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Hand sanitizer gets rid of all sorts of germs, like special needs children

Belle Chasse mom booked with fatal poisoning of her 17-month-old son:

Erika Wigstrom

Usually when there’s a story about a Breeder injecting their kids with some foreign substance it entails Munchhausen By Proxy syndrome. Not this time. In this instance the sole purpose of the injection was to kill.

17-month-old Lucas Ruiz of Belle Chase, Louisiana, was born with Down’s Syndrome and three holes in his heart. I can only imagine the emotional and financial strain that has to put on a family. It seems that Lucas’ Breeders wanted nothing to do with that strain. Lucas’ incubator, 20-year-old Erika Wigstrom, has been arrested in the alleged poisoning death of her son. Wigstrom is accused of injecting an alcohol based hand sanitizer into Lucas. She calls it a mercy killing and investigators say that she has no remorse. Allegedly it was not the first time she tried to kill him. Police are also saying that Wigstrom has confessed of giving Lucas perfume in order to try to kill him. But wait, there’s more.

Lucas’ sperm donor, 20-year-old Cesar Ruiz, is already in jail for allegedly pouring run into his son’s feeding tube while Lucas was in the hospital in 2012 which was also featured on this site. Lucas was only two-months-old at the time.

Maybe after two attempts at trying to kill your son God/The Universe/Fate/etc. is trying to tell you something. Something like this child needs his parents to love and provide for him no matter what ailments he may have.

Wigstrom is calling this a mercy killing. There was no mercy here, only arrogance. There are certain medical instances where a mercy killing may be applicable. This was not one of them.

She has been charged with capital murder and can be eligible for the death penalty. Hopefully if she does get the death penalty ‘they’ll’ use one of those lethal injection drugs that cause convicts to burst into flames.

Once again thanks to Helen for the tip.

La. Breeder puts rum in 2-month-old’s feeding tube

Cesar Ruiz (100 Proof Breeder)

Belle Chase man accused of feeding alcohol to infant:

Louisiana Father Arrested for Pouring Rum into His Infant Son’s Feeding Tube:

2-month-old Lucas Ruiz was admitted to the hospital back in October for a breathing problem which doctors attributed to an undisclosed illness. He was set to have surgery but his 19-year-old sperm donor, Cesar Ruiz of Belle Chasse, Louisiana, had a different way of trying to treat his son.

Ruiz has allegedly confessed to taking one of his son’s feeding tubes home, filling it with rum, then giving it to his son at the hospital. Did I mention that his son is TWO-MONTHS-OLD? The baby ended up having a BAC of .289. The alcohol caused the baby to go into seizures.

Ruiz said that he was trying to keep his son from suffering but didn’t mean to kill him. Uh-huh. To me this sounds like one of two things. He either didn’t want the kid and thought that this could be his way out of it or he has Munchausen by proxy. Since MBP is rare but not unheard of with men I’m going to guess the former.

Alcohol doesn’t solve everything assmunch. He should be injected with grain alcohol until his internal organs burst.

Thanks to Amanda for the tip.

Stephanie Ann Helton Lets Her Infant Guzzle a Brewski

Stephanie Ann HeltonThanks to Sinthyia for the heads-up on yet another story of parents doling out the alcohol to minors. And when I say “minor”, I mean MINOR. 21-year old Stephanie Ann Helton of Phil Campbell, Alabama was busted by the authori-tays when police (for reasons unspecified) were called to perform a “welfare check” on the three kids who were at the house. Either the 7-year-old or the 8-year-old who were at the house had the common sense to tattle on the mom, telling the cops that mom had let the 1-year-old quaff some beer. Helton admitted as much to police, who booked her for child endangerment. She now faces up to 10 years in prison for her, ahem, lapse in judgment.

I have to say that, for a bad-behaving parent, Helton is kind of cute. Too bad she didn’t have the common sense that God gave crabgrass – at least, not when it counted. There’s nothing sexy about dumb parenting.

It’s not clear to me whether the 7- and 8-year-old are her kids or not. If so, that means that she would have had one child at age 14 and another at age 14, which seems doubtful. But the reports also state that all three children are in foster homes or with relatives. Being drunk around your kids may be stupid, but it’s not usually an offense that causes you to lose your kids. Can anyone clarify that?

If the baby if Helton’s only child, then I say that 10 years is too excessive. Give her a few years of probation and put her in parenting classes until her eyes bleed. Scare the shit out of her. That’s assuming, of course, that she let her kid drink a decent micro-brew, and not any of that Pabst Blue Ribbon shit – in which case, THROW THE BOOK AT HER!!

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