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Bad girlfriend makes 3-year-old eat her own feces

Arizona police say Nicole Candelaria forced 3-year-old to eat own feces after bathtub accident:

Nicole Candelaria

What is it with child abusers and feces? There’s either feces on the floor, on the kids or in this case used as a torture device.

27-year-old Nicole Candelaria of Tempe, Arizona, was arrested for allegedly abusing her boyfriend’s 3-year-old daughter. The girl had an accident in the bathtub. That’s not unheard of for children that age. So Candelaria did what we all would have done and told the girl it was ok, that accidents happen and she cleaned up the mess with a twinkle in her eye and a spring in her step. Ok, I made that up. What she’s really accused of doing is making the girl eat her own feces as punishment.

Police became involved when the girl told her mother what happened. When questioned by police Candelaria supposedly said that the girl lies all the time. Nothing like trying to lay the blame on a 3-year-old girl is there? Except the girl’s siblings also said that Candelaria made the girl eat her own waste. A medical exam on the victim also showed bruising over most of the girl’s body and an injury to her vagina of unknown origin. Candelaria would watch the children while their father was at work. The kids were visiting their father for the week.

With those tastefully done tattoos I wonder if she has a night job, one that may or may not involve a pole.

Thanks to Vod for the tip.

Neck tattoo throws baby daughter in pool to teach her a lesson

Dad allegedly throws toddler into pool to teach her a lesson:

Corey McCarthy

When I was about 3 or 4 my family went on vacation somewhere. I was too young to remember where we were but what I do remember is that the hotel we stayed at had an indoor pool. Hotel pools are one of the most favorite things of children, at least they were 40 years ago. I was not a good swimmer and stuck to the kiddie pool. However my mom wanted to try to teach me how to swim. The shallow end of the pool couldn’t have been more than 3 feet deep but at that age it might as well have been 50 feet. When my mom let go so I could paddle on my own I sank like a rock. It was one of the most terrifying experiences of my life, watching my mom get farther and farther away from me. Luckily my dad swooped in to save the day and I was no worse for wear. While I don’t have a phobia of water I’ll never forget how scared I was that day. I imagine that’s how the 23-month-old daughter of Corey McCarthy of Phoenix, Arizona, must have felt.

McCarthy’s daughter is said to have accidentally dropped a five-week-old puppy into the pool where the puppy died. While tragic it doesn’t require what McCarthy allegedly did next. To ‘teach’ his daughter a lesson he flung her into the pool. You can see the video at the linked article. She definitely goes under the water. A woman was able to rescue the baby before there could be any permanent damage.

Now in my story I sank. This poor little girl was thrown into the water so the fall probably added an increased amount of terror. According to the girl’s mother, who is estranged from McCarthy she says there is a part of the video where he’s hosing his daughter down in what she calls a form of torture.

Usually this where I would put in what ‘they’ should do but supposedly McCarthy is in the jail’s infirmary after getting beat up. It wasn’t made clear by whom. I may or my not have had a smile on my face when I typed that.

Thanks to Stephan for the tip.

Meth and Molestation in Maricopa County

PD: Mom accused of injecting daughter with meth

Jacqueline Trousdale, Phoenix Mom, Accused Of Injecting Child With Meth

Meth leaves a nasty taste in your mouth

Our meth-tarded “mummy” up there, is Jacqueline Trousdale (30) of Tolleson, AZ. She was arrested last Sunday after it was found that her 5 year old daughter tested positive to meth.

Back in October of last year, there were accusations of child abuse and molestation made by the girl’s father. Tweaky Trousdale was apparently taking drugs in front of 5 and 9 year old daughters, and the girls had told their dad that she was injecting them with drugs and letting men molest them in a room at the Victory Inn at Tolleson. Police stormed the hotel room and found Trousdale and her daughters. CPS had been notified, and the younger girl had given a urine sample to a social worker, which then came back positive for meth and amphetamines. The young girl was also examined for signs of molestation and sexual assault, but luckily doctors didn’t find any signs of present abuse. But that’s not to say that they weren’t abused in the past.

CPS now have custody of the two girls for now, and I hope that they will be released to their dad. Trousdale was charged with one count of child abuse, one count of endangering the life and health of a minor, and later on, one count of theft. What did she steal? The screws from a light inside her holding cell! Maybe she needed to replace the screws that came loose inside her head.

Thanks to Steve for the tip.

