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Frostbite vs. Blunt Force Trauma

Autopsy says dead toddler had been burned:

In North Pole, Alaska, police recently arrested 24-year-old Amber Lynn Aubrey Swanson in the death of her 18-month-old son, Julian Swanson-Byrd.

Swanson told the staff at the local hospital that Julian had frostbite after falling from a car window into the snow. She claimed that she took Julian for a drive to get him to sleep and when she stopped the car she fell asleep. When she woke up she claims that Julian somehow opened the window and climbed out of the car and was face down in the snow. She brought him to the hospital after he had already passed.

Except when the autopsy was done the medical examiner claims that the frostbite was actually thermal burns and that Julian had died from blunt force trauma to the head.

I’m not sure the type of car involved in this story but let’s say for a moment that Julian fell from the window of the car. I would assume that most people in a place like North Pole would drive trucks or SUVs or some kind of 4×4 which can be pretty tall. Combine the height of the alleged fall and the amount of snow that would have been present to cover the boy’s body like that could the fall have caused the blunt force trauma. I’m thinking no. Not to mention the frostbite wasn’t even frostbite to begin with.

Again here’s a thought people, the doctors are smarter than you. Instead of thinking up lies in order to get yourself out of trouble how about not abusing your kids in the first place?

Thanks to Blue for the tip.

Slap Crappy Alaskan Pappy


This tip comes to us from Lori. Clayton Phillip Allison, 26, has finally been arrested and charged in the death of his 15-month old daughter, Jocelynn Renee Allison, which occurred in September of 2008 at an Alaskan hospital. She died from a traumatic brain injury.

As an infant, Jocelynn had been considered a ‘failure to thrive” baby. She had a lower than normal weight for her age, and her muscle development was poor, causing her to have trouble standing on her own. Clayton had trouble getting the baby to eat, so he began smacking her around some. He would slap her forehand and backhand, first causing her head to bounce off of the plastic tray, and then causing it to hit the side of the high chair. He said these slapping sessions got more forceful over time. Yeah….because we all know that the best way to encourage your child to eat is to slap them. I’ve never really thought about it, but I kind of doubt that slapping a child would help the child to eat. I imagine it would make the child’s face and head hurt and make it less likely to want to eat. That’s just my opinion, though.

The day the baby died, the sperm donor said he had been doing physical therapy with Jocelynn in the living room, while the mother was at work. Is that what they’re calling it now?!? Slapping = physical therapy. So, I guess punching your kid would be considered athletic training then, right? Clayton tried to convince authorities that the baby had fallen down a carpeted flight of stairs, but the doctors called him on his lies. She had blood around her brain, two dislocated vertebrae, and a bruised lung. How freakin’ hard do you have to hit a child in order to dislocate their vertebrae? The force of the blows must have been astounding in order to cause such damage.

The excuse the father is trotting out now is that the baby would refuse to eat, and would throw the food on the floor, making him feel like a failure as a father. So he did what all concerned and conscientious fathers do – he slapped her to make her stop throwing the food. No, wait….my mistake….good fathers love their kids, they don’t beat them to death. FYI – it wasn’t the refusal of food that made him a failure….it was the abuse and murder.

And why is it that the most vulnerable of the children are so often beaten to death because of their disabilities? She was killed because she wouldn’t eat….and now she will never get to eat again. This guy should be slapped every single time he is given anything to eat in prison. The entire time he’s trying to eat it. I bet he’ll lose some weight too.

Alaskan redneck flamethrower burns 5-year-old boy

Bic_Lighter-04826_bsChild burned in bizarre ‘redneck flamethrower’ incident:

29-year-old Jonathon Michael Miller was watching his girlfriend’s 5-year-old son while she was ‘away’. Miller and his cohort, 32-year-old Stephen Ray Dilley II, thought it would be funny if they scared the boy with an aerosol can and a Bic lighter. They allegedly called the boy out on to the porch and when the boy got to the door they unleashed a fireball from the spray can. The boy’s head caught on fire burning the left side of his face, nose, eyelid and ear.

That happened on a Friday. The boy didn’t receive medical treatment until the following Monday when we went to school.

