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Fostering Most Foul

Fostering Most Foul

Clarence Garretson

In May of 2017, 66-year-old former foster parent Clarence “Charlie” Garretson was sentenced to life in federal prison for sexually abusing and raping at least 14 out of the 35 foster children entrusted to the care of he and his wife by the Arkansas Department of Human Services. The crimes took place between 1998 and 2004, when Garretson would take children on over-the-road “trucking trips” and then abuse and rape them in the truck’s sleeper compartment. Following these acts of depravity, big bad Charlie would then threaten the children into not telling what had happened.

Garretson was not charged with any of these crimes until he raped yet another child in 2014. This rape was reported by the child’s parent, resulting in the involvement of the FBI, who then discovered all the other crimes that had occurred while the Garretsons were licensed foster parents 10 years earlier. In court, at least one victim revealed she had tried to tell state caseworkers, Mrs. Garretson and DHS investigators repeatedly, but no one believed her. Another victim said she was too scared to tell anyone at the time, fearful of being moved to another home and thus separated from her siblings.

When Garretson spoke in court, he claimed he didn’t even remember the 7 victims who gave victim impact statements. That’s how trivial and meaningless these crimes were to him. He offered a hollow “I’m sorry to anyone I’ve hurt.” BFD. The judge who handed down the life sentence got it right, though. U.S. District Judge P.K. Holmes made sure Garretson, who should have been a safe haven for the already-traumatized children placed in his “care”, will never have the opportunity to hurt another child.

The Arkansas abuse and neglect hotline number is 1-800-482-5964.

Nasty neighbour raped and killed Jersey Bridgeman

You look a bit constipated there, Zach. Don’t worry, Bubba will loosen you right up!



Neighbor charged with murder, rape of Jersey Bridgeman, 6

‘A little old soul’: Girl, 6, found dead after dad, stepmom jailed for keeping her chained

That literal sack of shit up there (because he looks like he needs to crap real bad) is Zachary Holly (28). He raped and killed Jersey Bridgeman who had undergone abuse from her sperm donor and his cum-receptacle and had been sent to live with her mum DesaRae Bridgeman in Bentonville, AK after her abusers’ arrests. DesaRae and Jersey lived next door to Zachary and his wife Amanda, who were friends of the family and often trusted to babysit Jersey and her 2 year old sister.

On the night of November 19, the Hollys were babysitting Jersey and her sister while their mum was at work. DesaRae came home at 11pm and chatted with the couple. After that, Zachary carried Jersey home while DesaRae was carrying her sister, and placed them in the same bed. The very next morning, Jersey had disappeared.

Just minutes after a search for the little girl began, a horrible discovery was made. Jersey’s small body was found in an abandoned house, just two doors down. Crime scene investigators found sperm cells on her body (gag) and built up a DNA profile which matched that of Holly. Holly was the one to call the cops when her body was found and after he turned up to the cop shop to make a statement, he was booked on charges of capital murder, kidnapping, rape and residental burglary. At least he confessed and didn’t bullshit around with lies and excuses…

Holly is being held in Benton County Jail and was attacked by another inmate (YAY!!) Holly wasn’t seriously injured (BOO!!!) and the inmate who attacked him, who was in jail on a parole violation, may face charges (Someone should buy that inmate a beer!) All the other inmates know what Holly is in for, and prison staff have said that they’re going to try their best to keep him safe. Save yourselves the time and money, and hang the sorry bastard!


Rest in Peace, little Jersey. You were too beautiful for this world.

Now here is something that all parents and caregivers need to know:

“Ninety-six percent of people who offend on children are people that the child knows. We all have been so trained in the stranger-danger aspect, which certainly does happen, but I think the reality is that’s about 4 percent,” Beverly Engle, executive director of the Children’s Advocacy Centre of Benton County, AR.

While the laws can be amended to capture all aspects of child abuse, while the sick fucks out there can be made an example of, parents should teach their kids to fight back against an abuser, even if it’s someone they know and trust. Teach them to kick, to scream, to hit, scratch and bite someone who does something or says something that makes them feel uncomfortable. Make them understand that there are people out there who don’t have good intentions, and that if anything or anyone makes you feel uncomfortable, to run away and tell someone.

I have found that Arkansas has the death penalty, so hopefully they might put it to good use on this shitstain. Here’s hoping.

Thanks to Susan and Malevolent April for the tip.


***Our first post about Jersey is here:

♥ Mal A

Burnout Breeder tries to get daughter high for the ‘experience’.

John B. Pierce

JPD: Dad wanted young daughter to “experience” marijuana:

38-year-old John B. Pierce of Jonesboro, Arkansas was recently arrested for allegedly trying to get his daughter high. I wasn’t able to find out the daughter’s actual age but the article called her ‘young’ so take that as you will.