Sperm donor kills wife and son because of “AIDS”

AIDS man Eugene Maraventano

AIDS man Eugene Maraventano

Wife killed over HIV fear along with adult son, police say

Sometimes at BB, we forget that adult children can be the victims of piss-poor parenting. We tend to get caught up with the little cuties that can’t defend themselves, sometimes forgetting that adult children usually don’t expect their parents to go apeshit and attack them.

Police say that Eugene Maraventano (64), of Goodyear AZ, killed his wife Janet (63) because he thought she might have caught HIV/AIDS from him. He then went on to kill his adult son Bryan (27) because he was concerned about what would become of him because he had no job and no girlfriend. He then tried to kill himself, but failed miserably.

Investigators in court said that the slimeball thought his wife had caught cancer or AIDS off of him. He thought he had AIDS because he frequented prostitutes when he worked on the railway. So instead of going to the doctor’s for a confidential HIV/AIDS test and STI test, his solution was to stab his wife to death. After he disposed of his wife, the slimeball wondered what would become of his son, who was 27, had no job and no girlfriend, and spent all day playing video games. What was he to do? Did he say, “Son, it’s time you got up off your bum and get a job?” Did he sell the gaming console and all the games? Did he kick him out? NO!! He stabbed him to death too!

According to the police record, the slimeball got a 14 inch knife from the kitchen, went upstairs and stabbed his sleeping wife to death. Then he knocked on his son’s door and when he answered, he stabbed him too. The knife ended up on the master bedroom bedside table after he unsuccessfully tried to kill himself. The slimeball was taken to hospital and treated for his injuries (why bother?) and is now being held in jail on a $2 million bond. It’s not known whether he has an attorney or whether his wife did indeed have HIV/AIDS or cancer. The slimeball told police that he and his wife weren’t fighting the night of the killing.

Rest in Peace, Janet and Bryan. There was no excuse to kill you, none at all. Bryan needed some serious discipline to get a job and stop playing video games. The slime ball was too cowardly to fess up to his wife about his concerns and too lazy to help his son. Once a bad breeder, always a bad breeder.

Thanks to Shellee for the tip. This story was so “WTF” that it couldn’t not go on BB.

Zip-ties are a parent’s best friend…or maybe not.

Mesa woman Jaica Rowley accused of zip tying 11-year-old son to the backyard porch Read more:

Mesa woman arrested after son found zip-tied to pole


Jaica Rowley

What to do with an out of control pre-teen? Some parents might say they need a good smack on the bum. Others might say take away the Xbox, PS3 or the Wii. Jaica Rowley would say use some zip-ties (or cable-ties) to exercise restraint and control. Which is exactly what she did.

A good-Samaritan neighbour rang authorities to report what sounded like a woman hitting a boy. When the cops arrived at the home in Mesa, Arizona, Jaica explained to them that her 11 year old son was out of control. She had errands to run, but the boy had been grounded and wasn’t allowed to leave the house. So she cable-tied her son’s hands and feet around the porch pole and left to pay a bill with her 2 year old in tow. She was angry at him because he’d left the house even though he’d been grounded! The boy complained that the zip-ties were too tight, so she’d cut them off and looped new ones onto him. In the process, she accidentally cut his finger with the scissors she was using. Police found the boy bleeding from a cut on his finger, as well as chafing from struggling against the zip ties.

Neighbours told police that Jaica was often heard yelling at her children on a weekly basis, and on one occasion was heard yelling at her son that she was going to kill him. The boy had been busted shoplifting and had left the house despite being grounded.

Jaica explained that “”It was I needed to make sure that he didn’t take off, because he knew he was in trouble for shoplifting, until I could get my 2-year-old out of the car seat and in to change her diaper and figure out what I was going to do, so that I could finish doing the errands or whatever that I needed to do prior to him being arrested,”

She has been arrested on suspicion of child abuse and unlawful imprisonment but has been released since. She is not allowed to come back to her house or see her kids. CPS has taken the kids into their custody.

Now I’m not interested in having children. I just don’t have that urge to reproduce. But I don’t know how I would cope with an unruly pre-teen. An 11 year old should not have run of the house or be allowed to come and go as he pleases. Grounding him didn’t work and he’s been busted for shoplifting which is more serious than just backchatting or not doing homework. I think this is just a mum who’s at the end of her rope and just needs to regroup and develop other ways of disciplining her kids. She didn’t kill them or seriously injure them, so I think maybe she just lost the plot.


I will get back to writing AU/NZ stories when some appear. It’s been quite harrowing over here because we’ve had ex-cyclone Oswald battering Queensland and the NSW coast. Floods, tornadoes, gusting winds etc. have been all over the news and luckily there’s been no child abuse reported anywhere. I promise I will find more Aussie/Kiwi stories soon <3 Aussie S.

