Investigators began investigating, as investigators will, and the police took the egg-donor into custody. On the way to the cop-shop, Casey confessed that she did send the pictures to the baby daddy and the grandma the day before! And that the stuff what looked like blood that was smeared on the kid was indeed blood. Wanna guess where the blood came from? If you’re eating something or have a weak stomach, skip this part: It was fucking PERIOD BLOOD! Yes, she smeared her filthy disgusting rotting uterine lining on her own child to get attention!! What a slovenly slore! Filthy disgusting bitch! I guess you can say they caught her “red-handed”…

The bleeding axe-wound explained that she sent the photos and the texts because she felt lonely and depressed! Well, no wonder you’re lonely – no one will come near you because you like to finger-paint with your monthly mess. I heard that’s a sign that something is seriously wrong, playing with your own bodily fluids. The foul bitch has been arrested and charged with aggravated assault and posted $10,000 bail on Monday. In marked bills. Don’t worry, officers, that “red dye” on the notes isn’t from when she robbed a bank. But you might want to wash your hands after touching it.

There has already been one ‘tard-defender in the Facebook comments on this article “Ppl have a lot to say but really u hoes ain’t sayin shit stop judging her and pray for u but if all else fails we her family got her #family” Oh puh-leeze, like we haven’t heard that before, Ebone’ Mott. Come here and say that. I’ve been warming up on nonsensical name-callers and useless trolls and I’m ready for another ‘tard bashing. So bring it, bitch.


Christopher Miller needed to curb his “evil impulses”

Father gets life for “deviant sex acts” with infant   

Christoper Miller (40) of White Settlement, Texas has been found guilty of 4 counts of aggravated assault against his daughter.  His 3-month-old daughter.

Did this guy shake her? Did he squeeze her like others? Did the bathtub jump up and bite her like other hapless fathers around the country have reported? NO.  This guy performed what has been described as “deviant sexual acts” that injured his daughter.  I don’t know what the hell they define as “deviant” in terms of sex acts (not that anything sexual performed upon any child-let alone a baby is anything short of EVIL but I digress…).

This “winner” was working with his church to control his pornography addiction.  Well apparently the power of Christ did not compel him because while he was alone with his infant daughter he put on a dirty movie and was so inspired by it he hurt his 3-month-old baby with his sick perversion.  The sick fuck apparently enjoyed it because he assaulted her on other occasions after the initial one.

When Mr. Miller finally confessed to his wife this bitch (who I can’t find a record of being charged, which is it’s self a total failure of the justice system..) she didn’t beat him senseless with the closest blunt object or call the police like any REAL MOTHER would have done.  No she decided to help him come up with a “safety plan” to curb his evil impulses. Because you know how often pedophiles care about the safety of the children they assault.

A month later this guy confessed to his church.  The church did the right thing for this little girl and called CPS who reported it to the police and Christopher Miller gave a taped confession.

It took a jury only 45 minutes to give this guy the maximum sentence.  Thankfully he’ll be spending the rest of his life in jail and will probably learn the meaning of “deviant sex acts”.  This wasn’t the first child he molested either.  A 24-year-old woman testified he fondled her when she was 8 at church camp and he admitted to similar “deviant sex acts” with his eldest son when he was an infant.

If you ask me justice has only been half served and this angel’s mother deserves to be right next to her loser husband.  If someone did that to my child they’d be dead. You can’t cure a pedophile-Christopher Miller is proof. I only hope there aren’t more children in his past.  The only tiny bright spot is that the church had the sense to report this because this poor little girl could have had a much worse fate of sexual assaults on her future.

***Special thanks to Jackie for the write-up and tip.*** 

Moronic Mommy Monday

Happy Monday Ladies and Gents, today we have a parade of Moronic Mommies for you all to read about.  No dead babies, so most of these would be considered happy endings by BB standards.  Let’s get to it shall we.

Carla “Disco” Murphy

New mother smoked bath salts in maternity ward 2 days after giving birth, berated staff and rolled naked hospital floor

First up we have, Carla Murphy (31) of Altoona, PA and Carla is gracing BB with her presence because just two short days after giving birth and while still on the maternity ward of Pennsylvania Hospital, she stands charged with smoking bath salts and violently attacking staff.  How’s that for a welcome to the world, for her baby.

On June 17th, she stripped naked, proceeded to swear and physically attack the nurses and other staff attempting to assist her.  Seemingly unaware of her whereabouts, rolling around on the floors naked Murphy was given the antipsychotic drug Haldol to calm her down, but she continued to flail about aggressively and behave erratically.

A search of her bag yielded a white powder described as “Disco”, a popular name for bath salts.

She has been charged with aggravated assault and various drug charges.

Lynn Cameron

Young woman with unknown identity in Caryville

Police identified special needs woman dropped off at Caryville bar

Second up to show us a shining example of motherhood, is Eva Cameron.  Eva apparently tired of caring for her 19-year-old mentally disabled daughter Lynn, drove her daughter to Tennessee from their home  in Illinois and dropped her off on the side of the road and went on back home.  No worries though, Eva had Lynn’s best interest at heart because Tennessee has the “No. 1 health care system in the United States of America.”

Lynn was  found alone at the Big Orange Bar and taken to the hospital where she was discovered to have only a basic vocabulary of 30-40 words.  She did not know her age, address, phone number or even her name.  So sad!

The icing on this cake… Eva Cameron can not be charged with any crime as Lynn is an adult and not assigned a legal guardian.