Police were called to the home on a report that Pierce was trying to get his daughter high. While police were questioning Pierce not only did he pull out a bag containing multiple boxes of rolling papers but police say they found two pill bottles filled with weed in his pockets. Hiding weed in pill bottles? That’s brilliant. No one has ever thought of that before. Oh wait, except for every stoner ever. I bet he hides his joints in cigarette packs too.

Speaking of joints police say that Pierce’s daughter, the one he was trying to get high, turned over two joints to police.

In his defense Pierce said “I was trying to experience my daughter.” There’s no way that sentence can be uttered that makes everything ok. I think this low life was just looking for smoking buddy and his daughter was the nearest person available. If by experience he meant he wanted his daughter to experience how most drug addicts get started then it was almost mission accomplished. It’s a good thing that this girl had a much better head on her shoulders than her uni-brain celled Breeder.

With the recent resolutions passed in Oregon and Colorado I expect to see a lot more of these types of stories.

Thanks to Susan for the tip.

A new scapegoat…the ROCKS did it!

Baby killer #1Baby killer #2
Two arrested and charged in the abuse and death of 2-year-old girl
Couple arrested in child abuse death
Investigator’s Report on Mom & Step-dad’s Capital Murder Case of Infant

The two pissed-off puppies above have been arrested in Monticello, Arkansas, for the murder of the she-dog’s 2-year-old daughter, Aubriana Coke. Daniel Pedraza, 23, and Victoria Pedraza, 21, apparently decided that it would be fun to punch a two-year old so hard that her small bowel would tear apart. Among other atrocities committed against this defenseless baby were multiple bruises in the abdominal area, plus bruising to the chest, arms, legs and face. Upon further examination during autopsy, bruises were found on little Aubriana’s scalp – some old, some new.

What excuse did the birth vessel and her cooter-shooter attempt to pass off as the cause? No, it wasn’t the bathtub, the bed, the stairs or any other household fixture – it was the ROCKS! They claim that Aubriana fell off of a dock on to some rocks, and that’s what must have caused those deadly injuries. Does anybody here know if the authorities believed that? OK, y’all can put your hands down now. We all know that the doctors and medical examiners are smarter than a couple of brain-dead child killers. They called BS on the dock-rock story, and the police arrested the two abusive oxygen thieves.

Both of these upstanding individuals (and I mean that only in the sense that they are bipedal and don’t drag their knuckles when they walk) are currently being held in jail and have been charged with capital murder, although no bail amount has been listed. They apparently took the time to get their stories straight before calling for an ambulance as well, since their stories were eerily similar in all of the fairy-tale details. They also claim that after the baby fell onto the rocks, she got up and laughed and then played for another four hours or so, and that they saw no injuries. Then they said they tried to heal her with ‘natural’ remedies. Which is it? Did she have no injuries, or did they try to heal the injuries she sustained? You would think if they were going to go to the trouble of synchronizing their stories, they would at least refrain from contradicting their own lies.

The natural remedies they employed included using such items as an egg and a purple onion to heal the bruising. While those items might be the beginnings of a good omelet, they are virtually useless at healing internal injuries. When the ‘natural’ practices failed, they tried prayer and holy water. That’s rich – two demons sprinkling holy water and praying. They were probably praying that they could make the doctors believe their skewed version of events. That didn’t work out very well for them did it?

The two had been previously investigated by CPS for allegations of abuse and neglect. Another shining example of the reason CPS workers do not double as pro-football players – they keep dropping the freakin’ ball!

Both of the accused murderers say that they now wish they had called an ambulance sooner, but they were afraid that the previous allegations of abuse would look bad. I think death looks even worse….

In addition to the injuries found at the time of death, the parents admitted to using various ‘punishments’ including spanking her with a belt and making her do push-ups. PUSH-UPS!?!? She was only two years old, for heaven’s sake! The male animal said there might still be marks from the last ‘spanking’ she got (two days previously) on her lower back. Here’s a bit of info – punishment that leaves marks is not punishment – it is abuse. Inside the home authorities also found a closet that was empty except for a pillow on the floor, and a cord draped over the clothes rod. I don’t even want to contemplate the reason for that arrangement….although I think a similar arrangement should be made for each of the killers in their respective cells….

Baby Aubriana - an angel

How Are Babies like Dogs? – Ya Gotta Feed ‘Em

Charges Upgraded Against Parents 

Babies Starved and Beaten, Cling To Life In Little Rock Hospital

Slide show of the house

Burning with rage and crying at the same time.  I am, and I’m sure you are, too.  There is nothing uplifting about this story other than that the two babies are alive – currently.  There’s no assurance they will stay that way, poor things, but we can hope.  They are both in critical (but stable) condition at Arkansas Children’s Hospital 

Those starved little legs up there belong to either 2 month old Ricky Bruner Jr (son of Melissa and Ricky Sr) or of 2 ½ month old Eli Richard (son of “Angel”).   