AZ Breeder flicked her Bic on child's genitals

Jennifer Barnes

Gilbert woman accused of abusing boy:

Gilbert woman abused adopted son with lighter, police say:

Yet another child hurt, yet another set of CPS fingerprints:

I’m sure you know by now that I make no secret that I was adopted. I probably drone on and on about it. I don’t know what my situation was like before I was adopted. What I do know is that my parents treated me as if I was their own flesh and blood from the time I was adopted until they passed away. I really hope that 39-year-old Jennifer Louise Barnes of Gilbert, Arizona doesn’t treat her biological family the way she allegedly treated her adopted son.

Barnes is accused of torturing her 10-year-old son in ways I don’t think we’ve ever seen here before on (P)BB. According to the boy’s testimony she put dog feces in his mouth then duct taped his mouth shut, sodomized him with a toothbrush, burned his genitals with a lighter and a curling iron and tied a necklace around his penis until it bled.

No word yet on whether this adoption was just another cash grab however some reports say that CPS had been called several times before and nothing was ever done.

Not surprisingly Barnes’ family says that the allegations are false even though a doctor says that an examination backs the claims up. I wouldn’t be surprised if we hear from one of them soon.

Anyway to not appear misogynistic I am going to let the female readers and commenters determine what the appropriate punishment that ‘they’ should lay down. I only hope it involves a blow torch at the very least.

It also has to be asked why are so many people turned away from adopting a child because of stupid reasons and trash like this gets to adopt?

The system is broken.

Thanks to Tina for the tip.

Delfina Gaitan thought she was a four…on the drunk scale

Delfina Gaitan

PCSO: Mom drove drunk while child slept in back seat:

In Pinal County, Arizona 35-year-old Delfina Gaitan was charged with DUI while her 9-year-old daughter was asleep in the back seat unrestrained.

While being questioned by police Gaitan allegedly claimed that she only had five beers and claimed that on a drunkenness scale of 1 to 10 that she was at about a four. No word on if those 5 beers were 40oz. bottles of malt liquor because Gaitan was said to have blown an impressive .235 BAC. That’s pretty close to 3 times the legal limit.

So on BB she’s not a four however she does come in at #5 on the BB BAC Board. Considering the leader had a .392 being ranked at #5 is still pretty bad.

Thanks to E. for the tip.

Ame Deal died in white trash Phoenix hell because of a popsicle

The desert has eyes. (John Allen, Samantha Allen, Cynthia Stoltzmann, Judith Deal)

Phoenix PD: 4 family members arrested in girl’s death:

Phoenix police: Dead girl in footlocker tortured; 4 arrested:

I’m sure by now we’ve all heard of the death of 10-year-old Ame Deal of Phoenix, Arizona. If you’re not familiar with the story she was padlocked in a foot locker overnight for stealing a popsicle from her ‘family’. Judging by the mugshots I use the term family in the Manson sense. Ame died of suffocation and since the foot locker was kept outside I’m sure the Phoenix heat didn’t help matters.

From there on the story gets very confusing. I joke sometimes here in BB about West Virginia being a state full of inbred hicks but if this group of losers is representative of Arizona then they have West Virginia beat hands down. I’ll try to explain what happened to the best of my ability.

Those who were charged in Ame’s death are 62-year-old Judith Deal who was Ame’s grandmother. Then there is 44-year-old Cynthia Stoltzmann who was Ame’s aunt. Lastly there was 23-year-old Samantha Allen and her 23-year-old husband John Allen who were Ame’s aunt and uncle. At last report the birth organism is not in the picture which is even more confusing but we’ll get to that later. Stoltzmann was allegedly Ame’s legal guardian. Got that so far?

According to reports dozens people lived at the ‘home’ including some members of the family who were living in the backyard in tents. Ame was supposedly ‘home schooled’. I use the sarcasm quotes there because in this instance I’m sure it was to hide the signs of abuse. When Ame lived in Utah her teachers constantly complained about the signs of abuse to CPS but the family left the state shortly afterwards. Ame was forced to sleep on the floor of a shower stall allegedly because of a bed wetting problem. Stoltzmann allegedly forced Ame to eat dog feces because AMe did not pick up all the dog crap in the yard. Samantha Allen is said to have confessed to making Ame eat hot sauce as a form of punishment. A witness also has said that Ame was placed in the foot locker at least 6 times in the months leading up to her death. They even tried to tell police that Ame died while playing hide and seek.