Lynaa “Chuck E. Cheese Brawlin” Dobbins

Chaos –  Chuck E. Cheese crazed woman attacks rival with scissors and brick

PA woman jailed in knife and brick attack on women at son’s Chuck E. Cheese party

“Mommy” number 3 today is Lynaa Eva Dobbins (22).  Lynaa upset her ex had a new girlfriend in attendance at her son’s birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese, started a full on brawl, that ended with one woman’s ear cut and another hit with a brick.  Nice Job Mommy, hopefully he isn’t old enough to have any memories of you ruining HIS birthday.  Classy, really classy.

She has been charged with aggravated assault and stalking.

Valerie “Here’s some beer son” Topete

Beer- Arizona mother arrested for allegedly putting beer in 2-year-old son’s sippy cup

Last but not least we have Valerie M. Topete (36), it seems while out enjoying some pizza and beer, Valerie’s 2-year-old son kept reaching for her pitcher of beer.  Being the loving and sensible parent she is Valerie did what all mothers would do…NOT… she popped open his sippy cup and gave him some of her brewski.

A Witness called 911 after seeing her pour the beer into the sippy cup and watching, what appeared to be an intoxicated, lil’ man fall from his high chair.  Topete said she was just using “reverse psychology” on the baby and only gave him the beer detour his curiosity.

Topete was charged with one count of child abuse and her son is in the custody of his father.

Thanks to all the tipsters.

"I'm a little bitch"

Bitch Boy

See that tough guy up there…. the one trying to look hard and intimidating.  Well he really is nothing more than a little bitch!  Not just any little bitch, but the kind of little bitch that punches his 4-month-old daughter in the head.  Impressed ladies? 

Meet Bitch Boy aka 29-year-old Eric Ortega, who was at home with his daughter Saturday, May 28th.  She must have really been a handful since he PUNCHED her in the side of the head and forehead.  Fuck dude and you are staring in your mug shot like some hard ass!  I know the most impressive quality I find in a man is one who capable of protecting me from those deadly and aggressive 4-month-olds.  Shit… where’s this guy been my whole life? 

Anyhow, the baby’s mother picked her up Sunday morning and noticed her baby was in distress and took her to the hospital.  She was airlifted to Hershey Medical center for emergency treatment.  She suffered a traumatic brain injury and fractured ribs, as of June 6th she was still in serious condition. 

Bitch Boy admitted to police that he had punched his daughter in the side of the head and forehead, causing her to have a hard time breathing.  He, of course, didn’t call 911, because pathetic bitches like this dude are to scared to face the fucking music (yes, I said Fuck, deal with it).  I bet this dude only beats up on women and children, if a real man stepped to him he’d cower like the pussy he is! 

Bitch Boy has been charged with aggravated assault, a first degree felony, and carries a 5 to 20 year prison sentence. His bond… $1 million, he couldn’t post bail, aww shucks!  Here’s hoping bubba shows him what a bitch he is! 

Bitch boy is a single father of two, unemployed and has prior convictions for harassment and assault and was on probation at the time of his arrest.  Winner!  Perfect father material! 

Let’s hope the baby makes through with minimal damage and dad gets punched squarely in the side of the head and forehead over and over for the rest of his pathetic life.  Loser! 

Thanks to M for the tip.

We'll get you out of here, honey.

8-year-old begs to be removed from her mother

May 24th – 33-year-old, Plesie Nichols of Trenton NJ is one nasty, creepy looking bitch. She puts the Jersey girl image to shame.


Surprise! She has an accomplice, her live in boyfriend 28-year-old Anthony Roberson. Shocking I know.  Anthony has that prison stare mastered. He has seen what lies between Pliese’s thighs and lived to tell about it.


Police arrived at Pliese’s apartment in order to force her to go to a child support hearing. Fantastic!  When the officers arrived they saw four children living with rotting food and rat feces.


Yes, it’s another poo- poo palace.

Plesie’s 8 year old daughter asked Det. Bruce Armitage if he could take her away from her mother. She told the detective that her mother beat her. The little girl also said they tied her up with boot laces to the doorknobs and banister. Det. Bruce Hermitage said, “Absolutely, we’ll get you out of here, honey.”


The police noted that the marks on her arms were consistent with her story and the open wounds needed medical attention. She was transported to the hospital.


Psycho-bitch Plesie and her main rodent Anthony were charged with child endangerment and aggravated assault. I also think they were charged with a weapons charge for the bootlace and rope that was used to tie the little girl.


All 4 children have been removed by CPS.


**Thanks to itsmesg2003 for the write-up.**


Like a dog

Police: Naked Girl Forced To Eat On Floor:

Police in Bullhead City, Arizona have arrested Juan and Dawn Corral on charges of child abuse, child endangerment and aggravated assault. Juan Corral Jr. (same guy) has also been charged with sexual contact with a minor and sexual molestation.

Juan Corral Jr. is the stepfather and Dawn Corral is the mother of a 9-year-old girl. Corral Jr. made the girl take off all her clothes and eat and relieve herself on the floor like a dog. The girl was also severely beaten so bad that she had to miss a week of school. Corral Jr. also ‘touched her inappropriately’ as a form of punishment. So what did the mother do? Since you’re reading this here you can probably guess. She stood by and did nothing.

Personally I wouldn’t even treat a dog this way. And here we have another case of a woman who obviously thinks having a penis in her life is more important than her own children. If this happened to a child of most women I know someone like Corral Jr. would be missing said organ and it would be found in his mouth to show he was a screamer. Figuratively, of course.

Thanks to Tina and LadyJade for the tip.

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