Check out the excuses that Miller gave police…

According to a troopers’ affidavit filed in court, Miller told investigators he’s been trying to toughen the boy up and the best way to do it is to “scare the s–t out of them when they don’t see it coming.”

Asked why the child had not gotten treatment, Miller told investigators, “Why go make bills for yourself over little things,” according to the affidavit.

It gets better. The mother has another child with Dilley and has a restraining order against him yet he was living in a ‘motor home’ on the property.

The mother came home Sunday night and when learning about the boy’s injuries she tried overdosing on some psych meds. So she didn’t seek treatment for the boy either it seems. No word on where she was ‘away’ at either.

Thanks to Lori for the tip.

7-year-old designated driver

Troopers: 7-year-old was mom’s designated driver:

37-year-old Karen K. Koch (nice initials) of Fairbanks, Alaska was arrested for letting her 7-year-old son drive the car while she was drunk. Not only was she drunk but police say that she was also passed out. When police finally caught up with her and woke her ass up she didn’t see what the big deal was.

Not surprisingly she has previous DUI offenses and failed a sobriety check that night.

What is surprising is that she still has her kid as far as I can tell and only had to pay $250 to get out of jail.

Thanks to Winter for the tip.

Alaska woman triggers false Amber Alert

Alaska mother implicated in infant’s disappearance:

20-year-old Elisa LaCroix reported her 3-week-old son Ethan missing which prompted the first Amber Alert in Alaskan history. Except the baby wasn’t really missing.

Police say that LaCroix claimed that she put her son in his crib and when the baby’s father, Kaid LaCroix, went to check on him he was gone. It’s alleged that instead of putting Ethan in his crib she handed the baby out the window to a friend of hers. The baby was found 3 days later with the friend unharmed. The friend is not facing charges.

The reason behind aqll this is allegedly because LaCroix and her husband are going through a divorce and she was afraid of losing the baby to him.

Thanks to D&B for the tip.

LaCroix implicated her ex-boyfriend in the abduction. She also previously accused him of rape which turned out to be false. she was already under house arrest at the time of Ethan’s disappearance.

If she was afraid of losing the baby before I’m pretty sure it’s guaranteed now.

Robert Hale, a.k.a. “Papa Pilgrim”, Convicted of Abandoning Christ for Child Rape

Papa Pilgrim, t/n Robert HaleThis case is all the more apropos in that I just finished reading Under the Banner of Heaven, Jon Krakauer’s book about the murder of Brenda and Erica Lafferty by Dan and Ron Lafferty, two members of the Fundamentalist Church of Latter Day Saints (FLDS). Several times throughout the book, interviewees who had once lived in the FLDS haven of Colorado City, Arizona revealed that the town had a rampant, unspoken problem with child sexual abuse.

Fast forward to present day Palmer, Alaska, where a fundamentalist of a slightly different stripe pleaded no contest this week to sexually abusing one of his 15 children. Robert Hale, a.k.a. “Papa Pilgrim”, made waves in Alaska by bucking some sort of federal land act. (Snore.) More important for this blog is Hale’s deep past and his awful present. Hale had eloped with the daughter of John B. Connally, future governor of Texas; his wife eventually shot herself in the face. The forlorn Hale became hippie, and lived on a commune on land owned by Jack Nicholson. He and his wife eventually became born-again Christians of a very fundamentalist strain.

Apparently, though, the Lord and a passel of a dozen-plus wasn’t enough for Papa Pilgrim. He was accused in 2005 of molesting one of his daughters, and fled. Immediately after this, some idiots declared that these charges were concocted as payback for standing up to the feds. Sadly, no. His wife and all of his kids were poised to testify against him. He didn’t stand a snowball’s chance in h – e – double hockey-sticks. Papa now faces up to 14 years in jail for his crime.

Kudos to the hale family for standing by the truth and by their child, rather than standing by their patriarch. I’m curious, though: how will their lives and beliefs change in the wake of this sickening act? From other reports, it appears that Hale had a long history of this shit, and that the family remained unaware of it until the April 12005 incident. Some of Hale’s elder sons have gone around to their neighbors and apologized for the trouble their family inadvertently caused. How tragic that 16 other people have to deal with the trauma this man unleashed upon them.

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