Now getting back to the biological parents a man in Pennsylvania says that he is Ame’s biological father and has been trying to find her since she was 4. According to him the birth organism, Shirley Lecomte Deal, skipped town with her husband David Deal. Here’s where it gets even more disturbing. The 51-year-old David Deal was one of the people living in tents in the backyard at Casa de la Basura Blanca. So why was he not the legal guardian and how come this dipshit didn’t step in to do anything about his step-daughter being abused. Not to mention where in God’s name is Ame’s mother? Is she dead too? I feel so bad for Ame’s father since this is the way he had to find out about his daughter.

I just don’t get it. How could a community of trash like this develop all with the hive mind that this is how children should be disciplined. What they should do is first scorch the earth of the property where this happened and maybe warn the adults to get out since the children have already been placed with CPS. But it would be the most quiet warning ever given. To the accused they should padlock them in the Arizona heat in a box the same size and if they don’t fit start removing limbs with rusty yard tools and pour hot sauce on the wounds.

I wish there was a legal way we could start thinning out the herd of trash and parasites like this that offer no redeeming benefits to society.

Thanks to everyone who sent in this tip.

Worthless 'mom' alert!!

Parents charged with the abuse of 3-year-old son

Candace Nez, 21 of Peoria, AZ isa worthless excuse for a mother.  Nothing will sway this opinion. 

On May 18th, Candace’s pet penis named Justin Hardy (21) told her he had done something bad, he “spanked” their 3-year-old boy. He said that the boy had tossed toys around, walked his shoes over the clean carpet and ‘broke a door’. Justin then showed Candace a hanger that he used to hit the little boy with. 

Call me captain obvious but what the fuck did he think little 3 year old boys do??  

I am searching to find the part where she snatched the hanger from his hands and beat the equally worthless father with it until he was a bloody mess. But she didn’t do that at all.  She simply yawned and went to bed. She said she would deal with it in the morning. Are you kidding me?!!!! 

The poor little guy went to bed that night thinking that this was his fault and he had deserved what happened to him. His mother wouldn’t save him, she wouldn’t comfort him and she wouldn’t take a moment out of her beauty sleep in order to make sure he was alright. 

The next day on the 19Th, Candace bio-bitch finally managed to check her son’s condition. She saw lacerations, bruises and marks through out his little body including HIS FACE. She realized that she was in some deep shit so she simply kept quiet and let her son suffer. He received no treatment for his wounds, or his broken heart. The next day, May20th, the police received a report of abuse in the household. When they knocked on the door Candace answered. Candace eventually told the officers about the incident and quickly added that Justin was at work. In reality the pissant was hiding in the shower. He came out like a big boy and admitted to what he had done to his son. Candace said she didn’t seek treatment for her son because she was afraid to loose him to CPS. 

Little did she know if she had reported the abuse immediately and sought treatment her 3- year-old son she would still have him living with her. Instead she chose to protect her abusive, low life, pissant of a toy.  

Both her son and 1-year-old daughter are now in protective custody where they belong. 

Candace Nez was rightfully charged with failure to protect her child and giving police misinformation. Justin Hardy was charged with child abuse, and for a misdemeanor for failure to appear in court for a criminal damages charge in Avondale.  Sounds like Justin has a damn temper. The only highlight of this article is the face that Justin is making in his mug shot. 

Thanks diamond for the tip! 

**Thanks to itsmesg2003 for the write-up.**

Meth smoking Breeders put baby in freezer

Chandler father accused of placing baby son in freezer:

Police: Chandler Man Puts Baby In Freezer:

Police in Chandler, Arizona arrested Leann and Chance Cracke, nice name, for injuring their 7-month-old son. It seems that Mr. Methe…I mean Cracke was tweaking on meth and was hungry and didn’t want to put the baby on the dirty floor. We’ll get to the floor in a second. So instead of putting the baby down he put him on the bottom shelf of the freezer. I’m guessing that whenever he found some food to put in his meth riddled body he forgot about the baby and closed the freezer door. After a few minutes the Breeders heard the baby crying and got him out. The boy was said to have a bump and a cut from the freezer door. Police were called by the boy’s maternal grandmother.

Now back to the floor. The reason the floor was dirty was because it was covered in c*ckroaches, urine and the pre-requisite feces. No word yet if the feces was dog or human. There was also a rusty razor blade just laying around along with several open containers of tobacco spit.

The Breeders’ 19-month-old daughter was also removed from the house because of burns and bruises found on her.

The Crackes allegedly admitted to smoking meth every day for a month and a half.

I still can’t comprehend why scum that have children would inject this toxic substance into their bodies. You would think with two young children they already weren’t getting enough sleep.

Thanks to Susan for the tip.

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