In Fort Smith Arkansas, acting on a tip-off from an anonymous phone call, police found: 12 well-fed dogs, plenty of dog urine and feces, evidence of drug activity, and two neglected, beaten, starving babies.  Dear little Eli two broken legs, multiple bruises on his face, a hemorrhaging brain and possible other broken bones in different stages of healing.  What the hell…what the HELL…could a TWO MONTH OLD do to deserve such a beating?   Nothing.  Absolutely nothing.   What could three badbreeders do to deserve the same and more?  Oh, they already did it.  And here’s hoping the inmates wherever they land find a way to slowly, slowly starve them to the same pathetic state.  I hope these three bags of 100% pure human-evil concentrate suffer and suffer and suffer for what they’ve done.  

There were 10 cans of infant formula in the house.                         

Here’s some cut-and-paste from the 3/21/11 article about the charges:

 “Melissa Workman, 21, and Ricky Bruner Sr., 33, are being charged with first-degree battery, but their charge is a class Y felony, Shue said.

According to the first-degree battery law, the charge is a class Y felony “if the person knowingly causes serious physical injury to any person four years of age or younger under circumstances manifesting extreme indifference to the value of human life.” A class Y felony is punishable by 10 to 40 years or life in prison.”


Oh, life.  Let it be life!

Seriously.  I almost couldn’t write this one, but I felt that I had to.   We have to keep an eye on this case, on these babies, because we just HAVE to know whether they live or not.

***Special thanks go to Eretrea for writing this one.

Ark. man accused of raping toddler daughter

SEBASTIAN COUNTY : Girl, 2, raped; parents arrested:

Sebastian Co. Man Accused Of Raping 1-Year-Old:

29-year-old Ashley Neil McMillion lived in a shed with his wife, 25-year-old Rebecca McMillion, and their toddler daughter on his parents property in Sebastian County, Arkansas.

An anonymous caller tipped off police to this living arrangement. Usually, it’s illegal for people to live in a shed. Anyway when police opened the shed they found the family sleeping on a mattress on the floor with flies coming out of the shed and containers of rotting food inside. They also found meth and marijuana paraphernalia. It gets worse.

Ashley McMillon admitted to not only burning his daughter’s back with a cigarette and also admitted to raping his own 1-year-old daughter who turns two later this month. He admitted to raping her twice.

The Breeders have lived in the shed for about two years and the daughter hasn’t had medical care since she was an infant.

McMillon is unemployed and his wife is allegedly disabled. Both are now in jail and the daughter is recovering in a Fort Smith hospital.

Makes me wonder what kind of disability his wife allegedly had. I bet she had a case of not-getting-off-her-ass-itis.

Rebecca McMillon was freed on $5K bond and Ashley McMillon is being held without bond.

Again what kind of sick freak looks at a 1-year-old girl, his own daughter no less, and thinks about getting laid? He’s going to be real popular in lock up.

Thanks to Mr. A for the tip.

Dad Gets Horse Drunk, Drags It Behind Truck As Daughters Watch

ed.gifThere’s nothing I can write that can possibly do this story any justice. It’s breathtaking (and not in a “Ooooh! Niagara Falls!” way. More like, “Ooooooh! I wish I could surgically remove the piece of my brain where the memory of this article will be stored!”). Really. It’s too much. I got nothin’.

“I know now I never should have owned a horse.” True dat, McKinley. True dat.

Mom Gives Birth To Kid #16.

duggar.gifCongrats to Michelle Duggar and her husband, the aptly-named Jim Bob, on the birth of their 16th child. That’s right – SIXTEEN KIDS. To illustrate how many kids 16 is, let’s say you had 8 kids. The Duggars would have twice as many as you.

Now, we here at PBB are all about being fruitful and multiplying. So why are they featured here? Taking their cue from Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Arizona, Sr., the Duggars have bestowed each of their progeny with a name beginning with the letter “J”. Toss in a couple of Biblical names (Jeremiah, Jedidiah, Josiah – I assume that’s from the Bible, ’cause I somehow doubt they’re “West Wing” fans), and the PBB-appropriate “Jinger”, and…did I mention the husband’s name was Jim Bob? The family plans to take a few vacations in the months ahead – King’s Island, the Grand Canyon, and some spooky cursed idol- laden caves in Hawaii are on the itinerary. No word on whether or not they’re bringing Cousin Oliver.

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