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Pot Smoking Momma, Thought She Had It All Figured Out!

Mom Denied Kids Access To Bathroom

Awful Pot Smoking "Mom" Angela Henderson


3 children sent text messages to their father complaining that their mother, 35 year old Angela Henderson, wouldn’t allow them to use the bathroom.  When I say bathroom in this case what I mean, specifically, is the toilet.

Needless to say Dad called the police and they went to investigate.  They found marijuana and paraphernalia in the home.  The water valves to both toilets had been turned off.  When they asked why they were off the stupid twit replied they were both clogged.  I guess when police turned them back on the clogs magically vanished because both were in perfect running order!!  Did this dumb bitch really think they would take her word for it?!?  Who says pot doesn’t kill brain cells?!

So what could possibly be the reasoning for not allowing the kids access to the toilet??  Why force them to drink Gatorade continually so they would have to go more often??

Well, since she was having them go in bowls the police think she was planning on using the kids’ urine to pass drug tests.  Of course she denies this!!  What a world-class, selfish, drugged out POS!!

She’s been charged with 3 counts of child abuse, possession of marijuana, and possession of drug paraphernalia.  She was released on her own recognizance.

Hopefully, the kids are now staying with the father since the bio-bitch can’t seem to get her priorities straight!!



I get to end this on a good note!!  This case has no murdered, beaten, tortured or molested babies/children in it!!



Thanks to Emeraldkat for the tip.

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